Top 10 Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Reviews: (Updated 2018)

Top 10 Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Reviews: Updated 2018

Typing has become an essential part when you spend your time in front of the computer.

Be it internet browsing, searching for videos and images or sending a mail, typing is one of the important sources for giving input or conveying your message through the computer.

Top 10 Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Reviews

Top 10 Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Reviews

With keyboard earning all the praises for the moment, nobody thinks about a keyboard wrist rest as they are not very stylish flashy or interesting by their looks.

But nobody is aware of their importance and how they can cancel out the symptoms of one of the most common disease among the computer users, i.e. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

This syndrome affects your palm, wrist, and fingers creating numbness in the wrist while giving chronic pain.

Keeping the importance of wrist position, I have jolted out some of the best Wrist Rests for Keyboard that will help you mitigate problems like, wrist pain, numbness in palms and muscles keeping your wrist movement active.

Top 10 Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Reviews: (Updated 2018)

#10. eBoot Keyboard Wrist Rest

Starting with our countdown, I have a Keyboard wrist rest brought by eBoot.

The wrist rest is covered with a layer of comfy foam padding that makes it bounce back after removing pressure.

eBoot Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Wrist Rest Support Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Review

The wrist rest takes the shape of your wrist and comes back in its original shape after removing the wrist.This bounce-back foam makes it durable such that it doesn’t lose its shape even after several uses.

The breathable mesh keeps your wrist sweat free and promotes uniform blood circulation throughout your muscles.

eBoot Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Wrist Rest Support Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard

The black colour of the wrist rest is suitable for office and home use. Weighing 5.3 ounces, eBoot measures 15.8 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches covering the entire area behind the keyboard.

The non-skid base makes it a suitable candidate for your office use. Hence start your office routine comfortably by using this wrist rest behind the keyboard.

This will not only give you wrist relief but also correct your upper body posture. Big changes happen with small things, and this is just the right buy for you.


#9. Innovera Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Get the much-required firmness while working and gaming with the wrist pad brought by Innovera.

Its soft and smooth surface will make you keep your hands on it for long hours. Weighing 1.2 pounds, the wrist can be easily carried.

Being stain and water resistant, the wrist rest will remain clean throughout the time it is kept on the desk. All you need is wet wipe to keep it dust free and shiny.

Innovera Best Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard Review

The waterproof feature removes the worry of spilling water or any drinks while working. Just make sure you place it in the right position to ensure that the posture remains unharmed.

The nonskid rubber makes sure you don’t lose the focus while typing or gaming.

Filled with the right amount of gel, your muscles will be supported entirely as the gel takes the shape of the muscles. Your pressure points are taken care of by the wrist rest.

Measuring 20.2 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches, the wrist rest fits with most of the computers, laptops, and tablets while providing wrist firmness and support.

The curved edges ensure that the wrist rest remains on the desk with the non-skid base giving the support.

Available in black colour, the glossy finish makes it look professional and available for both men and women.


#8. Topoint Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Moving closer to the top - the 8th rank is grabbed by Torpoint Wrist Rest Pad.

Made up of high quality imported leather, the texture is clear, soft and durable.

The designers have used cortical connectivity where they add encryption thread sewing- difficult to damage.

Topoint Ergonomic Laptop Computer Keyboard Best Wrist Rest Pad Review

The handwork can be seen in the double fold sewing design where the dual layers remain together without the peeling issue.

The soft texture cancels out the friction between the palm and the wrist pad giving you swift movement. It reduces wrist irritation that happens due to long-term typing.

Available in black colour, the shiny wrist pad looks professional and suits both men and women. The size of the wrist pad is 14.6x3.5x1 inch covering almost the entire keyboard.

Topoint Ergonomic Laptop Computer Keyboard Best Wrist Rest Pad

The bottom is covered with an antiskid PU Leather that makes it difficult to slip. This wrist pad can be easily used for laptops, computers, and notebooks making it an added resource to increase your work efficiency.

Maintain that focus for the long hours as this wrist pad will only support your wrist muscles rather than slipping.

The wrist pad 1.6 ounces backed by a non-skid base and durable, strong stitches making it one of the most desirable wrist pad to add to your wish list.


#7. Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest

The next Wrist Rest in the list is brought by Fellowes which response properly towards the wrist movements and the weight of the arms.

The soft foam pillow provides the exceptional comfort to the wrists. The foam is rightly filled in certain places providing relief to the pressure points.

The blood circulation in the hand area is controlled keeping the flow uniform and the muscles healthy.

Fellowes Memory Foam Best Wrist Rest for keyboard Review

Placement of wrist rest just behind the keyboard helps you correct the posture of the upper body giving you relief from neck pain, sore back muscles, eye strains and elbow pain.

The base is non-slipping ensuring that you remain consistent while typing or gaming thus, increasing your efficiency. It increases the focus of the user involving him in the task for a longer time.

Delete the worry of wear and tear as the wrist rest is covered with a durable jersey that can withstand wear and tear improving the life of the wrist rest.

Fellowes Memory Foam Best Wrist Rest for keyboard

The wrist rest weighs 5.8 ounces and is available in black colour. Black colour brings the professionalism to the places like office desk; conference room etc. ensuring that it doesn’t divert the user as well as others near to it.

Measuring 2.9 x 19.9 x 0.9 inches, the wrist rest comes with a non- skid base giving you larger room for your wrist to rest as well the stability while using the keyboard.


#6. Gimars Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Gimar brings memory foam Wrist Rest Pad comprising of memory foam. The material is soft and breathable keeping you sweat free even after long hour typing session.

You get a lightweight wrist pad with a skid-free base keeping it grounded for the entire session.

Gimars Memory Foam Keyboard Best Wrist Rest Pad Review

Coming in black colour, the wrist pad looks professional adjusting with every keyboard while making the work desk look sophisticated.

The designers have added the pinch of ergonomics to the design by adding contour curves such that your wrist muscles stay relaxed.

Gimars Memory Foam Keyboard top 10 Best Wrist Rest Pad Review

The outer cover is strongly stuck with the inner layer cancelling the chances of splitting. Measuring 17.4x2.3x2 inches, the wrist pad gives enough for both your wrists to settle down.

Weighing just 4.2 ounces, carrying this wrist rest won’t be a problem for someone who types regularly.

Gimars Memory Foam Keyboard top 10 Best Wrist Rest Pad Review Amazon

Be it a gamer, content writer, blogger or occasional user, Gamer functions the same way every time you come across it.

Sold as a complete package, you get a wrist rest keyboard pad and a mouse pad 5.3 inches wide, exclusively for gamers.

Gimars Memory Foam Keyboard Best Wrist Rest Pad Review Amazon

Now, avoid joint problems and keep your shoulders and elbows stress-free as Gimer offers 100% money back guarantee to the unsatisfied customers. So stop waiting and quickly add this one to your buying cart.


#5. Fellowes Photo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Fellowes has successfully brought two wrist rest pads in the list the list with this one being the more advanced wrist pad.

The first look impressed me as this is a multicolour wrist pad keeping itself away from the conventional looking wrist rest.

Filled in with the right amount of gel, the wrist rest gives you personalized support relaxing all the pressure points on your wrist.

Fellowes Photo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest Reviews

The gel handles the wrist by taking shape for longer hours. Even after long-term use, the gel remains intact and doesn’t leak. Fellowes doesn’t go out of shape even after several hours of using.

The outer surface is backed by the anti-microbial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs. The surface is hand-washable requiring a wet wipe to make it shimmer like before.Talking about the shimmer, it is filled with a multicoloured gel that gives it a unique and stylish look.

The self-adjusting gel assures that you can personalize your comfort during working. It features a non-skid rubber base keeping your focus intact while working.Measuring 18.6x2.3x0.8 inches, this 10.9-ounce wrist rest is comfortable to carry and easily covers the length of the keyboard removing the worry of moving it side to side.

Moreover, it features Antimicrobial protection keeping your product away from bacteria and germs keeping it cleaner.

Talking about cleanliness, you can wipe it with a wet cloth, and you can see a newly bought wrist pad even after years of use. Hence add some colours to your workplace by buying this stylish looking wrist rest brought by Fellowes.


#4. Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

The next wrist pad is a marvel made by the designers of Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest.

Made by people with 20 years of experience, the ergonomics have been correctly used to produce a wrist pad filled with gel.

Kensington Duo Gel Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Review

Measuring 1.22 x 5.2 x 22.68 inches, the wrist pad is suitable for every other laptop and computer. The duo gel is spread uniformly in the entire wrist pad giving a soothing effect to your wrist muscles.

No more worry about skidding of the wrist padding as the wrist pad has a slip-free base underneath making it a non-slip wrist rest.

Colours make everything interesting, and so is the wrist rest, available in a combined colour of red and black or blue and black. These vibrant colours make it look desirable in your office area removing the occasional boredom.

Kensington Duo Gel Best Keyboard Wrist Rest

The dual tone compliments with every place you assign to them while giving immense comfort. The bulge gives support to your wrists while typing and doesn’t saddle down even after long hour typing.

The ventilation channel ensures that you remain sweat free during long hour typing. The outer surface is easy to clean and requires just a stroke of wet wipe to make it look the same newly bought wrist rest even after many years.

The wrist rest is spill proof, weighs 1.8 pounds and comes with a 1-year Kensington warranty.


#3. Glorious PC Gaming Race Wrist Pad

Measuring 17.5x4 and 25mm thick, our next wrist pad is brought by Glorious.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Best Wrist Pad for keyboard Review

Like the name says, this black colour wrist pad looks glorious once placed on your desk board.

This full-sized wrist pad is exclusively made for the gamers giving them the long hour comfort while using the keyboard.

Designed while keeping the ergonomics in mind, the wrist pad brings you the immense comfort which you expect while roaming your fingers on the keyboard.

It is a combination of smooth clothing surface, and foam filled interior supporting wrist muscles. The wide length covers the entire length of the keyboard.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Best Wrist Pad for keyboard

If you have experienced frequent peeling of the wrist layers, go for this Glorious wrist pad as its dual stitched edges will keep it completely sealed. The wrist rest has a heavy rubber bottom giving you a solid, rigid grip and prevents it from moving even after continuous movements.

The upper surface is easily washable and won’t get damaged even after several wipes with a wet cloth. Weighing 3.2 ounces, carrying this wrist pad becomes a child’s play for the user.

Available in several sizes, it is recommended to go for this full-sized standard wrist rest ideal for daily computer users and gamers as well.


#2. 3M Gel Wrist Rest

With a 4-star user rating and more than 1400 positive review, our 2nd spot is grabbed by 3M GEL Wrist Rest pad for Keyboards.

3M Gel Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Review

Now no more worry about cleaning these things as it is backed by anti-microbial properties that make it free of germs and bacteria giving it all-around protection.

It prevents stains and foul odour keeping it clean for regular use. A wet wipe can help you clean the wrist rest making it look new as always.

Filled with gel, the wrist pad provides the soothing comfort to the wrists while taking the shape of your protruding muscles. It aims at covering every muscle of yours while giving you all time typing comfort.

3M Gel Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard

3M gives a non-leaking wrist rest which is puncture resistant. The wrist rest features rounded corners with a non-skid base to fit on the desk.

Available in black colour, the wrist rest measures 2.75x18x0.75 inches, suitable for all workstations. Weighing 1.2 pounds, carrying this wrist rest won’t be a problem for travellers.

Helping to maintain firm wrist position, giving overall comfort to the wrist throughout the working hours, easy to clean surface and backed by anti-microbial protection this wrist rest has all the features to gain the customer satisfaction it has received.

Backed by 1-year warranty, the wrist rest will bring a positive effect to your routine.


#1. Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad for Keyboards

If your workspace involves extended periods of typing, it is very important to have a workspace that is both comfortable and functional.

With so much of typing work these days, it is necessary to take the support of a wrist rest.

Belkin Wave Gel Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Review

Climbing all the way to the top of the list, I bring you a gel wrist rest pad brought by Belkin. Keeping the carpel tunnel syndrome in mind, the designers have filled the wrist rest with the gel that takes the shape of your muscles.

While providing relief to your pressure points, the wrist promotes upper hand movement with its unique WaveRest Design. The Waverest design combines with the GelFlex comfort zone giving you the soothing wrist relief.

Weighing 10.4 ounces, this lightweight wrist rest features durable construction giving long time use.

You get plenty of wrist support due to its ergonomic design. Your blood circulation remains uniform as the gel cushion created contours to take the shape of your wrists.

Belkin Wave Gel Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard Review

The curvy edges combine with the non-skid base to give a rigid wrist rest promoting you for long hours working support.

Place the wrist rest on the back of your keyboard and get the multiple benefits by improving your neck, shoulders, back and arm posture.

The largely supportive wrist rest by Belkin is available in Black and Grey colour and measures 21 x 4.2 x 1 inches covering the entire length of the keyboard.

Receiving more than 1900 positive customer reviews, this wrist pad surely provides you with the wrist comfort required to increase your efficiency.


Conclusion for Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard

A wrist rest is equally important as your ergonomic chair. For the sake of your health, a wrist rest needs to be ergonomic and supportive.

Everything from the right chair down to the right wrist rest can greatly improve your overall long-term health.

After reading the article, you might have understood the importance of a Wrist Rest.

The 10 wrist rest are some of the best wrist rest available on the market right now.

I hope my article made it easier for you to select the best wrist rest. So, choose and use wisely. Have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Question for Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard-FAQs

Frequently Asked Question for Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard-FAQs
  • I’m a writer, and my work requires lots of typing daily, so with which keyboard wrist rest I shall go with?

I think you can go with any of the keyboard mentioned above wrist rest because the wrist rests don't need to spends tons of monies so you can choose any of these. However, I’d suggest you to that wrist rest which will suit with your desk’s color since you are a writer it will help you to focus more on your work. 🙂

  • Isn’t using keyboard wrist rest effects on typing speed and if does then why shall I purchase it?

If you’re thinking that is using a keyboard wrist rest will have a negative impact on your writing or typing speed then you’re wrong. Because wrist rest is that kind of products which is made to make sure that you have a good blood circulation in your veins and since we type a lot in front of the computer we often get numbness which is not a good sign. So No, it won’t slow down your typing speed. You will have to get a habit of using it but once you do it will increase your productivity.

  • Is it okay if I let it use to my children who are very small in age but spends a lot of time on his computer?

It’s definitely good. We all know most of the children of nowadays spends a lot of time on the computer they might play some games or watch videos etc. and due to that, they must have a keyboard wrist rest on their desk. We don't want to see our children's suffer from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, right?

  • Is it a good idea of buying a mouse pad along with keyboard wrist rest?

Good? It’s brilliant actually. If you have decided to buy a keyboard wrist rest, then you should also purchase mouse pad which will match with the color of wrist rest. Since you are going to use them both so, it will be good if both of them are of the same color.

  • Why this type of products which are of extreme use less popular?

The company promotes those products in which they get lots of profit margin and when it comes to keyboards wrists rest these products are relatively small in size and price too so only a few or selected companies to promote this product. Yes, we do agree that this type of product shall get more awareness in people since they save they save us from lots of wrist pain.

  • I liked every keyboard wrist rests which you have mentioned but why some of them are a little bit costly?

First of all, we’re glad that you liked the list which we prepared regarding keyboard wrist rests and yes, we agree that there is some high quality but branded wrist rests which are costlier than others but you will not the quality product so cheaply. If you compare the price of those keyboard wrist rests with their quality then they’re totally worth spending that much money. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time on his computer, then you will not care about money than your health. 🙂

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