Top 10 Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk : Updated 2018

Top 10 Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk : Updated 2018

Sitting and working has become a regular part of a company, where your chair is the only tool you prefer to sit for longer working hours.

Top 10 Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk

I always focus on ergonomic chairs featuring high back, adjustable settings, waterfall seat pan, 360 degree swiveling and dual caster wheels.

But, the chair being the sole relief provider to your entire body, while sitting doesn’t bother about your feet.

It is very casual to have numb feet while long hour sitting but beware of this small feeling as it may end up in blood clots, Achilles injury, varicose veins.

Hence giving equal importance to you leg area, today I bring some of the best footrests for a computer desk.

Talking about footrest, the most significant reason is: it removes an extra load of your leg muscles when hanging in the air.

You might try out the pneumatic adjustments to pull yourself down and keep your feet flat but, at times this becomes a difficult task for shorter people.

My article will throw some light on why it is important to use a footrest for every other individual.

Moreover, your lower back will be more than happy knowing that the feet are in constant support under the footrest.

Hence I have grabbed all eyeballs on the footrest, let’s jump on our list featuring the best footrests for Computer Desk.

Top 10 Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk : Updated 2018

#10. Safco Products

Scientists claim that 8 hours of inappropriate sitting posture leads to bad back, poor blood circulation in legs sore neck and constant coccyx pain.

To resolve this Safco Team has worked out and brought a footrest that can be easily placed under the desk and let you rest your feet.

Safco Products - footrest for computer desk office depot

The footrest is a plastic platform placed on triangular chrome rods. This platform rotates by 90 degrees giving you the rocking motion.

There are 2 variables available in the market: One stands 8-inch high especially for short people and the other at 5-inch high footrest which I recommend to everyone vulnerable to back coccyx and leg pains.

Now, that the footrest is there in place, you can sit much straighter while making your blood circulation better and get rid of numbness in legs. Your shoulders get relaxed easing down the pressure from the back.

The platform comes in black color whereas the rods are a silver colored triangular structure that holds the platform. The triangular structure gives the strength to the platform.

Safco Products - best footrest for computer desk

Moreover, the base has rubber grip which makes it stand still even with heavy weight.

Hence made up of 90% recycled products, it’s a simple, basic footrest following ergonomics and exceeding expectations of the users.

Weighing 4.5 pounds, this footrest is much lighter thus, getting an edge over all other foot rests present in the market.

#9. AmazonBasics Foot Rest

Enhance your comfort level using AmazonBasics Footrest that not only aligns your posture but sneaks into every little place under the desk.

Made of durable hard plastic, the footrest is available in black color. The footrest raises your legs giving you a better posture right from your thighs to lower back till the shoulders.

AmazonBasics Foot Rest - best footrest for computer desk

It features grooves on its surface increasing the grip of the user. These grooves are made of circular and horizontal bumps gives a massage feeling.

All you need to do is remove your shoes and move your feet over those grooves. You will get the better massaging feeling when done with a barefoot.

For better adjustment, it features a free-floating platform which tilts back and forth when a slight pressure is applied.

Now you can stretch your legs easily and move them accordingly keeping a uniform blood circulation.

AmazonBasics Foot Rest - footrest for computer desk benefits

The base of the footrest is equally strong as its design. It stays on ground un-moved keeping you focused on your work.

Weighing 4 pounds, the footrest is easy to carry from place to place. Made for home and office decor, the footrest available in black color gives a user-friendly design that can match your home and office decor.

Now get rid of your hanging legs by buying this footrest brought by AmazonBasics.

#8. Kensington Solesaver Adjustable Footrest

Get an improved posture and keep your legs elevated by using the Adjustable Footrest by Kensington.

Bringing some of the innovative and comfortable solutions for home and business purposes, Kensington has introduced this product for the complete improvement of human body right from their legs to sciatica up to the lower back.

Kensington SoleSaver Adjustable Footrest - ergonomic footrest for computer desk

Looking at its built quality, the footrest comprises of hard plastic giving better durability than others.

Talking about plastic, the overall weight drops down to 2.9 pounds making it worthy of carrying on travel trips, flights or office as well. Meanwhile, the small size makes it more favorable to be used in several places.

You get 3 adjustable settings for tilting the footrest. The tilting feature gives you options according to your leg lengths.

You get angles like 10 degrees, 15 degrees and 20 degrees so that every individual may adapt accordingly.

Kensington SoleSaver Adjustable Footrest - ergonomic footrest for computer desk

Coming in black color, the footrest offers a generous platform of 450 X 350 cm making itself available for feet of every size.

The non-skid base is the highlight of this footrest that doesn’t let you lose your posture as it stays grounded, thanks to the solid non-slip rubber base.

An absence of back pain, cramps and sciatica pain can make a huge difference in your working routine. Make your working days happier while using this footrest.

#7. Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest

With its daily increase in customers and their contentment level, Kantek is spreading its Legacy over its competitors producing some of the best products regarding cost and quality.

One such product that shines in our list is the Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest.

Designed to provide maximum comfort to the users, the footrest features height adjustability right from 4 to 7 inches.

Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest - footrest for computer desk work

Like we have previously seen that all footrest have 3 height adjustment settings, Kantek professional have 4 settings that give an extra edge over the others.

You get small bumps on the platform that gives massage to your feet if done with barefoot.

Weighing 6 pounds, the footrest measures 14 X 18 inches and is 4 inches wide grabbing a minimal space under the desk. A bigger size ensures that the bigger feet have lace on it without worrying about the platform space.

It is available in black color with gray color patches on the sides.

Made precisely for providing comfort to short people, this footrest can also be used while standing when there is an absence of railing under the table.

The footrest gives different angles for your foot placement while rocking motion as an added feature. Rock your legs while working and remove the numbness from the feet.

Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest - footrest for your computer desk

Now, no more slouching and sliding down from your seat as the footrest constantly maintains your posture while sitting relieving from lower back pains, cramps and sciatica pains Packed in a cardboard box, you get an instruction manual to follow all the adjustability settings of the footrest.

Soothe your tired feet and get rid of hanging legs by using this professional footrest brought by Kantek.

#6. Fellowes Compact Foot Rocker

Our next product on the list has some resemblance with a hoverboard. The only difference is that it doesn’t move you from one place to another (on its own).

The Foot rocker from Fellowes features a compact design that keep its workplace minimal.

Fellowes Compact Foot Rocker - ergonomic footrest for computer desk

The foot rocker has an ergonomic design with its external made of high-quality plastic. You just have to place your feet on it and experience the pleasant rocking motion that promotes efficient blood circulation.

The foot rocker is available in a black color to match its place in your living room as well as an office area.

Continuous circulation disables the leg fatigue deleting cramps in your thigh muscles.

If you are lazy enough to move your butt up and roam for a while, then Fellowes has a solution for this as well. Just flip it upside down, and now it will become a genuine foot rocker.

Make your feet grip much stronger as the foot rocker has curvy grooves on its top surface that connects your leg with the rocker properly. Just gradually move our legs over the surface to get a quick massaging session for your legs.

Fellowes Compact Foot Rocker - foot rest under computer desk officeworks

Weighing 2.2 pounds, carrying it over different places is not a big concern. The flat base is grippy enough to stay on the ground without slipping especially on surfaces like tiles, wooden floors, etc.

And, the rocker on the other hand gives a right amount of rocking motion without changing positions.

A unique combination of a flat surface and foot rocking feature makes Fellowes Foot Rocker a must buy the product in the list.

#5. Halter F6068

Our next brand name says: bring a halt to all your body worries that occur in office by using the Halter F6068 Footrest.

Enjoy the leg extension on places like an office chair, couch, recliner or a rocking chair by using this adjustable footrest by Halter.

Halter F6068 - foot rest stool for under computer desk

With adjustability of multiple tilt angles and height adjustability, the footrest offers you the right position to receive the maximum comfort.

This all in one footrest gives you leg support and massage at the same time. Get some foot-relieving massage experience from the platform of the footrest that houses circular pebbles and bulging curves.

The pebbles press all the 9 pressure points under your feet reducing the soar. The bulging curves offer the grip even with your shoes on.

Coming in black color, the footrest adopts with your office area and home decor.

Halter F6068 - footrest for computer desk work

You get a roller at the base that should be twisted to increase and reduce height.

Achieve your required height and get ergonomic benefits like Posture, circulation, back problems and overall fatigue.

Weighing 7.4 pounds, you can carry it to various places and make your sitting journey much more comfortable. You get a lifetime warranty with the buying of the product.

#4. Fellowes Standard Foot Rest

Sitting for long hours make you feel the need for some massage at the back.

In the desire for that, you try to find the most comfortable position and end up in throwing down your buttocks off the seat with legs completely on the ground.

If your body is craving to touch its feet then, it’s your mistake if you are stopping it.

Fellowes Standard Foot Rest - small footrest for computer desk

Rather for Standard footrest brought to you by Fellowes and gets rid of that continuously slouching back.

You get a textured surface on the top of the footrest that gives a foot massage for relief from leg strains and feet pains.

The footrest gives them the much-needed support to your hanging feet, completing the entire blood circulation cycle right from your brain till the feet.

You get 2 adjustment settings for height adjustment with the tilting platform enhancing your comfort zone.

Stress reduction and massage is given simultaneously by the textured surface of the footrest.

Fellowes Standard Foot Rest - foot rest stool for under computer desk

Adding to the above features, the footrest gives a free floating platform, increasing your leg movement. Now, you can sway your legs gently over this footrest made from 95% consumer-recycled material.

Who won’t like an eco-friendly footrest that takes complete care of your lower body freeing you away from major pains?

So, stop distracting your working rhythm by those small pinching leg cramps and add Fellowes standard footrest in your furniture store that comes to a very compact size.

#3. Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest

At the third spot, we have Adjustable Footrest by Kantek.

Started in 1982, Kantek has provided various customer satisfactory products making its mark in the market.

Superior Design, a high degree of flexibility and as standard customer service has worked together for Kantek in setting up its standard.

Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest - footrest for your computer desk

Talking about the footrest, it features an ergonomic design aiming to increase the efficiency of the user in the working environment.

Your legs get a much-needed support at the base with adjustable options attached with the footrest.

There are 3 adjustment options at the base which function very smoothly and quietly. You get a lever that sets up these levels which is very handy and visible.

Weighing 5.6 pounds, moving this footrest is as easy as dragging the mouse.

Looking at its top half, you get a series of rollers and bumps uniformly spread over the surface.

Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest - small footrest for computer desk

Now, get rid of numb feet and cramp in the legs with just a few minutes of massage over this footrest.

The footrest is recommended not just for the office employees but also to those hardworking housewives who stand all day long on hardwood flooring.

A few minutes of feet movement over these rollers will rejuvenate your sore heels. The added rocking motion keeps your feet joints active at the same time.

Adding to the above features, the Black color footrest has a non-slip base at the bottom that keeps the footrest unmoved while rocking.

#2. Cozy Products

Our next product in the list is very interesting that combines a footrest with a heater.

This marvel is brought by Cozy Products that provide an energy efficient design that is money and energy saver.

Cozy Products - wooden footrest for under a computer desk

Looking at the design, you get an attractive black colored footrest that keeps you comfortable during the working hours.

Talking about its heating feature, a power of 105 watts keeps your feet warm. Get rid of sore feet by placing it on this footrest by heating it.

You get 3 adjustable settings that help you in controlling the amount of heat your feet receive.

There is a LED light on the top which indicates whether the heating feature is ON and OFF.

Cozy Products - footrest for computer desk office depot

Care is taken that you don’t get burnt while placing your feet. So don’t hesitate to buy this energy booster that enhances your work productivity while taking care of your legs.

The footrest comes in a cardboard box along with a wire and plug.

If you wish for an additional heating option with the foot support go for this unique footrest that grabs the second spot in our list.

#1. Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest

Here we are at the pole position of the list. Our next brand in the list relates it with the word footrest.

With an outstanding rating of 4 stars out of 5, we introduce you to Kensington Solemate Footrest that is specifically designed for office uses.

Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest - foot rest under computer desk officeworks

The footrest offers a height adjustment feature from 3.5 inches to 5 inches and adjusts up to 30 degrees for personal comfort.

This is done by a foot pedal at the base that doesn’t let you bend down to do it manually.

The angle is adjusted by a flick of foot operated the lock. You get memory foam at the base that maximises comfort with its smooth nature.

Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest - wooden footrest for under a computer desk

The platform is contoured to match the dimensions of your feet. The weight of this is 7.6 pounds and is available in white and black color.

The base has a white color, and the top is black. Finally, the footrest is backed by 1 year warranty that removes the concern of the user regarding replacement of the footrest if non-functional.

I would recommend buying this footrest that provides a huge transformation in body posture and deletes the habit of fidgeting among the users, helping them in maintaining their focus on the work and rightfully deserving the top spot.

Conclusion for Best Footrest for Computer Desk :

So here is the end of your list showing some of the best Footrests for the users.

These footrests are tested by the professional designing team keeping ergonomics in mind.

The customer review helped me in understanding the experience of every individual user with footrests of their choice.

An office tool that keeps your posture erect eliminates lower back, coccyx and sciatica pain gives massaging option with a durable built quality deserves the price tag allotted by the respective brand.

So, I would like to call out all those leg fid getters, short people, office employees and housewives and recommend the 10 best Footrest in the list mentioned above that gives an ultimate leg relief making your life simpler.

Frequently Asked Question for Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk -FAQs

Frequently Asked Question for Best Footrest Review for Computer Desk -FAQs

  • Can these footrests really help me to get rid of the numbness which I often feel in my legs after working for long hours?

Yes, undoubtedly they will help you to get rid of numbness. Many people who need to work for a continuous period of time get numbness in their legs, and that might cause significant problems in the lower spine or back of the body. So to have proper blood circulation in your body, one shall always use these types footrests so that you can get rid of the pains like numbness in legs or sciatica, etc.

  • I think I always get lousy sitting posture while working in my office so can any of these footrests will be helpful for me to improve my sitting position?

Yes, I had seen a good change in myself when I started to use one of these footrests while working. I used to have a terrible sitting posture which caused lots of pain in the lower back of the body but since I am using footrest my sitting position now has been changed, and its ergonomic features make me sit more comfortably.

  • Is there any durable and right ergonomic footrest for fat people (210 lbs) like me?

Many people are questioning the ability to handle pressure from these footrests, and I can assure you that you can not only place your feet on it but if you want to stand on them while working then you can do that too, and these footrests will operate at the same efficiency. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a fat person or skinny one when you’re using a footrest because they are very durable in handling the pressure. For example, Kensington solesaver footrest is best when it comes it comes to durability.

  • Do all of these footrests offer the heating feature to make our feet calmer?

I’m not sure, but only some of the footrests as mentioned earlier offer such kind of feature. When we’re talking about the heating feature it does reduces the pain in your feet like numbness etc. very quickly, but you shouldn’t use it continuously unless you really require to. So No, not all of the footrests as mentioned above offer that kind of feature.

  • Is there anything to worry if I continuously use this footrest while I work?

Nothing to worry about them. When a person is working for many long hours what they are going to face is many pains in their body, and this type of footrests help to reduce those pains. Even if you use this footrest for more than 12 hours in a day or till you finished your work still it will only have a positive impact on your lower part of the body and not any negative one. So don’t get afraid to use it in your daily work.

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