Top 10 Best Document Cameras for Schools and Classrooms : 2018

Top 10 Best Document Cameras for Schools and Classrooms : (Updated 2018)

There was a time when learning meant long paragraphs written on a black board which were explained by the teacher making the lectures long and boring.

Top 10 Best Document Cameras Reviews for Schools and Classrooms

Advancement in technology gave birth to over head projector bringing visual images inside the classroom, boardrooms thus, making concept understanding easier. OHP’s were confined till the shadows that were displayed on the screen bringing limitations in size and clarity.

This shortcoming was handled by the creation of Document Camera which not only made the presentations exciting but also displayed 3-D images from books, papers, designs etc. Now, the users got involved till the end of the presentation and made learning a piece of cake. With endless applications in places like boardrooms, courtrooms and classrooms,

I have brought a list of Best Document Camera that will be a useful addition with your whiteboard. So, let’s start.

Best Document Cameras for Schools and Classrooms : 2018

#10 DINGYI USB Overhead Document Camera

Starting with our list, we have 5MP document camera by Dingyi giving a CMOS sensor for uniform image quality.

DINGYI USB Overhead Best Document Camera Reviews

A3 size display can be easily captured and displayed with such efficient camera. A3 size being the maximum capture size, you get a resolution of 2592 x 1944. The supported picture format is JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP while the documents in PDF, Word, JPG, TXT format can be easily read in presentations. You get an option to connect the USB cable to a port for further transfer of images and videos. The built-in LED light helps enhance the 3D object presentation making learning a fun learning experience. The video format is AVI and the hardware supports all types of computers. Supported Operating Systems are Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, win7, win8, win10 system.

DINGYI USB Overhead Document Camera Reviews Amazon

With so many features on the list, Dyingi is certified by FCC, CE, and RHOS. When delivered you get the Document Camera Scanner, a USB Cable, A4 Manual, CD-ROM software. And if your PC does not have the CD-ROM or the CD can't read you can download the way on A4 paper manual.

DINGYI USB Overhead Document Camera Reviews

Further, positioning mat helps you keep the document camera stable at its place. You also get PDF of installation Manual for Document camera scanner software Pro, User Manual for Document camera scanner software Lite.


#9 Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera

The next up in the list is Ipevo Ziggi HD plus Document camera featuring the 8-megapixel camera that produces 3264 x 2448 pixels when connected to PC or Mac.

Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera

You get a zooming range of 12x all thanks to the IPEVO presenter software. The image clarity is maintained even after the maximum zoom is achieved making te HD images look as it is. The maximum shooting area is 13.46 x 10.04 with full HD video capture option of 30 fps. Notably, this fps is more than the one offered in movie theatres (24 fps). The autofocus lens helps you make the image clear delivering a combination of high definition and high resolution image at the time.. The camera is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS X 10.8 and Chrome book.

Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus USB Best Document Camera Reviews

Working with an integrated circuit chip, Ziggi opts for modern working platform compared to its predecessors. The camera weighs 2.4 pounds making it easier to carry to several places. Further, the product dimensions of this handy camera are 4.9 x 10.6 x 3.2 inches making transportation simpler.

Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus USB Best Document Camera Reviews Amazon

With so many features to display IPEVO is one of the best and affordable camera costing much less than other conventional cameras. So, take advantage of this marvelous camera to enhance your classroom to the next level.


#8 Elmo 1349 Document Camera

With lot many amazing cameras waiting in the list, let’s have a look at another amazing document camera brought by Elmo.

Elmo 1349 Document Camera Reviews

The 1349 interactive camera features 3.4 MP cameras providing 2144 x 1588 pixel resolutions. At full HD view, you get fps of 30 while 15 fps is guaranteed at 3264 x 2448 pixels. Capturing of fast moving scenes becomes way easier due to the extraordinary zoom feature. Don’t be surprised after looking at the zoom frequency which counts up to 96 X. 12X optical zoom and 8 X digital zoom combined to give you such an amazing zooming feature.

Elmo 1349 Best Document Camera Reviews

Weighing 11 pounds, the camera can be comfortably carried along with you and switching between classrooms will become a simpler task. The camera efficiently supports USB, VGI and HDMI connections helping you in importation and exportation of data conveniently. Features like the built-in switcher, audio input/output take it one step ahead of other cameras. Summarizing all the features mentioned above, this camera is surely one of the best document cameras available in the market. If you are high on the budget then don’t think twice before buying this eye catchy white colored document camera designed by Elmo.


#7 AVerVision U50 USB FlexArm Document Camera

The next Document camera is brought by AverVision U50 Flex arm document camera featuring a flexible swan neck for better display on whiteboards.

AVerVision U50 USB FlexArm Best Document Camera Reviews

The 5 MP camera features 8X zoom with video capture speed of 30 fps, more than the movie theatre. The final image on the screen can be zoomed to a larger extent giving every minute detail about the Image making it easier during biology lessons. Aver Vision is light weighted weighing 5 pounds with product dimensions 8 x 4 x 2 inches. You also get a built-in LED light that illuminates every object that comes under the camera.

AVerVision U50 USB FlexArm Document Camera Reviews

Talking about the base, the camera stands on a sturdy, flexible base that makes it easier to fold and store in a drawer. Giving maximum flexibility, the camera is portable and carried along requiring very little storage space. The built-in mic and LED lights are the additional features you get that no other document camera can offer at the same price. The image resolution is 2592 x 1944 pixels and the camera is compatible with USB 2.0 connection.


#6 Lumens DC125 Ladibug Document Camera

Lumen brings in document camera displaying full HD 1080p resolution with a frame rate as high as 30 fps i.e. higher than 24 fps used in movie theatres.

Lumens DC125 Ladibug Best Document Camera Reviews

The professional image sensor will help easily adjust the brightness and contrast of the image with a less noisy image production. Lumen supports HD QXGA, SXGA and 1080p. Looking at its highly flexible gooseneck, you get the ease of movement for hands-free autofocusing. The camera adjusts with all kinds of whiteboards giving a crisp image quality from a long distance as you are blessed with 8x digital zoom.

The control panel at the base features lamp on-off, image freeze, capture, and image optimization to adjust sharpness, brightness and focus giving out the best image possible. Its versatility can be noticed from the fact that the camera can record images and sounds simultaneously. The lamp displays USB 2.0 (480 Mbps), high-speed transmission with a 0-180 degree flip for better adjustability. This is achieved by the built-in camera of 5 megapixels that doubles up as a webcam making it worthier than other costly document cameras.

Lumens DC125 Ladibug Best Document Camera Reviews Amazon

Lumen Ladibug is lightweight, flexible and portable document camera weighing 3 pounds. The attractive design and the shimmering red colour make it an efficient object in the classroom. The easy control panel combines with the 5-year warranty making it one of the best document cameras for classrooms.


#5 Epson DC-11 Document Camera

Epson is one of the known brands being the leading manufacturer of printers, scanners and projectors. As time flew by, Epson decided to come up with another reliable solution to replace the projector with Document Cameras.

Epson DC-11 Best Document Camera Reviews

The DC-11 is one such invention by Epson coming with 5MP camera and a frame speed of 30 fps. Holding a strong durable design, the camera is compact providing 10x zoom and auto select options for selecting monitors resolution like SXGA, WXGA. Packed with advanced software that supports PC and Mac, the camera features USB/VGA/composite SD slot and microscopic adapter. The USB connectivity allows you to upload images, videos presentations while the split screen helps you in multitasking.

Epson DC-11 Best Document Camera Reviews Amazon

The autofocus reduces your task of adjusting the screen whereas image can be oriented according to your will. Available in white color, the camera weighs 9.2 pounds displaying two full pages with extraordinary quality at the same time. The camera switches between a PC/laptop and the camera when using a projector. You get space up to 1GB with the built-in LED light coming in handy in dark. Overall, with so many features in single documentary camera, the finished product is simple looking, compact space saving camera creating a healthy learning environment.


#4 Elmo 1341 model TT-12i Interactive Document Camera

Elmo 1341 features a powerful 96x zoom and a 3.4 MP CMOS image sensor. You get a flexible arm and head which produces clear moving images at 30 fps.

Elmo 1341 model TT-12i Interactive Best Document Camera Reviews

The camera smoothly adjusts with the classroom interface technology producing larger zoom and different camera angles creating dynamic lessons that enhance student performance. Supporting output resolutions like 1080p, 720p, SXGA, WXGA, XGA, NTSC/PAL, the presentations can be saved on external memory SD Memory Card or USB Flash Drive).

Moreover, the students who missed their classes can receive the recorded presentations when uploaded on a server. Elmo feeds on 12V DC (AC adapter AC 100 - 240V) and the Power Consumption is 16.2 W (AC adapter included). The camera dimensions are 21 x 16 x 10 inches with a weight of 13 pounds. Elmo can also be used as a webcam and is a perfect device for party, classrooms, boardroom meetings with its compact design fitting in backpacks, small gift bags and other small bags.


#3 IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document Camera

IPEVO point 2 view document camera has multi-joint stand to position it in different directions while demonstrations.

Ipevo CDVU-03IP Point 2 View USB Best Document Camera Reviews

You get a 2MP camera resulting in awesome images from a distance as close as 5 centimetres. The versatility can be seen by the fact that the camera offers VGA connections for providing live streaming of images directly to the projector or the monitor. Use the USB cord to connect your PC or Mac. You will be surprised with the quality of the documents, artworks captured from devices like tablets, smart phones hard copy etc. You get an extra grip to hold the camera like a pen so that you can point it towards the required object with ease. Close up video and snapshots will give you a crystal clarity making further interaction easier.

Ipevo CDVU-03IP Point 2 View USB Best Document Camera Reviews Amazon

Click the satisfactory snapshot and save, share with the remaining classmates such that learning remains a continuous process at homes as well. The one-touch button functions as zoom, focus, resolution and image capture making it convenient for use. Editing, viewing and thumbnail organization can be done by the review mode where you get easier access to project images on larger screens during presentations. Compatible with Skype, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL, Point to view is the most convenient document camera present in the market right now proving its value for money. This masterpiece weighs 1.3 pounds making it portable to carry during your working hours.


#2 Lumens DC265 UXGA 6x Optical Zoom Document Camera Projector

Moving an inch closer to the end of this list, I give you Lumens DC265 camera. Boasting its high resolution of 1080p, the 5 MP camera smoothly supports video resolutions like SXGA, UXGA, and XGA along with the fps of 30.

Lumens DC265 UXGA 6x Optical Zoom Best Document Camera Projector for school Reviews

The camera houses two lamps on either side giving bright images in dark environments. It solely depends on the initial setup of the user presentation backed by how efficiently you use those extra lights. The camera proudly serves you 6x zoom making it more reliable to initialize the presentation in a more detailed manner. Moreover, you will be glad to know that an extra 8X zoom digital zoom promises to make your presentation superior to others.

Lumens DC265 UXGA 6x Optical Zoom Best Document Camera Projector for school Reviews Amazon

You get all the time and space to give a longer presentation as the camera supports SD card slot up to 32 GB. You get an internal memory for 240 JPEG images helping you store more than 5 presentations averagely. It features the built-in microphone to help you interact with the students while observing their curiosity during the lectures. Lumen DC 265 doesn’t need a computer, holds audio/video recording and playback button such that you can easily switch between slides. The document camera weighs 7 pounds and can easily connect to PC, laptops, TV with the help of HDMI, USB and VGA. So, if you want to gain some limelight in the boardroom meetings, this document camera is worth spending for offering two bright side lights with the dual zoom feature.


#1 IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera (Double Product)

The winner f this list is IPEVO VZ-1 VGA/USB camera which seems to be a perfect tool for a dynamic learning environment.

Displaying textbooks, experiments and 3D objects will become easier and will promote interactive session. It has a 5MP camera that successfully displays two full pages with amazing clarity and detail. Resolution for VGA is 1920 x 1080 pixels while you get 2592 x 1944 pixels on PC or Mac with a frame speed of 30 fps. It offers a marvellous zoom range of 12x making everything far object in a crystal clear portrait.

The built-in microphone helps you to capture clear quality sound giving out interesting QNA sessions. A lecture missed will not make you worried as the recorded videos can be uploaded to the classroom website making it accessible to everyone and all the time. The split screen helps you explain the complex diagrams while playing the video simultaneously. The flexible head can rotate up to 270 degrees covering larger angles on the desk thus, saving your time. IPEVO features USB and VGA connectivity, allowing it to be used with or without a computer. This helps you to continue the presentation even when your computer shuts down for the day.

The small footprint saves space and the swivelling head makes it easier. For computer mode, you get IPEVO Presenter software with a complete image capture toolkit. A toggle switch for optimum exposure and two switchable focus modes help you make your presentation more presentable. The mirroring and digital zoom are few more features achieved through IPEVO Presenter Software. Once your presentation is over, the camera folds together for compact storage or easier transportation between boardrooms, classrooms or any other workplace. Take complete advantage of this camera and create your own disaster-free presentation.


Conclusion for Best Document cameras for Schools and Classroom :

So this is the end of my list helping you summarizing with some of the best document cameras available on the market. Every camera serves its purpose efficiently while serving you features like zoom, resolutions, connectivity, portability, adjustability and interactivity. I would love to buy any of the above cameras as each competitor in the list holds the mentioned features with minute changes in the frequency.

Price has been a major factor in enhancing the features and the list has given equal importance to high priced and low priced document camera. Giving preference to user choice, I hope my article helped you in tagging some of the best document cameras from the huge pool outside. Add a pinch of technology to the classroom and make teaching a fun thing. Hope you have a good day ahead!

Frequently Asked Question for Best Document cameras for Schools and Classroom  -FAQs

Frequently Asked Question for Best Document cameras for Schools and Classroom -FAQs

  • Out if these Which document camera is compatible with the windows PC?

Mostly all of them are compatible with Windows PC, and not only windows PC plus MacBook users can also use it without any software upgradation. I've been using a document camera to present some critical documents by using it with my windows laptop, and till date, I haven't faced any Kind of trouble. So yes, you can enjoy the document camera without any bug but before plugging into your PC make sure you have the latest version of windows running in your PC because it will help to capture things more clearly and without any problems.

  • Does auto focusing take too much time for this document camera while scanning an object?

Probably no. Because I've seen document cameras working fine with any type of objects, but sometimes it depends upon the camera quality of it. Some document cameras which come with excellent auto zooming feature will be able to capture an object immediately without any blur. So yes, it might take a few fractions of a second to catch a purpose, but not all of the document cameras give such kind of problems.

  • Is the quality of projector would matter if I want to display it to the large audience or can I rely on the great features of document camera?

Yes. Whenever you're doing a presentation using a document camera what you must ensure is that the projector is of excellent quality otherwise there won't be a magnificent display of object captured by the high functioning document camera. I have seen many peoples complaining about the picture quality being displayed on the projector so before making a presentation make sure it's in excellent condition.

  • I've never used this type of document camera so is it easy or hard to apply for the newbies like me?

Nothing to worry. There are always some things which seems pretty much hard to operate but they are very simple if you know what you have to do with them and document cameras are also one of them. If you haven't used any type document cameras before then, you can always refer the manual guide which is provided by the company along with the product, or you can watch a good tutorial video on youtube too but don't worry about it because they are very easy to operate.

  • Why some of the document cameras which you have mentioned have such a low-quality camera built in it?

None of those mentioned above document cameras which we have listed have a low-quality camera. Yes, it might differ from every other document camera, but all of them provide a stable quality.

  • Which of these can be good to use at office meetings or an office?

Almost all of them. We haven't listed these document cameras according to their purpose to use we listed them according to their quality. When you are making a presentation in an office, it's better to use a document camera which will clearly see the objects without any blur and to do that you shall go with any of the above written top 10 document cameras.

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