7 Best Gaming Desk under $200 [2019]

As a Gamer, I feel very congested while arranging my Gaming set up on the desk. With lack of space to offer,

Top 10 Best Desk for Gaming under $200 (dollars) Reviews

I end up with my screen and console on the desktop and the headphones, gaming CD’s and my food plates lying on the floor. Conventional Desks are not useful if you are a Gamer and play for longer than 6 hours per day. You need more space to set your console, wide LED screen. In short the desk is as much important as gaming recliners in order to enjoy premium and comfortable experience. 

Bunch of headphones, several controllers, gaming CDs and what not. An office desk will only make your task tougher where you have to adjust in a small area and end up holding your fries and coke. Depending upon the budget, the storage and the space needed at home, I bring you the list of the Best Gaming desk under $200. So, choose the right gaming desk as it all ends with your personal preference. Let’s start with our list.

Top 7 Gaming Desk under $200 in 2019

#7 BHG Gaming Desk Table

I have a lot of space to offer on this list starting with a gaming desk table made by BHG. The Rectangular Gaming desk is made up of the metal frame which is arranged in the architectural form that provides elegance along with strength and rigidity.

BHG Gaming Desk Table Reviews

The desk stands on two Y-shaped legs that are connected with other by parallel running metal rods. These rods are connected in a zigzag pattern helping in equal weight distribution. With a length of 50 inches, this desk offers a place for not one but two of your monitors. Besides that, you can keep your portable speakers, the stack of gaming CD’s, gaming controllers, and keyboard, all on the same gaming desk.

BHG Best Gaming Desk Table Reviews

This isn’t over yet as you get a headphone holder below the desk just to keep it safer and at a location closer to you while gaming. Still, there will be some space left for you to keep your food and drinks closer to you. Keep your room neat and organised as the desk gives you enough space to keep your gaming stuff at a place.

Now, no more tangling wires and loss of time in searching those headphones as this workforce is a time-saver. Available in black colour, you get a neatly finished smooth desktop surface with clean curvy edges which explain its worth.

BHG Gaming Desk Table Reviews Amazon

This rectangular desk measures 50x26x4 inches. The width of the desk is sufficient for you to keep all your CD stacks, books, mobile phone, I-pod and charger. The 29-inch height is appropriate for all the users and the shorter ones can adjust using a height adjustment chair.

BHG Gaming Desk weighs 37 pounds and comes in two options- one with headphone holder and one without it. This lightweight and durable gaming desk is a perfect addition to homes and dorms helping you to organise your gaming stuff.


#6 Need Computer Gaming Desk

The next desk on our list is Need Computer Desk. The brand name isself-explanatoryy about the requirement of a proper gaming desk.

Need Computer Best Gaming Desk Reviews

It measures 55x23.7x29.5 inches giving a sufficient length and a height suitable for every other gamer. The frame is made of metal and is 1.6 inches thick giving stability to the desk which is capable to hold most of your gaming equipment. You don’t have to worry about the smooth surface getting damaged as it is completely scratchproof.

The desk and legs are coated with epoxy surface making it wear resistant. The desk is made of top quality durable wood available in 4 different colors as follows-Black Brown, Teak with Black Leg, Teak with White Legs and White. This gives options to both male and female users to select a desk according to their home decor.

Certified by BIFMA, the desk has his quality assured for the users. Once delivered, the chair is easy to install requiring 8 screws to install 4 legs. The base of the legs has a height adjustment lever to that can adjust up to one inch. Moreover, they give the stability to the desk on uneven surfaces as well. It is made up of ABS resinic Foot pad to prevent it from destroying floor and slipping.

The metal frame is powder coated increasing its life span and making it more durable. So, set up your gaming console, larger monitor and start the gaming session. The rest of the surface can be occupied by the Gaming CD’s, controllers, headphones, food, speakers, chargers, I-pods, books and all the necessary stuff that will keep your room neat and organised. Don’t worry while arranging all these on the desk as its solid metal frame provides a weight capacity up to 800 lbs.

This rectangular desk weighs 46 pounds making itself a perfect addition to homes. Moreover, it is perfect furniture to be used in office offering huge desk area.


#5 Naomi Home 3 Piece Glass Office Desk (Out of stock)

At number 5, we have a Naomi Home 3 piece Glass office desk which looks very sophisticated and elegant suitable for every office and home set up.

With L shape design, you can easily manage to keep 2 laptops on your work surface else a monitor or a laptop at the same time. The desk is 51 inches wide and 29 inches high giving desirable height to every gamers and employer. The L shape always gives the maximum estate to safeguard your important documents, books and gaming CDs.

Standing on a steel frame, you get maximum strength and stability so that winning celebrations don’t affect the things on the desk. The frame is powder coated giving resistance from rust and available in colours like black and silver. Select the colours wisely to suit your working/ gaming space.

Naomi Desktop offers a CPU tower stand below the desk that saves space and gives you huge leg room area. Utilise this space to keep pedal massagers and keep your legs away from numbness. A keyboard tray keeps your keyboard on track saving more space on the desk. Don’t hesitate to use the space wisely as you get the area to keep your monitor, mobile phones, charger, gaming CD’s, controllers, food, drinks etc. Moreover, the glass surface is easy to clean and requires just a wet wipe. Weighing 42 pounds, the desk is easy to move from place to place.

The X shaped architectural base gives a solid support even if the desk is completely filled. Overall, you get a sleek and stylish desk which functions efficiently. Keeping the price tag in mind, you get more features than the price.


#4 Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

Moving further, we have another L shaped Desk making it to the list at number 5. Green Forest is the brand introducing a corner computer desk that offers office use as well as gaming session.

With 60 inches of length, you get massive desk area to keep LED monitor and your laptop all at the same time. Get rid of tangling headphones and chargers as you can organise it one of the corners of the desk. Hunger will not persist for a long time as you have enough estate to keep food and drinks on this platform.

Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Best Gaming Desk Review

Decorate your desk by keeping a fancy pen stand, a cup holder or a controller stand to make it look more organised. The desk gets its classy look with black colour uniformly applied overall making it look a piece of art in whichever place you keep. Looking at the architecture, you get an edgy design with tons of space to handle all your office and gaming essentials. Focus while working and wild celebrations will persist for the longest time as it offers a huge amount of stability. Thanks, to the unique base which provides 2 angular legs and two curved legs for better stability.

Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Best Gaming Desk Review Amazon

Once delivered, you get an instruction panel that makes you construct this ergonomic marvel in no time. Covered in black colour, the desk looks superior to others backed by the impressive features. Looking at the space, the left part measures 25 inches whereas the right side gives the larger area of 39 inches especially to assemble your gaming console. A height of 29 inches is just perfect for every average user. Weighing 39 pounds, this workforce is strong and rigid which is coated with Epoxy claiming to be scratchproof.

Green Forest gives you a simple and attractive looking desk with curved wedges that brings a hint of elegance to the desk. With L shaped offering a huge space to the user, I don’t find any reason for not buying this Gaming desk.


#3 Walker Edison 3-Pieces Contemporary Desk

At the 3rd spot, I give you Walker Edison 3-piece contemporary desk which has an L-shaped design, especially for Gamers.

You get a separate CPU stand at the centre of the base to keep your Gaming unit. With plenty of leg room available, you can use this space to keep other important stuff. This space-saving piece of art have X legs gives a suspension to the legs. It offers a tempered glass as the top and stands strongly on X shaped legs which are powder coated for durability.

Walker Edison 3-Pieces Contemporary Best Gaming Desk Reviews

You get a 51 inches wide and 29 inches high workspace that can hold a laptop, LED Screen and your gaming console all at the same time. With huge space to offer, you can keep your controllers, favourite gaming CD’s and headphones all at one place. Particularly great for gaming, this desk can be used in the office as well due to its functionality. It offers different colours for the glass like black, white, silver and smoky where every desk looks stylish and different.

Walker Edison 3-Pieces Contemporary Best Gaming Desk Reviews Amazon

This helps you in choosing it according to the home colours. Talking about the functionality, you can move this desk and customize this L shaped desk into a rectangular desk. The total weight of Walker Edison is 57 pounds making it easier to move from one room to other. Looking at its design, this efficient workforce can be used in office and homes for purposes other than gaming as well. There is keyboard tray at the bottom which can be mounted on either end of the desk making it easier to switch places.

Walker Edison 3-Pieces Contemporary Gaming Desk Reviews

After the shipping is done, you get step by step instructions to build this functional desk in a very short time period. A perfect example of gaming desk, this desk brings a hint of simplicity and sophistication in the user’s room.


#2 Atlantic Gaming Desk

Bringing a sudden change in your lifestyle is never easy. Especially, a gamer can never stop playing games and won’t even compromise on reducing his hours. But, the only way he can escape from his mother’s shouting is by using the Atlantic Gaming Desk.

Atlantic Best Gaming Desk Review

The 44.8 inches long desktop is 26.2 inches wide giving you sufficient area to keep two monitors at the same time. Atlantic gets its strength from the steel rod construction that can support a 27-inch flat screen up to 40 pounds. The work surface measures 40 by 23.5 inches where you can easily keep 2 laptops, gaming cd’s, controller, speakers, foods and drinks all on one common platform.

Atlantic Best Gaming Desk Reviews

Starting from left, you get a mobile stand to keep your mobiles, I pods and chargers at the place. In the centre, you have a monitor stand to hold flat screen followed by a CD stand. This stand is removable giving you more space for keeping more equipment. Stack up your top 5 gaming CD’s in this stand so that you don’t have to search them every time.

Atlantic Best Gaming Desk Review Amazon

A gamer requires several controllers and Atlantic gives you space to keep two different controllers along with a headphone stand to the right. Now no more spilling of your coke on the desk as you get a coke holder at right side to hold the large cup easily. Now, no more hanging wires as you get wire management system under the desk so that the wires remain organised. The desktop has got carbon finishing with four levelling feet that give added stability. There are grooves on the surface to increase user grip. You also get a drawer to store other stuff like pen drives, USB chords, OTG cables, gaming CD’s etc.

The table offers you several features at a cheaper cost. Get ready to get a multipurpose experience of gaming, work, music, food and storage at a single workstation called Atlantic Gaming Desk.


 #1 Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro

Travelling all the way to the top, we have our ultimate winner of the list which is Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro.

Atlantic 33950212 Best Gaming Desk Pro Reviews

Standing 36 inches high, the gaming desk is appropriate for all user size. The shorter ones don’t need to worry as they can get a suitable height using an ergonomic chair with pneumatic height adjustment feature by clicking here.

The desk is 52 inches long and 25 inches wide and can hold up to 32 inches monitor suitable for providing the dynamic gaming experience. You get a carbon fibre laminated, smooth and black coloured desk which is suitable for every room setup. You get a charger stand at the left to keep your mobiles, I-pods and charging wires. There is a speaker stand at both ends which can fit speakers of size 6 inches by 5 inches. There is a storage pace for Gaming CD’s which can hold up to 10 CDs at a time. You also get a controller stand to place two gaming controllers.

Atlantic 33950212 Best Gaming Desk Pro Reviews Amazon

Below the bottom right side, you can hook headphone and save your time searching for it. There is a storage drawer below the desk to keep other stuff like Pen drives, hard disks, USB chords and other gaming CD’s as well. And when you feel hungry just grab a popcorn bowl from the desk and cold drink from the cup holder at the left. Weighing 44 pounds, this desktop can hold monitor up to 40 pounds with a stand below that gives suitable height to use both laptop and monitor at the same time.

Atlantic 33950212 Best Gaming Desk Pro Review

The X shaped leg arrangement gives immense stability and your celebrations won’t be hindered by the wobbling monitor and Laptop. The Gaming Desk Pro helps you to work comfortably and then play effortlessly keeping all your important stuff on one platform. Organising will be as easy as selecting the best Gaming CD’s from your stack or picking the best controller from the right-hand side. Atlantic Gaming Desk pro is one of the best solutions for keeping your room clean and systematic.


Conclusion for Best Desk for Gaming under $200 (dollars) : 

With individual research done on every desk in the list, each desk offers various features and the numbers may vary according to their price. The list includes desk which is multifunctional for both office and gaming use. You also get to see desk exclusively made for gaming claiming its sole purpose of gaming. With budget being the primary factor, you get enough options to choose among some of the best Desks for Gaming falling under the price tag of $200. So, choose wisely keeping your priorities in mind as the article helps every other user to explore desk of their choice. Have a great day ahead!

FAQs : Best Desk for Gaming under $200

Frequently Asked Question for Best Desk for Gaming under $200 (dollars) -FAQs

  • I'm baffled about which gaming desk should I buy ‘cause all of these desks looks so good.

When you are getting such type of right gaming desks that too under 200 bucks then it's really a difficult choice to pick the right one. If you have confusion, then go and read the customer's feedback about all of these gaming desks and find which of these desks will fit more into your room or dorm and choose accordingly.

  • How much sturdy these gaming desks are? If I'm going to put a lot of weight on it then will it affect on its sturdiness?

These gaming desks have a solid steel base which is enough to handle a lot of weight, and that’s why these desks are more sturdiest than regular desks. I've been one of this gaming desks in my dorm, and till date, I haven't faced any kind of the issue with it. I can firmly say that you won't find any more good desks than these ones that too at such a low price.

  • Which of these gaming desks can handle the most weight very easily?

It entirely depends upon what kind of stuff you use daily in your routine. These gaming desks are sturdy enough to handle a weight of up to 3 monitors plus lots of books and gaming CDs too. It's hard to say how much pressure they can feel, but generally, they can handle upto 70 lbs easily. So if you want to put your favorite books or anything that will bring more quality to that desk, then you can do that without worrying about its weight capacity.

  • Are there any accessories which would be provided by the company along with a gaming desk like a carpet or something like that?

Sometimes you do have to anticipate least from a quality product especially when you're expecting some expensive accessories with it. No, none of these gaming desks comes with any kind of carpet or anything, and you will have to buy in addition to the desk.

  • Which of these gaming desks will be good to use at the office?

Many people here are asking whether can we use these gaming desks at the office or not and yes, you can use them wherever you want. We made this list of the desk for gamers who spent more than 6 hours on their computer playing various exciting games and if you're working in an office where you think one of these desks would fit in then go ahead choose according to that environment. These gaming desks are more attractive and less priced as compared to other office desks which makes everyone to have them.

  • Is it hard to move these gaming desks after we assembled them?

It depends upon the distance like if you're going to move it from one room to another, then it will not be that much difficult but if you're shifting home or something like it, then it's better to disassemble it and then move it.

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