7 Best Backpack Beach Chairs for Summers [2019]

Aren't Beach Chairs an integral part when traveling to beaches...

... and for picnic spots or your backyard area?

Best Backpack Beach Chairs- inpost featured image

Yes, they are!​

Weekends are the result of all the hustles and workload a person goes throughout the week; ending into rehab zone.

(Going to) Beach is no doubt, one of the best ways to rejuvenate your body and achieve a calm mental state.

You deserve a break, don't you?

You need to get away from the city crowd, resting, relaxing in the sand, floating over your beach chair, collecting some of the best moments in your life account.

To keep your rhythm intact, I have picked some of the best backpack beach chair available in the market that will save your browsing time.

The list includes chairs of all sizes and prizes aimed for maximum comfort.

So grab your beach basket, beach sunglasses, sun cream lotion, a pair of swimming clothes followed by a beach chair and start your ride!

Top 7 Backpack Beach Chairs for Summers in 2019

#7. Kijaro Coast Beach Sling Chair

Looking at our list of best backpack beach chair, our first entrant is a beach sling chair by Kijaro.

Covered with a dynamic mesh back, the sweaty back will vanish with the continuous air circulation.

Kijaro Coast Beach Sling Chair -best beach chair with canopy

Adding to it, the washable cover keeps its new looks unviolated with the rust resisting characteristic proving its durability.

All you need to do is just relax and re-energize yourself gazing at the series of those rolling waves.

The cloth is strong enough to carry people weighing up to 250 pounds. Coming in 5 different colors, the chair gives you an aura of different destinations you wish to visit.

Rest along with your entire back lay lazily over this rest chair with the head under headrest pillow. The pillow is detachable helping users of different sizes to adjust it accordingly.

Kijaro Coast Beach Sling Chair - best beach chair for big guys

The chair houses water-resistant mesh pocket, zip pocket and cell phone holder to keep your belongings safe.

Surprisingly, you get a built-in cooler capable of holding 6-12 ounces of cans. Now carry this 6.3-pound handy chair that has a strap and rust free built especially to places where it’s moist.

Featuring water-resistant pockets and washable cover with a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this chair gives 5 color options favorable for both sexes.

#6. Rio Brands 5 Position Beach Chair

Our next entrant in the list is a durable and lightweight beach chair by Rio Brands.

Made up of polyester, the chair has a rust proof water-resistant aluminum frame that makes it a long lasting sitting tool.

Displaying a modern design, the chair can bear people up to 250 lbs comfortably thanks to bar tack stitching in 16 places.

Rio Brands 5 Position Beach Chair - best beach chair with canopy

Coming to its name; the chair produces 5 different positions helping the user for complete body tan along with customizing it according to user’s comfort.

One of the positions includes a complete flat position where you can lay down gazing at the dim sunlight and those lazy waves.

The chair is foldable that makes it compact to carry it on the beach trips with the help of padded shoulder strap.

Picnics and backyards are some of the places where this chair can easily blend with other furniture.

The wooden arm rests assure that you are in complete control while relaxing aimlessly while offering a no-pinch feature to protect your fingers.

Rio Brands 5 Position Beach Chair - best portable beach chair

Further, they are covered with polyurethane coating making it scratch proof and water resistant.

Last but not the least, the chair comes in two different Caribbean colors, one with different shades of blue and green and the other called as Pacific blue.

So, a combination of aluminum and a rugged poly duck canvas, this 6.5 lbs lightweight chair is a perfect beach companion.

The chair comes in two beachy color options of Pacific blue and Boho claiming as one of the most modern classic beach chairs.

#5. Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair

Our next chair in the list is a user-friendly and capable of bearing big people up to 300 lbs beach chair all because of its strong aluminum frame.

I bring you Big Guy Backpack Chair by Rio that offers a wide seat pan and high back such that lying becomes extremely easier.

Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair - beach chair with umbrella

Coming in dark and light shades of blue, the upholstery completely matches a beach-going atmosphere.

The chair folds in 4 different positions, aiming to provide maximum comfort. Rio features an easy access carry pouch that holds your small essentials with a drink holder for cups and bottles.

It houses a cushion pillow and moulded armrests that add more comfort points while lying back and the powdered coated aluminum frame makes the body water resistant.

Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair - inflatable beach chair

Once you are done with your relaxation beach therapy, the chair simply transforms into a backpack with an adjustable straps making it easier to carry it.

Made up of a rigid aluminum frame coupled with extra-wide polyester seat, the chair weighs 11 pounds and displays two colors: blue and light blue.

Accompany this chair to a day at the beach, trek, and picnic outings or place it in your backyard.

#4. Quik Shade Beach Chair

Tanning is one of the reasons for visiting a beach but, a few minutes of extra sleep may end up in burning your skin badly.

Keeping this common possibility in mind, the designers gave a thought of covering the beach chair with a rooftop making it safer to relax without worrying about skin burn.

Quik Shade Beach Chair - best lightweight beach chair

Our next backpack chair is brought by Quik Shade.

A tough 600x 300D PVC coated polyester top roof protects you from various sunlight angles.

Weighing 11.5 lbs, the chair houses 49.4” high back suitable for tall people as well. Talking about tall people, 45.4” wide seat pan ensures users up to 225 lbs can relax comfortably.

A cushioned headrest supports your head and neck region while you are reclining on a sunny day with a roof shade on the top.

Quik Shade Beach Chair - best beach chair for bad back

Made of durable steel, the chair displays its adjustable features by multiple incline positions giving you different relaxing postures.

Carry this chair on beaches, camps, hikes and picnic spots as the folding feature helps to carry it easily with shoulder straps and a carry handle coming into play.

Displaying navy blue striped color and a high back, Quik shade is appropriate for tall people with a rooftop shade and high back being the tantalizing feature.

The chair is a perfect backpack item to carry with adjustable straps and folding feature making it compact and best Backpack Beach Chair altogether.

#3. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Ready for a beach break but unsure of a beach chair, Sports Brella brings you one of the best recliner beach chairs at a price just below $100.

Receiving more than 1000 positive reviews, the chair possesses a full coverage umbrella that will secure your skin from 99.5% of UV rays.

sport-Brella Recliner Chair - tommy bahama beach chair

The metallic undercoating prevents UPF 50+ protection offering 3 way swivel and safety tips for eye protection.

The Hinge design with easy click lock button helps you to rotate and position the umbrella at different locations and height above your head.

Sport Brella is made up of lightweight, strong steel material with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

It features 3 points reclining back which goes from upright position to a laying back reclining position preferable on beaches and while fishing. The third position being the laying back position helps you to lie down entirely.

The chair is backed by removable footwear which helps you to stretch your legs while having a power nap. The removable footwear is compact to carry along in a bag.

sport-Brella Recliner Chair - best portable beach chair

The armrest features an insulated pocket that keeps your drinks cool; such that you always grab them chilled.

Bottles and cups have a modular cup holder at the sides whereas the storage bag comes with a zip and sports an in-built bottle opener.

Sports Brella is undoubtedly one of the best chairs in the market. Whether it is the beach, trek, picnic, fishing or your backyard, this 11.8 pounder folds down to backpack size and can be easily transported.

Displaying strong built quality, Sports Brella is an awesome combination of balance, flexibility, and strength flaunting blue and red colors with an umbrella atop.

#2. Caravan Sports

Coming closer to our top product, we have a Chair by Caravan Sports right behind the leader.

With durable suspended double bungee system, you can smoothly recline as the chair receives its strength from powdered coated steel frame.

Caravan Sports - best lightweight beach chair

Once situated in the sand, beachgoers will appreciate the cushioned pillow, moulded arm rests and the adjustment feature.

The chair flaunts long lasting outdoor grade fabric with maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. It elevates the legs and reduces pressure on the back.

The locking mechanism provides different reclining positioning along with headrest accelerating your comfort level.

Caravan Sports - best backpack beach chair reviews

The smooth recline function locks in any position, helping you relax with adjustable headrest under your head.

Available in 5 colors: beige, gray, black, blue and burgundy, the chair folds down to only 6.3 inches wide easily carried in your car.

Once you are rejuvenated, don’t worry while heading back home as this 18 pound chair collapses neatly making its transportation easier.

This Caravan Chair is ideal for users less than 300 pounds with a locking system giving different reclining positions.

#1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

Heading towards our countdown, the top ranked beach chair in the list is brought to you by Tommy Bahama.

Made of 600D polyester, the build quality is exceptionally strong and lightweight surrounded by a rustproof aluminum frame.

The seat pan is extremely strong and firm and at the same time capable of bearing weight up to 300 lbs.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair - best beach chair for big guys

Now, no more worries for big people as the strong upholstery and 24-inch wide seat pan give supreme contentment while relaxing on the beach.

Looking at its storage function, you get a storage pouch on the right side to keep your cell phone, sunglasses, sun care lotion or some snack to munch on.

The chair features a non-insulated storage compartment enabling you to keep bottles juices and beer cooler altogether claiming its upper hand in the storage section.

Care is taken that the chair remains stable even if the storage box if filled. It features a beautifully carved armrest that supports you while reclining.

Now, you won’t get the yelling from your parents as the chair has a folding towel bar that doesn’t let your wet towel lay on the beach.

Once the chair is set on the beach, you get an opportunity to turn and twist your body alongside with 5 reclining positions that are completely adjustable.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair - best backpack beach chair reviews

Bahama offers Laying flat which every beach chair doesn’t offer with a cushioned headrest for added comfort.

Attached with padded shoulder straps and a rubber carry handle, this lightweight chair can be easily carried on back as it collapses easily into a compact backpack.

Displaying 13 different exotic color combinations, the chair offers enough options with every color matching your beach mood.

Funneling down all the features, I would recommend this compact chair to all my viewers without a second thought.

Conclusion for Best backpack Beach Chairs Reviews :

So, this is the end of the list of Best Backpack beach chairs that will travel along with you to places such as beaches, treks, hikes and fishing as well.

Every chair shows its uniqueness and makes its pIace in the list coming with different color dimensions and weight capacity.

After a detailed research, I have come up with some of the best beach chairs available in the market.

I hope my article was helpful in picking some of the best backpack beach chairs that gave you a joyous beach time.

Thank You! Have a Nice Day...

FAQ'S : Backpack Beach Chairs

Frequently asked question for Best Backpack Beach Chairs Reviews for Summers-FAQS
  • All of these chairs seem so much lightweight which makes me worried that whether these chairs can really handle weight upto 250 lbs or not?

They sure can. These chairs are made by the company specifically for those people don’t like to carry lots of heavyweight chairs, and that’s why most of these chairs are made up of a durable aluminum frame along with the large polyester seat. Due to the durable aluminum frame, these chairs can handle any of the person weighing from 250-300 lbs easily.

  • Which is the best beach chair a person like who has soft skin and my skin is hypersensitive to sun rays?

When we’re heading towards beaches what we always try to look for is our skin because sun rays might burn your soft skin and if you've got one of those hypersensitive skin, then you should buy a chair which has a top roof or umbrella on the chair. Sports brella recliner and Quick shade beach chair are those types of chairs which we've added in our list. It’s always better to save our skin getting burnt by dangerous skin rays, right?

  • Are these chairs suitable for tall guys like me (6’2)?

The critical thing about beach chairs which are mentioned above is that they are all made for only one purpose, and that’s giving best comfort to all the beach lovers. These chairs are designed in that way in which a person of your height (6’’2) can quickly get fit into and enjoy those beautiful waves of the sea by lying on chair cozily. So don’t worry about the height and pick any of these chairs which impressed you the most.

  • I want to purchase the beach chair in the red color, and I’m confused which one of these chairs are available in that color?

It’s tough for us to tell you whether the chairs as mentioned earlier are available in red color or not but we’ve already said that some of the chairs offer more than 6 types of varieties of colors. So you can check whether your favorite chair is available in that color or not by going on Amazon also you can use above links for a quick search.

  • What are some of the accessories which shall I buy along with beach chair?

It’s always a good thing to go on a beach with full equipment, and when you’re buying a comfortable beach chair, then you should also buy some good sunglasses and lotion which will protect your eyes and skin from the sun.

  • Can children also use these beach chairs cozily or there any other more specific chairs which are made for children only?

You can use these beach chairs for every age of person even for your children too. There might be some more specific beach chairs made for small children, but one can also use any of the chairs mentioned above for their children's.

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