Steelcase Amia Office Chair Review [2021]

An ergonomic chair, with all the minute adjustments minus a high price; has become a rare product in the market, isn’t it?

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Going through the quest of getting such rare product, my efforts were awarded when I found out about the Steelcase Amia Chair.

With a price tag under budget, my detailed research gave me a happy ending with the features much more worthy than the price.

Today, I am going to review one of the best chairs that show some amazing features backed by a decent price tag.

So, let’s get started.

Steelcase Amia Office Chair Review

First Look & Impressions

The first look of the chair is mind-boggling making you curious about its functions.

All the praise goes to the Designer Thomas Overthun who took all the efforts to make it ergonomic and a good-looking at the same time.

Steelcase Amia Office Chair

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Made of 100% fabric material, the chair has a long back suitable for users of all heights and sizes. The chair covers your entire spine, and the curve gives a contented relief to every back muscle of yours.

At the lower end, you have the majestic lumbar support. I called it majestic as the creators have used Live Lumbar Support Technology where the lumbar can be adjusted accordingly as per the dimensions of the user.

You get two small knobs at the lower back to adjust the lumbar support that rises higher and lower. The user can personalize it accordingly with the smooth motion of the lumbar support.


Returning to the high back, the back contours to fit the back entirely right from the lower back up to the shoulders.

The back measures around 26 inches suitable for a long hour sitting for tall as well as short people.

Review Steelcase Amia office chair

Looking at the back adjustability, you get a height adjustment lever which rises 5 inches high to make you comfortable in front of your desk.

To raise the height, you need to remove the weight while simultaneously pulling the lever. To decrease the height be seated and pull the lever.

The back has a dynamic feature called the back reclining resistance. You get a knob below the seat that when rotated forward gives a flexible reclining motion.

To stay focussed while working, just turn the knob backward and lock the back reclining motion. It is recommended to keep the reclining motion flexible to initiate back motion while sitting.


Our next feature in the list is the seat pan. The seat pan is covered with dense foam giving your buttocks the relief it deserves for staying there for nine hours.

Showing some out of the box features, the seat pan has curvy borders such that it takes the exact shape of your buttocks raising your comfort level to the pole position.

You get a waterfall edge that removes the pressure from your thighs and knee area.

Review Steelcase Amia - old steelcase chair adjustment

I always focus on the fact that your lower area is equally important as your upper area. Hence, it is recommended to keep 3 inches gap between your knee and the edge of the seat pan to promote uniform blood circulation and numb-free legs.

I might have made a few of you enthusiastic by telling this fact but, sometimes it is not possible to get the certain gap between the seat and thighs.

This problem is solved by the creators by introducing seat pan motion feature in the chair. You just need to pull the lever and slide your seat forward or backward accordingly.

This feature is added for maintaining the gap between the seat edge and the thighs. So slide your seat and eliminate that irritating numbness in your legs.

A Massive Range of Colors

The steelcase gives you a range of color palette making your home decorations easier. You get 26 different colors to choose from, and some of them are: Black, Yellow, Burgundy, Blue, Grey, Red, Navy etc.

Review Steelcase Amia first look

Women will be happier while choosing this chair and can start thinking which one to approach. To be specific, these colors are seen on seat and back of the chair.


This is the favorite part of the chair as the armrests show their dynamic character giving you several adjustments.

I have a habit of fidgeting my hands and legs while sitting idle or watching slides on the computer screen.

Review Steelcase Amia vs leap

The armrests are built in such a way that user of every height and size can keep their arms while sitting. It rises to 6 inches in height by a simple push of a button.

Adding to it, you can move them sideways, backward and forward and 30 degrees in and out. So much adjustability in a single chair makes you feel like sitting for hours.

Now your power naps will become amazing when your hands are not hanging in the air.

Weight & Weight Capacity

Made of durable fabric, the chair is 97% recyclable making it a resource even after condemning it.

The chair is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and Cradle to Cradle (CM) certified for environmental performance.

Housing so many features, the chair weighs 75 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds. These numbers are brought out after numerous tests done by the Creators.


Boasting about 300 pounds weight capacity, thanks to the five hooded base made of hard, durable plastic that holds dual caster wheels.

Review Steelcase Amia task chair

These wheels help you in covering short distance in your workplace. Your efficiency is increased by the swiveling motion which gives you 360-degree turning angle.

Conclusion for Steelcase Amia Chair

Jotting down all the features, Amia does impress many people receiving 4 stars out of 5.

With so many features to display, Amia is one efficient workforce that deserves a buyer.

A high back, dense seat pan with seat sliding motion, Live Lumbar Support, Adjustable Armrests, a huge range of color option and a 12 years Steelcase warranty is sufficient to convince me in spending extra money for a Sleek, Petite and Multifunctional chair.

FAQ’s : SteelCase Amia Chair Review


Frequently Asked Question for SteelCase Amia Chair-FAQs

Yes, It does. Steelcase Amia chair offers one of the best lumbar support for its user and if you’re suffering from lower spine pains then you won’t feel any of those if you use this chair for working.

  • Can we suit for long hours on this chair without compromising our health?

When I bought Steelcase chair for the first time the only question which popped in my mind was will I be able to work on this chair for more than 8 hours? as a freelancer which requires me to sometimes sit on a chair for more than 12 hours I faced no problem. The back of the chair is so strong that it’ll make you feel more relax and you won’t feel any pain for working longer hours.

  • I liked this chair’s design very much and I want to buy it but in how many color options this chair comes in?

If there’s any company which provides a wide range of color option for chair then that would Steelcase because in Steelcase Amia chair you’ll get upto 26 options to choose from. You can choose the color of the chair as per your requirement but sometimes this chair will not be available in black or grey color because of its too much demand.

  • Can we take adjust the armrest according to our height or not?

Yes, you can. I there’s one thing which I like most about this chair then it should be armrest because the way they’ve been created is completely satisfying. You can rest your arms on it by adjusting its height according to your needs and you even take some of the good naps when you feel tired of working.

  • Do you think that the weight of the chair is too much and it’ll be hard to carry it from one place to another?

No. When we’re buying a chair which is going to last for many months without giving us any problem then one will have to adjust to its weight problem. The weight of the Steelcase chair is relatively not that much high and yes, it’s hard to move it from one place to another but that’s not a good reason for buying it.

  • Can we get carpet or hard floor casters as accessory from company after buying this chair?

Unfortunately No. When I bought this chair I was also expecting something like this in accessories box but I didn’t receive any kind of carpet with this chair. So you’ll have to pay for it if you want to purchase it separately.

  • Is there any limit on number of order on this chair?

No. A person who wants to buy this chair can easily follow up above mentioned link and you can order it from amazon the only condition is that it shall be available in your required quantity, color etc.

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