How to Repair a Recliner

A good recliner can provide you with maximum comfort and support whenever you want to relax at home. It is a fantastic piece where you can take a nap, watch your favourite TV show, have some late night reading, with great comfort and even cuddle your pet. Thus, they are among the well valued and treasured items by most comfort seekers, and one of the most widely held pieces of furniture.

With its numerous benefits, you don’t want to toss your recliner away just because it suffers from some damage, probably due to overuse. Instead, you may want to give a reputable local technician a call to help get around with it. But for any DIY kind of being, roll up your sleeves for the repair.

First, you need to identify where the problem is. After identifying the problem, you can then go ahead and take corrective measures. Below we’ve shared 5 tips on how to repair a recliner.


How to Repair Recliner Springs?

All the relaxation you get while sitting in a recliner is provided by the mechanisms and cushions included in that particular chair. Similar to any other item with a functional mechanism, recliners have springs. With time and use, these springs are bound to flop- but there’s no need to panic if it happens.

You just need a while of your time and the necessary equipment to fix the glitch. Basically, it would be best if you had a new reclining spring, an adjustable wrench, and an extra hand to assist you (though this is optional).

Turn your recliner upside down. Locate the four bolts using a flashlight (where necessary), and then hold the spring in place.

  • Remove the bolts using the adjustable wrench
  • Remove the spring from the recliner and keep it on the floor with the right side upward.
  • Use the wrench to remove the bolts that connect the footrest with the spring.
  • Using the wrench, tighten the new spring to the footrest.
  • Attach the new recliner spring to the unit frame. Be sure to fasten all the bolts properly.
  • Return the recliner to its normal position and sit to see if it works properly.
  • The old spring should be disposed of as appropriate.


How to Repair a Recliner Cable?

You will note that the cable of your recliner is faulty when the backs start moving up/down on its own. To have the problem solved, first loosen the cable stop. Check and make sure the cable is held in place (against the piston bracket).

Then pull and tighten the cable. If that doesn’t work, turn the recliner upside down. Remove the four bolts attached to the footrest, and the other two holding the squab to the frame. Detach the squab and replace the cable.


How to Repair a Recliner Pull Handle

A broken or missing handle can cause the recliner to malfunction. It’s the pull handle that holds the footrest in position. With a missing or broken handle, the footrest will be forced in an upright or closed position. You can quickly fix the handle by yourself. You just need a new replacement handle, necessary tools, and a while of your time. Then follow the following steps:

  • Where the footrest is open, push/press it into a closed state.
  • Turn the chair upside down (both the armrest and headrest should touch the ground).
  • Check for the mechanism or screw that keeps the handle in position. Use a wrench or a screwdriver (whichever is appropriate) to remove it.
  • Detach the old pull handle from the recliner. Remove the escutcheon- this is the cover protecting the handle.
  • Set the retaining screw right into the new pull handle and tighten it.
  • Turn the recliner into a normal position to test.
  • The handle should keep the recliner in place.


How to Repair a Recliner Footrest?

You’ll realize the footrest malfunction when they stuck and refuse to lock as desired, or when they can’t stay upright. In such cases, follow these steps to fix the problem.

First, turn the chair upside down to easily access the underside where the screws are attached. Then locate the screws and fasten them using the right tool. You may want to replace them where appropriate. If you’re to change them, go for screws that slightly longer in comparison to the older ones.

This is because they will get right into the wood and keep the footrest more firmly in position. Also, use new screws to tighten the footrest backrest. Flip the recliner back to normal position and check whether they’re firm enough.

If that doesn’t work, and the footrest is stuck in one position, you’ll have to use a lubricant to functionalize it again. Flip the chair over and make loose the screws on the frame at the bottom of the footrest. Consider using a cover to prevent the cushion from being stained by the lubricant. Generously, apply the lubricant to all joints. The process should bring the footrest from the stuck position.


How to Fix a Recliner that Doesn’t Recline?

There are two types of mechanisms responsible for the reclining function of the chair. One involves a cable system and the other, and the other one features an arm to run the reclining mode. With a cable system, the most cause of a glitch is a loose or broken cable. Follow the following stems to fix the problem.

  • Access the handle or lever by separating the cushion.
  • Check and see if the cable is just loose or broken.
  • If broken, you’ll need a new replacement cable.
  • But if it’s just loose, you just need to hook it back to the lever.
  • Ascertain the condition of the lever. Tighten the bolt and the nut that keeps the lever in position.
  • There is only one remedy for a stripped lever, replacing it with a new one. Check out for bent parts or those that present weird configuration and set them right by bending them into their corrective position.



The above key steps on how to repair a recliner should help find out what you need to do upon any recliner position. We have focused on the most common issues, and you can resolve just about any related problem in the same way. Identify the cause of the problem or malfunction and mend with it until the solution. Alternatively, you can call a furniture technician if you’re still having difficulties with your recliner. Don’t let anything interfere with your comfort.