7 Best Kids Recliner in 2020

Toddler recliners are excellent ways of making a relaxing corner or environment in your home. Although they often cause us headaches, we love our little ones and always want the best for them. You want to get your little one the best kids recliner in 2020, the one they can comfortably sit in or even play and still last you for the greatest course.

Finding anything for kids has never been easy, and the same case applies when it comes to finding the best recliners for kids. Children and toddlers sometimes don’t even remotely know what exactly they want, which brings the need for parents paying close attention to the items they are choosing for them.

On that note, some might get upset with you just because you chose the wrong color. So, you can picture how they’d feel if the chair is not comfortable or good enough for them. In this post, we are going to review and compare the best recliner chairs for kids that are currently available for purchase.

We usually ask people on Facebook and forums about their experiences about recliners, and then we include those experiences on the post. That’s how we obtained the following list of the most comfortable recliner for kids in 2020:


What Makes the Best Kids Recliner?

First and foremost, the chair must be safe and built with non-toxic materials. Be sure to check the model stability because you don’t want the heavy piece to tip over onto your much-loved little one.

As you know, material and fabric have to be completely non-toxic since children are known to have sensitive skin. Consider having a basic and straightforward design where tiny fingers and toes can reach without getting stuck.

Also, it must be comfortable. If the chair is comfortable, it will make your child happy while reclining and relaxing on it.

The last aspect is cleaning. Whether accidentally or just innocently, rest assured your child will mess around with the chair. So the ease of keeping clean is crucial.


Best Kids Recliner in 2020: Buying Guide (What to look for?)

This is quite a serious decision to make. To most of us, these products are not cheap to purchase. When you buy a recliner, there are two things you’d like above all else; comfort and durability.

Our team can confidently attest that these recliners will last. The next critical aspect is comfort, although it can be subject to seater’s preference and taste. On that note, we recommend our readers to consider a combination of things before actually making the purchase. These factors include price, build quality, features, and above all, comfortability.


Paying close attention to the build quality is essential, whether you are looking for a recliner for you and your child. However, you’ll need to pay a little more attention when looking for one for your kid. This particularly important considering that kids are associated with susceptible skin, so you don’t want to get something that’s not rather friendly to the skin of your child. You probably want to get the best kid recliner there is in 2020. Generally, most recliners for kids should not be an issue since they are specially designed for little ones. But it’s always important to check to make sure you make the right purchase.

While most chairs on our list are made with some form of fabric rather than genuine leather, they all come with a cover that is very easy to clean. This is crucial because you know how messy kids can get sometimes. And even though most parents would love genuine leather, manufactures have the best way for both quality and cost.


One thing about kid’s recliner chairs is that they don’t have many features apart from the normal reclining function. Most of them are not even designed to rock. If you just want a safe and reliable recliner for kids, then you don’t have to put too much emphasis on whether they have all the bells and whistles.

As far as technology applies, the best fancy you can get is probably a cup holder. We suggest not putting too much emphasis on extra capabilities offered by these chairs because, in all likelihood, you’ll end up being disappointed.


The next important thing for parents to consider is durability. Apparently, kids are not likely to be less than gentle in their everyday activities, and you don’t want to buy a recliner with lousy materials that can be torn off by the toys.

Luckily, the best manufacturers of these products already know that children can break staff easily with time, and so they focus on introducing sustainable recliners for both kids and adults. And for the kids, we can state that they are pretty strong and durable.

You can always check out the frame, model design, and materials to understand better about how durable kids’ recliners can be. Heftier and more angular chairs with a microfiber or fabric-like suede are likely to be more durable as compared to softer and leathery recliners. You can ideally consider having a recliner cover to enhance the durability of your child’s recliner.


Another best thing about kids recliner chairs is that they are much affordable compared to standard-sized models. Although most of them are priced below $200, the more premium recliners for kids will set you back around $300 – $500.

Most average reclining chairs for kids are usually under $150, so most parents can afford them without spending a fortune. While those are better news for most of us, you can decide the amount to spend, depending on the recliner model you want to buy for your kids.

If you are looking for an ultimate luxury recliner, then you might have to dish out more than you would for something just pretty enough for your child to sit in. It is good to understand that sometimes budget items can be designed to be less durable.

Most importantly, Comfortability

When it comes down to comfort, it all depends on the seater’s taste and preferences towards that particular product. So if you’re purchasing a recliner chair for your child, let them take part in decision making.

You may buy what you think is perfect for your little kid only to find they don’t like it. And if that happens, you’ll be forced to ship the chair back for a refund- just have it around to collect dust. Colour, size, pretty features, they all matter to kids.


Top 7 Best Kids Recliner in 2020


1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Kids Recliner

As one of the best kids recliners in 2020, the Flush Furniture Contemporary Leather Recliner is available in a range of witty colours, including blue and pink (vinyl), and brown and black (leather). This child-sized recliner chair features an over-sized headrest and a plush upholstered cover, all perfect for presenting that extra bit of comfort and support to your children.

The recliner also includes a built-in cup holder to let your child have their drinks within reach while reading, watching their favourite shows on TV, or playing games. Similar to other kids models from Flash Furniture, this recliner comes sturdy and durable with a solid hardwood frame, and it has safety features that reclines when your child is seated with a footrest pulled out one inch.

With the raised black plastic feet, the comfy seat for kids has a specified weight capacity of 90 pounds. This makes it perfect for kids across all ages, from tots to big kids. It measures 24 inches length, 36.5 inches width, and 27 inches height.

When it comes to safety, the incorporate CA117 fire retardant foam, and it only reclines when your little one is safely seated. Easy assembly, this chair can be put together in a couple of minutes since it’s delivered in two pieces.

The Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Kids Recliner comes in 16 different colours so you can find one that matches your funky bright colour or lounge suite to impress your little one.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Kids Recliner Key Features

  • Plush padding
  • Child-sized recliner
  • Armrest with cup holder
  • Oversized headrest
  • Raised black plastic feet
  • Headrest cover included
  • Solid hardwood frame

Flash Furniture Kids Recliner


 2. Flash Furniture Contemporary Lavender Vinyl Kids Recliner

The Lavender Vinyl Recliner is one more special chair for kids that offers little more cushioning and backrest as compared to the previous model. With a robust hardwood frame plus a soothing foam padding, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Lavender Vinyl Kids Recliner is really comfortable and comes in at 24.5″ Length, 39″ Width and 28″ in Height. It has a maximum weight capacity of 90 lbs. So this is a sturdy chair.

Similar to other Flash Furniture models, this comes with CA117 fire retardant foam and is designed to recline only when the child is settled with the footrest extended at least one inch. There are likely to have spills and accidents on kids’ chairs, which brings the point of ease of clean. This chair features a vinyl material which you can wipe down using a damp cloth to keep clean.

The Contemporary Lavender Recliner Chair for kids is very easy to assemble and comes with a cup holder. It doesn’t have a padded headrest.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Lavender Vinyl Kids Recliner Key Features

  • Easy to clean
  • Vinyl material
  • Extra padding and large backrest
  • Available in 14 different colours
  • Cupholder
  • Hardwood frame

Flash Furniture Kids Recliner


3. Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner

This yet another ultimate chair for kids. It is soft, sturdy and comes with the most reasonable price for its comfort and efficiency. What’s better, the chair is heavily padded, and with a brown microfiber upholstery, it features a marvellous flip-up arm for storing books, remote control, etc.

This chair is also full of features to maximize both comfort and safety for your child. The recline lock functions only when the kid is settled, and the footrest elevated at least one inch. It also has cozy padded arms and back, which are secured with an inner CA117 fire retardant.

The outstretched back plastic feet can hold a maximum of 90 pounds, which is perfect for toddlers and bigger kids as well. This kid recliner is easy to clean, and it’s among the best budget recliners for kids in 2020.

Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner Key Features

  • Durable enough
  • Weight capacity:90 pounds
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • The chair is incredibly soft
  • Reclining mechanism is exceptional

Deluxe kids Recliner


4. Crew Furniture Traditional Kid Microfiber Recliner

The Crew Furniture Traditional Kid Recliner was designed with kiddos in mind. It comes in a range of colours, including the Estate blue, and is absolutely ideal for between 3 – 7 years, meaning it’s a complete relaxing fun for smaller kids and toddlers.

The chair is ultra-plush with a traditional style for that astounding comfort. That means your little one will have a traditional, adult-like recliner with comfort designed specifically for them.

Built with safety in mind, the chair comes with faux buttons to combat any choking hazard. It comes fully assembled with a reclining function for further comfort. This reclining function should be utilized with adult observation to ensure safety, and the footrest should be returned to their original position when finished. The crew Furniture is precisely designed for kids, and it comes with exceptional quality with comfort guaranteed.

The overall quality is outstanding as the chair is meant for heavy use, thanks to the solid wood and metal construction. You don’t have to mind the vigorous jumping and tossing as your kid plays. The wood-metal combination ensures stability while the lightweight allows for easy transportation.

The best recliner for kids features a microsuede cover that can last for ages despite heavy use. This cover can be wiped with a damp cloth in case the child spills or leaves disorders as they play. It is easy to maintain while offering you a plush area to rest, relax and play as they need.

The polyurethane foam, together with the polyester fiber, provides a soft but supportive surface for your little one. This combination brings your child the right back support, so they won’t feel like they are sitting on a hard-rock surface. Besides, the high back raises the comfort level and support the chair brings.

Crew Furniture Traditional Kid Microfiber Recliner Key Features

  • Reclining function
  • Easy to clean
  • Button-fitted backrest
  • Traditional design
  • Wood & metal frame
  • Polyester micro-suede finish

Crew Furniture Recliner for kids 

5. GentleShower Padded PU Leather Kids Recliner

Comfort is a major factor to consider when looking for a suitable recliner. The GentleShower Padded PU Leather Recliner is a surety for kid’s comfort, thanks to the fun design and material composition.

This is a compact recliner with a stylish gentle brown colour leather that can easily match with your existing décor. Designed with the active little child in mind, the chair has a wooden frame to give it stability. It is a lightweight recliner that features a robust wooden frame and soothing form for comfort. The wooden structure enhances the overall durability with regular use.

The soft foam is enveloped in heavy-duty leather upholstery for both comfort and durability. The foam brings the right cushioning to make sure the unit is as comfortable as possible while keeping it easy to clean. Aside from the perfect blend of design and performance, this reclining chair offers three adjustable positions.

It also has a nice cup holder for drinks and snacks and has a weight limit of 110 pounds, making it perfect for toddlers and older children. It features a high back and a heavily padded armrest that provides the maximum support for your kid no matter the position they take. This additional padding ensures the much-needed comfort all round the corners to keep your child in the right posture.

The reclining function allows the child to choose from different positions for the most appropriate relaxing posture. The chair is easy to recline and returns to normal when the child sits. The whole unit is practical for toddlers, with a perfect size that grants them a comfy spot to relax and play. It is among the best kids recliners in 2020 that can be placed in the bedroom, living room, and playrooms.

GentleShower Padded PU Leather Kids Recliner Key features

  • Reclining function
  • Extra padding
  • Different positions
  • Soft foam
  • Raised plastic feet
  • Wooden frame

Gentle shower Kids Recliner


6. LCH Contemporary PU Leather Kids Recliner

This chair is specially designed for toddlers and kids below eight years. It is packed with amazing features that make sure your child is safe and comfortable. The design for this chair makes it suitable for toddlers to watch and play comfortably. It’s made with quality material which can last for a long time.

The built structure is strong enough to withstand all the tossing and vigorous reclines it might be subjected to. It also comes with a deluxe padding that provides a soft and supportive surface for your child. The plush padding makes the child feel comfortable irrespective of the sitting position they choose. As such, they use it to watch TV, reading books and playing video games.

The best recliner for toddlers has an anti-sandwiched protector cover, which ensures the child’s safety by keeping the metal extension and solid frame from the kid. The chair is easy to clean. It features a PU leather which is extremely easy to clean in case of spills or dust.

The leather recliner means that you can wipe and spray the surface to keep it in the right condition. The flip-up storage arms help with storing handy toys for your little one.
LCH Contemporary PU Leather Kids ReclinerKey features

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Protective cover
  • Padded upholstery
  • Fold-up storage arms

LCH Leather Recliner for kids


7. Costzon Contemporary Kids Recliner

This recliner chair from Costzon is made for comfort, support, and test of time. The model durability makes it ideal for use not only in the living room but also in nursery and playrooms. It is built with high-quality materials so it can last for years without losing its right condition. It comes in a sturdy wooden frame along with a PU surface to provide stability while the child is reclining. It also contributes to comfort and, therefore, ideal for long hours of play.

In terms of weight capacity, the chair has a considerable weight limit to accommodate children of various ages. This can be attributed to the robust design featured by this chair. Therefore, the chair is ideal for kids to read, watch TV, eat snacks, or play with their toys while sitting in it.

Apart from being so durable, this unit has a lightweight construction as enhanced by the wooden frame. With just 20 pounds, you might be impressed seeing your kids carrying it around and moving it comfortably. As a result, the feature will enhance their manipulative capabilities without you having to help them move it. And you can always take it from one place to another within the house.

Similar to other best recliners for kids, this one is very easy to clean. Thanks to the use of PU leather surface. It’s soft and smooth to wipe off any spills or dirt. A damp cloth can help clean any mess that the child leaves behind as they play. As such, the chair will certainly retain its quality while providing a comfortable area for kids to play, watch, eat, and relax.

Costzon Contemporary Kids Recliner Key features

  •       PU surface
  •       Lightweight
  •       Wooden frame
  •       Modern design
  •       Easy to clean
  •       132 weight capacity

Costzon Kids Recliner



Choosing the best recliner for your kid can get a little tough. There are so many options out there, but on the other hand, you may not be quite sure if your kid knows exactly what’s best for them. Or you don’t know much of the durability of the chair. In the best scenario, you can find a good (and sometimes great) awareness about the model of your interest by reading through customer reviews. They are usually very insightful. With some prior knowledge, you don’t have to worry about kids recliners, particularly on our list. We have reviewed the best kids recliner in 2020. The list has been carefully selected to help you make the best choice possible.