7 Best Recliners for Elderly and Seniors in 2020

If you’re in the market searching for a reclining chair for elderly or senior citizens, it’s best to pay closer attention than you would when buying any regular chair. Since elders spend most of their time indoors, we can confidently argue that the comfort level of their sittings means a lot in their life.

So if you want to have a comfortable recliner for you or your dearly loved senior, then you’ll have to choose the best. Having the best recliner could be what you need, particularly if you have difficulties getting in/out of your chair.

The best recliners for the elderly and seniors in 2020 are designed with great features that serve in addressing the challenges and inequities faced by the elderly. This includes heat & massage function, smooth power lifts, footrests, backrests, luxurious cushioning, etc. That means the chair can be ideal for people with back problems, weak knees, and even those getting better from surgery.

Technically speaking, you shouldn’t expect many variations between a typical recliner and that which is designed for people well out of youth. They are all chairs, after all. However, certain elements could make a model more suitable for another demographic. On that note, the best recliner chair for the elderly should be hopefully portable, easy to access, and, most importantly, comfortable.


Recliners for Elderly and Seniors- Buying Guide

Choosing the best recliner for seniors can be a real hassle because of the wide variety available in the market. Still, it can be much easier to understand the key aspects to check when buying the best recliner for the elderly. Below are some of the major factors to consider when buying a recliner for the elderly.


The best reclining chair for the elderly should incorporate great features for best performance. These include efficient massage, heating function, and obviously functional recline that works smoothly.

Special needs

Some of the well-liked chairs for seniors are specially designed to aid people with special needs like spine and back problems. So when searching for the best recliner chair, it’s best to pick the product that has the necessary features to make seniors feel more comfortable.

Ease cleaning

Also, be sure to choose a model that is easy to clean. Most preferably, consider the one that won’t trap dirt or bacteria easily. Check the frame, fabric, and all other potential areas that can accumulate dirt to make sure the parts are easy to clean.


Another factor that influences your decision is comfort. Best recliners for the elderly should have fabric that provides much-needed comfort. The right lift chairs should have sufficient padding, lateral support as well as head support. Comfortable backrest and convenience of getting in/out are all essential aspects for seniors. The chair should be fully adjustable so the user can switch through suitable positions.

Great Design

Stylish recliners feature an existing décor and present a sharp sensation of fashion and exclusive layout. Therefore, when looking for the best recliner for senior citizens, make sure you get the one that provides an excellent design without affecting the comfort level or model’s functionality.

Electric Powered and Battery Operated

Some recliner chairs are battery-powered, while others are electric powered. You may find the best electric recliners more convenient as compared to battery-powered chairs since they don’t need recharging or replacement of batteries.


Advantages of Having a Recliner for Elderly

There are various advantages associated with getting the best recliner for the elderly and seniors. Initially, recliners were connected to lazing in lounging or resting in front of a TV. However, these products have evolved dramatically since now they come with advanced features that make them suitable for improving the lifestyle of seniors. Below are the major advantages of having a recliner for the elderly:

Effective Aids For Mobility

In most cases, the best recliners for seniors include a lift mechanism that helps with addressing mobility issues. This includes problems with getting in/out of the chair while relieving stress on the joint system.

Great comfort

The best recliner chairs for the elderly include a reclining mechanism, footrest, backrest, and some will even include swivel features, which makes them very comfortable. This enables seniors to sit and relax in a comfortable position. It’s one of the most convenient ways to boost blood circulation. Ideally, you can consider having pressure relief cushions to add more comfort.

Promote Good Posture

Aside from great comfort, the best reclining chairs for seniors helps to improve posture by maintaining correct body positioning. Therefore, it plays a vital role in making sure your anatomic spine remains in optimal shape. As you probably know, proper body positioning helps protect back and joints that usually affect senior citizens.

Alleviate back problems

More premium recliners for the elderly come with a heat massaging function that is purposely designed to help with back issues. This facilitates quicker healing by soothing back pain, especially for people with arthritis or those getting better from surgery.

Furthermore, orthopedic chairs for the elderly help in eradicating pain from back muscles while enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body. You’ll feel healthier and more comfortable at all times. You may want to check out a massage chair that has even more massage capabilities.

Reduce injury risks

Some of the best recliners for seniors available in 2020 are adjustable and therefore provides the perfect sitting positions for persons with mobility problems. This helps the elderly avoid stretching their back or muscles too hard when sitting or getting up from the chair. Also, the best recliner for the elderly minimizes the risk of falling while using the unit. You might also consider having a transfer pole for seniors to help get up easily.

Saves a lot of time

Reclining chairs helps seniors to feel independent as it enables them to sit down, get up, and move around easily. So if you’re a caregiver, you don’t have to worry about being there all the time.

And if you’re worried, you can always have a bed alarm in place with a footpad. Besides, you can have an overbed table where seniors can drink or drink at any time they wish. This saves the hassle of moving the seniors off the chair since they can be adjusted to a position that enables them to sleep comfortably.

7 Best Recliners for Elderly and Seniors in 2020


1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Massage Sofa Recliner Heated Chair

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner is another dependable recliner that you can count on to soothe back discomfort. It comes with a built-in heat that offers gentle massage and is available in four different colors so you can take your time in style.

It also features eight vibrating nodes crosswise and a heating function at the lower back. You can also choose from five intensity levels to have the best effect for you. Heat and vibration work separately, giving you more control. You can set the timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

For people suffering from back pain, the chair is perfect too. It offers a great combination of heat massage and functional design. This will help alleviate back pain and allows them to relax even better without having to change positions each time.

It has a padded headrest, two USB ports, cup holders and generous side pockets. The side pockets come in handy when you want to keep some essentials like a drink to settle down for the afternoon.

It also has a dual-button intuitive remote to help operate the lift. You can keep this remote conveniently in the side pockets where you can easily find it. The easy to clean faux leather upholstery is a low maintenance too. Unlike real leather, you don’t have to apply fancy waxes and oils; just wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Massage Sofa Recliner Heated ChairPros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in USB ports
  • Includes cup holders
  • Gentle and heat massage


  • 140-degree angle max recline may not suit some users.

The chair will not recline to a completely flat position, but it goes up to 140 degrees, which is rather comfortable but may not be the best recline for napping for some people. However, the chair is highly recommended if you want a built-in heat massage to offer some relief for back issues.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner


2. Giantex Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

This is one of the best remote control recliners for the elderly and seniors you should consider. It is soft and comes in a warm fabric and a convenient remote control, which makes it a gentle piece of furniture for any living room.

The Giantex Power Lift Recliner Chair is an ideal option for those comfort seekers who want to upgrade from regular chairs to seniors. It comes in a great design to make sure your body, an anatomic curvature, is put in the most optimal posture to minimize back pain issues and alleviate muscle pressure for ultimate comfort.

The Giantex Power Lift Recliner Chair is one of the easiest to control. It includes a remote control that allows you to customize the reclining mechanism effortlessly. You can recline the chair in a different position that suits you as a senior- an excellent feature for those seniors with back problems or those getting better from surgery. Besides, the remote control has a code that helps the elderly to trace the unit in case it gets lost.

Giantex Power Lift Recliner Chair for ElderlyPros

  • Extremely comfortable with dense padding
  • Durable
  • Features a breathable fabric
  • Smell-free even when new
  • Operate smoothly while the lifts allow the user to get from the chair effortlessly


  • May not be perfect for some taller users

This reclining chair for the elderly provides great comfort as enhanced by the padded arms, tufted back, footrests, and massage feature for ultimate luxury- not to mention that it brings excellent décor to your living room.

Giantex Power Recliner Chair


3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner

If you’re searching for a comfortable, good looking recliner for people well out of youth, the Ashley Yandel power lift Recliner could be a one-stop option for you. The whole thing is designed with seniors in mind to make you’re well relaxed.

The fabric is exceptionally comfortable and attractive too. It’s more like real leather, but it won’t slip like actual leather.

The model comes with a remote that allows you to operate the chair and footrest separately. Seniors with mobility issues will appreciate the fact that this chair can lift high enough, so getting in/out of the chair is a breeze.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift ReclinerPros

  • Ideal even for taller elders
  • Very comfortable fabric and design
  • Made with sturdy material
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • The footrest may not raise high enough for some users

You can take a nap on it by reclining as flat as you desire. The Giantex Power Lift Recliner works really smoothly and noiselessly. Furthermore, the unit comes in at 35W x 40D x 42.5H inches, which is large enough as compared to other models out there. Overall, it is among the best recliners for elderly and seniors worth checking out.

Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner


4. Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Chair

This is yet another great recliner with improved aesthetics that will blend comfortably into any room. Although this recliner was meant for new mothers, its performance level is practically enough for elderly women. So, let your granny sit, relax, and enjoy this exceptionally upholstered recliner chair.

This chair features a versatile design that makes it a great addition to any room. The sturdy construction consists of a seat and heavily padded back to provide that ultimate comfort for the ageing spine. It boasts a high-grade, smooth to touch upholstery and an easy to clean fabric, making it a hustle free to maintain.

The chair has a charming design and is offered in different colors, such as beige and intricate grey. This will bring more life into your existing décor. The square silhouette, combined with a track arm design ensures maximum support for arms. The footrest is out of site but comes out to add support to your granny’s tired feet with one pull of a lever.

The adjustable reclining position provides adequate control over the reclined configuration. This grants you the freedom to switch through various locations short of help. Besides, the reclining lever is closely placed for quick access and control. Featuring a compact and easy-to-assemble design, you can move your Baby Relax recliner chair from one room to another without issues.

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider ChairPros

  • Durable construction
  • Back cushions and padded seat
  • Little maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to move


  • Not overstaffed for napping
  • The base might get squeaky after some time

The Baby Relax Recliner Chair is an excellent option for the elderly. It is a thoroughly designed outfit with all physical limitations encountered by the seniors. The durable construction means that the unit will serve for years without a glitch.

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Recliner Chair


5. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner- Best Electric Recliner

The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is a comfortable unit that offers a tremendous boost to your relaxing moment. It is loaded with high-grade features that will promote your comfort and relaxation to the next level.

This best recliner measures 41” x 36” x 40”, which makes it suitable for most users. It features a classic design that bears a resemblance to a very plush armchair. The cushions, sewn-in seat, and extra padding provides extreme comfort and support for sore muscles.

The unit is entirely upholstered and employs silky-soft microfiber fabric, which is easy to clean. The chair also enables you to attain the most comfortable position while relaxing or taking a nap. It will let you get from the footrest without extending the back.

It incorporates massage zones that have been designed to help target specific parts of your body for a soothing massage. This massage function is located in the seat as well as back, and you can control these zones.

You’ll also get two intensity settings: “low” for a slow and soothing massage and “high” when you want it done faster and more intensely. The operation is straightforward, not to mention that it has a rocking feature.

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner- Best Electric ReclinerPros

  • Electric powered
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Back cushions sewn-in seat
  • Two massaging zones
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Too much massaging power for an old person

Similar to other best electric recliners, the Dorel Living Padded Recliner is an ideal choice for both young and elderly in the house. It’s an excellent recliner that offers basic rocking and massaging features, while the ease of use makes sure it does a remarkable job.

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner


6. AmeriGlide 325M 3 Position Lift Recliner for Elderly

This is a 3-position lift recliner purposely designed for comfort and endurance, and any retiree will be impressed to own and hold a recognized brand name as evident by the quality it offers. It’s a high-performance recliner and certainly one of the best electric recliners in 2020.

In terms of performance, the AmeriGlide Recliner comes with a steel frame mechanism that can support users of up to 350 pounds. The seat height measures 18.5 inches, which is perfect for accommodating even the large-bodied users. The hardwood frame adds stability and can render the durability you are searching for.

The chair also includes a full chaise pad and is offered in a range of great colors that can blend match seamlessly with the existing décor in your home. The model is electrically powered and comes with an integrated battery backup.

The material used is easy to clean, which also makes it easy to maintain. However, the material is not fire retardant, so it’s best to ask the man well-out of his youth not to smoke while relaxing on this piece of furniture.

You can select from several upholstery colors like fern, sky, sandal, and coca to find the perfect match for your available space. The whole thing is easy to assemble, and it’s easy to operate once set up.

AmeriGlide 325M 3 Position Lift Recliner for ElderlyPros

  • Three recline positions
  • The fabric is easy to lean
  • Operates quietly and seamlessly
  • Ideal for big and taller person
  • Soft to touch and comfortable to sit
  • Blends naturally with other fittings
  • Electric powered recliner with a backup battery


  • Fabric not fire retardant

Aside from premium price, this electric-powered lift recliner offers the best bang for the buck. It meets the Medicare requirements and still provides much-needed comfort and functionality, which is essential for aged people.

325M Infinite Position Lift Chair


7. U-Max Power Lift Chair Recliner for Elderly

This is another best recliner for the elderly and on purpose for those seniors with back pain. The U-Max Power Lift Chair Recliner is made of thick sponge.

It provides four areas of massage focus: lumbar, back, tight, and neck regions. This helps to keep our whole body well relaxed. The lumbar heat is located at the lumbar part to relieve back pain.

The lift mechanism is electrically powered, and the chair is very easy to assemble, making it a good option for the elderly who find it challenging to get in/out of a chair safely. You can flip up/down very smoothly without you having to move the body.

It comes with a cup holder and side pockets on both sides so that you can access your drink and read the newspaper conveniently.

U-Max Power Lift Chair Recliner for ElderlyPros

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Great massaging feature
  • Heat function
  • Packet and cup holder


  • Can only recline up to 130 degrees
  • The small scale makes it slightly uncomfortable for massive and tall users

Nonetheless, this is a small recliner and is not actually meant for tall elders. It can recline as flat as 130 degrees (which might be slightly less for some users) and is made with PU leather and a wood frame.

U-MAX Massage Recliner Power Lift Chair



Overall, the best recliner for the elderly and seniors offers some unique benefits. This includes much-needed comfort and health benefits such as spine and back pains. The best electric recliners come in a wide range of styles and designs and incorporate great features to cater to all requirements of the elderly citizens. However, selecting the best recliner for the elderly and seniors in 2020 can be quite a hassle. But, with the right information on what to look for, you can easily make a more informed decision and get a reliable product. You may want to pick one of the top-rated models, as reviewed above.