7 Best Big and Tall Recliner in 2020

It is not always easy to become a smart buyer with a multitude of different recliner models in the market. We understand that the process of choosing the right piece for you can be really overwhelming, especially if you’re a large-bodied comfort seeker looking for the best recliners for a heavy person.

In this current busy life, recliners are often used at home after a hectic working day. Could there be something else more luring than resting in the comforting armrest of a luxury chair after a hectic day of work? Almost certainly no. That’s why the majority of millennial households are looking to have these products for better health.

The best recliner for tall people should come with an extended footrest, reclining function, adjustable back, and a backward position. It should be ideal for improving your overall health and posture, as suggested by most users nowadays.

The best recliner should make you feel as if you’re resting on the beach, along with pleasant weather. Also, it should be very convenient while providing comfort so you won’t have to put any effort to end the day. In fact, a simple push of the functional dial should get you a throne.

While it might be extremely difficult for big and tall people to sit and stand from a standard-sized recliner, manufacturers have responded to their ardent call by introducing seat sets higher off the ground, longer length, and extra cushioning to provide maximum support. Below we have provided the seven best big and tall recliners in 2020, which can get around your weight and size necessity like an absolute pro.


Best Recliner for Heavy Person- Buying Guide (What to look for?)

Buying a piece of furniture can be quite exciting- or overwhelming. Recliners are usually positioned in the living room and are meant for regular use. As such, it is imperative to spot the right cord of harmony concerning artistic decorum and comfort requirements. There are various pre-requisites of buying a recliner that serve for the optimal role of ensuring health and relaxation in years to come.


Recliner chairs come in a variety of sizes and options where some resemble standard armchairs while others come with a feel of luxury. Some of them can serve as a loveseat for snuggling couples. For big and tall people, it is imperative to buy a recliner with a high back.

Nonetheless, it should be tall enough to rest your head. Configure the height of the seat in the most comfortable form to rest your feet on the floor. Whether or not the seater’s thighs can stick over the edge will be determined by the depth of the seat.

Therefore, a super-big chair can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if you wish to rest between armrests. You should also check whether you can stretch out comfortably and have support for your body while sitting in an upright posture.

As such, apart from just dragging the largest recliner from the market, the core goal should actually be bringing home a considerable recliner, the one that is compatible with your own body structure.

Comfort and durability

The build quality, reliability of the manufacturer, as well as material attribute, plays a significant role in examining the ultimate comfort and durability offered by the chair. Consider browsing through customers’ reviews before purchasing to avoid having to replace the recliner after a short period.

Hardwood is, in most cases, the best frame of choice, while the less expensive models will make use of plywood and particleboard. These might be somewhat strong at the start, but reveals more signs of drawbacks with time. You can check out the chair’s underside by lifting the footrest to get a more clear view.

Make sure the screws are well balanced for the best performance. Also, check if the wood is stapled correctly; they often have the tendency of splitting over time. The lever for the footrest should be firm and not shaky and should be extremely easy to operate. Certain levers need to be used at a precise angle if you’re to get the best results- which generally is not straightforward for a first-time seater to achieve.

Users are recommended to constantly operate the reclining mechanism together with the footrest to ascertain their functionality over the likelihoods of kinks or glitches. You can ideally give the chair side to side shake to find out if it can maintain its sturdiness.


Shopping with a price target can greatly help with aligning your taste and preferences towards the budget while proceeding with your buying decision accordingly. This is because recliner chairs vary significantly with price, subject to the comfort level and quality.


Whether you just want to be practical, or you want to supplement your living room with an aesthetically appealing touch, there’s a whole range of stylish options when it comes to buying a recliner. If you are looking for a classic design that can match seamlessly with other fittings in your home, then it’s recommended to go for a leather chaise or model with a neutral tone.


Recliner chairs might raise safety concerns from their moving parts. Thus, you should mainly focus on any gap or space between the seat and the extended footrest. Some models will not have much space since the area remains covered with fabric, and if there is any gap, it should not be more than five inches to prevent slippage of children and pets.

It’s also essential to find out whether the chair tweaks while pushing the footrest down. This is because it can be a highly undesirable scenario to have your clothes or skin caught in the footrest mechanism.


This aspect mainly goes to those recliner chairs with a massaging function. It is an incredible attribute that can bring around the much-needed pain relief from those sore muscles. The massaging function usually combines with function, although sometimes the heat can be applied without massaging.

You can control the amount of heat to make it more pleasurable, especially for those suffering from arthritis and muscle stiffness. Buyers should pay close attention to the heat function for at least five minutes to find out if it reaches full temperature within/after a considerable time span. Always remember to turn off the heating mechanism when leaving the chair. 

7 Best Big and Tall Recliner in 2020


1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Oversized Recliner

Big and tall persons can now experience the heavenly feel at the comfort of their homes by lying on this nil wall recliner directly from Ashley Furniture. This recliner chair provides comfort at its best, featuring an overstuffed backseat and arm cushions that bring you the pleasure to sit and rest for hours.

With its zero walls reclining mechanism, the chair offers perfect settings against the wall of the room, while the press back chair allows you to unwind in the ultimate piece. Made with soft microfiber, this chair would even promise the most pleasurable seating you’ve ever wanted, in a way that unless you might never feel its essence.

The whole thing is crafted to perfection employing the finest materials. The Ashley Furniture exemplifies comfort, endurance, and style in a way, never thought before. The best recliner for a big and tall person is skilfully constructed using 100% real leather matched with faux versions.

It offers a smooth cloud-like experience that will often linger around even after leaving the seat. The chair measures 59 inches wide and 44 inches deep, meaning it can comfortably accommodate two smaller people just in case they wish to count on it as a loveseat.

Ashley Recliner ChairPros

  •       Modern design
  •       Extremely wide reclining chair
  •       Enhanced lumbar support for giant men
  •       An excellent choice for those suffering from back pains
  •       The leather recliner will fit perfectly with the existing décor.


  •       Available in one color option
  •       Chair assembly can be a bit tricky
  •       Not suitable for small apartments

Being a zero wall recliner, you can have it against the wall since sturdiness is pretty much guaranteed with the reinforced metal seat that’s cushioned with foam. The model is designed to suffice an entire functional bed for persons who find it rather difficult sleeping in a completely prone posture.

Ashley Recliner

2. Esright Power Lift Chair Faux Leather Electric Recliner

Another unique faux leather recliner available for purchase is the Esright Power Lift Chair Faux Leather Electric Recliner. It is a user-friendly product designed not only for you but also for the environment as well.

It is a bit expensive compared to other models. It is composed of all high-quality hardwood boards, well-appointed leather, and a powerful lift motor. All features and materials are non-toxic and safe for people well out of their youth.

You can slightly push the chair or recline it in different set-ups. Thanks to the powerful, noiseless lift motor. It allows for up to 140 degrees recline, which is a high angle to take a rest or watch TV. The maximum user weight for this recliner chair is approx. 300 lbs.

The massage system consists of five modes; wave, normal, press, auto, and pulse. These functions help to reduce pain and tensions from the head to the lumbar area. In other words, this unit can offer a full body massage, and your gadgets will not stop working as it comes with charging ports. The installation process takes around 15 minutes to complete, and it’s not hard to operate by using the provided simple and clear instructions.

Esright power lift reclinerPros

  •       Easy to use
  •       Features one of the most modern lift
  •       Give a good appearance to the user
  •       Trusted assured warranty
  •       Friendly for both people and the environment


  •       More expensive

Esright electric recliner


3. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

The CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair is one of the most popular recliner chairs for big and tall men. Most buyers may have a close concern about this model since it’s a complex and innovative chair with great functionality. It comes with great features that will make you develop a great connection with it.

The recliner utilizes a single motor and strong mechanism to move the chair better. So if you want to layback, tilt or lift to stand, you’ll just press two remote buttons for quick control.

It has customizable positions that provide you with a resting lounging experience. The chair is oversized coming in at 39 inches width, 37 inches depth, and 40 inches height. The seat height is 20.5 inches, and the entire unit can accommodate users up to 300 pounds.

Canmov power lift recliner chairPros

  •       Modern and unique recliner
  •       Comfortable and relaxing
  •       Made with top quality material
  •       Soft cushions on the seat, back, and armrests
  •       Include health treatment for muscle pain
  •       Long-time assurance from a trusted brand


  •       Heavy and complicated


As a power lift chair, the recliner is accompanied by a soft pillow located on the back, armrest, and a seat. You can count on its reputation, typical functionality as well as durability. It is designed to offer a more enhanced sitting moment, thanks to the use of healthcare function.

Canmov Recliner

4. Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker Recliner

As you probably know, leather recliners will always dominate the show, irrespective of where you decide to place it in your home. Consider this genuine leather rocker reclining chair from Flash Furniture; it comes with an impressive range of features to offer.

Starting from the modish aspect, contemporary design, to plush arms and bustle back cushions, the Flash Furniture Recliner Chair incorporates everything you need to have a great moment after an exhausting day.

Coming down to soft leather upholstery or lever recliner, this chair exceeds in all aspects, which makes it fit in the list of the best recliners for big and tall people in 2020.  It has a gentle back with a forth rocking motion that presents a soothing experience to users across all ages. The soft texture is guaranteed by the presence of polyurethane, which also helps to combat wear and tear effects.

Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker ReclinerPros

  •       Extremely durable and reliable
  •       Leather rocker recliner
  •       Modish look
  •       Natural brown finish that matches with all forms of décor


  •       Slightly difficult to return to the upright position
  •       Reclining mechanism lacks enough smoothness


The whole thing is easy to clean. A damp cloth will help clean this high-end recliner, although regular usage of a leather conditioner is similarly recommended when cleaning up cushioning made with fire retardant foam.

Flash Furniture Recliner Chair


5. Roundhill Furniture Dual Rocker Recliner Chair

The Roundhill Furniture Dual Rocker Recliner Chair is another best performing leather chair for big and tall people. It boasts engineered supple springs for exceptional comfort and strength.

When it comes to strength and durability, all joints are carefully pinned and glued. It features an astounding contemporary style that blends really well with your existing décor, while the rocking function makes it an excellent piece for relaxing.

The appealing brown color featured by this chair is not just easy to clean, but it’s also authentically beautiful. Its steel rocker and hardwood frame make it a heavy-duty recliner for all large-bodied users while at the same time remaining as comfort a high-end recliner.

Roundhill Furniture Dual Rocker Recliner ChairPros

  •       Powerful recliner
  •       Rocker feature
  •       The seat material is easy to clean
  •       Extremely comfortable for tall users


  •       This is a heavy unit hence quite difficult to move around

Roundhill Furniture Dual Rocker Recliner Chair is a reliable unit with a hardwood frame and robust rocker base. It comes with back cushions, pillow-top arms, and footrests, which make it a great recliner for comfort seekers. If you are looking for a great recliner where you can sit, relax and even take a nap, then the Roundhill Furniture Dual Rocker Recliner Chair could be the strongest option at present.

Roundhill Recliners


6. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner is one of the most reliable chairs available today. The chair is typically designed but slightly different from others, mainly because of the robustness of the built structure. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner is an ultimate model that presents masculinity along with other special features that can serve comfortably for a big and tall man.

The chair is made of premium fabric, top quality material, making it one of the best recliners for heavy persons. The armrest is also made with 90% fabric to make it more flexible and soothing. As such, big and tall men can stretch on it comfortably after long hours of handwork.

While most recliners are considered as the best normally because of a specified user weight capacity of between 350 to 400 pounds, for the Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner chair, it can give a stronghold of users up to 500 pounds. The unit is incredibly strong, thanks to the welded steel coil platform spring system. It features hardwood frames as well as a steel recliner mechanism for maximum durability.

The perfect measurement for this recliner seat is 25” width, and 21” depth. The size can fit the majority of users easily. So, if you’re a big and tall man, be sure to lie down and relax in these king-size cushions.

Rest your back and head comfortably on its 26-inch high back support, plus 79-inch full-length, including seven gauges reclining system. Users of reclining chairs suggested considering a reclining system as it provides more space compared to manual one.

Besides, the reclining lever is located near the side, so it adjusts the seat into different positions.

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner Pros

  •       Perfect pitch adjustments
  •       Sturdy steel construction
  •       Durable hardwood frames
  •       Stain-resistant cover that’s easy to clean
  •       Heavily-padded seat with soft foam cushions


  •       The lever is not the easiest to use

Like other best recliners for tall people, the Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner is not only stain/scratch-resistant, but it also matches with almost any home décor. The causa and modern look presented by this model can serve as the best addition to your living room and even heighten its aesthetic appeal.

Lane Home Recliners


7. Mega Motion 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair

If you find it difficult to sit down or stand from a chair, then the Mega Motion 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair is the best recliner for you. It has an electronic motor that helps the unit to move smoothly from standing to reclining positions.

The Mega Motion Heavy Duty recliner can support up to 500 user weight, and it comes with a chaise seat for head and toe comfort, all in addition to its split-back design. These features bring relaxation, particularly if you’ve been walking extensively, and your feet tend to feel strained.

The chair also includes side pockets on each side where you can set anything you want within your reach, including newspapers, remote control, magazines, and much more. The lift mechanism is enhanced by heavy-duty steel, which is strong enough to withstand any weight.

With this recliner, you can sleep, read and watch TV whenever you want without any worry- thanks to its three featured reclining position. It also includes a chaise pad that provides comfort all day. Other unique features offered by this best big and tall recliner include the emergency battery for backup in case there’s no power.

Mega Motion 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair


  •       High weight capacity
  •       Extremely durable
  •       Furniture grade construction
  •       Integrated battery for backup
  •       Three electric recline positions and lift


  •       The seat only support three recline positions

The Mega Motion 3 Position, Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair, is a dependable choice for big persons, and it can support users up to 50 pounds without any worry. It features three reclining positions to choose from based on what you want; to relax, read, or sleep.

Mega Motion Recliners



Ranging from benefits, different models, and much more about the best recliners for a tall person, we have provided you with a whole lot of necessary information, which can greatly help with the purchase process. Equipped with outright subject knowledge, you can now land on an advantageous choosing position over a hasty salesperson who often pushes you towards certain choices that will, in turn, help to hit their sales target. Probably, you’ll be spending a significant amount of your time in the recliner. So it’s important to have some prior knowledge about their features.

Any pick from our list of the best big and tall recliners in 2020 will grant you a remarkable resting moment. As you already know, no chair is absolutely perfect, but the chair should present an ideal trade-off to make the best use of it.