9 Best Office Chair under $500 in 2020


People in office who spend most of their time on a chair:

They complain about body aches after returning home.

Top 10 Best Office Chair under $500 (dollars)

Most of them think stress in their routine is the reason; whereas the real reason is in front of them: Chairs.

Chairs have always been an important factor in your routine but, sadly underrated in the office.

It’s one of the most important things as you spend all your working hours sitting on your chair struggling to make yourself comfortable.

The question that strikes me is, how can anyone be so ignorant about the chair they use?

An office chair should be comfortable; as it lags the performance of the user gifting him with a backache, neck pain and eye strains.

Hence I bring my article stating top 9 best chairs under $500 that will help you select from a large pool of chairs.

Let’s start with the countdown.

Top 9 Office Chair under $500 in 2020

#1. Herman Miller SAYL

The top spot is grabbed by none other than Herman Miller the brand known for its durability, comfort, and promise.

Herman Miller introduces a different looking Sayl in this list. Taking three years of detailed research and development, the designers have covered all the aspects that make it stand at the pole position in the list.

Herman Miller SAYL - best office chair for bad back

The two factors that make it stand out of the slot are the Arc span and the Y-Tower. The Arc Span made of suspension fabric, anchors the back maintaining its shape and keeping your back cool.

The Y-tower is the plastic support at the back wide enough to hold people of various sizes weighing up to 300 pounds. The design is inspired by the Golden Gate Suspension Bridge for the way it carries and distributes the load.

With this unique looking backrest, there should be no trouble picking a color palette to match it with your work area available in different colors. The seat pan is soft enough giving comfort for longer periods.

The chair is surprisingly adjustable with several pneumatic adjustments. The backrest can be locked in place or moved freely which gives extra support to the lower back region.

To adjust the height, you just have to use the paddle at the lower right portion of the chair. Turn the knob clockwise to increase tilt tension while anti-clockwise to release it.

Herman Miller SAYL - best office chair for tall person

The armrest can be adjusted by turning inwards and outwards, up and down and back and forth as per user’s choice.

The overall weight of the chair is 44 pounds while getting delivered. One more interesting fact includes the fewer materials used in the making, allowing it to be packaged in small cartons during delivery.

The chair stands on the five hooded plastic Stokes and presence of dual caster wheels, and swiveling feature adds some fun in your work.

The chair is the perfect mix of ergonomics and style giving complete justice to its price tag.

Best Gaming Chair Under $500

#2. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/REO

DX Racer has made an impact bringing outstanding quality chairs. Although, DX aims at introducing gaming chairs, they have succeeded in bringing a revolution in the category of office chairs as well.

The chair at the position is the DX Racer Series DOH/R​​EO coming under the price tag of $500. This model is the larger version of best-selling Formula Series Chair.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH-REO - best inexpensive office chair

The chair is not just for gamers but earns its place as an office chair as well.

Being one of the most reviewed chairs in this price category, the chair features a high-density cold cure foam filling extending its use for durations more than 8 hours.

With a taller backrest and a wider seat pan, the chair approves a bigger-built user. The racing series occupies bigger people while featuring swiveling motion.

It houses 3-D armrests, headrest and a lumbar support cushion available in various colors suitable for your office. The chair weighs 91 pounds efficient of lifting people more than 200 pounds.

The Ergonomic design flaunts its style and uniqueness with pneumatic adjustments uplifting its worth. DXRacer can be lowered to various angles with the help of lever at the bottom giving you the right comfort for a power nap.

The 3D straight armrests relieve your arm muscles and can be height adjusted using the buttons underneath. The conventional tilt mechanism favors back tilting done by the handy lever at the right.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH-REO - best desk chair for posture

The comfort is expanded with the provision of headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. Lower Back pains will become a myth once you used the chair along with the lumbar cushion.

The neck pillow teams with the outstanding back height that runs up from your pelvic to the neck area keeping your spine in good shape.

The Black Aluminium star base with dual caster wheels acts as a mode of transportation over shorter distances.

Overall, the chair gives a positive vibe of a tough structure with some bold look and never ending comfort, making it a top ranked chair in this list.

#3. VIVA Offic​​e

Moving on, the list becomes further interesting with every brand trying hard to enter into it.

Viva office comes with nice, curvy armrest covered with foam giving outlasting hand comfort.

The high back is stuffed with a particular amount of foam suitable for specific parts of your back. The tall back has neck support that keeps your neck straight canceling eye strains.

VIVA Office - best office chair cushion

The swiveling motion is supported by a strong five hooded star shaped chrome base, strong enough of lifting the weight up to 250 pounds with chrome coating adding some style.

The chair weighs 54 pounds available in lavish black color, suitable for a conference room. The lack of adjustments in the chair leads to the deformation of the spine.

The chair comes with inbuilt lumbar support that holds your lower back. The chair assembly doesn’t consume much of your time where every piece is wrapped separately coming with hand tightening Screws and Velcro.

The pneumatic gas lift helps you to raise you or lower your seat by around 3 inches giving you an opportunity to adjust according to the desk height.

VIVA Office - best inexpensive office chair

The best addition to the chair is the footrest which comes in use for power naps. As the chair is multipurpose, it can be used at home for resting after a heavy routine.

The footrest has a cushioned base with rods that move forward and backward. The nap position can be achieved by reclining the back using the lever at the right.

This enables you to stretch your body completely enabling proper blood circulation. Complete your sleep using this neck pillow at homes for extra comfort.

The dual-caster wheels at the base enable you to move around on every surface, right from tiles to wooden flooring to the thick carpets.

Viva Office introduces a high back recliner chair bonded with high-quality leather that gives utmost relief to your back as soon as you relax on it.

#4. DXRacer Formula Series

DX Racer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards providing luxury at the same time.

Featured at big gaming events like WCG, the chair has lots of fans especially the e-gamers.

When you sit on the chair, it fits your back completely with the side fitting giving plenty of support. The chair comes in color options like Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue and eight other colors.

DXRacer Formula Series - best office chair for lower back

DX features the latest design with a higher neck rest at the back. The armrests at the sides extend your work time longer than 8 hours. Most chairs have a low back making it impossible to use neck rest.

DX Racer has tackled this problem by introducing a range of office chairs with high back and neck rest as a single piece.

The strong chair weighs 91 pounds and the swiveling ads up to its features giving easy movements.

Heighten your sitting experience from 49 to 52 inches by pulling the hydraulic lever as per the desktop dimensions. The chair comes with a headrest and lumbar support pillow adding extra comfort to its name.

The back can be tilted to take the power naps during extra working hours with a pillow under your head. The button at both sides of armrest changes its height accordingly.

DXRacer Formula Series - best desk chair for lower back pain

The lumbar support pad uses straps to fit with the chair which reduces the comfort while sitting for a longer duration.

I suggest replacing straps with the Velcro strips which solve the problem keeping it stationary and won’t be visible. The five hooded base with dual caster wheels made of hard plastic makes your tasks easier.

Summarizing all the features offered, the chair stands out of the pool serving people of all age groups, height, and size.

#5. Work Pro Commercial

WorkPro brings a unique chair in the list with a completely different design. The high back is contoured in mesh giving your back air circulation throughout your working hours.

The waterfall edged mesh seat ensure continuous blood circulation with a seating span longer than 8 hours.

The sturdy armrests at the sides made of strong plastic add a key feature to the chair. The ergonomic science used behind the design explains you the importance of the lumbar support at the lower end.

Work Pro Commercial - best office chair for short person

The lower back which is always avoided in most of the chairs leads to consistent pain; heading up to the coccyx area.

To enhance your lumbar support, use a lumbar cushion that will help you out eliminate lower back pain.

Available in gray color, the chair suits every home and office set up enhancing the look with its solitary design. The swiveling option gives a complete 360-degree friction-less rotation helping you in multitasking.

Coming to the pneumatic adjustments, the chair has height adjustment lever raising you from 24 inches to 25 inches.

No, you can adjust according to different desk heights.

The chair is efficient for tall people more than 6 feet and those weighing more than 200 pounds. The back can be increased accordingly by pull-push motion supported by the metal frame at the back.

The armrests have buttons at the sides to raise their height whereas they move in and out changing the angles according to the width of the person.

Work Pro Commercial - best office chair for lower back

The seat pan lever is on the right-hand side that enables you to position the pan under your butt while tilting. A power nap has become a necessity during overtime schedule, and this chair facilitates it via tilt back lever to the right.

Adjust the seat pan; tilt back and armrests together to get an awesome power nap that drags you away from the workload.

The 5 hooded spokes made of metal are coated beautifully with chrome completing the overall look of the chair.

You need to spend a decent amount of money to get something which lets you sit all day long along with consistent comfort.

#6. Crossford Furniture

Moving further in the list, the next spot is occupied by Crossford Furniture. The executive office chairs ergonomically designed to provide comfort for long days at the office.

The designers offer you support without sacrificing your comfort. The leather back is stuffed with extra foam giving necessary posture to your back and the butterfly mechanism allows you to stay in the upright position.

Crossford Furniture - best office chair for short person

The curved armrests padded with cushions give an executive look to the chair. The seat pan is designed in such a way that it doesn’t saddle down even after sitting period longer than 8 hours.

The swiveling motion adds to your swift journeying of the user capable of carrying up to 250 pounds comfortably.

The curvy ergonomic back helps you cope up with the lower back pains with the extra foamed back eliminating the need for a lumbar support pillow.

Available in black color, the height can be manipulated using the lever at the right, and the circular knob at the bottom is used for controlling the swiveling tension of the chair as per the requirement.

It is recommended to keep the chair at its smoothest swiveling motion and not to adjust the knob. The chair back tilts to a small angle which allows you to relax your spinal cord while being seated on the chair.

Crossford Furniture - best office chair cushion

The wide seat pan area helps you to mobilize your legs deleting numbness issues in the thighs. You can have a little break from your work while resting your hands on those sturdy armrests.

The base consists of metal five hooded spokes with chrome finishing which has dual caster wheels at the base.

These nylon wheels move on every other surface used in homes and offices giving you an easy option to travel over short distances.

Overall, the chair is a preferable as the comfort level is more than the price it demands.

#7. Serta 45637

Moving forward with the countdown, the seventh spot is acquired by Serta 45637.

Serta has easy controls to make it simpler for ergonomic height adjustments.

Looking at the upholstery, the Faux Leather is durable giving the comfort as soon as you sit over the chair.

Serta 45637 - best office chair cushion

Every part of your back is focussed with different layered body pillows on the back along with the multi-layered seat pan. The big and tall design offers a generous seating area capable of handling up to 400 lbs.

The addition of steel armrests takes care of your hands as well after a tiring typing session. This heavy duty workforce weighs 67 pounds with swiveling motion at your service helping you with 360-degree rotation to pass your files.

The chair complements your office decor as it is available in gray and brown color. The lumbar support is provided by dual layered padding that keeps your lower back in position.

Serta 45637 - best desk chair for posture

The height adjustment lever ensures that your feet touch the ground even if you are at the top; enabling proper blood circulation.

The tilt back ensures you stretch your body in your free time eliminating those stiff muscles. Your power nap is added with comfy armrests that hold your arms in position giving a relaxed napping posture.

Serta had made it stylish by coating the five hooded base with chromium adding the shimmer to the chair.

Serta 45637 - best office chair for bad back

The dual-caster wheels at the base ensure that there is swift movement in the office over shorter distances. Its dependable performance ensures long-lasting value and a great return on investment.

Serta introduces a large massive, tall executive chair made of commercial grade components providing unending comfort suitable for your office life.

#8. La-Z-Boy Executive Leather Office Chair

La-Z-Boy brings an Executive Chair made especially for employees. The bonded leather upholstery looks immensely dense making it a huge chair.

The high back backed by dense foam filling and ergonomic curve ensures a comfortable long hour sitting session.

At the top, you have an extra layer that works as a headrest. Equipped with Flexible Air Lumbar Technology, you get an improved lumbar support as it adjusts the lumbar zone.

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair - best office chair for short person

The advanced multilayered memory foam on seat pan and back supports the areas it is supposed to. The balance padding doesn’t fail to aid your neck region supporting your head thoroughly.

The heavy dual caster wheels help you to complete your long distance work before time so that you can recline and have a power nap keeping those hands on the armrests.

The waterfall armrests are fixed and delete the possibility of numb arms. Swivel around by 360 degrees and be more work efficient as the chair gets its strength from the five hooded base that supports weight up to 250 pounds.

The premium wooden finish can be seen on the armrests and 5 hooded base making it look rich and stylish.

The chair is backed with 10 year warranty giving you piece of art in the form of 5 layer padding inside the seat pan.

Body Alignment will be improved as the chair features height adjustment and tilt lock function. There is a lever on the right-hand side that helps you to customize the settings.

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair - best desk chair for lower back pain

You get a padded support head as the headrest that minimizes your discomfort by relaxing the pressure points.

Available in coffee brown color, the chair looks superior to other chairs boasting its strength along with a hint of elegance.

With trusted craftsmanship and quality, you get a brand that delivers advanced support while working.

Create a traditional style in your office and homes by buying this awesome La-z-Boy Executive chair that weighs 57 pounds claiming itself as one of the best office chairs under $500.

#9. VIVA Office PU Leather Office Chair

Viva being one of the famous office furniture suppliers brings you a PU leather office chair falling under the price tag of $500.

Starting with our countdown, you can see a huge chair with black leather upholstery.

The chair back measures 31.5 inches making it appropriate for users more than 6 feet as well. The high back is thickly padded and features a headrest for head support.

VIVA OFFICE 350lbs Capacity PU Leather Office Chair - best office chair for bad back

The curve of the back offers a lumbar support whereas the double layered seat pan assures the original shape of the seat even after long term use.

The curvy armrest features a thick padding of foam keeping you away from elbow injuries while typing. Reclining and swiveling become easier as the arm rest supports you all the time.

Weighing 3.5 pounds, the weight capacity of this chair 350 pounds.The 5 hooded bases display a metallic shimmery base that adds up to its looks.

The chair rises from 19 inches to 22 inches using the height adjustment lever at the right side.

VIVA OFFICE 350lbs Capacity PU Leather Office Chair - best office chair for tall person

The tilt lever helps you to recline at a certain angle and lean forward to achieve the original 90-degree position.

Take the support of the armrests while reclining which are fixed and placed at a certain height such that different users could be comfortable.

Tested by professionals, Viva earns BIFMA standards for its chair that enters as an addition to comfort furniture industry producing more value than its price tag.

You get a warranty of 2 years free component exchange for the defected part. Combining high-quality material, trustworthy performance, and world class ergonomic design, you get one of the memorable seating experiences.

Conclusion for Best Office chair under $500

Since you have seen the top 10 chairs in the list, you must have got a brief idea about which chair to elect among the slot.

Every chair has its own price tag giving the user an option to spend money after reading the review.

Every chair in the list provides you with the total comfort you require while working effortlessly at the workplace.

I hope my article was convincing enough to show you the top 9 chairs under $500.

Have a Great Day! Thank You.

FAQs : Best Office Chairs under $500

Frequently Asked Questions for Top 10 Best Office Chair under $500 (dollars) FAQs
  • I'm confused which chair shall I buy for some of my employees in my office?

If you’re worried about whether the chair which you’re buying is enough in terms of height or weight of an employee then there’s no need to worry because every chair has a lever control which can adjust the height according to a person’s requirement and a person who weighs between 225-260 pounds can easily do their work by sitting comfortably on any of these chairs.

  • Buying a comfortable office chair makes us lazier? What’s your Say?

We all work to succeed in our life, and while working if you’re not letting your body relax then you might be spending more money on hospital bills because if your work requires sitting on a chair for more than 8 hours later, believe me, you’ll get one of the best comfortable office chairs. If you’re thinking of buying a perfect chair would make you feel lazy then you're wrong because most of the times it increases your productivity and you’d be able to focus on your work more efficiently.

  • I'm a freelancer who works from home and for working which office chair shall I buy?

For a freelancer who works from home or office needs a perfect chair for their type of work and all of the chairs mentioned above are best, but in my opinion, SERTA 45637 would fit in any freelancer's workplace. Most of the freelancers like to be minimalist so that they can focus on their work and this chair is perfect for those kinds of freelancers who seek perfection in their work.

  • How many hours can we work comfortably if we buy the best office chair?

For 1-24 hours. Many people work more efficiently if they have a great working environment around them and having a good office chair is part of that great environment. So if you’re thinking you would work more efficiently after buying a top-notching office chair then you’re right but

  • Can you suggest me a perfect office chair which can be for multipurpose use?

Great question. Sometimes a person wants a chair which can be used for work and for other things like relaxing too. There are tons of those kinds of chairs, but since your budget is limited to $500, we would recommend you to go for- VIVA office which can be used for working comfortably and you can even shift it to your main room and use it as ordinary chair.

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