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Here I am to guide you with my list of top 10 Best Office chairs under $200.

 With this list, I welcome you to the new era of comfort where each chair has an ergonomic structure offering comfort at the highest level.

Every chair is different in its way, and a different price tag makes it desirable for every user to choose amongst the slot.

Here are some middle price chairs housing all the required features that a bigger brand chair possesses. Let’s quickly start with our countdown.

#1: Amazon Basics: Our Top Pick

Back pain has become the unnecessary part of your daily; the Amazon Basics High Executive chair designed to make sure you focus on your work and forget to complain about the spinal aches, neck strain, and numb shoulders.

The high padded back is made up of leather keeping you vertical all day long. Care is taken regarding the wrist pains with the addition of foam covered thick arm rests.

The creators have studied every minute detail such that, the chair takes the shape of our back and fits like a shoe, offering a consistent comfort level every time you sit on it.


It features smooth swiveling motion at the base. A long steel pipe stands as the base for the seat pan capable of holding weight up to 250 pounds.

The chair, when assembled, weighs 35 pounds using 15 minutes of your much worthy time. The assembly is made simpler with a user guide given at the time of delivery.

The curvy seat pan is the main catalyst for your efficient work rate giving the utmost relief required for a human to work for longer hours.

Available in lavish black and brown color, every chair is unique in itself boasting its worth at whichever place you assign to it.

The ergonomic design with foam padding at right places makes it worth. The lumbar support is not just the support but a pain reliever for every individual fed up of lower back pains.

The hydraulic height adjustment rises from 41 inches to 45 inches giving extra height to the short ones.


Tilt back has revolutionized the concept of power nap offering rest time freedom to the hard workers. You need to pull the lever and tilt back to the required angle. Resume the original position by leaning forward while simultaneously pulling the tilt back.

A tilt tension knob beneath the seat makes it easier or harder to rock back in your chair, depending on which way you turn the knob.

Supported by the strong five hooded base molded from high-quality plastic, the chair ensures smooth travel. Blessed with dual caster nylon wheels, moving over thick carpets and wooden floors is not a big deal.

Funneling down all the features, the chair deserves the top spot in the list falling under a measly price tag of $200.

If you need a sturdy, strong and a chair that looks pricier than its price, then going for the Amazon Basics leather chair is a no-brainer.


#2: Space Seating Airgrid

Space Seating is doing a couple of rounds among the list of chairs in $100 and now, in $200 category.

Available in variants like dark, latte, shadow and vinyl models, every chair has a mesh back except the vinyl air grid model. The mesh back serves as air circulator between your formal wear and the mesh.


The seat pan made up of vinyl. The arm rests at the sides are sturdy made up of durable hard plastic assisting your arms to rest.

The total weight of the chair is 35 pounds; you get the extra 5 pounds when delivered. Air grid takes 15 minutes for complete assembly, and the result is a basic simple looking office chair.

The chair has one touch pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment with a lever at the lower right side to change the height.


A thin layer of soft PU pad on the arm rest looks better than a simple looking arm rest. The button at the outer side of the arm rest initiates the change in the height of armrests.

The dual-caster wheels are over sized enough to roll over carpets and wooden floors. Space Seating offers smooth swiveling along with relief from back and eye strains.

The ergonomic design is strong enough to hold big butts for longer periods. This is possible because of the angled nylon base with 5 hooded stoke and a stiff back support.


#3: Alera Neratoli

Coming closer to the list, Alera has grabbed a lot of attention in the list featuring all of its models.

Its slim design is impressive enough, receiving more than 500 reviews on the site.

Let the multi-layered back and plush fabric cushion seat serve as a simple extension to your everyday home and business ventures.

alera neratoli - best chair for back pain under 200

The ergonomic back is suitable for all the employees working for a longer duration. It features waterfall seat that reduces pressure on the back of the knees improving circulation.

The lumbar back is efficient enough to eradicate the lower back pains as the single layer at the lower back gives appropriate support. While two sturdy armrests assist your vertical seat posturing.

Neratoli includes tilt tension and lock functions to recline and incline comfortably as needed.

Fitted with chrome plated five hooded dual-caster wheels, give yourself the ability to easily glide over carpeted floors while naturally performing tasks without exertion.

alera neratoli - best chair for neck pain under 200

The back height and seat depth are both easily adjustable to fit your height and size. The chair houses an adjustable lever at the right side which provided reclining feature as well as height adjustment feature.

The extravagant five hooded angular spokes give the ultimate strength to the chair with dual caster wheels coming into play making your day to day motion simpler.

The total weight of the chair is 47 pounds displaying its slim profile, available in black, white and red color. The 4-inch thick seat pan gives a long lasting relief to your buttock.

With a great build and sleek design, this expensive looking chair deserves the third spot in the list.


#4: Alera Elusion Series

Alera is one of the emerging office chair brand rooting its steps in the office chair industry. Our next entrant in the list is Alera Elusion Series Mesh back chair.

The mesh back offers a continuous air flow keeping you cool during working hours. The curvy back design covers your entire back keeping it vertical and constantly supports your spine.


The contoured seat cushion has a premium quality fabric giving a thick layer to the seat pan. The waterfall edge relieves the pressure on your leg and giving enough thigh space.

The arm rest are placed at a proper position. Even the armrests have a thick layer of foam claiming its extra comfort over the simple, sturdy ones.

The black color design weighing 50 pounds earns an opportunity to be placed in the office. The total weight capacity is 220 pounds making it reliable for big guys as well.

The chair swivels smoothly to giving a complete 360-degree rotation.

Focus is kept on the pneumatic adjustments where every function is granted a separate lever. This makes it easier to customize the chair as per user’s need.

The height adjustments lever rise up to 5 inches whenever you pull the lever. The button below the armrests helps you raise it accordingly.


It has back lever to recline to a certain angle, and you can lock that angle by pulling up the lever.

The lumber support abolishes the long term lower back pain and offers a forward tilt minimizing the distance between the user and desk.

The last mechanism is the seat pan slider where you have a knob which is spring loaded so that you don’t have to inch your way out to reach the desk.

The five hooded base hold dual caster wheels are initiating smooth movement over short distances. The chair is Green Guard certified and comes with a five-year warranty.

Though not a looker, however the Alera Elusion is an excellent buy if you need a office chair for your employees or secondary staff.


#5: Alera Etros Series Petite

With the launch of Etros series, there have been arising in the Aleras’s popularity with reviews rising to 100.

The breathable air grid at the back offers ventilation while sticking your back. Specially designed for petite, the chair accepts big fit also.

The seat pan design fits everyone over it giving the needed comfort. The seat pan is foamy and curvy enough to let you sit for longer duration reducing the fear of coccyx pain.


The back is stiff and keeps your posture vertical. The wide backrest holds your shoulders in appropriate position eradicating shoulder pains.

Alera redefines its brand name by offering stiff lower back lumbar support and arm rests at the sides. The lumber keeps the alignment of your lower spine, in position and the armrest come in handy when taking a break from typing.

Available in black color, the chair stands out when placed in the office and homes. Looking at the adjustments, the chair has three lever adjustments: one for increasing height, one for tilt back option and the last one for the movement of the seat pan.

The height adjustment lever which works on hydraulic pressure raising you when needed. Power naps have become easy with the tilt back option use to recline up to a certain angle and rest.


The seat pan is adjustable according to your pelvic size increasing your comfort to the highest level.

It weighs 53 pounds, and you are provided with an assembly manual where screws don’t come into play, and the further guidance is provided by the manual delivered with the chair.

The black five-star hoods are made of strong plastic and the dual caster wheels rolling on different surfaces increases its worth.

The chair provides swiveling motion, and the armrests can be adjusted to the required height with a push/pull button at the sides.

The lumbar support comes into the play where every individual can adjust according to the lower back orientation.


#6: LexMod Articulate

LexMod has proved its worth over few years frequently appearing in my lists. Available in 9 different colors, it offers various options to match your wardrobe in office and homes as well.

Nylon mesh back, made of the quality of fabric makes your working hours spent on the chair cooler. The nicely contoured 4-inch thick seat makes you feel comfortable every time you sit on it.


The 22 inch high back keeps you straight while working and the lumber support doesn’t make you feel the lower back pain.

The arm rest are thickly padded and assist your vertical posture while seating. This 33-pound workforce can hold weight up to 200 pounds with 5 hooded spokes forming the solid base.

The chair is assigned a separate adjustment lever for every single adjustment making it task specific.

The back height is adjustable; with the help of height adjustment lever beneath the seat pan helping you rise from 37 inches to 40 inches


You get adjustable armrests which move smoothly as per your arms level by just pushing the lever below it.

Articulate includes tilt tension and lock function to recline comfortably up to a certain angle when sitting idle. Whether it is a wooden floor, tiles or a thick carpet, the nylon made dual caster wheels glide over all three surfaces.

Make turning point in your office tasks with this ergonomic mesh chair which serves as a simple extension to your everyday home and business routines.


#7: Alera Etros Series Suspension Series

If you are fed up of constant back ache and numbness and can’t afford a chair worth $300, then this will do.

Alera brings its chair Etros Series under the price tag of $200. The chair has a stain resistant polyester back cover and seat pan giving comfort to your base as well as back.


A suitable chair in the office, it has sturdy armrest. The seat is mesh suspended and provides the required firmness while working for 8 to 10 hours.

The mesh back provides back support as well as air circulation. Available in Black Color, the chair houses curved armrests made of polypropylene supporting your arms in the mean time.

The 43 pounder gives swiveling motion to make your turning motion smoother.Your contact with the floor is kept intact as the back reclines at 2 to 1 ratio with the seat.


The multi-functional adjustment is used to adjust the height by pulling up and down whereas the same lever can be used to tilt back at a certain angle.

Need a Break on the spot? Use the lean back option to tilt and enjoy the Power Nap! You have to move forward and adjust the lever simultaneously to resume the original position.

The 35 inches chair can reach up to 39 inches. Lumber support is created. The curvy loop armrests can be raised using the lever at the side raising it accordingly.

The dual-caster wheels made of nylon combine with the five hooded base to give a swiveling motion along with movement over short distances.

If you need a no-frills chair and just the required features in a budget office chair that is affordable and comes under $200, then Alera Etros won't dissapoint.


#8: LexMod Edge Drafting Chair

The chair combines with cutting edges and shines, drags you back in the golden era providing comfort at a natural level.

The seat pan covered with black leatherette has the waterfall curve that gives extra space for your knee extension outside the chair.

The mesh back is breathable, eliminating sweat production and promotes air circulation during longer hours.


The chair comes in three colors: Black Mesh, Gray and Brown, making its place at office and homes as well.

I would not suggest it for taller people but, this medium back has become favorite especially for the shorter ones.

The armrest enhances comfort with foam padding at the top offering some rest to hardworking hands.

This 40-pound chair distributes your weight equally giving a rigid support even if you move consistently.

The chair has two levers: one for height adjustment where even taller people can reach the level they want. Estimated reach is from 21 inches to 25 inches.


The tilt control lever helps to control the tension and regulates the bending angle.

Now, you can make your flexible back move while working by using the tilt control.

The lumbar support will provide a little support to your lower back for odd two to three hours.

Other than that, there is no adjustment for armrest making it limited to be pushed under desks of a certain height. It can be used in front of every desk but, non-adjustable armrests creates extra space between the chair and the desk which is the only detriment.

The chrome plated rim at the base is the added advantage to the chair giving leg comfort, every time you sit on it.

The stunning five hooded base has a dual color combination of chrome and black defining its strength.

The LexMod creators have kept numbness issue in mind, and now you can use the circular rim as a base and work for longer hours.


#9: Modway Veer

Available in 7 radiant colors; veer stands out of the slot with colors ranging from gray, black, brown, green, orange, red, tan.

The efficient mesh back allows airflow between your back and back supports your spine keeping your posture straight while working.

A single lever at the right adjusts all the required adjustments. The mesh design is the vital feature displaying the brand value.


The chair presents padded armrests allowing you to keep them comfortable and the foam filled seat pan eliminates the lower back pains.

The square shaped seat pan can hold you for a longer duration, and the plastic made lightweight chair is easy to move from one place to another with the help of dual caster wheels.

The wheels are strong enough and glide easily over roof floors, tiles and carpets. Veer provides swiveling along with pneumatic adjustments.


The chair can be customized as per needs with the help of the lever. Veer gets its strength from the parts made up of iron.

The lever, when pulled, will raise the height canceling the problems people face in front of different desks.

The flip up arms helps you to rest your arms. There are times when the desk height does not suit with your chair position. You can flip it up when not needed giving more seating space.

The lumbar support gives enough flexibility to your lower back reducing back aches. Mesh back, flip up arms, color options and back tilt make up the veer making its place in this list.


#10: BestOffice New High Back

BestOffice launches a high back chair with PU leather upholstery with ample padding. The leather seat is water and oil proof.

Available in: black, brown and white color. The armrests and 5 hooded stokes have same colors combining with the overall color of the seat.


The seat pan is 20 inches wide giving enough space for people to settle down. The 26 inches comfy high back keeps your back upright eliminating back and shoulder pains.

The width is capable of supporting your shoulders. The stooping armrests improve the look with a thick layer of foam making it available for keeping your hands.

The 40 pounder has comfy foams at the right places giving luxurious feeling to the user. The seat is soft enough to fit your bottom for a longer duration, and the high back ensures you get rid of back pain, neck ache, and eye strain as well.

The chair rises from 19 inches to 23 inches giving vertical support to your entire back right from pelvic to the neck region. The lever beneath the seat is used to perform the required action.


The back reclines 5-10 degrees giving some space to flex your spine. With a thick layer of leather coating running all the way down the back, the lumbar support is efficient enough to eliminate lower back pains.

The sturdy falling attachments are non-adjustable but are designed such that the distance between the desk and the user is reduced.

BestOffice’s design is capable of handling weight up to 250 pounds due to the presence of strong 5 hooded bases. This base looks superb with the color complemented with the arm rests.

The movement inside the workplace is brought by the stylish and robust dual caster wheels made of nylon material.

This chair is an excellent office chair at its best.


Conclusion- Which Office Chair Under $200 Should You Buy?

I have covered plenty of affordable and best office chairs under $200 and covered every required feature.

Not everyone can afford a Crossford Furniture, Steelcase or Herman Miller; however, you can get a great looking, comfortable chair for a slight fraction of that price for what these luxury brands sell for.

The chairs are as comfortable as similar chairs that cost twice or thrice as much.

After reading this article, I hope you won’t be skeptical picking up a suitable chair below $200 from the list mentioned above.

Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question for Best office Chairs under $200 Dollars-FAQs

  • Doesn’t the mesh back covers of the chair make your back of the body feel itchy?

NO, it does not. Actually, some of them might only if you’re continuously working on a chair for many hours. Sometimes people need to understand that even though the chairs are ergonomic, it’s up to us on how to use them. If you’re not resting your body while working then yes, you might face problems like this. All the chairs which are made of mesh cover will not give you the problems of itching only if you know how to use that chair properly.

  • Why most of the chairs which you have mentioned looks so small regarding size?

No, they are not. When we were making this list of best chairs, the only thing which we focused on is BUDGET because we reviewed every single chair which would be best according to this budget and due to that there are some chairs which might be looking small in size but they give a lot of comforts to their user. Sometimes the size of the chair really doesn’t matter if that chair is fitting in your budget and it provides full cozy feeling to your body.

  • Which chair according to you has a most elegant design?

It’s tough to say because we made this list after reviewing each chair and we considered each one of them. But if I have to choose the best-designed chair then I’d go with Best office new high back chair and Alera Neratoli and the reason is simple these chairs have the most elegant designed according to me. Every person whether short or tall can comfortably sit on these chairs without facing any problems and that’s where most of the chairs fail.

  • Are these chairs specifically designed to be used in office only or can we use it at other places too?

Even if we have written the best office chairs, it doesn’t mean that a buyer shall have to use it only at his office. Because these chairs are ergonomic which are very good in quality and many people carve to have this type of chairs in their workroom or house so that they can read, write or even play games while sitting on ergonomic a chair. So yes, you can efficiently use this type of chair according to your preferences, and it doesn’t have to be the only office.

  • Why haven’t you included chairs from top rated brands like Steelcase or Herman Miller in your list of best chairs?

It’s merely because of the lack of BUDGET. Here we have made this list of chairs because we wanted to include only those best chairs which can afford with the budget of just $200. The chairs which you’ve mentioned in your questions are no doubt great ones, but they are too much expensive to be afforded by everyone. So to include only best ergonomic chairs under $200 we had to exclude big brands like Steelcase or Herman Miller.

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