7 Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair [2020]

Hip pain is one pain which we always hesitate to talk about.

Top 7 Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair


Unlike other pain, hip pain should be given max priority as it deserves immediate treatment.

Some of the pains related to the hip region are sciatica pain, coccyx pain, slipped disc, Lumbosacral Spondylosis, etc.

These little aches should not be avoided as they become regular pains in the future.

A simple solution to get relief from hip pains is using a Seat Cushion. Hence why we've compiled this article of Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair.

Seat Cushions are equally important as the lumbar cushion as they give better support to the hip region eliminating coccyx and sciatica pain.

Don't you agree?​

#1: Aylio Comfort Foam Cushion

The Aylio foam cushion is specially designed to get the users rid of the coccyx pain, which they have been facing from a long time.

With more than 9600 satisfactory customer reviews, the brand deserves the pole position claiming itself as the Best Seller.


This orthopedic seat cushion reduces the pressure built while seating on parts such as coccyx, tailbone, and hip bones. It promotes healthy weight distribution, right posture, and spine alignment.

The removable velour cover allows easy cleaning as it is machine washable. The ergonomic design and the rear cutout gives it a U-shape giving your tailbone the required space while seating and reducing tailbone pressure.

The cushion is recommended for all those users suffering from:

  • Numbness
  • Slipped disc
  • Lumbosacral Spondylosis
  • Sciatica pain-Pelvic pressure
  • Uncomfortable office chairs

Most importantly, the high-density rebound foam doesn’t get deflated as it uses the highest quality comfort foam.

The cushion is 14 inches wide suited for all types of seats like office chairs, flights, driving seats, benches and even on floors for domestic chores.

The cushion is backed by a lifetime warranty showing its superiority in fields of comfort and quality claiming itself as one of Best Orthopedic Seat Cushion.

#2: ComfiLife Seat Cushion

The second spot in the countdown is held by Comfilife which is one of the best lumbar support cushion for office chair brands.

The cushion’s ergonomic design successfully provides support and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx area.


The U-shape cut promotes healthy posture eliminating the stress on the tailbone along with holding your butts. The cushion consists of durable rebounding high-quality memory foam with a non-slip base that holds it at one place.

It is specially designed to get rid of tailbone injuries, hip pain and for the back pains during pregnancy and also considered as of the best office chair cushion for lower back pain.


Your comfort is doubled on hard surfaces like a wooden bench, rocking chairs, wooden floors and wheelchairs. The cushion is regarded as one of the best back support for office chairs.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority backed by a money back guarantee if the user is not 100% satisfied.

#3: Xtreme Comforts Orthopedic Cushion

The next seat cushion is brought by Xtreme Comforts at #3 made from premium grade high-density memory foam; you can maintain the cushion shape forever because of its rebound feature.

The U-shape design suspends your tailbone in mid-air removing all its pressure from it and safeguarding your coccyx area as well.


The contour distributes body weight equally across the seat relieving pressure against the seating surface. You will never go back sitting without using this cushion again.

The cushion comes with durable and removable cover promoting easy cleaning opportunities. The cushion is one of the best car seat cushions for long drives coming in handy for office chair as well.

The 1.9-pound cushion is great for stadiums, truck drivers, pilots and office employees as well. Available in 3 different sizes, the cushion is perfect for various places like office, kitchen, dining room and living room, etc.


It provides comfort to pregnant women encompassing entire bottom and supporting the tailbone.

Keeping all features in mind, if you are not satisfied by the cushion, simply return it back the way it is within the 2 years. But, the cushion won't disappoint you giving any chances of it being returned.

The cushion can be said as one of the best coccyx cushions as it is the spotless combination of firmness and comfort delivering long-lasting back and hip relief.

#4: Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

As we look upon the list of Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair, Coccyx pain will start to decrease as soon you start using this wonderfully designed cushion by Kieba.

The cushion comes with Cooling Gel Enhanced Technology that stabilizes the temperature by reducing the trapped body heat in the cushion. It gives relief to the pressure points.


The cushion is made for maximum comfort to any chair including car seat, plane seat and even on the floor.

The U-shaped design covers the entire chair as well as bottom without getting deflated even after long term usage. It promotes good posture, proper spine alignment, healthy weight distribution and ultimate comfort.


It comes with a velour protective cover that keeps the cushion clean and circulates air avoiding moisture formation. The cover has a zipper that makes it removable for easy cleaning.

The cushion is recommended for pain relief, tension, bed sores, lower back pain, broken tailbone, slipped discs or numbness due to prolonged seating.

Weighing 2.8 pounds, the cushion comes in bright sky blue color with a black outer cover. Overall, it won’t be wrong to claim it as one of the best seat cushions for an office chair.

The orthopedic doctors have suggested such cushions should be produced on a larger basis as they have been effective to a larger extent.

#5: Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat

Here we have Everlasting Comfort Cushion made up of 100% premium quality memory foam.

The Memory Foam made by world’s leading memory foam manufacturers responds to the mould of your body and takes the exact shape of your bottom.


The 17 inches long and 13.2 inches wide dimensions cover the entire seat pan covering your bottom completely. Moreover, the foam is durable and doesn’t get deflated after several hours of use.

The U-shape design of the seat cushion elevates the pressure on the lower back, hips, tailbone and coccyx.


A pregnant woman can be offered the much-required relief by using this seat pillow where the foam handles the entire body weight.

Weighing 1.6 pounds the chair pillow can be carried wherever you travel. The non-slippery rubber bottom enables it to be used on the floor as well.

The contoured curvy design supports your knees so that you can perform household chores efficiently.

The design is perfect for driving seat, flights, benches, etc. and sometimes can be kept behind the back and used as a lumbar support pillow for an office chair.

#6: Liliyo Seat Cushion

The next cushion is Liliyo coccyx seat cushion which is white in color and available in three different outer cover color options-velour, gray and black.


The cushion is made in the USA with Velour fabric used for an outer cover that looks amazing on your chair. The cover is removable which makes it easily available for machine wash.

The materials used are fire retardant and doesn’t give out unpleasant odor like most cushions.

Stop worrying about the cushion flattening out as it is made from superior quality, high-density rebound foam designed to maintain firmness and shape while delivering a long lasting relief.


The ergonomic shape tilts your pelvis gently forward, improves your sitting posture and encourages spine alignment thus, making itself call as the best ergonomic seat cushion for office chair.

With a total weight of 1.6 pounds, the cushion comes in as a handy travel partner on road trips, job, during flight and long drives as well.

Overall the cushion promotes healthy posture, incredible comfort; improved blood circulation all at the same time.

#7: DMI Swivel Cushion

Starting with Best Seat Pillow for Office Chair, the list is initiated by DMI Swivel Cushion grabbing all the attention with its round shape.

Now, convert stationary chair into a swiveling chair by just using DMI Swivel Cushion as seat pan. This unique cushion turns 360 degrees to swing legs in right direction, reduces numbness and pressure point sensitivity that causes pain.


Weighing 2.4 pounds, the cushion is great for home, office or travel use and supports up to 300 pounds making itself as the best sciatica cushion.

The flexible swivel base stays in place with its non-skidding feature. With 15 inch diameter and 1 3/8 inch thick foam, the cushion is portable enough to be carried by the user.


Color options like Black, Brown, Grey, Ivory and Navy Blue are available. The outer cover is removable and machine washable maintaining its durability after every wash.

Keeping the unique design and shape in mind, this cushion is a great product to start your coccyx treatment easing your movements and transforming every ordinary chair into a swivel chair.

This small cushion converts stationary chairs into a swiveling chair and is apt for bucket seats as well.

Conclusion for Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Here is the end of our list containing Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair suggesting you the 7 best cushions you must buy to avoid coccyx pain and other pelvic pains.

Every seat cushion defines itself with specific features giving you a word of wisdom before buying.

A variation in price tags helps every individual to select the cushion from the list according to their budget.

I hope you like my review and it helped you in choosing the Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair.

Thank You! Have a Great Seating Day Ahead...

FAQs: Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Frequently Asked Question for for Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair- FAQs
  • I want to know whether these cushions help us to reduce our upper back pain too?

NO! As we have said, earlier these seat cushions help only to make your hips feel good. If you’re a person who always has problems with their lower spine, then these soft cushions will help you to sit peacefully. But, these cushions do not cover any part of the other back of your body, and hence it might not be able to entirely reduces any kind of pain which you might be suffering from. It’s better that you get additional lumbar support or headrest to reduce your back pain.

  • Can I use it on my car’s seat? Is it going to make me uncomfortable?

Yes, you can use it any kind of car’s seat pan. Using seat cushion while driving makes your whole driving experience enjoyable and you will be able to focus on your driving more efficiently.

  • Isn’t using seat cushion create some height adjustment problem? I’m relatively a tall guy, and I’m worried that my whole back won’t get covered if I use seat cushions.

Unfortunately yes, it might create some height problems and especially for those guys who are tall ones. Because when you use a seat cushion you automatically lift yourself up, and due to that, the seat might not be able to cover your whole back of the body.

  • Are these seat cushions as sturdy as they look or will I always have to adjust them?

No, you won't always have to adjust them whenever you’re sitting on it. Even I also used to have this doubt before I started to use it because these seat cushions are really addictive and helpful too from a healthy point of view. Don't worry about adjusting them because you won't have to enjoy so just the cosiness of these little cushions which will ultimately protect your buttocks.

  • Why some of these seat cushions have such weird designs? Doesn't it make a person who is sitting on it uncomfortable?

Nowadays almost every product has weird designs, and seat cushions are also one of them. When you are buying a seat cushion, you want it to be perfect and beneficial and that’s the reason companies make these kinds of designs to attract the customers. So if you have a doubt that whether these seat cushions will help you to seat more peacefully or not, then please don’t have any. Because even though they look weird, they’re a valuable product at such a low price.

  • Is there any side effects of using these seat cushions?

For me, I don’t think there are any side effects of using a seat cushion. I know you might be getting concerned about whether all of these cushions are scientifically made or not then yes, they are all ergonomic cushions which companies made using various latest technologies to reduce the hip and back pain. So don’t worry they will have no negative impact on your body and you can read the satisfying customers review.

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