Best Mesh Office Chairs: Reviews & Buying Guide [2020]


Chairs have become an integral part of our office life these days. Keeping the comfort level in mind, it is important that chair should give justice to its price tag as well.

With an extensive list of options already available in the market, I would like to minimize your efforts by presenting my hand-picked office mesh chairs. 

Before starting the countdown let’s have a look at the things to be considered while buying an office chair. This will hardly take 3 minutes of your time.


Things to Consider while buying Best Mesh Office Chairs

  • Height Adjustment: Sitting on office chair means you get stuck with work for a longer period. This leads to loads of stress on your spine, back, and shoulders.

    Height adjustment is necessary so that people of all heights and sizes can sit comfortably on the chair.

    Hydraulic height adjustment has become an essential part of the chair since it helps especially the tall people to fit their entire back.

    An ideal Office chair should maintain your vertical posture supporting your spine throughout the day.
  • Tilt back: Tilt back offers a wide variety of adjustment options.

    Since, this mechanism is adjoined with the seat and back, when you lean back, the chair tilts as well.

    Office work includes small breaks that are taken in between; hence a chair with tilt back adjustment will help you increase your efficiency.

    You can comfortably tilt or rock back from the center of the seat providing relief to back throughout working hours.

    In addition to that, the lumbar back support ensures that the natural curvature of the lower back is maintained throughout the day.
  • Arm rest: Office work includes typing for a longer period; hence armrest plays an important role in relaxing your hands.

    The sturdy plastic arm rest helps you keep your arm in proper positions allowing uniform blood circulation.

    The height of the armrest can be adjusted enabling you to work in several workspaces.
  • Dual Caster Wheels: Dual Caster wheels have made the mobility easier as employees can cover short distances without leaving their seat. The dual-caster wheels can glide on the carpets as well.

    Moving around short distance is easier if office chairs have wheels. This avoids distraction during working, and you need to move around slightly without getting up.

 10 Best Mesh Office Chairs in 2020

#1: AmazonBasics Mesh Chair

Coming to the top of the countdown is a brand known for its global promise and durability.

It has created an ergonomic chair that is affordable and comfortable, stating itself as the best office chair under $100.

The mid back chair looks fabulous with a mesh back that provides exceptional back support, prevents body heat and moisture build-up.


The gently curved section at the back gives a stylish look while pneumatic adjustments give an immense comfort level.

The total weight of a chair is 23 pounds and can sustain body weight up to 225 pounds boldly stating its great structure.

The swivelling motion will occur smoothly even with maximum weight on the chair. The passive lumber gives a proper support to lower back.

The chair measures 25 inches deep, 24 inches wide and can rise to 4 inches in height. This 40-inch high chair is suitable for tall people providing luxury as well comfort at the same time.


The hydraulic seat adjustment lets you rise high and low depending on your height. You can pull out the control handle allowing your chair to tilt back and front.

Tilt tension knob can adjust Even the rocking motion under the chair. The fully plastic dual wheel casters ease the movement from one workplace to other.

Looking at its features, this chair deserves the top spot, and I would suggest it will offer a comfortable experience.

Now, you don’t need to get up to change destinations. This chair has a great design and features that help you increase your productivity at work.

#2: Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture earns the second spot. The ergonomic design of chair makes it perfect for office use.

The thickly padded black color mesh at the back helps to maintain right posture from mid to upper back region. The mesh material is breathable and flexible enough to bend your back at certain angles.


The 2.5-inch padded nylon base made of polyurethane can handle weight up to 200 pounds.

This 20-pound chair comes with several adjustments including height, tilt back that can be extended up to 42.25 inches high using hydraulic seat adjustment. The chair can be customized according to your comfort level thus, increasing your efficiency.

It possesses passive lumber support freeing your lower back from extra load of the upper body. The 5 point base casters wheels make this chair a perfect workstation.


The swivelling motion brings ease to your movement providing a 360-degree rotation.

On a funny note! Now you can turn around and pass files to your colleagues without taking the struggle to stand.

Available in 11 different colors, the chair is a suitable addition to your office setting at a reasonable price tag.

The chrome plating at the base adds up to its style, and the design makes you reach several areas of your workplace.

#3: Lexmod Veer

An ergonomic chair can do wonders while working for long hours, eliminating back pains.

If you are looking for such chairs, LexMod brings you a chair suitable with breathable mesh back improving air circulation.


It weighs 29 pounds giving an efficient swivelling motion. The padded waterfall seating, covered with mesh fabric offers comfort for a longer duration. It is available in 8 unique colors including orange, green, tan, etc.

Now, you can secure your back at place using tilt-control knob that relaxes your body from usual back strains.

The 22 inches high seat can be increased up to 40 inches with the help of one touch pneumatic lift suitable for tall people.


The flip up arm rest feature helps to turn it into an armless chair.

The lower back support relieves you from back pain. The plastic made dual caster wheels provide convenient motion.

Now, you can easily adjust the height of this chair giving arm-comfort to both short as well as tall people. LexMod Veer can be called as an efficient worker in the office providing a perfect blend of style and comfort.

#4: Ancheer Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Ancheer has made 3 of its chair based on the biomorphic principles of the human body. It helps to combat back pain allowing you to rest while maintaining a correct posture.

Available in two colors: Red and Black, its mesh offers superior seating which releases you from a backache. The swiveling offers 360 degrees rotation easing your movements.


The padded mesh seat helps to relax thighs and removes strain from back. The curved lumbar back gives additional support for a longer duration.

It has adjustable armrests, offers optimum height adjustment up to 42 inches and 18-inch base gives more space to sit for people of all sizes.

Unlike other chairs, this one has a single lever for backrest tilt and hydraulic up-down movement.


The 5 hooded wheel bases made up of super strong metal makes the chair look modern and stylish.

The dual-caster wheels at the bottom are strong enough to withstand heavy guy, permitting smooth gliding. The elegant and durable Ancheer is ideal for both home and office as well.

#5: LexMod Pulse

LexMod has become popular among all the offices these days. This office chair by LexMod comes with pneumatic height adjustment up to 24 inches.

The chair has black colored breathable mesh at the back that makes you feel cool and comfortable.


Be it your office or home, this 28 pounder fits perfectly in both areas.

The mid-back chair has several settings to make you adjust the chair as per your comfort. The 24 inches seat width provides a spacious seating.

The ergonomic design keeps your posture vertical and potent with a height reaching up to 41 inches.


Now, you can rest by lowering the height touch your feet to the ground enhancing proper blood circulation. The sturdy armrest can be adjusted up to 4 inches in height providing comfort to both short as well as tall people.

The passive lumbar gives a support alleviating lower back pains. The five hooded dual-caster wheels made up of plastic; eases your movement.

The vinyl sponge seat gives you long lasting seating comfort and increases your working hours. This beautifully designed swiveling chair has a modern look with seating base available in black and brown colors.

#6: Laura Davidson

The sixth position is grabbed by Laura Davidson’s Tall Back chair. Many praised the breathable mesh giving seating contentment for long hours.

Available in 10 colors, the chair offers several options for those who want to add a modern look to their living room, at an affordable price as well.


This chair needs simple assembly and weighs 31 pounds, made especially for medium-sized and tall people. The arms are removable and can be used in drawing rooms.

With a unique ergonomic design, the chair features several pneumatic adjustments. The tilt lock adjustment allows tilting up to an angle which meets comfort level. Just pull the lever to initiate tilting.


The height adjustment lever increases the back up to 21 inches. The lumbar support offers lower back support.

The five hooded spider base has a steel finish adding more elegance and the dual castor wheels serve as a carrier, allows moving within the workspace.

The high-density foam, matte black aluminium structure gives utmost comfort along with the swivelling motion, and you get great breath-ability with the countered mesh back.

#7: LexMod Twilight

The next chair is LexMod Twilight, especially launched for people working for longer hours.

The detailed Black mesh makes you stay climate steady all day long as the mesh offers air circulation at the back.


It has a nylon base that gives seating relief for longer hours. The width of the seating pan is perfect for wider butts.

It is made up of the durable plastic frame made of polypropylene and trademarks the rounded armrests to keep hands on. This 21 pounder comes with certain adjustments.

It features a 360-degree swivel and a robust base that cancels the disturbance of the chair. The base has a swivel tension adjustment controlling swivelling speed.

You just need to loosen the lever to adjust the tension. The backrest rises to 38 inches in height and takes the shape of the back giving instant relief.


The tilt back mechanism enables spine to remain in constant movement preventing back pains. The lumber supports the lower back.

The chair houses five metal hoods at the bottom and looks elegant due to the addition of white bordered caster wheels.

Now you can sit for hours working on the Twilight without thinking about the prevailing back ache, neck strain and sweaty back and can easily move around without leaving your seat as the chair glides well over carpets as well.

#8: Vecelo Mesh Office Chair

The swivelling chair by Vecelo has a thick black padding at the base and a durable mesh.

Don’t worry about sweaty back as the mesh constantly breathes, keeps you cool. The padded seating is wide enough to help dodge hip pains.


The chair has several pneumatic adjustments. The built in gas spring rises from 35 inches up to 39 inches when the lever is pulled up. This makes the chair serviceable for people from all age categories.

The back can be tilted using the tilt lock function that allows taking a power-nap when working for overtime. By pulling the Lock handle, the chair tilts to a certain angle.


Vecelo has steel and five metal hoods at the bottom which makes it stand out of the crowd. The dual-caster wheels are add-ons to the chair offering you smooth gliding motion throughout.

This Ergonomic computer chair comes in a black colour which fits in your workplace offering the convenience which needs while working.

The high-density filling extends working hours. You can sit for a longer duration as the armrest adds up to the comfort, supporting you while typing.

#9: Best Office Mesh Chair

With a smooth 360-degree swivelling motion, The Best Office Mesh Chair can be used at home and office as well.

The chair weighs 40 pounds, comfortable enough to handle a weight up to 250 lbs. The back breathes well and gives you the support you need to work all day long.


With 12 inches seat pan and 18-inch backrest, the chair is well sized for larger people taller than 6 feet. The chair looks fresh and is available in red, black and white colors.

The chair has height adjustment lever to increase the height making things easy for people with short stature.


The flexible back maintains the posture of spine and armrests gives some rest to arms while typing.

The lumbar support adds to the comfort giving relief to the lower back. The five spoke are rigid enough to keep you stable when rocking occasionally.

The chair is evenly designed that prevents unwanted lumber, neck strains. The caster wheels help glide over short distances while working.

#10: 2X​ Home Mesh Office Chair

Starting with our countdown, the first chair is a Mid Back Office Chair by 2X Home. The ergonomic design and mesh back helps to reduce both physical as well as mental stress.

The breathable mesh back allows sitting for hours and the soft seat gives comfort for hours. The sturdy arm rests give stability to your arms.


The total weight is 28 pounds capable of handling adults. The swivelling motion makes movement smoother allowing a 360-degree rotation.

The 20-inch seating pan is wide and spacious; suitable for people of all sizes. Coming to the size, the 38-inch high chair can be extended up to 42 inches promising comfort to tall people as well.


The backrest 21 inches high, and 17 inches wide takes the shape of your back and fits perfectly just like a shoe.

The chair needs to be assembled when delivered. The wheel casters make movement easier helping out move inside the room without getting up.

Designed to maintain the natural curve of the spine, it gives relief from regular backache and neck strain.


That concludes our list of 10 best chairs under $100.The factors discussed above are satisfied by all the chairs in the list.

Everyone cannot spend thousand dollars on a chair. Keeping the budget in mind you can choose the best among the following 10 as per your preferences.

I hope this article helped you in choosing the best mesh chair under $100.

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Frequently Asked Question for Best Mesh Office Chairs -FAQs

Frequently Asked Question for Best Mesh Office Chairs under $100-FAQs
  • I Liked your list of best office chairs, but I’m confused in between Laura Davidson and LexMod Twilight.

Wow, great choice though. The chairs which you’ve chosen to purchase are among my favorite ones, and it’s tough to say which one is best. However, you can differentiate this chairs according to your preferences like if you like great designs and structure, then you shall go with LexMod Twilight since it has one of the most impressive design. But if you want a chair which can handle more weight and have a great armrest, then you should pick Laura Davidson.

  • Which chair provides the best comfort for working long hours because my work needs me to work at least 12 hrs a day.

When we’re looking to buy a chair the most important thing to consider before making an actual purchase is to see whether that chair is comfortable enough to eliminate all of your back pains. The chairs mentioned above all are ergonomic ones, and you can entirely rely on them to work for more extended hours so just choose any of these chairs according to your height, weight and personal color preferences.

  • Why some of these chairs have such a low armrest?

Sometime when you’re buying a chair which falls under the price range of only a hundred bucks you have to adjust with its flaws too. Yes, we agree that many of the chairs which we have listed have a little armrest, but they are sufficient enough to give you comfort. If you want to take a quick nap or just relax then these armrests are enough to provide you with the feeling of being cozy.

  • Why the chairs which you have included doesn't have any headrest?

That’s not true. Some of the chairs do have a right headrest, but yes, we agree that with this price range it’s tough to get an ergonomic chair which will come with good seat pan plus mesh back and headrest too. So that’s the reason we haven’t included those expensive chairs but you can always buy an addition cushion support with any of these beautiful chairs, and that won’t cost that much money.

  • I like Flash Furniture chair, but I’m concerned whether that chair will be able to handle my weight or not?

Flash Furniture is one of my favorite ergonomic chairs. I like this chair’s design, and one can not get such an impressive chair at only $100. If you’re worried that whether that chair will handle your weight or not then as we have already mentioned this chair is capable of handling minimum 220 lbs efficiently. So if you’re a little bit overweight then don’t worry because this chair is built for the guys like you.

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