7 Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chairs in 2020

Do you tend to slouch all day?

Top 10 Best Lumbar Support Cushion Review for Office Chairs

Do you struggle to get out of the car after a long drive?

Do you spend the majority of your time sitting in front of your computer desks?

Then lower back pain is the reward you deserve.

Back Pain has become a regular component in your pain list with lower back getting affected consistently.

All you need is a lumbar cushion that helps you to correct your posture and eliminates lower back pains by preventing slouching. It can be used in office not only to reduce lower back pains but also for neck support.

No matter, whether you are going to the office or a road trip, the cushions are transportable and can make your day or trip much more comfortable since they need very little space to accommodate.

Listed below is The Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chairs that will surely eliminate your back pain.

7 Best Lumbar Support Review for Office Chairs

#7. Okwu Comfort

Starting with our countdown, we have the lumbar support cushion by Okwu Comfort to help you ease the back pain you receive while driving a car, longer hour sitting in the office and other places.

Okwu Comfort - lumbar support cushion with strap

Made of 100 percent polyester, the cushion gently supports your natural curve of the spine reducing slouching.

Maintain your healthy vibrant posture; feel more refreshed while sitting with this unique contour shape.

Okwu Comfort is the answer for those tightened muscles in your lower back as the design hugs your lower back supporting it entirely and giving flexing opportunity to the vertebral column.

Okwu Comfort - lumbar support cushion placement

The elastic straps anchor the cushion with all the seats of different dimensions. The removable cover is washable increasing its life in your home decor. The cushion is available in black color making its place in home furniture.

Okwu Comfort comes with 90 days warranty and if you don’t love it, return it back as you are free to refund it.

#6. PharMeDoc

PharMedoc is made up of cushion helping you correct your posture, easing the pain for long hour sitting.

The foam maintains the shape of the pillow even after several hours of using. The breathable foam encourages airflow between the back and pillow eliminating production of moisture.

PharMeDoc - best lumbar support pillow for driving

The seat makes your cleaning effortless with the removable zipper mesh that can be washed in washing machines.

The orthopedic design relieves the lumbar support and doubles itself as a neck rest.

You can recline down keeping this dual purpose pillow under your neck comfortable completing your power nap.

PharMeDoc - best lumbar support cushion for recliner

PharMeDoc is of universal size with clips and adjustable strap allowing you to customize the best fit for you.

The 1.6-pound pillow is available in colors like blue, black, pink, brown and gray matching with your home decor and bringing relief to your back.

Hence add this pillow to your bucket list when going on for a road trip or in your regular office routine raising comfort to the next level.

#5. King Comfort

Say goodbye to the slouched back of yours and regain the vertical posture introducing the Kings Comfort lumbar support pillow to your backpack.

The lumbar pillow is suitable for office chairs, wheelchair, cars and traveling giving you the much-needed comfort in most of the seating activity.

King Comfort - lumbar support cushion memory foam

The pillow is suitable for low back pains giving you a much-improved posture. The back cover looks very different with the multi-color design of black and gray.

The mesh cover enables airflow reducing sweaty patches on the back. The foam used is odor free and doesn’t flatten down even after several hours of usage.

The outer cover is removable and easy to wash. King comfort comes with adjustable strap cover to attach it to the seat; keeping it still while seating.

King Comfort - lumbar support cushion with massage

Another use of this pillow is for the neck support. You can place this pillow below your neck while reclining and have a power nap.

You will love using this lumbar pillow available in Black color. This 1.2-pound foam comes in a handy bag so that you can carry it wherever you want.

Backed by a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, the lumbar pillow won’t disappoint you with your lower back pains.

#4. ComfiLife

At number 4, we have ComfiLife lumbar support back pillow, to support your lower back and support you while sitting for long hours.

Contoured with memory foam and additional chemicals that increase its viscosity and density, the foam is efficient of keeping itself dry and not producing moisture under pressure.

ComfiLife - best lumbar support cushion for recliner

The cushion aligns the vertebral discs giving spinal relief and maintaining the natural curve of your lower spine.

It will make your body comfortable with its ergonomic design helping you to sit upright on recliners, car seats, office chairs, etc. ComfiLife comes with an adjustable strap that makes it easier to fit on all chairs.

The ventilating mesh allows air to flow making your typing and long drives sweat free.

ComfiLife - best lumbar support pillow

The cushion comes in gray color with a different looking mesh. Moreover, the mesh is removable making itself available for machine cleaning. ComfiLife fits any chair with its adjustable straps coming into play.

Chiropractors recommend this pillow to discard the stress on your lower back tissues, tiring muscles that result in long term lower back pains.

#3. Everlasting

Consisting of 100% premium quality memory foam, the Everlasting lumbar pillow specifically targets back pain.

3D polyester mesh cover gives air circulation and prevents the sweaty patches at your lower back.

Everlasting - best lumbar support mattress pad

The high-quality foam inside does not deflate even after several hours of using. The universal curve structure can be placed anywhere at the back, combating both lower and upper back pain.

Cleaning becomes easier as the removable cover can be washed easily. It allows air circulation to keep your back cool and dry throughout the time you use it.

Everlasting - lumbar support cushion for sofa

Most lumbar pillows have single adjustable straps which do not stay properly at the back, but this pillow has dual adjustable straps to secure it tightly at the back without falling or sliding down.

As the brand name says, this 1.6-pound pillow gives a lifetime replacement guarantee assuring you a new pillow if anything goes wrong.

#2. Duro-Med

Ease the lower back with Duro-Med lumbar back support with its supportive foam coming with an insert and strap to attach to the seat of the car, office chair, wheelchair, etc.

It comes in 4 different colors i.e. Gray, Burgundy, Black, and Navy color choices giving you options to match your home decor.

Duromed - lumbar support cushion for car

The fabric is breathable keeping you cool rather than giving sweaty backs. The orthopedic curve will stick to your lower back aligning your spinal cord in the much-needed posture.

The cover can be unzipped and washed with cool water. The high-density foam remains in its shape without getting deflated with wooden giving the extra support.

Duromed - best lumbar support pillow for driving

You need to strap it up with the buckle to hold the pillow in its place. The pillow is 14 inches tall and 13 inches wide appropriate for poor posture, daily fatigue, injuries, traveling and arthritis patients.

Lumbar cushion is necessary to reduce the pain down your legs known as sciatica, and this cushion serves its purpose.

#1. Love Home

Looking at all the cushions above, the ideal has finally arrived.

With more than 1500 positive reviews, I introduce you Love Home 3D Memory Foam to pour oil on your lower back and snatch that pain!

Moulded with premium quality memory foam, the cushion is specially designed to loosen those tight lower back muscles and achieve a proper spinal alignment.

Love Home - lumbar support cushion placement

The cushion delivers proper firmness without compressing and is recommended for all those patients suffering from Lumbosacral Spondylolysis and piriformis and for those who are on the verge of suffering from it.

Optimal for car drivers, long time gamers and office workers, the cushion can be used at the base of the seat to raise your height while driving or typing.

Furthermore, the cushion can be used to under your neck to receive the much-needed support while reclining or having a quick power nap. The cushion barely weighs 1.6-pounds making it a handy travel partner.

Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Gray and Pink colors the cushion will match your home decor, and the pink color makes it a unisex lumbar cushion. An adjustable strap keeps the cushion in place and prevents it from sliding down.

Love Home - best lumbar support pillow

The car driver doesn’t need to worry as the extensible strap makes it fit in the car seats as well. The ventilative cover is removable and washable as well.

Backed with 60 days return warranty, the cushion gives you the complete customer satisfaction.

Overall, Love home is the pick of the week for the best lumbar support cushion for people of all sizes serving itself as the best cushion to eliminate lower back pains.

Conclusion for Best Lumbar Support for office chair:

So, here we are at the end of our countdown, giving you 7 best lumbar cushions for office chairs.

These are the 7 best lumbar support cushions from the pool of several other lumbar cushions available on the sites.

The cushions are efficient in eradicating the regular lower back pains you suffer from due to longer hours of sitting on office chairs.

Plus these cushions are multipurpose serving you like a neck support when having a power nap.

I hope my review was helpful in choosing some of the best lumbar cushions to be used for office chairs.

Bid a goodbye to the lower back pains and have a happy, flexible spinal cord.

Have a Great Day...Thank You!!

Frequently asked question for Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chairs: FAQs

Frequently asked question for Top 10 Best Lumbar Support Cushion Review for Office Chairs-FAQs

  • Can we use this lumbar support cushion as neck rest on an office chair too?

Yes, you can. Many people have this doubt, and here I want to clarify that yes, you can use this lumbar cushion as headrest too. Sometimes a person might need to take a power nap, and it’s better to use these cushions to rest your head on since that will reduce your neck pain. You can use these cushions even when you’re driving a car since many people have to drive for many hours during their daily commute.

  • Can lumbar support cushions help us to remove our back pain?

I don’t think so. These lumbar supports cushions are made especially for those people who suffer sciatica pain which means it will protect only your lower part of the back of your body. These ergonomic cushions do not cover every part of the back of your body so if you think that these cushions will reduce your back pain then no, these cushions only protects the lower part of your spine and not whole your whole back of the body.

  • Can lumbar support help us to improve our sitting posture?

At some level it does. When you’re using lumbar support, you’re sitting style changes because when you don’t feel that much pain in your lower part of the spine, then you sit easly, and ultimately you start to enjoy sitting on a chair. However, if you’re having some serious trouble from sitting posture, then you better shall use back brace because they provide very stable and perfect support to sit you correctly on a chair.

  • Can I use lumbar support by myself or will I need a professional’s advice on how to use them?

NO. Lumbar support cushions are not a type of medicine which will need a doctor’s prescription before you use it. You can use these cushions as per your requirements, and there are plenty of blog posts and videos available on the Internet which you can use to learn about how to these cushions perfectly. The companies who produce this kind of products send you a manual instruction guide along with it so you can also refer it too if you are having any doubts about the usability of these cushions.

  • How can I identify which lumbar support cushions are good and which ones are bad?

We’ve already done that work for you, and we’ve listed the above mentioned lumbar support cushions according to their quality plus customers reviews, and since we’re very much in that profession, we also know about each product. But still, if you’ve any doubts regarding any specific product, then you can always go and search about it and read the unbiased reviews. I hope this clears your doubts.

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