10 Best Office Chair for Short Person in 2020

I always focus on buying an ergonomic chair that keeps me comfortable all the time.

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It is important to choose a right chair as much as choosing a shoe of the right size.

A shoe of greater size is not going to give you the comfort given by the shoe of the right size.

The situation is same with a chair that you use while working for longer hours.

If the lumbar support, the back, and the armrests are higher than you then, whatever method you try, you will never receive the required comfort.

Hence today I am going to focus on office chairs exclusively built for short person.

I have researched parameters like height adjustment, seat pan motion and armrest adjustment bring out some of the Best Office Chairs for Short people.

Let’s proceed:


 10 Best Office Chair for Short Person in 2020

#1. Office Star Mesh Back Chair

After been through nine other chairs in the list, I have finally arrived at the spot where everyone wishes to be sometime in their lives.

The hype will be paid off when you will go through the amazing features of this chair. The first look grabs the eyeballs of the viewer making it look like an expensive chair.

The back of Office Star Mesh Back Chair is perfect for short people supporting for people above the height of 5’1 feet. The mesh feature promotes air circulation which houses a lumbar at the back.

Office Star Mesh Back Chair - office chair for short heavy person

Chances of lower back pain also get reduced with the presence of lumbar support. Lumbar support plays its part by filling the gap between the chair and the user.

It features padded flip up arms that make the work easier as flipping increases the width of the seat pan.

The chair is GreenGuard Certified proving its efficiency.

Swivelling is one more feature that increases your work efficiency. You get a lever at the right to increase the chair height.

Office Star Mesh Back Chair - office chair for short

The 2-1 Synchro tilt locking system helps you to lock the reclining angle giving you relaxing position itself on the chair.

The seat pan rises at the same time with the reclining position giving you a perfect balance between your upper and lower back.

The base consists of five hoods that are black with silver lining on it. You get better mobility options with dual caster wheels that swivel with the motion of the chair.

Coming in black and white color options, the chair looks tempting and professional at the same increasing the worth of the place it is kept in.

With so many impressive features, the chair surely bags the top spot in our list claiming itself as one of the best chairs for short people.

#2. Steelcase Amia Task Chair

Our next chair in the list is the beautifully designed chair by Steelcase Amia.

Made of 100% polyester, the chair features fabric cover on seat pan as well as the entire back.

The chair is 97% recyclable and certified for environmental performance. All these credits go to the designer, Thomas Overthun.

Review Steelcase Amia first look

The dimensions of the chair are 22x26x39 inches and appropriate by short as well medium height users.

You get a curved back that covers your entire spine, supporting the gap of your lower back. You get a pair of adjustable arm rest made up of durable plastic.

The curvy seat pan neatly holds your buttocks giving a 9 hour long sitting comfort. Moreover, the chair is available in 21 different colors giving you a color palette for selecting the chair of your choices.

These vibrant colors are surely going to make you happy as they easily suit your home decor. Weighing 75 pounds, it can handle weight up to 300 lbs.

Adding to it you get a 360-degree swiveling motion and nylon dual caster wheels that make your movements simpler.

The chair’s ergonomic nature can be experienced by the fact that the back completely takes the shape of the spine when seated with an additional lumbar support at the end.

Review Steelcase Amia - old steelcase chair adjustment

The designers have introduced Live Lumbar Technology where you get to handle at the back to adjust the lumbar support.

You get a back lock at the back which locks the position of the back rest. Lean forward or backward and then flip the lever down to lock the position. Unlock it by pulling the lever up and make the back movable.

The height adjustment lever at the right uses a pneumatic cylinder to rise right from 16 inches to 21 inches. Hence reaching the top of the desk won’t be a problem for the short people.

Now, let’s look at one of my favorite feature: the armrests. I have been reviewing hundreds of chairs but, no chair has the armrest adjustment as Amia chair.

Don’t be surprised as the chair offers you four different directions to adjust. They can move inside outside, up and down giving every height option to its user.

There is a lever at the bottom which controls the reclining tension of the chair. Hence take a power nap as the way you want by adjusting the armrests, back and the height o f the chair.

With so many amazing features, this is one of the must buy a chair in the list backed by 12 year Steelcase warranty.

#3. Steelcase Amia Fabric Stool

The next chair in the list is brought by Steelcase Amia Fabric Stool Chair that has a circular ring at the base making it a sitting resource for short people.

It is a chair you can sit on all day long.

Steelcase Amia Fabric Stool - office task chair for short person

The curvy back supports your back for the entire working period, and the seat pan is dense and has a waterfall edge that makes blood circulation easier.

You have armrest at the sides so that your elbows don’t hand while typing. In fact, the short users can easily adapt with the armrests as they are extremely adjustable.

We have a lumbar support infused inside the chair back that contours to fit your lower back.

Amia weighs 52 pounds, and the tested weight capacity is up to 300 pounds.

You get 4 different colors namely Black, Burgandy, Camel brown, Navy Blue. I am sure the users will be impressed as much I am impressed with the colors which adequately fill the spaces of your rooms.

You can opt for black and navy blue for the office space as it looks classic and professional. The added feature is the swiveling motion that rotates a complete 360 degrees.

For increasing the height, you have a pneumatic system which comes with a lever. To raise the height, lean forward and simultaneously pull the lever.

For going down pull the lever when seated. Steelcase has patented the lumbar support as a Live Lumbar Technology which provides the utmost comfort.

You get two handles at the back to increase or decrease the height of the lumbar support. The armrests are height adjustable coming with four different angular adjustments.

You can place the armrest inward and outward direction and increase them accordingly. Those extra inches are surely going to help the short users.

Steelcase Amia Fabric Stool - best office chair for short heavy person

You get to move the seat pan where a lever at the left allows you to move the seat forward and backward.

One more advantage for the shorter guys who are unable to reach closer to the desk can use this feature.

There is a reclining tension lever that controls the resistance of the reclining motion. You have to rotate it accordingly to give harder or easier recline resistance.

The back rest lever locks keep the back erect and also gives a full range backward motion. Hence you can completely adjust your chair as per your needs.

I recommend you to buy this chair and take full advantage of its full-fledged adjustability.

#4. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid Back Chair is one such comfortable chair that doesn’t make you feel your lacking height.

It looks very modern and sophisticated in your home or office. Looking at its back, you get a medium height back that will support the entire back of short people.

Care is taken that the lumbar support is not missed by the user as the chair features a curvy lumbar support.

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Chair - office chair for short heavy person

The chair has black bonded upholstery that runs down the entire chair completing the lavish look.

You get a double layered seat pan that provides buttock relief especially for those who work for longer hours.

The waterfall seat ensures that your knee joint stays comfortable with uniform blood flow.

The multilayered back takes individual care of you back portion helping you maintain the standard posture. You get black; curved nylon made armrest to improve the comfort level.

Arm rest help you in getting off the seat easily as well as during reclining motion.

The mid back chair offers dual caster wheels at the base for short term movement as well as the swiveling motion to use the work space around you.

The chair dimensions are 27x25.8x39.2 inches. The chair although might look compatible for short petite user but, can rise, using the height adjustment lever at the right.

The presence of pneumatic controls helps you rise and lower the seat. Lean forward and pull up the control handle to raise your seat height.

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Chair - office chair for short

Put your weight on the seat and again pull the control handle to lower the seat.

You can leave the control handle at the point where you feel comfortable. The control hand enables you to tilt back up to a certain angle.

It locks the tilting angle giving a desirable reclining angle. The chair weighs 29.8 pounds and has a weight capacity of 225 pounds.

There is a tilt tension knob at the bottom which makes the rocking motion of the chair harder or easier.

Looking at all the features, this chair is not a bad choice especially for shorter people coming with 1 year limited warranty.

#5. Modway Drafting Chair

Next chair in the list is one of my favorite chairs which I would surely like to gift it to my Short Best Friend.

Impressing everyone with its first look, the Modway Drafting Chair is like a made in heaven product for the Short people.

The chair features a cute little seat that is dense enough to give butt comfort. You get a mid back which has mesh on it for air circulation.

Modway Drafting Chair - best office chair for short person

The different mesh colors available are gray, brown and black. The tiny pair of armrests is covered with foam padding increasing the user comfort.

The chair stands at 27.5 inches from the ground but holds a circular foot ring at the base which solves the problem of all the short people out there.

The foot ring made of chrome ensures that every short user reaches a much-needed desk height with support under the feet. This necessity is completed by the Modway Drafting Chair.

Weighing 40 pounds, the chair doesn’t acquire much of the office space reflecting its compact nature. You get a swiveling motion to increase your work efficiency.

The chair has two levers at the right side for adjusting the height and the other one for controlling the reclining angle.

Modway Drafting Chair - best office chair for short legs

The chair can rise from 21 inches to 25 inches giving a proper desk height to the short users. Retain the flexibility of your back by using the tilt control.

The armrest doesn’t have any height adjustment and can only slide under certain desk heights. You get a lumbar support at the back to keep your lower back muscles healthy.

The base is occupied by the five hoods, and the dual caster wheels make your movement much smoother.

With so many features in a single chair, it can be used as a studio chair while playing guitar, painting or sewing.

I would recommend this to all those short users out there who wish to rub shoulders with their tall colleagues.

#6. Alera Etros

Proceeding further, we have one more chair by Alera brand called the Etros chair.

This time the chair comes with further more adjustments than Alera Elusion.

The chair displays a mesh back for better air circulation. No need to worry for those sweaty shirts as the nylon made back keeps your dry for the entire working period.

Alera Etros -office chair for short legs

Now, you won’t feel any pain in the ass as the dense seat pan supports your butts.

The black color chair rightly fits in the home as well as office decor. It can be placed anywhere due to its compact size.

The armrests are sturdy; made of durable plastic material. The button below the armrests helps you increase the height according to the desk.

There is a lumbar support at the back to eliminate the chances of coccyx pain. Etros features swiveling motion and weighing 53 pounds in total.

There are some extra adjustments brought in the chair compared to Alera Elusion.

A separate lever is allotted to every function. You get to increase the height of the chair by pulling the lever at the right.

Alera Etros - office chair for short person

The reclining back can be achieved by another lever at the right which holds locking function. You can recline and simply lock the angle when feeling relaxed.

The third lever at the right is useful in bringing the movement of the seat pan. Get closer to your desk by simply pulling the lever followed by a front sliding motion.

All three levers combined to give out a completely ergonomic chair at a decent price. This workforce stands on a rigid 5 hooded base that houses dual caster wheels to promote short distance movements.

With features like height, seat pan, armrest and lumbar adjustments, the chair surely proves to be a value for money product.

#7. Space Seating Office Chair

Our next chair in the list is brought by Space Seating. You get a mesh back chair which promotes air circulation.

The chair is available in various styles like Manager Chair, Mesh Manager chair, Visitor’s chair and executive chair.

But, today we are going to discuss Manager’s chair.

Space Seating Office Chair - office chair for short legs

With an enormous 1200+ customer reviews, the chair has some great fan following as soon as you visit the page. The dense seat pan lets you sit for longer hours deleting the chances of sciatica pains.

There are arm rest at the sides which have a coating thin PU Pads making it better than the sturdy ones. The chair features a medium back appropriate for short people.

The only setback is that the chair lacks a lumbar support making it difficult to hold a single position for long hours. But, you can fill this void by buying some of the best lumbar support cushions displayed on this site.

Moving on, this chair weighs 40 pounds and claims a weight capacity up to 250 pounds. This makes it a multi purpose chair not only for short but also for medium height people.

Space Seating Office Chair - office chair for short person

The one touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment is present on the right side and ensures you get the proper position in front of your desk.

You get a 2-1 synchro tilt control with adjustable tilt tension that ensures your back remains flexible while sitting.

The armrests take care of your hands while typing and the swiveling motion helps you to turn and talk to your colleagues while working.

There is a button below the armrest to change its height. Down below you have five hooded base that holds dual caster wheels to move on wooden floors, tiles, and another flooring.

Coming in black color, this chair is surely professional looking chair that makes the short guys comfortable.

#8. Flash Furniture Mid Back Chair

At 8th spot, we have a Classic Chair by Flash Furn​​iture receiving 4 out of 5 stars and over 1100+ customer reviews.

The number dazzles the viewer about its popularity.

The chair seat pan and armrests covered with leather. The seat pan has a waterfall shape giving your posterior thigh, a huge amount of comfort.

Flash Furniture Mid Back Chair - ergonomic office chair for short person

The back is medium in height and is made up of nylon mesh for air circulation. The chair offers a swiveling motion for efficient use of the workplace.

Talking about the armrests, you get flip up armrests that are not height adjustable. But, they are at a medium height suitable for short people.

Padded with leather foam padding, you get arm comfort while staring at the computer screen, typing or leaning. Flip up arms gives extra seat width making it comfortable for people of all sizes.

There is a lumbar support at the back offers support from your lower to mid back region.

Flash Furniture Mid Back Chair - best office chair for short legs

Available in black color, the chair weighs 11.2 pounds making it easier to carry in your homes and office.

Looking at the movement, you get dual caster wheels at the base that swivel along making easy mobility. The base is made up of 5 hoods holding weights up to 250 pounds.

Flash Furniture houses a lever at the right that increases the height of the chair, and the same lever is used to achieve reclining motion. The tilt tension knob helps in controlling the tension while reclining.

Hence providing interesting features like the mesh back, waterfall seat, a multifunctional adjustment lever and flip up arms it won’t be wrong to call this chair at one of the best chairs for short people.

#9. Alera Elusion

Scoring an impressive 4 stars out of 5 stars, Alera Elusion receives a place in my list giving a user-friendly all comfort chair.

The chair features a mesh back with a lumbar support at the lower back.

The seat is pretty dense for a long hour sitting, and the armrests are sturdy and height adjustable.

Alera Elusion - office task chair for short person

You get dual caster wheels at the base for better movement over wooden floors, tiles, and carpets.

The swiveling feature helps you to use your office area efficiently. The chair is available in two different back colors: white and black. Both are equally good for an office set up or at home.

The total weight of the chair is 46.7 pounds and is entirely made of plastic. The arm rests are height adjustable with a simple push of button raising it.

The height adjustment lever at the right performs its function giving the much-needed height while typing.

Alera Elusion - best office chair for short heavy person

The chair is recommended for people in the height range of 5 feet and above as the adjustments adapt completely with the user’s stature.

There is seat pan lever that moves it forward and backward making your life easier.

At the base, you have 5 hoods that hold this solid chair claiming itself as a classic workforce.

Keeping the budget in mind, this is one such chair that can do wonders for the short people at an affordable price tag.

#10. Basyx by HON

Starting with our list, we have a compact mid back computer chair by HON.

Basyx by HON is mesh back chair with two layers of padding layers.

These layers combine to provide air circulation between the chair back and the user keeping him dry during the working hours.

ergonomic office chair for short person

You get a dense seat pan that provides comfort to your buttocks making you sit for a longer duration.

The mesh is rounded; matching to your shoulders and supporting them throughout.

You get sturdy nylon armrest at the sides; parallel to the ground with height adjustment lever at the bottom.

You just have to press the button and pull it upwards to increase the height. For decreasing, do the opposite while simultaneously pressing the button.

Since it is available in black color; it becomes easier to settle in the office area. Black color adapts itself in living rooms without disturbing your home decor. This beautifully designed chair weighs 39 pounds.

Basyx by HON - ergonomic office chair for short person

The adjustable features of the chair include pneumatic height increasing lever, adjustable arms, swiveling motion and dual caster wheels at the base.

The lever at the right lets you raise your height helping different body heights to adapt themselves.

Made exclusively for short people, the pneumatic height adjustment lever shows 100% functionality removing the sitting awkwardness from the minds of short people.

The tilt lock helps to achieve the required resistance while reclining. The synchro tilt mechanism is a wonderful addition that raises the seat height while reclining making sure that your upper back and lower back remain in sync.

Made up of high-quality material, the chair still offers lifetime warranty just in case something goes wrong with the parts. An appropriate example of quality meets value.

Final Words

So, Short people do need the comfort enjoyed by all the others.

You may try putting pillows on the seat pan or reducing the desk height and pretend to be comfortable but, a chair made for short people will only complete your desire for a comfortable 9 hour working routine.

I hope you liked my review featuring the best office chair for short people and helped some of the viewers in finding the right comfortable chair.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

FAQs : Office Chair for Short Adults

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Office Chair for Short People

● Since I'm short person Is it necessary to have the lumbar support?

Many people of short height think whether they will need a lumbar support or not? Well, buying a chair which has lumbar support is always a good thing for your health because it will prevent your lower spine from having some terrible pain. There are many great chairs available for short people which come with lumbar support however if the chair which you liked does not have any lumbar support then you can always purchase it online.

Does weight matter when buying a chair for short people?

Yes, many times people buy these fancy looking chair for them which actually works fine for them if they are looking for comfort but one thing which every short person worries about is whether they would be able to carry the chair? And if you’re below 5’6’’ then it would become hard for you to disassemble the chair and move. So it’s advisable for short people who frequently change their workplace to opt for the lightweight chair.

What're the best criteria for choosing a right chair for short people?

It’s really hard to tell what kind of chair a person would like because it’s really a subjective term but if you’re a short person then you should give following things an utmost priority before buying a chair. 

 #Seat Pan -The most important thing for any short person would be to have a very comfortable seat pan and the mentioned chairs provide best seat pan which would provide a good comfort for your buttocks.

 #Mesh Back -Since almost all of the above-mentioned chairs have to mesh back cover which protects their back and lets you enjoy the cool air. One of the hardest things a short person will find is that they would sweat more than any normal person and here mesh back cover of the chair lets your body enjoy the cool air.

#Chair Lever-The most important thing a short person shall look into a chair before actually buying it is to check whether that chair offers a good chair lever or not because if you want to adjust the height then it’s must’ve thing. All of the above-mentioned chairs have this feature which can be used by short people easily for their comfort.

● Will I be able to use headrest comfortably since I'm short?

Every kind of person whether it’s short height or tall would love to use headrest of chair when they just want to relax for moment and when we're especially talking about short people then they can easily use headrest feature of all the above-mentioned chairs in that list because they’re specifically designed for the medium height and short height persons.

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