7 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain

Working in office is one of the best jobs but can be painful as you can start suffering from back or leg pain.

Selecting the best chair for sciatica is one of the important tasks of our office setup.

Best Chair for Sciatica to Avoid Back Pain

The chair should be ergonomic with a wide seat pan providing relief to your buttocks.

The absence of wide spongy seat pan leads to sciatica pain. Sciatica is one of the common pains found in people working in office.

Besides the constant pain, numbness in legs and buttocks, it becomes a torment experience every time you sit.

Pain in your back and legs is called Sciatica Pain. This can be disabling if you work in office, sitting on a chair for a longer period.

Sciatica is the longest nerve in the human body running from the pelvis to the feet. It is a painful condition, caused by the compression of this nerve due to constant sitting.

The condition can lead to people not being able to complete their job because they are constantly getting that irritation while sitting and getting up.

Sciatica pain relief is hard to find. Physical therapy can help, and even ergonomic chair gives the much-needed relief.

A well-designed ergonomic chair will help you to align your hips to ensure that your body stays in its natural posture when sitting.

All you need to do is find a chair that will deal with the pain in your legs and back. This is when people should know more about a couple of best chairs that are available in the market dealing with Sciatica pain. I bring you the list of Best Chair for Sciatica Pain.

Top 7 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain in 2020

Let’s start the countdown:

#1: Ergohuman High Back Chair: Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergohuman chair is certified by Greenguard, made up of superior quality products.

The back made of upholstery mesh frees you from the sweat patches. The curvy design gives separate support to your upper and lower back. The soft seat pan doesn’t make it tiring to sit for longer hours.

Ergohuman High Back Chair - best chair to relieve sciatica

The cushioned headrest at the back supports your neck and head reducing eye strains. Your head is under constant support while reclining as well.

It adjusts at various angles with the pull and push motion increasing its height. Adjust the headrest properly before you go for a power nap!

Ergohuman is available in colors like Blue, Black, Burgundy, Copper Green and Grey. Total weight of the chair is 64 pounds and carries weight up to 200 pounds.

For adjusting the chair height, you have to pull the lever at the right to raise it accordingly. The dual curve adjusts the lumbar support simultaneously with the back.

The chair has adjustable armrests which can change angles, and the height adjustment button elevates the armrest.

Ergohuman High Back Chair - best chair for sciatica relief

Now, swivel along your workplace to increase body movement as the chair offers a complete 360-degree swiveling motion.

The chrome/polypropylene star base holds the entire weight along with the nylon dual caster wheels making you movable without getting off your seat.

With a customer review of more than 190 people, the chair is a dependable solution to treat sciatica pain. 

If Sciatica treatment is important than the budget, then Ergohuman stands a chance to land into your shopping cart.


#2: Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore Chair

Keeping Sciatica pain in mind, the list moves forward to #3 with a leather padding chair by Comfort Products.

The 60-5800T chair has leather upholstery, giving an executive look to its user. Now, no more sciatica pain as the seat is spongy and dense enough to keep your buttock muscles healthy.

Comfort Products 60-5800T - best office chair for sciatica pain

The wide seat pan with waterfall seat gives enough space to the thighs. The padded chrome armrests and the comfy cushioned back holds the vertical posture for long working hours.

The lumbar support backs you when you face lower back pains thus, supporting you throughout the day. Since, the seat cushion, armrests, and back are covered in shiny black leather; the chair matches your living room and office area.

The lever attached to the base of the seat pan adjusts the settings such as tilt, tilt tension, swivel lock and height lift.

The height can be increased accordingly, and the provision of headrest increases its user count. Users taller than 6 feet can adapt with this chair with the headrest at the back.

Comfort Products 60-5800T - best ergonomic chair for sciatica

You can lean back comfortably while keeping your elbows on the curvy chrome armrests which are padded with thick leather. The chair gets a rigid support from the five hooded base, made of chrome metal and has dual caster wheels at the base.

The swiveling helps you to rotate by 360 degrees hence, increasing work efficiency. The chair, when delivered, weighs about 62 pounds but, reduces to 54 pounds when fully assembled.

The chair doesn’t disappoint in providing the much-needed comfort for the sciatica pain.


#3: Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Aeron chair is designed to make sure that people stop complaining about the spinal aches, back pain, and numb legs.

Aeron uses a mesh style fabric on the seat and back is supportive without creating any pressure on different parts of the body.

It takes the shape of the back offering comfort, every time you sit on it. The waterfall design of the seat pan doesn’t cut off circulation down your thighs and supports your buttocks entirely.

Herman Miller Aeron chair - best ergonomic chair for sciatica

Sitting on the chair feels like mesh trampoline without the bounce supporting your entire bottom half. The sciatica nerve doesn’t get compressed keeping continuous blood circulation between the pelvis and feet.

The curvy seat pan doesn’t get deflated a bit after long hours of sitting, and the lumbar support pad at the back slides up and down helping you adjust itself according to your lower back.

The 55 pound Aeron chair is backed by the 5 hooded spokes with a 2.5-inch diameter dual caster wheels capable of moving on all floors.

Available in carbon and aluminum frame options, and lavish metallic colors, every chair looks unique enhancing the look of the room. The armrests have a leather coating that pivots inward and outward.

It comes with height adjustment button below the armrests. Now you can swivel around while resting your arms and pass some files over.

Seat pan locking adjustment adds the flexibility to your movement when you rise back from the reclining position. This feature helps the bottom to a position in a better way giving you space to move while reclining.

Herman Miller Aeron chair - best work chairs for sciatica

The tilt lock comes in three type settings where you can tilt to larger angles for a quick power nap or a small recline while watching TV. The tilt lock at the back allows you to rock while leaning.

After years of research and testing, the chair is designed in such a way that it deserves the top spot in the list with an expensive price tag proving its value over money.

Designed to bring style and comfort to any office or home setting, the chair comes with 12 years warranty.


#4: AmazonBasics High Back Chair

The next chair in the list is AmazonBasics High Back Chair. The Bestseller is worthy of eradicating sciatica pain of all users.

The padded seat pan is soft enough to let you sit all day long. The shiny black leather is spill free and gives an executive look to the room.

AmazonBasics High Back - best chair for sciatica relief

Care is taken regarding the wrist pains with the addition of foam covered thick armrests. The armrests should be bolted to the sides, and its height is convenient for all the users.

It has a smooth swiveling motion with a long steel pipe standing as the base for the seat pan capable of holding weight up to 250 pounds.

The chair weighs 35 pounds and takes 15 minutes of assembly time with a user guide given at the time of delivery.

Supported by a strong five hooded base molded from high-quality plastic, the chair gives smooth swiveling motion. Blessed with dual caster nylon wheels, moving over thick carpets and wooden floors is not a big deal for the user.

AmazonBasics High Back - best chair for sciatica nerve pain

The lumbar support avoids the lower back pain, and a tilt tension knob beneath the seat makes it easier or harder to rock back in your chair, depending on which way you turn the knob.

The hydraulic height adjustment rises from 41 inches to 45 inches giving extra height to the short ones reaching 20 inches above the ground.

The chair has the potential to provide relief to all the users fighting from sciatica pain.


#5: Crossford Furniture Office Chair

The next spot in the list is occupied by Crossford Furniture. Keeping back and sciatica pain in mind, this executive office chairs is designed to provide comfort for a long hour sitting at the office.

The leather back is stuffed with extra foam giving right posture to your back, and the butterfly design allows you to stay in the upright position.

Crossford Furniture - best chair for sciatica nerve pain

The seat pan is designed in such a way that it doesn’t saddle down even after sitting longer than 8 hours.

The curvy ergonomic back helps you cope up with the lower back pains with the extra foamed back eliminating the need for a lumbar support pillow. The curved armrests padded with cushions give an executive look to the chair.

The swiveling motion adds to the swift journeying of the user capable of carrying up to 250 pounds comfortably. Available in black color, the chair is perfect for the office as well as home decors.

The height can be manipulated using the lever at the right, and the circular knob at the bottom is used for controlling the swiveling tension of the chair. It is recommended to keep the chair at its smoothest swiveling motion and not to adjust the knob.

You can occasionally recline as the chair back tilts to a small angle allowing you to relax your spinal cord. These nylon wheels move on every other surface used in homes and offices giving you an easy option to travel over short distances.

Crossford Furniture - best living room chair for sciatica

The wide seat pan area helps you to mobilize your legs deleting Numbness in thighs. You can keep those hanging hands on the sturdy armrests that are covered with thick layer of foam.

The base consists of metal five hooded spokes with chrome finishing which have dual caster wheels at the base.

The designers offer you support without sacrificing your comfort. Overall, the chair is a preferable as the comfort level is more than the price it demands.


#6: Serta 45637 Puresoft Leather Chair

Serta introduces a large bulky, tall executive chair made of commercial grade components providing an unending comfort to your office life.

Looking at the upholstery, the leather is durable giving the firmness as you sit on it. The leather is spill-free and washable making it user-friendly.

Serta 45637 - best desk chair for sciatica

Every part of the chair back is covered with multi-layered body pillows. For those, struggling with back pains, this chair is a problem solver giving you a massage like relief.

The big and tall design offers a wide seating area capable of handling up to 400 lbs. The multilayered seat pan provides the longer seating relief from coccyx and sciatica pains.

The addition of foam to the steel armrest gives you a time-out from a tiring typing session. The chair weighs 67 pounds and gives swiveling motion. Serta fits your office decor as it is available in gray and brown color.

Backed by the dual layered padding, the lumbar support keeps your lower back in right position.

Serta comes with numerous adjustments helping its user to adjust accordingly. The dual-caster wheels at the base ensure that there is swift movement in the office over shorter distances.

Serta 45637 - best office chair for sciatic nerve pain

Now you can stretch your body in your free time eliminating those stiff muscles with the tilt back function coming in use. Your power nap will include comfy armrests that hold your arm in position giving you a relaxed posture.

Serta has made it stylish by coating the five hooded base with chromium adding the shimmer to the chair.

The height adjustment lever ensures that your foot touches the ground even if you are at the top enabling proper blood circulation.

Its dependable performance ensures long-lasting value and a great return on investment.


#7: Viva Office Leather Office Chair

Nothing beats this Viva Office Chair for an initial office setting.

The deluxe heavy duty high back is bonded with leather, and the soft spring padding provides the ultimate comfort to your sciatica.

Viva Office - best office chair for sciatic nerve pain

The perforated mesh makes it breathable keeping you sweat free. Its luxurious design adapts with every venue it’s placed in. The layered seat pan can withstand weight up to 350 lbs boasting its strength along with its rigidity.

Its waterfall design makes it fatigue-free. The chair holds your arms on the armrest and gives swiveling motion.

Available in black color, the chair weighs 63 pounds when delivered and requires assembly which takes not more than 15 minutes.

Looking at its ergonomic adjustments, the pneumatic controls let you raise your height according to the desk size. This is performed by pushing up the hydraulic lever.

Viva Office - best office chair for sciatica pain

It promotes tilt back motion where you need to pull the lever until you get the required tilting angle. To reduce the tilting angle, push yourself forward and retain the back to its original position while pushing the lever.

The chair houses nylon made dual caster wheels, smooth enough to make you move over short distances saving your relevant time. The armrests increase your ease fixed at a proper height convenient for users of all heights.

The chair is easy to assemble and provides a free component exchange up to 2 years.

The chair is a perfect combination of high-quality material, performance and superior ergonomic design making it one of the Best Chair for Sciatica Pain.


Conclusion for Best Chair for Sciatica

Though the list may have come to an end, the pain has not yet ended.

All those viewers are suffering from Acute Sciatica Pain; I would suggest you to buy any of these chairs from the list above.

After hours of research, creators have produced these chairs keeping in mind the pain of every employee.

The chairs fall in different price category giving the user a choice to select according to their budget.

Therefore, selecting a chair became simpler with my list bringing the Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain.

Have a Healthy Day Ahead!! Thank You..

FAQs About Office Chairs for Sciatica Pain

Frequently asked question for Best Chair for Sciatica to Avoid Back Pain

  • I often feel numbness in my legs and the lower spine due to which I can't work correctly so which chair would be best for me?

The pain you feel is nothing but sciatica pain and buying a chair is not going to eliminate that pain in your body because it needs medical therapy and good exercise. But purchasing an ergonomic chair will reduce your pain, and you can choose any of these above mentioned ergonomic chairs according to your budget, favourite colour etc.

  • I want to gift a chair to my grandfather who suffers from sciatica pain, but my budget is only $150. So which one shall I choose?

Great to see that someone wants to make their grandparent happy and you don't have to worry about your budget because you will get a beautiful chair will which help your grandfather reduce their back pain. If I have to recommend then you shall go for the 60-5000T chair, this chair has some cool leather seat pan and back cover which will protect your buttocks from getting hurt.

  • Those chairs which I liked are highly overpriced, and which I don't are very cheap I want to know why is that?

That's probably because of your budget. Sorry to say that but the chairs which are highly priced offers more comfort and excellent facilities than other chairs, but they are only slightly different. If you are not satisfied with a chair’s features then either increase the budget or find a chair which fits according to your preferences.

  • Does the design of the chair matter when we are buying a chair to reduce our sciatica pain?

That's personal, I mean one may find the design of the essential chair part especially when they are buying this chair at office places where they might want to impress other peoples, but for some, it doesn't. Some of the chairs which I've mentioned above are very simple but yet they are handy when you want to protect your back from having irritating pain.

  • Can these chairs cover the whole of my body or will I need to buy a leather cushion for additionally support?

If you want to buy a leather cushion just for your lower spine, then don't buy it because most of these chairs are sufficient enough to protect your lower spine. But if you want to use it headrest or something else then go for it otherwise you can fully trust on these chairs which will help you to get away from sciatica pain.

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