10 Best Office Chair For Neck Pain [2020]

Chairs have become much needed part of our daily life and finding a comfortable chair is essential when sitting for long periods.

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs Review For Neck Pain

Are you getting severe neck pain and don’t feel like seating in front of your computer? There are chances that you get confused while buying the ones with a headrest.

I have personally compiled a list of Top 10 Best Ergonomic chairs for neck pain. Before we walk through the list, let’s look at some of the specifications to expect while buying.


Things to Consider While buying a Quality Office Chair For Neck Pain 

1. Ergonomic Design

By Ergonomic Design, I mean that the thighs should be around 2 inches from the edge but, not more than 7 inches.

A chair should have pneumatic adjustments such as height adjustment lever, armrest height adjustment, a cushioned headrest.

The ergonomic design which supports, the back line from your lower region up to the head eradicating lower back pains, spinal strain, neck ache and eye strain.

An ergonomic chair is the most preferred in office and now its comfort level has grabbed the attention of people to an extent that it is used in home and other relative places as well.

2. Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment is the mandatory feature in an office chair allowing every individual to adjust uniquely.

Many people feel numbness in their feet due to long sitting intervals. This happens due to lack of blood supply inside the body.

Every Ergonomic chair has height adjustment lever which helps in increasing the height as per the user’s requirement.

Short people can adjust the height, free their legs and have a contact with the floor for initializing continuous blood supply and relax the muscle.

3. Neck Rest

Selecting the perfect chair that supports your spinal cord is not that easy. With plenty of chairs out there, it has become a back-breaker task to select a high back chair that supports your neck as well.

The sole purpose of this article is to end the neck pain every employee faces by not giving importance to the neck region.

Neck Rest not only mitigates the neck strains we get while sitting but also gives the spongy support when leaning for a power nap.

Top 10 Best Office Chair For Neck & Shoulder Pain in 2020

#1: DX Racer Racing DOH/REO

DX Racer has made an important impact in this list bringing outstanding quality chairs. Although, DX aims at introducing gaming chairs but, they have succeeded in bringing a revolution in the category of office chairs as well.

This model is the larger version of best-selling Formula Series Chair. The chair is not just for gamers and earns its place as an office chair also.

It features a high density cold cure foam filling extending its use especially for durations of more than 8 hours. With a taller, wider backrest and seat pan, the chair approves a bigger-built user.


The racing series is wider than formula series occupying bigger people while featuring swivelling motion. It houses 3-D armrests, headrest and a lumbar support cushion available in orange and green colors.

The chair weighs 91 pounds sufficient of lifting people up to 200 pounds.

The Ergonomic design flaunts its style and uniqueness with pneumatic adjustments uplifting its worth. The Racer offers superb stability with its steels frame and five star metal bases.

DX Racer can be lowered to various angles with the help of lever at the bottom giving you the right comfort for a power nap.

The brand new footrest shaped base made of nylon material is extremely strong and durable. The 3D straight armrests come with soft padded cover relieving your arm muscles and can be adjusted using the buttons underneath.

You can set the height of your armrests according to the computer desks. The angular adjustments help to the change the angles of the arm rests accordingly.


The conventional tilt mechanism favours back tilting done by the handy lever at the right. The comfort is expanded with the provision of headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.

Lower Back pains will become a myth once you used the chair along with the lumbar cushion. The neck pillow teams with the outstanding back height that runs up from your pelvis to the neck area keeping your spine in a good shape.

The Black Aluminium star base with dual caster wheels acts as a mode of transportation over shorter distances.

Overall, the chair gives a positive vibe of a tough structure with some bold look and never ending comfort, making it a top ranked chair in this list.

#2: Ergohuman

If quality matters more than the budget, then this chair completely stands a chance to land in your shopping cart. With a customer review of more than 180 people and certified by Greeenguard, Ergohuman grabs the attention by launching a High Back Swivelling Chair.

The back made of upholstery mesh frees you from sweat patches at the back and increasing air circulation.


The dimension of seat pan is 20.5 inch by 18.5 inch. You will notice the unique design of this chair resembles butterfly wings with eight adjustments.

The adjustments include: tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle, back height, synchronic tilt, seat height, seat depth, and arm height.

Available in colors like: Blue, Black, Burgundy, Copper Green and Grey. Further comfort is delivered by the cushioned head rest coming into use when leaning back.

Weight of the chair is 64 pounds offering a swivelling motion along with carrying weight up to 200 pounds.

The chair has a back height adjustment done by just pulling the lever. The headrest adjusts as well by just pull and push motion.


The chair has adjustable armrests which can change angles and a height adjustment button to establish arm comfort. The lower part of the chair is similar to the lower back.

This enhances proper blood circulation and helps you get rid of occasional cramps and numbness. The chrome / polypropylene star base holds the entire weight along with the nylon dual caster wheels making you movable at the work place without getting off your seat. 

Depending on the body length, every individual can change the height by occasionally decreasing it to touch the feet to the ground.

#3: DX Racer Formula DOH/FH11

The next chair sitting at third rank is DX Racer DOH. DX Racer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards providing luxury as well.

Featured at big gaming events like WCG, the chair has lots of fans especially the e-gamers.


The chair made up of PU cover has higher backrest that supports from pelvis to the head.

When you sit on the chair, it fits your back completely with the side fitting giving plenty of support.

Take the privilege of being called the camper as the high-density foam seat increases your gaming time.

The chair is designed to be used in office as well, coming in color options like: Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue and eight more colors.

DX features the latest design with a higher neck rest at the back. Now, no more lagging in your comfort as the armrests at the sides extend your work time from 8 hours and longer. Most chairs have a low back making it impossible to use neck rest.


DX Racer has tackled this problem by introducing a range of office chairs which can be used by gamers as well.

It weighs 91 pounds and the swivelling ads up to its features giving easy movements.

Heighten your sitting experience from 49 to 52 inches by pulling the hydraulic lever that increases your height as per the desktop dimensions.

The chair comes with a headrest and lumbar support pillow adding extra XP to its overall image. The back can be tilted to almost 180 degrees.

The lumbar support pad uses straps to fit with the chair which reduces the comfort while sitting for longer duration. I suggest replacing straps with the Velcro strips which solves the problem keeping it stationary and won’t be visible. 

The five hooded base with dual caster wheels made of hard plastic makes your tasks easier.

If you're looking for an all-in-one chair for serving your every purpose, this model is your best bet under budget.

#4: Ergomax Office Chair

Giving priority to high back and neck comfort, we have an Ergonomic Chair by an Ergomax Office.

The chair is lightweight and strong since as it is made up of hard plastic and nylon materials.

The high back is composed of fabric mesh material to prevent sweat building during long hour working. The back efficiently covers entire spine with a slight curve at the end and an adjustable lumbar support at the back.

Ergomax Office Chair - ergonomic office chair with neck support

The seat pan is made up of mesh and nice foam padding that provides butt relief and keeps you away from sciatica pain.

The waterfall shape promotes uniform blood circulation throughout your legs. The chair is capable of holding weight up to 250 lbs.

The back and seat pan made of mesh makes it difficult for cleaning so beware of spilling anything on it. You get a headrest and adjustable arm rest at the sides so that reclining becomes easier.

Weighing 36 pounds, the chair is available in four colors such as: Red, Blue, Black and Brown giving you plenty of home decor options.

Looking at the adjustments, you get two levers at the left for height adjustments as well as to lock the reclining angle.

Lifting height adjustment lever increases the seat height by 2.5 inches. Get a reclining angle of 40 degrees by pulling the other lever to achieve a power nap position.

Ergomax Office Chair - best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

Pull the lever up to lock the reclining position and enjoy the power nap. There is a handle that lets you lean in front, decreasing the possibilities of hunching position.

The headrest has a curvy shape to hold your head and neck comfortably with a twisting angle of 45 degrees.

Further, you get armrests that can be adjusted side to side, backward and forward giving you every possible position to support your arms.

When delivered, every part is wrapped neatly in plastic with some necessary hardware that you will require.

The instruction manual makes it easier with few steps to follow and you are ready to go.

#5: Homdox Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair

At rank five, we have a BIFMA Certified chair by Homdox called the Ancheer Ergonomic Chair.

Made up of strong polyester, you get a sweat free back after sitting for longer hours.

You get a seat pan 51 centimeters wide covered with mesh upholstery with waterfall shape applying minimum pressure on thighs. The mesh upholstery dissipates the heat formation keeping you cool.

Homdox Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair - office chair with neck support

The chair features a headrest at the top to keep you away from neck pain due to long working hours. You get adjustable armrest, swiveling feature and dual caster wheels to enhance the comfort level.

The chair is available in Red and Black color making it look executive at whichever place you keep it.

There is a lumbar at the back which fills the gap between your lower back and the chair. The chair weighs 17 kilograms with a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

The chair features all the adjustment options of an ergonomic chair giving the user a vertical posture along with occasional flexible motions.

You get a height adjustment lever to lift the user from 17 inches to 19 inches to reach the appropriate height in front of the desk.

Homdox Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair - best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

The armrests are height adjustable with the buttons at the outer ends help you get the appropriate height while typing and reclining. You get adjustment options in the headrest like angle and height adjustment.

The chair stands on a five hooded base which is backed by dual caster wheels that can run smoothly over every working surface.

Coming back to the backrest, designers have taken all the efforts to break the back by pushing and pulling it 12000 times with a weight of 45 kilograms.

This durability test was followed by 100000 free falls of the chair, and the outcome was a tough, perfectly functioning scratchproof Ancheer Ergonomic chair.

It offers a 30-day money back guarantee with a 5 year warranty on parts.

Overall the exceptional back and head support make it an efficient workforce which deserves a place in the list of Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain.

#6: Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Chair

At 6th spot, we have another Ergonomic Mesh Chair brought by Argomax.

Receiving 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, the chair has won hearts of many users providing an ergonomic chair with mesh upholstery, a headrest and an out of the box back support making it desirable for the user.

The high density breathable and imported mesh back keeps you sweat free by performing continuous air circulation.

Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Chair - office chair with neck support

You get a lumbar support that gives greater support to your lower back, waist well as some portion of your hips.

The swiveling motion offers 360-degree versatile motion to use the workplace around you. The seat pan is dense to hold weight up to 330 lbs without getting deflated even after so many years.

Available in black, the chair is so fashionable to suit in board room meetings, living room or an office set up.

Keeping Ergonomics in mind, the chair features a multifunctional angle lock and height adjustment lever at the right which when pressed, raises you up and vice versa when lifted.

The pneumatic setting helps you reach the required height smoothly. The chair can recline up to 135 degrees and to secure this angle, press the lever such that you remain in that position and complete your power nap.

Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Chair - ergonomic office chair with neck support

To get back to the vertical position, pull the lever, and you are back in the 90-degree erect posture.

The back is designed according to the S-shape curve of the spine supporting all the sections of your back for the entire working time.

Further, the armrest can be height adjusted to get different verticals while typing and reclining. And the last part is the headrest where you get a densely foamed headrest that is rotatable.

Hence shout out to all those employees with neck aches, here is the chair for you exclusively designed to give entire body relief.

Backed by BIFMA standards along with a 30-day money back guarantee, the chair is surely something that should not be missed.

#7: H&L Office

Known as a supplier of Office furniture chairs, H&L office enters the list by introducing one more mid back chair.

It has adjustable head rest eliminating neck pains whereas the flip-up arms gives the much needed hand support. The mesh cools yours back preventing body heat and moisture build up.


The design is strong enough to handle a weight up to 220 lbs. Available in silver grey and Black colors, the chairs proves to be a combination of design and style.

The power naps has become easier as the lever at the bottom gives an effortless reclining motion along with the lumbar supporting the lower back as well.

The specialised feature is the improved adjustable head rest. The lever helps to increase the height as per the stature of the person giving long lasting comfort.

This has helped to get rid of the neck strains you get while staring at the computer screens.


For short people; the height can be lowered by the hydraulic lever to enhance proper blood supply. The tension control adjustment at the bottom enables controlling the tension of the swivelling motion.

The wider people can fit as the arm rest fold back increasing the width of the seat pan.

The dual caster wheels with white rim are smooth enough to glide on carpets and hardwood floors as well.

H&L offers a suitable solution for neck pain with a positive feedback from its users. The Ergonomic design is sturdy and comfortable to hold your weight for several hours along with the occasional swiveling motion.

#8: Anji Modern Furniture

Sitting on your office chair for a longer period, results in back ache, neck strain and coccyx pain too.

To avoid such aches, Anji modern furniture features a high back ergonomic chair, fully adjustable lumbar support, armrest, head rest which are easy to assemble.


With added thickness, the fire resistant CA117 foam offers immense comfort making you seat for hours.

The high quality mesh at the back is flexible enough to take the shape of your spine minimising back pains.

The all black color fits perfectly at any workplace adding its elegance at every venue.

The 37 pounder made of polyurethane is rigid enough to carry weight up to 280 pounds. With a stable five wheel heavy duty plastic base, Anji features a 360 degree swivel rotation.

8018 BK chair exhibits all the features you expect from a high end luxury office chair at an economical price. The chair was specifically designed for neck support with a unique bulging head rest that encourages proper alignment when leaning back.


The cushioned headrest is adjustable so that you periodically rest your head and neck when working. The comfort is raised with the addition of padded arm rest and back support.

The back rest increases from 18 inches to 22 inches and can be adjusted by pulling the lever, offering minute height adjustments.

With handy height adjustment levers, you can take some rest by reclining the back at several angles and moving the arm rest at your will.

The lumbar support adds to its worth bringing some relief to your lower back.

The dual caster wheels made of polyurethane offers the required motion needed to travel while resting your butts.

#9: Viva Office

Nothing beats this office chair for an initial office setting. Its luxurious design adapts with every venue it’s placed in.

The premium fabric upholstery and the black mesh at the back eliminate the sweat.


The stylish foamed seat pan can withstand weight up to 250 lbs boasting its strength along with its elegance.

The chair holds your arms on the arm rest and gives swiveling motion.

The chair weighs 41 pounds when delivered and requires assembly which takes not more than 15 minutes.

This is performed by the hydraulic lever which works by a pull action.

It promotes tilt back motion where you need to pull the lever at the right until you get the required tilting angle. To reduce the angle, push yourself forward and retain the back to its original position by pushing the lever.


The arm rests increase your ease were the buttons at the side help you to change the heights. The built in lumbar support gives relief to your lower back.

An adjustable curved headrest is the significant addition with height adjustment button helping every other person.

The caster wheels are smooth enough to make you move over short distances saving your relevant time.

Looking at its ergonomic design, the reachable pneumatic controls let you raise your height according to the desk size.

#10: Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture has created an impact in recent years becoming the top most contenders in the office chairs industry.

With a total weight of 34 pounds, this high back executive chair easily swivels 360 degree as per comfort level.


The chair stands out in the office with its contemporary design featuring a mesh back with its added features include the neck rest and the adjustable high back design.

It has an extra thick seat cushion that is perfectly moulded for a great fit and the black colour model makes it a luxurious part of furniture inside the office.

The armrest at the sides padded with 3D cushions will make sure your comfort is maintained when sitting and typing is your regular activity.

Let’s have a glance at its adjustable options:

The arm rests change their height and can be flipped up when not in use. The high back design mitigates the spinal and lower back pains.


The tilts lock mechanism offers a comfortable rocking / reclining motion and the headrest can be raised by pulling the center knob granting you occasional power naps.

The free range motion is for taking a quick break from typing for phone calls and relaxing.

You can change the height of the arm rests depending upon the different table heights.

The waterfall front seat edge removes pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation.

The five hooded chrome base makes the chair rigid and the dual caster wheels made of nylon allow easy movement over carpet, tiles, and wooden floorings as well.

Conclusion for Best Ergonomic Chairs Review for Neck Pain :

So, here is the end of the list telling you the top 10 chairs for neck pain.

Now, no more neck pains while working on the chair as you have your own choice of chair giving extra support to your neck, back and arms.

These chairs have simple design with great features that extend your working hours.

Since, you have an idea of the best chair for neck pain; you can choose any of the 10 according to their price tag.

Have a Good Day!

FAQ's : Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain

Frequently Asked Question forTop 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs Reviews for Neck Pain-FAQs

  • Which of these chairs has the best-cushioned neck rest?

I would say all of them. Every company uses different types of cushions to make the neck rest, but if I had to pick the best one out of the list mentioned above of chairs then my favorite is H&L Office and Argomax Mesh Chair. These chairs have the best type of neck rest which a user would find very attractive and comfortable too.

  • I'm a medical student due to which I have to study for long hours so which chair out of these would prevent me from having a neck pain?

You can pick any of these chairs to study comfortably because most of them have a perfect neck rests and an armrest which would help you to study for more extended hours without causing you any neck or back pain.

  • Can these chairs increase our productivity while working?

If you have a problem of neck pain or back pain which usually causes distractions while working then yes, if you use any of these chairs then you might be able to get rid off those body pains which would ultimately increase your focus and productivity.

  • Is taking naps on these chairs good for health or will it cause any problems?

I'm a huge fan of power naps, and whenever I feel exhausted, I use one of these beautiful chairs to relax for some time and till date I've faced no problem. If you're worried that you will get sweat or tired if you use this chair continuously then don't worry because these chairs are ergonomic ones and it will cause no health problems.

  • Why is there so much of price difference between these chairs?

The main thing about these chairs is that they all are branded chairs, and when you're purchasing a branded quality chair, you must not think that much about the price. Yes, we agree that there's the difference between the costs of these chairs, but they're marginally low, and one can quickly increase their budget if they're serious to buy that chair which would help them to reduce their neck/back pain.

  • It seems like all of these chairs have good neck rest but how many of them have a comfortable armrest too?

Hmm... Good question because a chair is not considered as best just because it only has good neck-rest but also it must've some useful features like the comfortable armrest, great caster wheels, etc. If we you’re a fan of taking some good power naps then you might want a chair which provides some right armrest upon which you can place your arms comfortably and relax. Out of the chairs mentioned above, I think Flash Furniture and Viva Office have some really cool armrests.


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