7 Best Computer Office Chair for Heavy Person [2020]

Being overweight is awkward in most situations:

...and not getting to sit comfortably,

...especially during a round table conference can add up to the humiliation.

Finding a suitable chair according to your weight category can be difficult at times.

Giving more priority to these problems, designers have certainly come up with bigger and better chairs.

The layout of the chair has changed over the last decade to suit both the size of homes as well as their users.

Conquering the idea, nowadays office chair for overweight people can easily accept weight up to 350 pounds.

So, here I am to help out those people who don’t find a comfortable chair and keep struggling for comfort.

PS: These chairs can be used by every user willing for a relaxed seating workforce during the working hours.

Shall we start?


7 Best Office Chairs for Heavy Person in 2020

#1. Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair

Nothing beats this Boss Office Chair for an initial office setting.

Bossing the entire list, chair not only provides, professional style but also sophisticated support for all-day comfort.

Keeping sciatica pain in mind, this executive office chairs is designed to provide comfort for a long hour sitting at the office.

Boss Office Products B991-CP - office chair for heavy person

The curvy ergonomic back helps you cope up with the lower back pains with the extra foamed back eliminating the need for a lumbar support pillow.

The curved armrests padded with cushions give an executive look to the chair. The leather back is stuffed with extra foam giving right posture to your back, and the multilayered design supports lumbar, shoulders and the entire back.

The seat pan is designed in such a way that it doesn’t get punctured even after longer sitting hours. It's swiveling motion adds to the swift journeying of the user capable of carrying up to 350 pounds comfortably.

Available in black, brown and gray colors, the chair is perfect for the office as well as home decors.

The height can be manipulated using the Pneumatic gas lift lever at the right, and the circular knob at the bottom is used for controlling the swiveling tension of the chair.

It is recommended to keep the chair at its smoothest swiveling motion and not to adjust the knob.

Boss Office Products B991-CP - plus size office chairs

You can occasionally recline as the ergonomic tilt mechanism with infinite locking adjustment allows for setting the chair to the preferred angle. This allows the spine, to rest for a while.

The 3” nylon wheels move on every other surface used in homes and offices giving you an easy option to travel over short distances. The wide seat pan area helps you to mobilize your legs deleting Numbness in thighs.

You can keep those hanging hands on the sturdy armrests that are covered with thick layer of foam.

The base consists of 27” five hooded spokes with chrome finishing, which have dual caster wheels at the base. The designers offer you support without sacrificing your comfort.

With a capacity of 350 pounds, a 6” height adjustment range, padded armrest, back and dense seat pan, this 49 pounder is a preferable as the comfort level is more than the price it demands.

#2. Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore

The list moves forward to #2 with a leather padding chair by Comfort Products. The 60-5800T chair has leather upholstery, giving an executive look to its user.

Since the seat cushion, armrests, and back are covered in shiny black leather; the chair matches your living room and office area.

Comfort Products 60-5800T - best office chair for overweight person

The lumbar support backs you when you face lower back pains thus, supporting you throughout the day. The wide seat pan with waterfall seat gives enough space to the thighs keeping your buttock muscles healthy.

The padded chrome armrests and the comfy cushioned back holds the vertical posture for long working hours.

The lever attached to the base of the seat pan adjusts the settings such as tilt, tilt tension, swivel lock and height lift.

The height can be increased accordingly, and the provision of headrest increases its user count. The swiveling helps you to rotate by 360 degrees hence, increasing work efficiency.

Comfort Products 60-5800T - office chairs for obese

The chair, when delivered, weighs about 62 pounds. You can lean back comfortably while keeping your elbows on the curvy chrome armrests which are padded with thick leather.

The chair gets a rigid support from the five hooded base, made of chrome metal and has dual caster wheels at the base.

Coming in shiny black color with a weight capacity of 350 lbs, 60-5800T won’t disappoint those big guys giving wide seating area compiled with entire body comfort.

#3. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

Entering our top 3, we have AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair that supports up to 350 lbs.

The high padded back is made up of leather keeping you vertical all day long. Care is taken regarding the wrist pains with the addition of foam covered thick arm rests.

It features smooth swiveling motion at the base. The chair made of commercial grade components weighs 44 pounds.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair - computer chairs for fat guys

The curvy seat pan is the main catalyst for your efficient work rate giving the utmost coccyx relief required for longer hours.

Available in lavish brown color, every chair is unique in itself boasting its worth at whichever place you assign to it.

The lumbar support is not just the support but a pain reliever for every individual fed up of lower back pain.

The hydraulic lever is one of the most important adjustment features. To raise the seat, remove your weight from the chair, then pull up on the pneumatic control handle.

To lower the seat, stay seated and pulls the handle to reach the desired height. Tilt back has revolutionized the concept of power nap offering rest time freedom to the hard workers.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair - office chair 400 lb weight capacity

The chair’s adjustable lumbar mechanism provides added support for the lower back. Supported by the strong five hooded base moulded from high-quality plastic, the chair ensures smooth travel.

Blessed with dual caster nylon wheels, moving over thick carpets and wooden floors is not a big deal for this workforce.

Compiling all the features, the chair deserves the third spot in the list falling under a measly price tag of $200.

If you need a sturdy, strong and a chair that looks pricier than its price, then going for the Amazon Basics leather chair is a no-brainer.

#4. Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner

Coming after a tiring day and falling aimlessly in a recliner is a priceless feeling for every employee.

Keeping that wonderful feeling intact, I bring you an Easy Comfort recliner from Mega Motion.

Recline Lift chairs will safely and easily get you from a sitting to standing position with the help of push button.

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Recliner - fat person chair

The lift chair will also smoothly and effortlessly take you from your standing position back to a sitting position.

Just imagine the level of comfort you can achieve in a lift chair with all of the positioning options, health and safety benefits they offer.

The electric remote is the main catalyst for the change in the positions letting you adopt a desirable position with just a single click. The chair as per my opinion will be most comfortable for users between 5'4" to 6'1".

Chair looks like an ordinary recliner that will fit into any home decor featuring royal blue color upholstery.

The dense seat pan combines with the footrest giving everlasting relief to your lower body. The chair houses wide armrest accepting forearms of all sizes.

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Recliner - 400 lb office chair

Now you can play and celebrate your gaming time, while sitting on this rigid workforce that weighs 130 pounds giving unmatched stability.

The large volume of foam in the back ensures consistent support to the entire spine filling the lumbar gap at the back as well.

Lift chairs also make a great gift for a loved one that you know struggles with mobility and health issues.

Assuring a warranty period of 1 year on home service along with 2 years on parts exchange, you get a lifetime warranty on lift mechanism where all three lift position gets executed successfully.

#5. Modway Engage Upholstered Armchair

Our next chair at 5th spot is by LexMod Armchair adding new style furniture to your homes.

The chair’s commercial-grade components support up to 440 lbs, while it’s Extra-durable design stands up to heavy, everyday use.

The chair features dual cushions, and curved contours keep your back supported. It aligns your body properly - an important component when sitting for long periods of time.

LexMod Engage Upholstered Armchair - office chairs for over 300 pounds

The chair’s dense back gives complacent lumbar support for the lower back. The seat cushions deep layers of double plush padding help ensure superior and consistent sitting comfort throughout the day.

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For forearm, wrist, and hand support, the LexMod armchair provides curved armrests, comfortably padded with matching upholstery.

Available in 13 different colors, the chair gives a couple of options to the housewives while setting home decor.

When standard-size office chairs don’t quite fit the frame, Lexmod has wooden legs at the base making it compact to be placed in office area and homes as well.

LexMod Engage Upholstered Armchair - 400 lb office chair

Gently sloping curves and large dual cushions create a favorite lounging spot.

Whether plopping down after a long day at work, settling in with coffee and brunch or entering a spirited discussion with friends, the Engage Armchair is a welcome presence in your home.

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Weighing 40 pounds, the chair can carry weight up to 440 lbs with 6” thick cushions and 13 eye-catching color options.

#6. VIVA OFFICE Leather Executive Chair

Starting with our list, we have Viva Office Leather Chair coming under $300.

The layered seat pan can withstand weight up to 350 lbs boasting its strength along with its rigidity.

The big and tall design offers a wide seating area, and the multilayered seat pan provides the longer seating relief for coccyx and sciatica pain.

VIVA OFFICE Leather Executive Chair - office chair for heavy person

The deluxe heavy duty high back is bonded with leather, and the soft spring padding provides the ultimate comfort.

Available in a ravishing Black color, the luxurious design adapts with every venue it’s placed in.

You get an armrest to hold your arms while giving swiveling motion. The chair weighs 63 pounds when delivered requiring assembly time of 15 minutes.

Looking at its ergonomic adjustments, the pneumatic controls let you raise your height according to the desk size.

This is performed by pushing up the hydraulic lever while leaning forward to remove your weight.

It promotes tilt-back motion where you need to pull the lever to the left until you get the required tilting angle.

VIVA OFFICE Leather Executive Chair - plus size office chairs

To reduce the tilting angle, push yourself forward and retain the back to its original position while pushing the lever.

The chair houses nylon made dual caster wheels, smooth enough to make you move over short distances saving your relevant time.

The fixed armrests increase your ease; making it convenient for users of all heights.

The chair is easy to assemble and provides a free component exchange up to 2 years.

Viva Office is an appropriate combination of high-quality material and features that makes it a suitable entrant in the list of Best Chair for Overweight People.

#7. Serta 45637 Executive Puresoft Faux Leather Chair

Repeating in many of my lists, Serta has made an impact coping with multiple pains like sciatica, shoulder, spinal and coccyx.

Serta introduces a large bulky, tall executive chair made of commercial grade components in the form of 45637 that provides an unending comfort to your office life.

The washable leather is spill-free making it user-friendly. For those, struggling with back pain, this chair is a problem solver giving you a massage like relief.

Serta 45637 - computer chairs for fat guys

The big and tall design capable handles up to 400 lbs. The addition of foam to the steel armrest gives you a time-out from a tiring typing session.

The chair weighs 68 pounds and gives swiveling motion. Serta fits your office decor as it is available in brown color.

Backed by the dual layered padding, the lumbar support keeps your lower back in right position. The premium layers of foam provide a plush-like feel for superior comfort.

The durable leather gives a generous seating area with the multilayered seat pan moulding your coccyx area. The 6 layers of seat pan include:

  • Poly-fibre top layer
  • Memory foam layer
  • Macro-dense softness layer
  • Micro-dense support layer
  • Comfort Coils
  • Total-Edge containing layer

Serta comes with numerous adjustments helping its user to adjust accordingly.

The height adjustment lever ensures that your foot touches the ground even if you are at the top enabling proper blood circulation.

Serta 45637 - office chair 400 lb weight capacity

The dual-caster wheels at the base ensure that there is swift movement in the office over shorter distances.

Now you can stretch your body in your free time, eliminating those stiff muscles with the tilt back function coming in use.

Your power nap will include comfy armrests that hold your arm in position giving you a relaxed posture.

Serta has made it stylish by coating the five hooded base with chromium adding shimmer to the chair. Its dependable performance ensures long-lasting value and a great return on investment.

Rounding up 45637, we get a dense seat pan multilayered back with a weight capacity of 400 lbs that accepts various user sizes and its overall weight is 68 pounds.

Conclusion: Best Computer Chairs for Overweight People

Here is the end of our list containing Best Chairs for Overweight People suggesting you the 7 best products from a pool of thousands of chairs.

You must buy to avoid coccyx pain and other pelvic pain. Every seat pan defines itself with specific features giving you a word of wisdom before buying.

A variation in price tags helps every individual to select the chair from the list according to their budget.

I hope you like my review and hope it helps you in choosing the Best Chairs for Overweight People.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

FAQs : Office Chair for Overweight People

Frequently asked question for Top 10 Best Chair Review for Overweight People-FAQs

  • I’m a fat person, and I also have a problem of blood pressure so which chair would you recommend for a guy like me?

It’s tough to work for long hours on the chair when you have that kind of medical condition, but if you use a right chair, then it might reduce your pain. All of the chairs mentioned earlier are ergonomic ones, and you can have any of them as per your preference. But if I have to make a suggestion, then I’d recommend you to go for Boss office products chair, or Serta Leather chair as these are the best for a person like you who suffers from blood pressure and severe back pain.

  • Which is the best chair to purchase when you’re going to use it at home?

When you are buying a chair for home purpose and especially for an overweight person then what you shall consider first is which chair offers you the full seat pan with comfort. Out of the chairs as mentioned above Modway Engage Armchair is best for those who are seeking to use the chair for overweight persons at home. This chair offers a vast area of a seat pan with its fantastic ergonomic features which will take care of your body.

  • I want to gift my “healthy” husband a chair on his upcoming birthday, so which one shall I buy?

Great! It's really a great idea to gift someone a chair especially when it's your husband. The chairs which are mentioned above are reviewed and sorted by us according to our point of view and experience, so it's tough for us to give you a suggestion, but you can choose any of these chairs which fits according to your husband's test of color, size and your home. So best of luck in selecting that chair and best wishes to your husband.

  • Are all of these chairs suitable for a tall guy like me (6” 2)?

Most certainly Yes. The chairs which we've listed above are individually for overweight guys regardless of their heights. But a person as of your height (6”2) can quickly get fit into most of these chairs, and yes, you can give a try to one of these chairs.

  • Will I be able to work without any disruptions if I choose an ergonomic chair for my work?

Yes, you can. Since these chairs are made to make you feel comfortable, they will undoubtedly increase your work enthusiasm. However, we would recommend you to not to sit for too many hours continuously on a single chair as it will harm your health and try to take a power nap or a quick walk for proper blood circulation which will prevent you from having some back pain.

  • Is it hard to assemble these chairs or will I need an another person's assistance in it?

For most of these chairs, the process of assembling is not that much laborious but some of them are really big in size, and due to that you might need your friend's assistance in assembling chair's parts correctly.

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