7 Best Armless Office Chair (Updated 2020)

Armless Chairs have become an important part of the office setup these days.

Top 10 Best Armless Office Chair under Budget Review

Though they look small and don’t let you rest your arms; this is in turn of advantageous as you get a wider area to sit with no restrictions on the side.

Moreover, you can easily slide down under the desk smoothly without any interceptions.

Looking at the size, the chair offers an essential comfort; occupying minimal workspace.

With so many armless chairs offering the same features, I have compiled a list of some of the best armless office chairs that can be used at homes, hospitals and other workplaces.

People working at office, homes or dormitories are going to benefit from these chairs as they offer durable, stylish looking designs, pneumatic adjustments, and pleasant colors.

With all said above, I won’t keep my readers waiting and quickly move on to the list.

Let’s start:

7 Best Armless Office Chair in 2020

#1. Basyx Task Chair by HON

Climbing all the way to top of the list, we have an awesome looking Task Chair from HON called the Basyx Task Chair.

Hon has been designing stylish, glamorous looking chairs from its inception. There has never been an absence of style factor in the chairs they design.

Preceding on with a motto of “quality meets value” the chair offers all that worthy comfort to sustain your body for the entire day workload.

Basyx Task Chair by HON - tempur pedic office chairs reviews

Tailored support is given by the waterfall seat pan, and double layered seat cushions have contoured edges. You will get an improved productivity because of the ergonomic adjustments that apply on every desk size.

The breathable mesh back ensures a dry back during the entire working period with the swiveling motion ensuring that complete the tasks while sitting.

With a total weight of 26 pounds, the durability is highlighted by the 5 hooded nylon bases holding a 5 year warranty with it.

It offers certain pneumatic adjustments like height adjustment lever, tilt tension control to recline easily, tilt lock to lock it at a certain point and swiveling motion that gives maximum freedom of motion.

Basyx Task Chair by HON - best desk chair for posture

The best feature is the armless one, where you can easily glide under every desk with the extra seat width not keeping your lower body confined.

The black color gives the finishing touch. The durable materials, customizable pneumatic controls, and affordable price make it a smart chair for every individual.

PS: Confirm that the mechanism is mounted onto the seat pan in the proper orientation, if not, remove and re-assemble. After completely assembly, reassure that the tilt tension mechanism is properly oriented. Remove and Re-assemble if the orientation is not satisfactory.
The chair is backed by the honor of the HON Company available at a reasonable price.

#2. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair

If you are craving for immense lower back support and seating comfort then low back task chair by AmazonBasics is the one for you.

The upholstery is in the black color fabric where you get a full day working support because of padded seat and back.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair - best office chair with lumbar support

You will get a guaranteed professional sitting style for the entire day. The mini butterfly seat combines with the countered edges ensuring a proper posture to your back.

Thanks to a strong body as the chair handles weight up to 250 pounds. The whole weight of the chair is 13.5 pounds.

Looking at the dimension, AmazonBasics offer 25.2 by 18.7 inches with a height rising from 34.6 to 37.8 inches. This is done by the pneumatic adjustments done by a lever at the right end.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair - best office chair for leg circulation

Rising is followed pulling the lever to increase the chair vertically whereas reverse action will reduce the height.

Moreover, the rocking intensity of the chair is controlled by the tilt tension lock depending on which way you turn the knob.

The chair gets its rigidity from the nylon made 5 hooded bases that hold dual caster wheels for movement. Swiveling is the added feature that increases the work efficiency of the user.

Keeping all those features in mind, the designers offer 1 year warranty with the chair assuring the promise of the brand.

#3. Boss Office Products B16245-BK

Our next product has the tagline of Best Seller, scoring the likes of more than 1000 happy customers.

Making places in several homes, Ergonomic design replicates your spine increasing your work efficiency.

The upholstery consists of vinyl with a chrome finish that makes the chair look enticing.

Boss Office Products B16245-BK - mesh seat office chair reviews

Maintenance and cleaning become an easy task since the chair is waterproof. The compact size of the chair makes its presence in little spaces of office or living rooms.

With a weight of 16 pounds, Boss Office Chair can be easily relocated in different desirable places.

The pneumatic height adjustment lever with a 6-inch vertical height range keeps you vertical.

Lift yourself effortlessly with this adjustment lever according to the desk dimensions.

Considering the size of different people, the chair houses a chrome foot ring to be attached few inches above the base for short people.

Boss Office Products B16245-BK 2 - why are office chairs so expensive

Numbness in legs will dissolve since you will always have a place to support your feet. The best part is that the ring is removable, so it depends from person to person.

The CaresoftPlus fabric upholstery comes in Black and Beige office setting, perfect for every office and home setting.

This versatile chair is one product that should be in your wish list, made exclusively for all the short people out there.

#4. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

AmazonBasics have been doing a couple of rounds in my articles bringing one more ergonomic wonder called low back computer chair.

Task chair to be specific, you get an all-day comfort with its mesh back, dense seat pan and pneumatic seat adjustments.

The mesh back gives you sweat free back so that you don’t get annoyed with that wet feeling while working.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair - study chair with writing pad amazon

The black contoured mesh gives the required back support; whereas your buttocks stay relaxed on the 2-inch thick padded seat pan.

Don’t underestimate the size of the chair as this small workforce can handle weight up to 225 pounds.

AmazonBasics gives you four color options Red, Blue, Green, Black which are comfortable for both men and women.

The back ensures that you remain upright while working with a pneumatic height adjustment raising you to desired desk height.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair - best chair for computer work

To raise the height, you just need to remove your weight by simultaneously pulling the lever. The reverse action will lower the seat height while seating.

Weighing 16 pounds, it will be easy to carry this chair by a single guy between different rooms. Dual-caster wheels play an important role moving this mini workforce from room to room.

You also get a plenty of workspace utility with the swiveling motion feature hung with the chair. You get an instruction manual to make your work much quicker.

Backed by 1 year warranty, the chair will surely prove its worth from the moment you start using it.

#5. Boss Office Products B1615-BK

Though the boss enjoys most of the luxury in the sitting department, Boss Office Products bring a chair replicating all the comfort in an armless chair.

The 17.5 inches wide chair boasts a height of 26.5 inches enough to hold taller people and supporting the entire spine.

The curvy seat pan and back hold the muscles in a place letting a uniform blood circulation.

Boss Office Products B1615-BK - top rated executive office chairs

The dense seat pan doesn’t hurt your buttocks with the waterfall seat eliminating numb thighs.

The base is made of 5 hoods that provide stability, and the dual caster wheels give room for mobility over several surfaces.

Above that, you get a circular foot ring made of chrome that lets short people rest their legs just like a bar stool.

Available in four fabric colors like Burgandy, Blue, Black and Gray the chair fits in every small space whether it is home or office.

Have a glance at its beautifully designed pneumatic adjustments which holds a lever to increase height from 26.5 to 31.5 inches.

The armless feature helps you to stay closer to the desk giving you an extra width for your buttocks to fit in.

Offering a weight capacity of 250 pounds, moving this 28-pound furniture is a lot easier with dual caster wheels coming into use.

The ergonomic contoured seat, swiveling motion, chrome foot ring are 4 different colors make this chair stands out from the others.

#6. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless

Flash Furniture is known to produce awesome chairs that will improve the home decor while offering utmost sitting relief.

Giving Armless feature to its user, Flash Furniture brings a Mid-Back Armless chair for its users.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless - office chair you can sleep in

The mid-back chair has 23 inches back capable of entertaining users up to 6 feet tall.

The seat and the ergonomic back have moulded foam that gives a uniform sitting surface to the entire body.

Get the chairs in Black and White color that decorates your living rooms and office area.

Made for long hour sitting, the chair has a relaxed lumbar back that retains the back flexibility.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless - study chair with writing pad amazon

The chair forms its base on glossy 5 hooded bases competent of bearing a tall 6 feet guy weighing up to 220 pounds.

The seat features a tilt locking mechanism that lets you choose the tilting angles as per your back comfort.

You also get a bar at the back where you can hang your blazer or jacket keeping it safely.

Looking at the swiveling motion and dual caster wheels at the base, the chair easily slides under your desk making it a stunning workforce.

#7. Green Forest Armless Chair

Starting with our list, we have Armless chair by Green Forest. Coming with a multipurpose look, the chair is specially designed for office and home use.

Padded with thick seat pan, the long hour working becomes a comfortable session for the user.

Green Forest Armless Chair - best chair for computer work

You get 18-inch wide seat pan accommodating users of all sizes. Though it looks small, the weight capacity is 300 lbs giving features like pneumatic height adjustments, swiveling and mobility in the workplace.

The chair rises from 35 inches to 45 inches giving you satisfactory level to sit comfortable under the desk.

The armless feature allows you smooth gliding under a desk of any height. Comprising of fabric, metal, plastic and foam the chair is durable weighing 16 pounds.

Green Forest Armless Chair - best office chair with lumbar support

You get two color options namely gold and gray. Any problem will be solved within a period of 3 months.

The chair on arrival comes with all the components, screws and an instruction module to help you attach the parts.

Overall the chair is multifunctional and can be used for both home and office uses.

Rest a Bit

So, after reaching home, a tired employee will have a pleasant rejuvenating session on this armless chair giving him the right posture and back support with pneumatic adjustments coming to rescue the back.

Little space consumption adds some extra points to its bag without intervening with other big furniture.

The dual-caster wheels make it much easier to carry it to several places within the room.

Keeping budget in mind, armless chair is one such product that doesn’t need two minds before buying.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

FAQ's : Armless Office Chairs

Frequently Asked Question for Armless Office Chair-FAQs
  • can we work efficiently on an armless chair?

Sometimes people judge lots of things by their look, and the same goes for armless chairs also. Yes, you can work very efficiently on any of these armless chairs without getting worried about your health issues because most of them are ergonomic chairs which will take care of your health issues like back pain, neck pain, etc.

  • Is assembling an armless chair a hectic task?

NO. Many people think that assembling an armless chair is very hard and they might need a professional person who can do it but with manual instructions provided by the company with the chair you can quickly set up any armless chair within a few minutes. You need to follow all the instructions carefully which are provided by the company on how to assemble the armless chair and then you can do it by yourself very quickly.

  • I Want to buy the most branded armless chair for my little office. So which one is the best among all of these?

Almost all of them. All the armless chairs which are in the above-mentioned list are best in quality and price, and you can go with any of them. But since you want the best armless chair for office purpose then we can suggest you go for either Basyx Task Chair or AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair although they’re a little bit expensive since you want the best quality then you can firmly rely on these. 🙂

  • I'm a kind of overweight guy, and I'm worried whether an armless chair would be able to handle my weight or not?

Many people judge the capability of handling the weight of any armless chair by solely its looks, and that’s where the problem is because almost all of the chairs mentioned above can easily handle a person weighing from 250-300 pounds. So if you’re worried that you might fall from a chair or you won’t fit in then don’t because these armless chairs are made in that way which can be used by any person like short/tall or skinny/fat.

  • Which color of the armless chair shall I buy? I'm confused in between grey and black?

Tough choice. I still remember buying my first armless chair, and I was mostly confused about which color shall I pick, and since I was buying it for my home usage, I went with the black color. So if you’re going to use this armless chair on your home or room, then you can go with black since it can fit very comfortably but if you’re buying for office use, then you might want to go with grey because it suits to the corporate environment.

  • Which of these armless chairs can be used at both home and office space?

This might be the most commonly asked question which I’ve seen many times. I’ve seen many peoples who use armless chairs for various purposes like they sometimes use it in their office space and then at home too because these chairs got very less amount of weight which means one can carry easily to another place without putting too much of efforts. Now to answer the question then you can use any of these beautiful armless chairs at both home and office, and it’s more subjective thing so choose the chair according to your preferences.