Merax Gaming Chair Review-Affordable & Smart: Updated 2021

Looking for a bad ass gaming chair and don’t want to break the bank?

You are at the right place.

Merax Gaming Chair Review - best pc gaming chair under 200

I am going to review one of the best gaming chairs available in the market.

Obsessed with gaming chairs, I keep on trying the chairs that suit me while gaming and this one impressed me a lot.

Today I am going to review the gaming chair by Merax.

Merax was founded in 1995 and has surprised its customers by producing some of the best chairs at exceptional prices.

Building a strong presence in the market since past 2 decades, let’s have a close look at one of their products: Merax Gaming Chair.

First Impression

Merax Gaming Chair

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The chair looks huge, covered with leather upholstery on parts like seat pan, high back and arm rests.

The stitching looks solid and long lasting. A multilayered padding ensures a separate support to shoulders, higher and lower back, neck and buttocks.

I own a black and red color chair, which looks awesome in my gaming set up. You get two colors i.e. green and yellow with black as the base color.

I can see a pair of armrests that are partially rounded with rubber padding over them. There is a height adjustment button at the side for better adjustments.

Gazing at the seat pan, it is dense and wide with uplifted corners that ensure complete support to your buttocks.

Merax Gaming Chair

You get a big lumbar support cushion that promises to give all day long lower back comfort with adjustable straps to adjust it. At the top, you get a headrest attached to the same strap at the back.

So you have to coordinate with both lumbar and headrest to achieve a comfortable napping position.

The dual-caster wheels are eye-catching; since there are the same color as that of the chair rather than the other chairs which give a plain black color.

The five hoods are colored making them look interesting.

Overall, the chair is impressive in its looks, size, and strength capable of accommodating big users as well.


With the first look getting appreciated, functionality and looks go hand-in-hand.

A chair which looks ergonomic but doesn’t give the required adjustments to the users cannot be considered ideal for the users.

Merax Gaming Chair

I have looked at the adjustments features of this chair and would like to share my experience with you all.

Talking about the back, you get high back 25 inch high back which rises by around 2 inches more due to pneumatic height adjustment feature.

The lever at the bottom right needs to be pushed down to raise your height and vice versa for decreasing. Just make sure that you remove your weight while raising the height.

The lumbar pillow is backed by 2 adjustment stripes at the back where you have placed it up and down accordingly.

A similar adjustment is available for the headrest pillow where you can position the pillow exactly below your head and enjoy the neck and head support.

Merax Gaming Chair

The best part of the chair is its reclining feature. You get a reclining angle of around 160 degrees where you can take a power nap on this after a hectic gaming session.

Backing it up is the rigid 5 hooded base that keeps the user stable at 160 degrees as well. Keep your arms stable on the armrests with a height adjustment feature helping you to keep the controller closer to your body.

Talking about the strength, the chair is prepared to bear people weighing up to 250 lbs giving them the same stability during the reclining.

The dense seat with curved borders ensures that your buttocks stay on the seat pan with greater support. The stability of the chair is undisturbed as the base is strong enough to handle the intensive celebrations.

Merax Gaming Chair

The waterfall edges promote blood circulation through your thighs keeping the legs numb free.

Make sure to maintain the right sitting posture on the chair where there is a 2-inch gap between the seat edge and the back of the knee with your feet parallel to the ground.

This posture ensures that the lower back pain like coccyxsciatica pain, etc. don’t threaten you even after long working hours.

It is advised that taking a walk after every hour loosens your muscles making the blood flow smooth throughout the body.

Swiveling option helps you in upper body rotation where you get maximum opportunity to use the workplace around you.

Merax Gaming Chair



  • High back with a long lasting back, head and shoulder support
  • Bigger Lumbar support ensures that you are continuously under support.
  • Get an awesome reclining angle of 160 degrees to achieve a power napping position.
  • Designed to adjust with body’s natural comfort.


  • The adjustable straps may sometimes be disturbing for the user as long hour sitting may leave a mark on user’s back.
  • Bigger Lumbar support ensures that you are continuously under support.
  • The 2-inch height adjustment is not favorable for all the users. You may need to use seat cushions for getting the required height.
Merax Gaming High Back Computer...
  • √ HIGH QUALITY SUPERIOR COMFORT: Our chairs are crafted to perfection and designed to the bodies natural shape with an ergonomic build complete with deep padded cushioning throughout the chair length for soft natural comfort during long hours of sitting
  • √ LEADING GAMING CHAIR DESIGN: Soft upholstered wear resistant PU leather is integrated with our Merax signature bold racing stripe design against a midnight black backdrop making it the center of attention in any gaming or office set-up
  • √ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BUILD: Manufactured with complete 360 degree swiveling to easily navigate around your desk, back tilt function allowing you to lean back comfortably and an upright lock function to prevent tilting when not desired
  • √ SYSTEM YOU CAN RELY ON: Fully adjustable armrests and height to fit your size, adjust the chair back anywhere between 90 degrees in an upright position to 180 degrees laying completely flat for napping. Built-in heavy duty gas lift and strong base castors holds loads up to 250 lbs

Final Verdict

So, with every feature improving its chances of entering your buying cart, the chair hardly fails to impress anyone.

With the pros more dominant on the cons, I recommend as a reasonable buy as it provides a lot more at the cost of $150.

With waterproof leather, strong stitching, a variety of colors and minute adjustment settings, the chair surely impresses the gamers to change their previous gaming tool and go for this one.

The PU Leather gives the adequate comfort along with an executive look. The more you use it, the more fall in love with it.

Chairs like DX Racers dominate the market coming at a price tag greater than $200. But, this chair designed by Merax possesses all the features compared to some of the gaming chairs coming at a price tag greater than $200.

Frequently Asked Questions about Merax Gaming Chair : FAQs

  • How are the Armrests? Are they Adjustable?

Yes! The Armrests on the Merax Gaming Chair are highly adjustable. It doesn’t matter what are you using this chair for and what is your height, the Armrest on this chair is pretty adjustable so you can rest your arm on it. Like this, the gaming chair, the leather upholstery covered armrests are excellent in providing comfort while playing games for a long time.

  • What about the Roller Wheels on the Base of this chair?

Hmm. The Rolling wheels are a great addition, which is pretty smooth and made with high-end industrial grade plastic. You can roll pretty quickly with these wheels anywhere in your room. You have to take little care while moving on the carpets, as the wheels are prone to small threads lying on the rug. Too many threads clogged in the wheel and you have to spend your few minutes removing them.

  • Does it Lock in Certain Position?

When you recline, you have the option to lock the position for good. You can lock the chair position at any angle you want. This feature comes handy while giving your back and yourselves a little rest after an intense session of gaming. This chair can recline all the way down, and you can lock on to that position too.

  • Do you think my body type is suitable for this chair?

It’s not just you! The chair is suitable for any body type. The guys at Merax took care of comfort in every possible aspect. The ergonomic design is the key factor here that promises ultimate comfort to the users. The ergonomic design ensures that the people with different body types will feel comfortable while using this chair. So, don’t worry about your body type, be it flat, fat, wide or tall, the Merax Gaming Chair is suitable for you.

  • What are the Cushions Made of ?

The cushions are made up of the PU leather and the Foam. The foam consists of interior cushioning and the cover is made with the PU leather. The High-Quality leather covers almost every part of the chair touchable by the human body. So, whenever you lean on these chairs, the Foam and Leather going to give your body ultimate comfort in any position.

  • What are the Color options available?

The Merax Gaming chair comes in three different colours, i.e., the Red, Green and the Blue. The colour combination of Red, Green, and Blue with the Black makes this chair look way more beautiful than you’d ever think. You can choose any colour combination that suits your favourite colour and the colour of your favourite esports team. And also, all of the colour options are at the same price.

  • What are the Dimensions of this chair?

Here are the detailed dimensions of the Merax Gaming Chair. The seat of this gaming chair is 21.7 inches wide and 20.1 inches long. The backrest is 33.1 inches long, and the height is adjustable. The total height of this chair along with the base is 49.2 inches, which is adjustable up to 52.4 inches. So, this is the pretty good chair for people who have the height of 6 feet or a little bit more.