5 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews [2020]

While chronic pains and strained muscles call for regular massage sessions, it’s very costly and time-consuming to establish an effective routine with an expert massage therapist.

Alternatively, you can complement your home or office furniture with a suitable and humanized massage recliner that could bring you a soothing massage at your preference and get rid of such cramps and stiffness.

The market is flooded with multiple brands that can confuse your choices, and apparently, only a few are trustworthy. Focusing on the most optimal point between economy and therapeutic benefits, the Infinity Massage Chairs could be a one-stop solution to get rid of your problems.

Hailing from the US, the Infinity Massage Chairs are certainly among the most popular brands with best-quality massage recliners. The manufacturer concentrates on improving the essence of most massage lovers’ life through durable, innovative, and comfortable massage chairs.

These massage recliners are piled and loaded with modernized massage technology, standard massage techniques, and numerous options to make them perfect and complete massage recliners.

However, it’s essential to know about all the top-rated Infinity Massage models readily available on the market. As it is worth it to get prof, we’ve created the following in-depth analysis of the top 5 best Infinity Massage Chair to help you make an informed decision. Generally, the best Infinity Massage Chairs offers a fantastic massage experience, and are the best in terms of features and design.


5 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews in 2020


1. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D Massage Chair

The Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D is a world-class massage chair with a wide array of high-grade features and techniques. It’s a deluxe amusement model that suits most users easily and irresistibly with its flexible and targeted massages.

You can choose between black, brown, or tape to suit your contemporary décor. The Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D brings you everything you need to stimulate your body, at your comfy home. Besides the reasonable price tag, the fantastic massage unit arrives with all embellishments any user can require from the infinity brand.


Hop from strains and pains via the massage chair’s voice command system. The chair comes with an S-shaped design that couples with the side rail to embrace your spine to deliver a more meticulous massage.

Forming part of Infinity massage Chairs hallmarks, the chair grants its users full control over the heating mechanism. You can ideally increase the temperature moderately to alleviate your muscles with the most optimal relief and relaxation without shocking your figure.

There’s the foot massage that utilizes an aggregate of 8 airbags along with six extra massagers that does a remarkable job for your foot. For people who strive on feet all day long, the model could be a one-stop choice to the great relief of cramps and sore feet.

The Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D comes with six preset massage modes, which you can easily control using the model’s remote control. The Bluetooth integrations help you to access your favorite playlist while capturing a marvelous massage experience. 

Users will find the chair amazingly quiet during operation, even when having a vigorous massage session. When it comes to sustainability, the Infinity massage chair brand covers you, should there be any concerns.

The chair utilizes a constant steady voltage, which will save you much power units in comparison to other typical models. You can count on this infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D massage chair for the most effective benefits.

The upper body sensors contained within is another top-listed feature. This is where you assess the extents of the strains and other forms of discomfort in the anatomy and apply a targeted alleviation accordingly- particularly if you’re experiencing aches around the shoulder area and lower back.

The Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D hits with modernized ready-to features including, working relief, sleep, rest and relief, as well as sport refresh. Also, the remote control is advanced to ensure a complete palm control, while presenting an easy to read display panel.

The unique arrangements of the eight air cells enhance the chair’s ability to offer a more in-depth and comprehensive spinal stretch compared to other chairs. You’ll experience a delightful Shiatsu massage since this Infinity product swivels the seating location, moving your hips smoothly from one side to another.

The chair offers every essential assistance to correct any instances of aching anatomic curvature, and other disorders that can interfere with your day-to-day life.

Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D Massage ChairPros

  •   Adjustable airbags
  •   Innovative and advanced technology
  •   Includes Bluetooth speakers for entertainment
  •   Perfect foot and neck massage mechanism
  •   It does not consume much energy.
  •   Great for people suffering from back pain


  •   No L-track system
  •   Hefty price
  •   Rollers could be padded

Infinity Massage Chair


2. Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Although it might miss some marks, the Infinity IT-8500 Comes with similar features as the Infinity IT-8500 XD 3D. It provides compression massages for the spine, necessary for conditioning the nerve center that spans the back.

Other distinct aspects include the USB sound mechanism and not Bluetooth integrations, and a larger tab-like remote display instead of a remote control device.


One of the best things regarding this massage recliner pertains to its decompression massage. The chair incorporates air compression bags that inflate and deflates themselves, thereby eradicating strains trapped in your shoulder areas and legs. The chair reclines to meet the defined level, stretching your body to alleviate the stress and fatigue. It applies a human massage technique while serving as a machine transformation.

There are two zero-gravity massage techniques from which you can select your most preferred seating position. The lumbar heat modules attached at the back of the chair help you to choose heat massage and get rid of strains and cramps. However, these modules are not outright hot. Instead, they warm just enough to provide an aesthetic massage motion like the one offered by a masseuse.

Unlike other massage chairs where users access their music device via Bluetooth, the IT-8500 comes with a simple and easy USB sound system. It has a port where you can plug in your music devices such as flash disks to enjoy some good music, or use a USB cable to connect your cell phone to the sound system and experience a music therapy alongside massage sessions.

The recliner is also heaped with a body scan mechanism that helps to appraise the anatomy before starting the massage. The moment you take a position in the chair, the 3D body scan system helps to spot out the most strained areas and adjust accordingly to deliver a more targeted massage to your specific contour.

The chair is also designed to offer foot and calf massage through the foot rollers. This helps to improve blood circulation and to eradicate stress from the body. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of preset programs that enable you to aim at specific body parts effectively and exclusively.

The 22-inch shoulder massage coverage can accommodate users with larger upper bodies easily and comfortably. As a therapeutic model, doctors recommend this chair for patients in need of relaxation and restoration in their homes. It has the wheels to ease movements.

Infinity IT-8500 Massage ChairPros

  •       Preset programs available
  •       Full body scan
  •       Comfortable massage
  •       Lumbar heat massage
  •       Adjustable stretching massage
  •       Great customer support


  •       The position of the shoulder airbags may not fit all users
  •       Expensive

Infinity Zero Gravity Massage Chair

3. Infinity IT-Riage X3 Massage Chair

The Infinity Riage X3 is both charming and calming. The model is stuffed with modernized technological features that transform a typical massage chair into a relaxation hub. The model isn’t a must-have for every massage lover because the price tag is a bit unrealistic.

Nonetheless, if you’re longing for a high-end massage unit to alleviate chronic pain in your back and neck areas, then the IT-Riage X3, according to most users’ experience, is the best massage chair for a price.


Starting from the headrests, the model hits with bells and whistles via a long massage track. The feature grants you the option to choose between headset padding to allow the rollers to attain an extensive massage coverage from the neck, or use the padding to elevate your head up, giving it an excellent smooth base for relaxation.

It has a couple of different headrests to choose from. The thin-leather pad gives you gentle support while hastening a lighter touch from the rollers. There’s also a thicker pillow pad that covers the thin leather pad, allowing you to achieve more posture. Both pads are back-foldable and hung loosely after use.

The patented roller network addresses specific areas in your body that have the most strains to be alleviated. These parts are identified by the full-body scan embedded in the chair.

With the 49-inches L-track design, the massage chair does an exceptional job conforming to the anatomic spinal curvature and stimulate your skeletal muscle system to derive the massage benefits. Your mind rests in a joyful state without stress or tension.

While foot fatigue is a major cause of distress, the chair incorporates foot rollers and reflexology system, designed to offer human touch massage techniques. The foot rollers apply pressure points to your feet while activating quick relief in other parts of your body.

However, the foot massage rollers are not adjustable in terms of pressure, but there’s still the option to entirely switch them off or work with a thicker sock to eradicate the strains tension on your foot.

Heat therapy is quite commonly used to manage tense muscles. That said, the Riage X3 is as well packed with heating modules embedded in the rare part of the chair. Nonetheless, the heating modules are adjustable.

That means you can activate or deactivate to provide heat to your lumbar region, sooth, and loosen body muscles while preparing your body to grab the best from the massage therapy.

While the remote control is suitable virtually for all your adjustments needs, the chair features a mobile app that allows you to integrate your massage unit via Bluetooth and enjoy full control over its functionalities using your smartphone.

The model also comes with dual-mounted speakers to playback any audio, including music, ambient noise, or audiobooks, to help you enjoy some good moments during your massage.

Infinity IT-Riage X3 Massage ChairPros

  •       Six preset massage settings
  •       Competitive warrant (three years)
  •       Massage tracking feature included
  •       Bluetooth connectivity
  •       Two zero-gravity seating positions


  •       Extremely expensive
  •       The weight may not please all users.

Infinity Full Body Massage Chair  

4. Infinity Genesis 3D

Similar to Infinity Escape and other luxury massage chairs in this line-up, the Genesis recliner features a 3D massage technology and a state of the art roller system.

The quad roller heads modify your massage intensity while moving up/down and in/out to deliver a more effective and deeper human-like massage. That said, the model is one of the best massage chairs in our list, crammed with features that serve considerably for most users.


The chair comes with a wall-hugging design along its overall length of 49″. It employs an L-track technology that allows you to sit and relax ergonomically. And by keeping a precise body posture, this chair can grant you a remarkable massaging experience within minutes.

The wall-hugging design starred by the model implies that users can recline with zero off-the-wall clearance, even in zero-gravity seating positions. It retains space-saving design that’s rarely found on most luxury massage chairs- a bonus to your living room, especially where both aesthetics and space are as valuable as your curative massage chair.

Most premium massage chairs today come with a body scanning technology to assess the most pressured points in your body and present a massage that centers on such areas to eradicate pain and lessen stress, just like to the Infinity Genesis 3D.

The chair features an optical anatomy-scan technology that provides a perfect personalized massage and serves with high efficacy, similar to a pampering chair costing $10,000.

It also comes with a flexible height shoulder airbags for a more satisfying massage. The body scanning technology coupled with adjustable shoulder airbags to provide more general stretch massage for most users. But for people with a height exceeding 6’2″, this chair may not grant all adjustability necessary for a comfortable, effective massage.

The model’s Zero-G function is excellent. It gets you into a virtually weightless zone to recline your feet, such that they balance with your body, offering your spinal curvature the most optimal comfort in the best possible way.

The chair allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes via the Bluetooth speakers embedded inside of the chair’s headrests. The handy USB charging station embedded on the left side, easy to reach, and just below the waist airbags for extra convenience.

Infinity Genesis 3D Massage ChairPros

  •       Zero-G massage chair
  •       Features an L-track design
  •       Compact modernized shape
  •       Bluetooth technology available
  •       3D massage system incorporated
  •       Most suitable for adults and exposed persons


  •       Very expensive

Infinity Genesis Chair 

5. Infinity Evolution Premium 3D

The Infinity Evolution Premium 3D hits the market with both exceptional and essential features for massage lovers. It’s quite apparent that Infinity Massage Chairs introduced this model as a getaway to an incredible comfort and relaxation experience for extended massage sessions.

That means that you’ll have a break to relax your exhausted anatomy within a well-defined period. It radically takes you into a sensational luxury and tactility that leaves your body relaxed and sufficiently stimulated.


Specs for the Infinity Evolution Premium 3D starts with its sleek, compact design together with a space-saving outlay. The Infinity Massage Chairs has focused very well on types of recliners it creates.

As a popular pampering model from InfinityInfinity, the Evolution Premium 3D comes primed with different traits and properties- one of the reasons why the chair hangs an expensive price tag on the market.

Like other best massage chairs, the Evolution 3D features a voice control function. This is where you go along with the voice commands, changing around various massage modes so that they match your likings. On top of that, you can turn on/off your massage recliner using voice control.

It also comes with a couple of memory functions. The main interest of having these functions is to make sure you track down your massage session and programs for your anatomy.

The calf rollers embedded within the chair soothingly perform orbital movements, so your valves and glutes remain relaxed and stimulated for an extended period after that.

Finally, as a competitive infinity massage chair, the model utilizes a 3D massage technology to facilitate a comprehensive massaging session for an extended period. Some of the positive and negative significant traits concerning the Evolution Premium are as follows.

Infinity Evolution Premium 3DPros

  •       The effective voice command function
  •       Offers a comprehensive air massage
  •       Features a 3D massage technology
  •       Advanced design with sleek/slim shape
  •       Two separate memory function
  •       Calf rollers are present with ideal oscillations


  •       The model is costly

Infinity Evolution Massage Chair


Why buy Infinity Massage Chairs?

Over the years, the Infinity Massage Chairs has been releasing the most valued features required by customers in every their massage unit. Some of these artistic features include inversion therapy, 3D massage, reflexology, zero-gravity function, area-saving design, and much more.

Infinity Massage Chairs have served the masseuse community for a long time. It’s a getaway for people suffering from habitual work fatigue, stress, muscle strain, backbone pains, and other issues addressed with a full body massage.

Most of these chairs will perfectly coincide with your home/office décor since they have a sleek, trendy design. However, the most pleasing thing about the Infinity Massage Chairs stems from their best value for money, as in the following anatomic interests.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Research has it that massage extricates stress and tension on physical and cerebral levels by regulating the heart rate, cortisol levels, blood pressure, and insulin levels. With your handy Infinity massage chair, your body can release serotonin and dopamine, which helps to overcome habitual or chronic as well as other short term stress.

According to a well-known study conducted by The University of Miami School of Medicine Touch Research, a 115-minute session in a therapeutic massage chair can enhance extensive EEG brain performance in adults- the reason why some of the Infinity massage chairs work precisely great for adults.

Stimulate your Mood

Regular massage improves the production of endorphins, a natural chemical that helps to stimulate and balance your body’s psyche and more.

Improved Sleep

As stated earlier, massage therapy improves serotonin levels in your body, which are converted into sleep hormone, melatonin. That you can ideally enjoy your Infinity massage chair pre-bedtime to secure a blissful night sleep.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Over time, research confirms that massage can provide an effective complementary treatment for alleviating stress and blood pressure, which are the most frequent contributors to heart diseases.

More so, regular massage has been proven to acutely improve heart rate and reduce blood pressure in hypertensive women. Another source found that good massage therapy serves to reduce pain, anxiety, tension, and other forms of muscular strains in cardiac surgery patients.

Alleviate lower back pain

The American Chiropractic Association revealed that one of the worldwide leading causes of disability is rooted in lower back pain. The association shows that one in every ten people is suffering from it, and for most people who have back pain issues, it eventually becomes a chronic problem.

While lower back pain is avoidable, the best Infinity massage chairs can provide lasting relief for acute and chronic back pain. Most people who have experienced persistent back pain have reported clinically remarkable improvement after subjecting their body to regular massage exercises. Additionally, most of these improvements are long-lasting, meaning users will continue feeling better even when not in a regular massage session.

Lessen Headaches

Anxiety headaches are mostly associated with poor posture, tight neck, sore back, and constant eye-straining. Pampering improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles to eradicate that pain and anxiety.

Luckily, massage chairs have been found to lessen distress symptoms, aches, and sleep discomforts. It is an effective way to eradicate chronic headaches while increasing your serotonin levels.

Spark Creativity

Through relaxation and offering you a moment to rest, massage chairs boost your mind overall creativity. This helps you to think more calmly and perceive a clear picture, could you be having a demanding project or a problem that needs to be solved. It’s another therapeutic benefit that helps your body to release hormones serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, thereby reducing the production of stress hormones.

Rekindle the Romance

The most common side effects of stress, chronic pain, and anxiety are associated with sexual dysfunction and low libido. Even though there are no supported sources that relate massage therapy with an improved hypoactive sexual disorder, regular massage have presented the ability to reduce stress in terms of cortisol levels.

Cortisol levels diminish the amount of testosterone in your body, which is the most responsible hormone for sex drive. That said, hop in your Infinity massage chair for some relaxation massage and melt the stress and anxiety away in light of candles to trigger the mood.

Improved mobility

Another proven benefit of massage therapy pertains to flexibility and an improved range of motion. Infinity massage chairs work on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and connective tissues. It also facilitates blood flow, thereby keeping your joint system more fluid, less inclined to injuries.

Boost Immunity

Regular massage may also strengthen your immune system, particularly during the winter months. Massage stimulates the activity level of your body’s immune system, which helps to fight viruses and destroy killer cells.



Infinity introduces the best performing models of its kind. It has secured a prominent position when it comes to best massage chairs for the continually growing market. Their top-quality massage chairs are easily customizable, offering a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

However, the fact is that not all of them will suit your personal preferences, but most of them will help achieve inner parity wellness. They bring you an effective body massage to fix your posture with a natural human touch experience.