5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair in 2020

The zero gravity craze is in full swing. Manufacturers are busy singing the praises of zero gravity beds, recliners, poolside chairs, among others. But what exactly is zero gravity?

NASA invented the zero gravity technology for its astronauts. It is meant to help them during takeoff when massive G forces are acting on their bodies.

In a zero-gravity position, the body reclines back into the chair in such a position whereby no part is bearing any bodyweight. For astronauts, it helps them cope with the stress of takeoff. For you and me, it is a fantastic therapeutic position that is useful for pain relief and ultimate relaxation.

Massage chair manufacturers have taken full advantage of this technology to improve their products. Currently, almost every chair has its own version of zero gravity functionality. Some are better at it than others. 

If you’re wondering what the best zero gravity massage chairs are, read on to find out. 


Top 5 Zero Gravity Massage Chair in 2020


1. Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 Is one of the most popular massage chairs available. One of the reasons for that is because it is affordable and packed with the best features. It is a mid-range massage chair and commands an average price of about $2000.

The chair also tops because of its three zero-gravity recline positions. That is an impressive feature because most chairs, even the advanced ones, only have one. While that alone is not enough to make it the best in this category, you’ll find that the Kahuna LM6800  has the best of all the other features. Therefore, it is the best massage chair with zero gravity in 2019.

The Kahuna LM6800 is one of the best massage chairs you can get at an affordable price. It comes with all the best features that has one of the most advanced zero gravity massage systems.


SL Track Design

Despite its affordable price, the Kahuna LM6800 comes with a modern SL track system that allows its rollers reach down up to your thighs. Most lower-grade massage chairs have the S track system, which only reaches the lower back.

3D Body Scan Function 

The chair also comes with an advanced body-mapping function that initiates at the beginning of every session. it scans the book the body and maps out every point and contour prepositions the rollers accordingly and help secure a virtual map of the progress

However, it also has a manual override system so that if you feel that any point has been left out, you can interrupt the process and reposition the rollers using the remote console.

Air Massage System

It also comes with the first generation airbag massage system. It comprises of about 40 airbags distributed around the chair, which inflate and deflate rhythmically to massage your body. These are very useful, especially in the calves and feet.

They help to restore blood flow, remove tension, and improve the overall massage experience. 

Space-saving design and 3 Zero gravity positions 

One of the best points about this chair is that it features a modern compact design. The design saves on space because it allows you to place the chair just three inches from a wall or corner without affecting the recline capabilities.

It also has one of the best zero gravity systems found in any chair, with three positions available. These give you a choice so that you can watch TV, work on your laptop or simply lean back and nod off, depending on the position chosen.

Special Yoga Stretch Massage Functions

The yoga stretch functionality allows the chair to stretch out your spine gently by holding onto your ankles and chest using the airbag system.  Then, using the recline function and airbags, it pulls both ends gently and rhythmically several times.

This feature is usually only found in the most advanced massage chairs.

SH Chiro Massage Function

This is a new massage technique that focuses on unlocking the energy in the spine. It is also one of the most advanced, it helps a lot with lower back pain.

Kahuna Massage Chair ReviewPros

  • SL truck massage system is one of the best available.
  • Advanced zero gravity recline system with three positions.  
  • Heating elements in the lumbar region calves and feet.
  • High-quality construction with a steel frame and  PVC leather cover.
  •  Advanced yoga and stretch massage programs. 
  • Affordable. 


  • The chair lacks memory for the custom settings you choose in every session.
  • The massage is too intense and may hurt those with back problems.

When it comes to choosing the best massage chair, there are many factors that you have to consider. The Kahuna LM6800 fits most of these, which is why it the best massage chair with Zero Gravity.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair


2. Relaxon-Chair MK II-Plus Full-Body Airbag Massage Chair

The Relaxon-Chair MK II-Plus is the best budget chair with the best user reviews on Amazon. It is a favourite due to its full body massage functionality thanks to its L-track system.

The MK II-Plus has been redesigned from customer feedback, with less airbag pressure in the calves and an improved foot roller massager. The best thing about it is that it has an excellent record for reliability. Very few customers have reported any major complaints, which is rare for none but the best-engineered products.

It is hard to find a massager with so many positive user reviews on Amazon. The Relaxon-Chair MK II-Plus massage chair is an excellent option we are willing to fork out just a little bit more money.


Proprietary Buttlock L-Track Massage System

Relaxon-Chair has added its version of the L-track massage system to this chair. It allows the rollers to go down past the butt to the thighs, giving your an almost full-body massage. 

However, the tracks do not extend very far past the butt, which fails to be a full L-track system.

Body Scan Function

An automatic advanced body scanning function is available, which helps the chair to make a precise pass without missing any essential points. The scan runs at the beginning of every session so that even if users of varying body sizes use it, it makes no difference.

3 Zero Gravity Recline Positions

The Relaxon-Chair MK II-Plus massage chair is one of the very few on the market, which gives you three zero gravity positions, which makes it one of the best and most advanced. 

This position puts your knees slightly above the heart, which helps it to beat slower and eases most of the strain off your body. At the same time, your body weight will be leaning back against the rollers, enabling a much deeper massage.

5 Massage Functions and 4 Programs

The chair comes with five massage functions which are kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, and a combination of kneading and tapping. This is another improvement, especially over older models which had only three.

It also has only four massage programs such as relaxation, stretching, deep tissue and rejuvenate. Many chairs, especially the Kahuna models, have many more.

Airbags Massage

The chair features a first-generation air massage system and has 20 airbags distributed over the chair. This number is lower than you would find in more advanced chairs, but it works just fine. The air massage function is also quite vigorous, especially in the calves.

Mild Stretching Function, With Calf and Foot Massage

These are grouped because they’re both features you would typically not expect to find in a budget chair. The MK-II has a stretching function, but it is quite mild. Many users complain that it is not strong enough for them.

The chair also features rollers for a foot massage.  It is a great function that helps to offer relief even after a day of being on your feet. However, there have been some complaints that it might be too aggressive.

If that is the case, some home remedies might be useful here. They include placing a thick cloth over the footpads or wearing an extra pair of socks.

Relaxon-Chair MK II-Plus Full-Body Airbag Massage ChairPros 

  • Long L-track massage system that reaches your thighs.
  • First generation airbag massage system.
  • Advanced massage functions and programs, such as shiatsu and yoga stretching.
  • Heating elements warm most of the lower and middle back.
  • Deep-tissue massage, especially for the calves and soles of the feet.


  • Aggressive massage on high settings, especially for the feet. Luckily, there are three intensity levels. 
  • Heating is limited to the back.

For the price, this Relax-On MK-II massage chair gives you an impressive balance of economy and functionality.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair


3. Kahuna SM7300 Superior Performance Massage Chair

The Kahuna SM7300 is another top-quality massage chair. In terms of functionality, it is right up there with the top pick from the same manufacturer, with the only difference being a slightly higher price tag. 

The price is well deserved because this chair is one of those that can handle tall and heavy users. It is a heavy-duty chair with seating for users of up to 6’5″ height and 330 lbs weight.

The Kahuna SM 7300 one of the best massage chairs for big and tall people, and has one of the best Zero Gravity functions. Not only that, but it is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a chair that will give you first-class service for many years to come. With its heavy-duty build, it is guaranteed to last for many years. 


SL Track System

The Kahuna SM7300  is fitted with the popular SL roller track system found on Kahuna’s most advanced chairs. It is very ergonomic and follows the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine. It is also extended and reaches past the butt and thighs almost to the back of the knees.

Due to that, you receive an almost full-body massage from the unique six-roller system. That is unlike some chairs which are restricted to the back only. The rollers also come with small, slightly raised protrusions on the surface called acupressure points. These points help to give you a better massage experience and relieve tension in the muscles.

Zero Gravity Position 

A single zero gravity position is available in this chair. Although some of the more advanced models have two or more, the Kahuna SM7300 is unique because it has one of the best zero gravity features.

This position lets your body rest completely and lowers your heart rate by raising your legs above your heart. It also makes you lean into the rollers, which results in a more in-depth massage experience.

Wrap-Around Squeeze Massage

This is a unique leg massage design from Kahuna. It is made possible by the footpads on the ottoman, which cover your feet entirely and give you a variety of massage options such as rolling, kneading and scraping. This is in addition to the airbag massage.

Space-Saving Design

The chair has a compact design which allows it to recline while being only 3″ from a wall fully.

Lumbar Heating

There are heating elements placed in the lumbar region of the chair, which are suitable for loosening the lower back spine discs and muscles, helping to alleviate back pain.

Kahuna SM7300 Superior Performance Massage ChairPros

  • Redesigned rollers technology with 6 wheels, which are larger and softer to give a more human-like experience.
  • Extended SL track system.
  • Heavy-duty, big and tall design to fit everyone.
  • Compact and space-saving design.
  • Advanced massage functions and programs for all types of users.


  • The chair lacks a memory function to save custom settings. 
  • Some people claim that the massage can be too strong.
  • It lacks target massages for specific areas.

The Kahuna SM7300 is a fan favourite. It has been cited before as one of the best value-for-money massage chairs you can get.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair


4. Osaki OS-4000T

The Osaki-4000T is the best budget chair with Zero Gravity. Despite the affordable price, it still has some great features, including Zero Gravity. It has a great balance of functionality and affordability. You would typically expect a  massage chair that costs less than $1500 to be of poor quality or to lack some major features.

With the Osaki 4000T, you even get a foot and calf massager and an added vibration massage. 


S Track Design

The chair features an ergonomic S-track roller system that gives you a very natural massage. That is because it follows the curvature of your spine, which is in the shape of the letter S. 

Additionally, the roller system has elastic wheels that can move in place to knead, tap or otherwise massage your muscles as needed. 

Airbag Massage

There is also an airbag massage system with air cells fixed in the main body, arms, and leg portions of the chair. While their total number is fewer than you would find in more premium chairs, the entire surface area is the same.

These airbags inflate and deflate in rhythm to give you a relaxing and therapeutic massage. It also helps to improve blood flow. 

Body Scan Function

A full-body 3D scan is done at the beginning of every massage session. It determines your body’s shape and formation. This way, the system can reposition the rollers accurately to hit every pressure point.

You can also override this function and manually set the rollers using the remote control.

Lumbar Heating

The chair has heating elements fitted in the lumbar region. The high temperature helps to loosen up the lower back muscles and works wonders in relieving pain. Unfortunately, the temperature levels cannot be adjusted in this chair.

Zero Gravity

There are two Zero Gravity massage positions, in which your whole body is relieved of the pressure of supporting its weight when in these positions. 

The Zero G position is especially beneficial for the spine, ankles, and other high-pressure parts. If you’re experiencing any pain in any of these, you will love the Zero Gravity function for its therapeutic properties.

Dual Controllers

The chair comes with two remote controllers: the primary one and a secondary one. The larger one is fixed to the armrest and has full functionality in terms of control. The smaller one is wireless and only has a few control functions. However, it is very useful if you want a non-disruptive massage.

Osaki Zero Gravity Massage ChairPros

  • Ergonomic S-line track massage system.
  • Lumbar heating is excellent for back pain, especially in winter.
  • Calf and feet massage options.
  • Airbag massage.
  • Two-stage zero gravity function.
  • 3D body scan function.
  • The chair is wide and strong, can support users of up to 6’2” and 320 lbs weight.


  • Poor quality PU-leather, it is not very durable.
  • The S track does not reach past the lower back to massage the glutes and quads.
  • Heating is only available for the lumbar region.

As far as budget chairs go, the Osaki 4000T is your best option. It has all the major features you will need. However, you are sure to miss some features like a thigh massage, as well as foot rollers and calf heating.

Osaki Massage Chair


5. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

A good massage chair is a great option when it comes to luxury. However, a massage chair with a medical edge beats them all. The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 massage chair was designed by more than 25 doctors, chiropractors and other experts from all over the world.

No other massage chair boasts such a feat, even those that are approved by the FDA. Massage breakthrough has several models, but v4 is one of the best from the company. If you have been experiencing any discomfort, pain, fatigue, tension, or just want a top-of-the-range massage chair, this one is for you. As can be expected, it will cost you a nice round figure.


3D L-Track System

This chair is one of the few that give an authentic 3D massage experience. Running on an L-track system, the rollers protrude about 3″ from the track to provide a deep massage experience, as well as to reach areas like the neck and sides which are usually neglected.

The L-track system allows the rollers to run from the neck to your thighs. That means that you get close to a full-body massage from the rollers alone.

Heated Calves and Foot Massage 

An advanced and ergonomic foot massage function ensures that you get a therapeutic and relaxing experience. This is such a relief since most other chairs tend to be too aggressive with the foot massage. 

It is also heated, which is another unique feature that feels oh-so-amazing, especially in winter. For people with arthritis and stiff joints, this is a godsend.

Medical 3D Body Scan

Like other features on this chair, the body scan function is designed by medical professionals to pinpoint areas of the highest tension. The rollers are then able to focus more on them. You will also find that due to this and the 3D function, the chair barely ever misses a point during a massage.

Therapeutic and Healing Massage Functions

Also referred to as the World Massage, the many massage functions are inspired by some of the world’s best massage techniques. These have already been proven by medical experts to be incredibly useful in dealing with problems like pain and stiffness.

Such programs include the Greek Stress Relief, Turkish Treatment, Deep Tissue Massage from Indonesia, Swedish airbag massage, New Delhi Yoga, etc.

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage ChairPros

  • Advanced, medically designed 3D L track system.
  • Zero gravity positions with stretching programs offer ultimate relaxation.
  • Heating elements in the back and feet sections.
  • World massage programs drawn from best practices all over the world.
  • Free shipping and excellent warranty terms.
  • Very reliable, with a perfect star rating so far.


  • Only one Zero Gravity position.
  • No memory to save custom settings.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D massage chair stands tall in a class of its own. So far, user reviews have given it a perfect rating, which is so rare for something so expensive. 

Even knowing that doctors designed this chair, you will be blown away by the massage experience. The stretch and zero gravity functions are just sublime.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

Why Buy Zero Gravity Chairs?

Zero Gravity has been much praised recently, and you might wonder, ‘why all the hype?’ Well, that is because there are numerous benefits to be derived.

Pain Relief

By taking the stress off your bones and joints, any painful parts, especially the lower back, benefit greatly.


When you lean back in a neutral position, you get the stress off your body and this, in turn, helps free your mind.

Improves Posture

The spine is not straight but curved. The chairs are designed to fit this natural curve, thus encouraging the spine to remain natural.

Improves blood flow

Getting the feet at heat level, or above it, improves blood flow to the brain. It helps re-energize you as well as keep heart conditions at bay.

These are just some of the many benefits to be derived from Zero Gravity recline.


Zero Gravity is an innovation with the potential to make the lives of millions of people better, especially the elderly and those with various back problems. That is why it has become such a major selling point with everything, from massage chairs to beds.

When shopping for a massage chair with Zero Gravity, you will find that almost every manufacturer has included it as a feature. However, these seven are tried and tested to have the best Zero Gravity systems. Get them on Amazon from right here and change your life forever.