10 Best Massage Chair under $1000 in 2020

Hasn't life has become busier day by day as we have flown in the stream of earning money?

This flow has paced up to such an extent that we are ready to compromise with our health as well.

Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews under $1000 dollars

Everybody deserves a break after hours of hard work and raise the lost energy levels.

Keeping those deep words aside, the whole point of this article is to provide its users with the Best Massage Chairs available at an affordable price.

Best Massage Chairs (under $1000) are significant these days giving its users much-needed comfort they require.

It not only relaxes your muscles but helps you to heal quickly with heating options for several body parts.

Who doesn’t want to regain the energy after a busy working day? So, let’s move on to our list featuring the 10 Best Massage Chairs under $1000 for a complete aching-body massage.


10 Best Massage Chair under $1000 Reviews [2020]

#10: Relaxzen 60-42511

Approved by BIFMA, we initiate our list with the leisure chair by Relaxzen.

The soft comfort upholstery looks and feels like top quality leather. The foam filled back supports your entire spinal cord keeping it vertical while you sit.

The massage chair is available in brown and black color options. Relaxzen has introduced a unique color option called camouflage cushion design that suits your home decor in all three color options.

Relaxzen 60-425111 - best massage chair for arthritis

It features padded armrests that help your hands to stay relaxed while reclining. You get a leather pocket below the armrest to keep your stuff nearby like the remote, headphones, cell phone, etc.

Relaxzen comes with a footrest that is heavily padded. Now, you can extend your leg while the massage is going on letting uniform blood circulation throughout the body.

This 50-pound chair is rigid enough to withstand 300 pounds of weight and slides smoothly over floorings.

It houses four individual massage zones with 8 vibration massage motors to relax the upper back, mid back, thighs, and calves. You have to choose independent massage zones, which includes 9 pre-programmed random modes.

Relaxzen 60-425111 - best massage chair for the money

Keeping the lower back in mind, the chair features soothing heat treatment in the lumbar area. Swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment features are included.

You can swivel around to get your things while you are relaxing on the chair. Just make sure that the power cord is detached from the plug before swiveling.

The chair has levers at the side to adjust the angle you want while reclining. The tension adjustment feature adjusts the tension while reclining.

Standing on a strong circular base, the chair doesn’t move unnecessarily giving you the much required peace while resting.

#9: T & D Massage Chair

Our next chair in the list is brought by T & D Enterprises. Padded with a double layer of cushion on the back and the seat, this black color chair gives immense comfort as soon as you sit.

This chair offers maximum massaging power that kneads your back, lumbar area, thighs, and legs. The five pre-programmed settings are sure to suit your needs.

T and D - best massage chair for fibromyalgia

You receive a footrest with the chair that increases your comfort while reclining. The foam filled seat pan doesn’t trouble your butts with the high back maintaining your vertical posture.

You get a side pocket to your right-hand side to keep your belongings like remote, headphone or gaming console. The chair weighs 50 pounds and high enough to hold tall people up to 6 feet.

It houses levers to recline and adjusts the reclining angles as per your choice. The chair is upholstered with Leather Soft Upholstery giving the added softness and durability.

T and D - best massage chair for athletes

Coming in Black color, the chair gives a lavishing look the room it’s placed in. The remote with 6 buttons helps you manually select the intensity of the massage along with the timer and the part on which the massage is needed.

With every session, you can recline and stretch your legs on the comfy foot rest that increases your comfort.

You receive the massage to your calf and legs as the footrest has a massage feature in it and is therefore considered to be one of the best full body massage chair. Swivel along the room to get your things easily when the cord is unplugged from the power source.

Don't look further for another massage chair as the T & D Massage Chair falls in the price category below $250.

#8: HomCom Massage Chair

The HomCom Massaging Chair is sure to help you with tight, sore muscles.

The outer cover is made of PU (Poly Urethane) leather that gives a beautiful finish and is spill free at the same time. It fits your home decor coming in color options of Black, Cream, Brown, and Red.

The chair is padded with very thick foam making you never want to leave it. The rocking mechanism is made of metal, and the frame lies under the upholstery.

Homcom - best massage chair on a budget

Looking at the connections, the chair plugs into a USA standard 3-prong grounded 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet and is UL listed. There is an auxiliary power outlet, and the chair is fully assembled when it arrives.

The chair comes with a remote control to direct various areas to be massaged. You can focus on four areas with different speed levels. The areas include the upper back, lumbar, thighs and legs while the five modes allow you to choose a preset massage.

Get rid of the sore muscles as the vibrating nodes give a heat massage. The vibration and heat enhance blood circulation. The massage modes have 5 preset settings in the attached remote control unit.

HomCom fully reclines, rock, and goes 360-degrees for a spin. Make sure you swivel when all the plugs are removed. You will like the 2 cup holders for your iced tea or water such that never have to get up while relaxing.

Homcom - best massage chair for tall person

The lever at the right helps to recline with the footrest coming up simultaneously. The back reclines when the footrest comes up so that you can comfortably lay back. Place the chair 2-1/2 feet from the wall to recline it.

The chair weighs 110 pounds and can hold a 300-pound person. The back height from seat to the top is 25-inches, and the back thickness is 6-inches.

Overall, this black PU leather reclining, vibrating and comfortable chair gives you the relief required after a hectic schedule.

#7: Tangkula PU Leather Massage Chair

This beautifully designed Tangkula Pu Massage Chair has comfort giving foam that takes the shape of your body as soon as you recline on it.

The leather cover is spill free helping you to have snacks while watching TV. This ergonomically designed sofa chair comes with 8 vibrating massaging modes.

Tangkula Pu - best massage chair for shoulders and neck

The massage nodes have a heating option helping your sore muscles to relax and rebuild. The foam filled backrest, seat and armrests offer the finest relaxation and comfort to your back, lumbar, arms and legs.

The back area measures 28 inches from seat to the headrest occupying tall users as well. Enjoy your drink by keeping it in the two cup holders that are in front of the armrest.

It has a remote and an adapter taking an input of 240 V and an output of 12 V. The power cord is almost 5 feet long helping you place the chair away from the power source.

Recline while raising the footrest and get an entire body massage using the remote. The remote has 8 different massage modes giving vibrations of different intensities.

Tangkula Pu - best massage chair for back pain

It focuses on your back, lumbar area, and the coccyx area giving entire relief to your other half of the body. The chair houses a side pocket large enough to hold your gaming consoles, headphones, and tablets.

The comfort offered by the head rest helps you to relax while having a quick power nap. Available in shiny black color, the chair offers 360-degree swiveling movement reducing your motion to pick and drop things.

It offers flexibility in conversations with your roommates. Just make sure that the power cord is removed to obtain a complete 360-degree swiveling motion.

Overall, the chair is ideal for relaxing stiff muscles, pain, anxiety, and tiredness improving your sleep.

#6: Human Touch iJoy-2310

The iJoy-2310 Premium Robotic Massage Chair is an exceptionally comfortable massage chair that fits your decor and your body; giving two color options: Black and Espresso.

With comfy seats and spill free upholstery, the chair boasts about its purpose. It comes with a cup holder to hold your energy drinks.

With all comfy foam and massage mechanism, the chair weighs 60 pounds when assembled. Coming with foam filled armrests, the chair can withstand weight up to 200 pounds letting individual of all sizes take a break.

Human Touch i-Joy 2310 - best massage chair for fibromyalgia

The chair plugs into a USA standard 3-prong grounded 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet and is UL listed.

There are an auxiliary power outlet and a built-in control unit on the left side armrest, 3-automatic massage programs, and an electric motor-driven recline with Removable massage softening pads that include an auxiliary power out. The recliner is power activated, not by a hand lever.

Human Touch Massage Chairs are the only chairs endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and serve as an important tool for back pain patients.

The iJoy reclines back close to 170-degree angle letting you enjoy the three intelligently designed auto massage program. The four massage techniques include kneading, compression, percussion, and rolling.

The effective mechanism gives relief similar to a professional massage therapist melting away the tiredness in few minutes. A 15-minute massage therapy is all you need initially to regain the lost energy.

Human Touch i-Joy 2310 - best massage chair for sciatica

Let’s look at some features:

  • Stress Therapy: This program refreshes the senses by easing away hard-to-work-out knots and kinks. It promotes deep relaxation after work or play.

  • Lumbar Comfort: This program keeps aches and pains at bay with a custom massage that melts away lumbar soreness and tension.

  • Sore Muscle Relief: This program revitalizes the body while soothing sore and aching muscles. It will help you to feel refreshed and free of tension.

  • Space Saving: Ingeniously fits in small spaces. Great for those living in crowded cities where every square foot is essential.
Overall the chair provides all the features that are needed to regain energy levels of the users.

#5: Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

The next relief giving massage chair is brought by Shiatsu Massage Chair. It looks like your robotic massager and has a recliner.

The chair offers heat therapy at the lumbar area and the soles of the feet. The reason why I highly recommend this model is that it has a very high rating at 4.5 stars, a lot of positive customer feedback and is the best massage chair for the money.

The seat pan is deep and comfortable for those facing coccyx pains. It looks very cozy and has a modern design coming in 3 color options: Black, Burgundy, and Brown.

Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Chair - best massage chair for arthritis

The dual layered foam massages your back while keeping the back in shape. The build in 30 air bags has Heat Intelligent roller system that targets entirely back, calves, shoulders and neck region.

The armrests are padded for extra relief, and Ultra-long range massage reaches high up in the neck and lows down into the tailbone section. Total of 20 Airbags are located in the lower body of the chair to provide massage for the legs, thighs, and feet.

This high built chair weighs 185 pounds and holds weight up to 250 pounds. It is completely automatic coming with several massaging functions like kneading, shiatsu, power rollers, compression and percussion reducing fatigue and rejuvenating mind and body.

Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Chair - best massage chair for athletes

With its power rollers, it can perform shiatsu which is very effective in loosening tight muscles and re-energizing the body. It targets the neck area which can feel very satisfying.

The leg rest alone has a total of 20 airbags, and the seat comes with vibration motors. Aside from its affordability, it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

If you have been looking to have your full-body massager without breaking the bank, you should seriously.

#4: Human Touch iJoy-2580

The next Massage Chair is the Big Brother of iJoy 2310 that fits your decor and your body giving two color options; Black and Espresso.

The extra soft dual padding helps users of all sizes to use it. You get an exceptional massage chair where it fits classic, contemporary and traditional styles.

The chair gives the actual human touch massaging proving its brand name. The large back grabs the spine of the user giving comfort right from the pelvic region till the shoulders.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 - best massage chair for home

Further relief is given by the head rest which massages your neck area especially for those who uses the computer for more than 8 hours daily. The cup holder at the right side holds the bottle so that the user doesn’t have to get up for a drinks break.

The reclining becomes easier when you have foam filled dense armrests. Weighing 88 pounds, the chair weighs 58 pounds when shipped with a weight capacity of more than 200 pounds.

Grab the program controller and get the pre-programmed auto massage. Whether it is sore muscle relief, pain in neck and shoulders or lower back pains, the iJoy Robotic Massage chair is ready to please you by reducing the pain in few minutes.

You can customize the massage by using the up down arrows on the controller and targeting the specific area for more time. It can recline to 170 degrees, where it is said that the further you recline, more is the massage intensity.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 - best massage chair for shoulders and neck

I would suggest reclining slowly to discover the exact spot and take your time getting the Massage on that specific area. Using 15 minutes per day can soothe your pain in 10 to 15 days.

It features an automatic power recline, contour head pillow and a convenient outlet giving you the ease while receiving massage. The massage chair is endorsed by World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and serves as an important tool for back pain patients.

The WFC is a global non-profit organization that exists to support, empower, promote, and unite over 100,000 chiropractors and the chiropractic profession all over the world.

The iJoy 2580 is the excellent balance between the cost and function producing promising results.

#3: Real Relax Massage Chair

At the 3rd spot, we have 166 lbs full body shiatsu chair from Real Relax. The foam filled massage chair comes with uniform foam filled at places like the armrest, tall back and seat pan.

The four bags at the shoulder area compress your shoulders. Four bags at the arm region wrap your hand and compress to delete hand tension. There are 8 massage points in the back region providing massage from your head to toe.

Real Relax - best massage chair for back

The wrapping leg airbag gives deep ache relieving massage along with the foot massager promoting blood circulation. The round airbags on the seat pan drag you away from the coccyx pain due to longer seating hours.

Available in Black color, this 160 pounder matches very room of your house. Looking at the massage features, 2 preset automatic massage programs offer you the best massage experience with a handy multi-functional remote.

Seat cushion includes vibration, heat, and air squeeze. It shows Pulsed massage for arm sections with airbag built inside and roller massage for the sole of feet and footrests, especially for taller individuals.

Real Relax - best massage chair zero gravity

You can customize your massaging experience by three-back massage programs which include the therapy methods like rolling, kneading, compressions and percussion to enhance your relief.

The Human Touch Technology will improve your flexibility and endurance as it offers better quality massage when reclining. It achieves a reclining angle of around 170 degrees with the headrest offering a quick power nap.

With zero gravity design, you feel fully relax physically and mentally. It is endorsed by World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) as the Human Touch massage system eradicates pain, stress, and tiredness.

The chair has wheels to move about easily. The Real Relax comes with 3 Years Warranty assuring its users a promise of its brand.

#2: Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Moving closer to the second spot, we have Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chairs by Best Massage. The chair looks like a robot from Transformers movie, and the first look is impressive enough to make you sit in it.

Filled with comfy foam over all the parts of the chair, the chair guarantees a relaxing massage session. It holds a high back that hugs your entire back right from your pelvic region up to the head.

Best Massage Zero Gravity - best massage chair for back pain

The seat pan is comfortable for your buttocks erasing the coccyx pain among its users. You get a head rest filled with foam separately giving relief to your neck muscles.

The chair comes with armrests that wrap your arms supporting them entirely. The ergonomic design offers lumbar back support with airbags present at the leg area relieving your calves and foot.

This black color chair suits your home decor and weighs about 250 pounds. The chair reclines at an angle close to 170 degrees giving power nap option to the user.

It comes with 4 massage programs where you can customize your massage options. The super long massage guide all the way from your neck to buttocks.

It imitates the human hand massage relaxing leg pressure while shaping beautiful legs. The blood circulation speeds up after a 15 -20 minutes. The L shape super long massage guide tracks the massage rollers moving from neck to thigh.

Best Massage Zero Gravity - best massage chair for back

Zero Gravity experience can make people breathe deeply and relax very well. Since it can be used by different sizes people; the OPTO Sensor Device detects neck and shoulder positions correctly.

People will feel relaxed at the Zero-G reclining angles which are around 170 degrees. The roller massage improves blood circulation, immunity and refreshes its user.

The heater has an active effect on people having a stiff waist, backache or lumbar pain.

Receiving 4-star reviews, the chair is an eligible candidate for one of the best massage chair under $1000.

#1: Luxury Shiatsu Chair by Ideal Massage

The poll position in the list is secured by Luxury Shiatsu Chair by Ideal Massage. The chair uses Zero Gravity recliner which helps you to relax and rejuvenate.

The chair has dedicated massage routines which can be customized with zero massage recliner assuring maximum comfort after a tiring day at work.

Available in black color, the chair houses airbags at places like back region, armrests, footrest shoulder area and seat pan.

Luxury Shiatsu Chair by Ideal Massage - best massage chair for the money

It houses a comprehensive control panel held by a stand at the right-hand side of the chair which lets you choose different modes and massage techniques.

The LCD screen displays live demonstration of the massage functions making it easier to understand. You have full control to adjust the types of massage intensity, speed, airbags, etc.

Connect the power cord at the rear end of the chair, and you are ready for your session. The wide seat pan holds a bigger person with a weight capacity of 250 pounds while weighing 200 pounds when assembled.

The head rest gives a napping option to its user while receiving massage. Choose head to toe massage from 5-30 minutes giving relief to your entire body.

Luxury Shiatsu Chair by Ideal Massage - best massage chair on a budget

The real humanized massage hands with 3-D intelligent detect and longer massages will give you more time to relax and enjoy your massage. The 4 great massage programs include: Shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling and vibrating.

Automatic mode will give you multi-functional massages with different combined massaging methods. Manual mode lets you take control and adjust the back rollers at any point of your body.

You have full control to adjust the types of massage intensity, speed, airbags, etc. The feet are equipped with 6 simulating kneading balls which are located in the soles of your feet to add stronger and deeper massage.

Coming with the warranty of 3 years for the steel frame, body, and all electronic parts, you get a 10 day return policy from the date on which it was received, this is the best full body massage chair.

Conclusion for Best massage Chair Reviews :

So, here is the end of our list of Best Massage Chairs under $1000 suggesting you the most preferred massage chairs by the users.

Keeping budget in mind, different price tags let you choose the chair of your choice with a very little difference in the features.

The massage chair solely concentrates on massaging its user, improving blood circulation among the body parts while healing the muscles at the same time.

I hope my article gave you the sigh of relief to all those users struggling with body pains.

I would suggest to randomly choosing any massage chair from the list above as every chair in the list gives the best comfort that is needed to bringing back the energy after a busy tiring day and making sure every day, you wake up with the same energy levels.

Have a Great Day Ahead!! Thank You..

FAQs : Massage Chair under $1000 

Frequently asked question for Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews under $1000 dollars-FAQs
  • Is using massage chairs continuously for comfort good or bad for health?

Anything which is used excessively always has a negative impact on our body, but when we’re talking about a massage chair, you shall use them to get a quick massage only when you are tired. However, many companies said that getting a daily massage is very good for our health since it keeps our blood circulation in a perfect flow. So, use these chairs as per your wish since they’re made to give you full comfort and better health.

  • Is the size of the massage chair matter when we’re buying it for home purposes?

Yes, it does. When I first bought the massage chair, I wanted it to be placed in my room, but before buying I did not care about its size and due to that ignorance, I’d return that perfect, lovely massage chair. So if you’re buying a massage chair which is quite heavy and big, then you shall keep these things in a very silent and free place because that’s where a person shall take a good massage.

  • Will I need a professional’s help to set up a massage chair or can I do that by myself?

I think you might need someone’s help maybe you won't need any professionals but yes, you might need a helping hand from one of your buddies because most of these chairs are heavy and to set them up correctly you will need a little bit of assistance. However, the company provides an excellent manual instruction guide along with the massage chair but still, you might need a professional’s/friend’s help to set this thing up successfully.

  • What’s the best colour shall I choose in buying a massage chair?

Well, that’s an elementary yet crucial question which everyone who buys the massage chair for the first time asks themselves for most of the time. But the answer to that question depends upon where you’re going to use this chair?. Many people use this kind of chairs at home and some at an office so if you’re going to set this chair at your home then you can go with any colour, but if you’re thinking of setting up it at the office, then black or brown is the best colour option to choose.

  • For how many minutes shall I take massage and is it okay to take daily massage using this one of these chairs?

There’s no specific time limit for how many minutes one shall take the massage on any of these massage chairs, but many professional masseur and company suggests that one can take a full body massage for 15 minutes to get relaxed. You don't always have to take massage so take it only when you’re exhausted and in other cases use the reclining feature of the chair and let your body relax.

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