7 Best Portable Massage Chairs in 2020

Until recently, massage was recently frowned upon in the first world, especially in the United States. In 1896, Reverend M. Goodchild wrote about the issue of massages with happy endings in his book.

However, the New Age has brought about a change in viewpoints, and people now welcome massages in all their forms. The industry has grown so much that there are now traveling masseuses and therapists.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely one of them. People have grown to love convenience, and want the massage experience brought to them in their offices, summer cabins, golf course, hotel rooms, etc. This is where a portable massage chair comes in handy because it allows you to make your clients comfortable and lets you work unhindered.


7 Best Portable Massage Chairs in 2020

There are many portable massage chair brands on the market, but some outshine the rest. It could be in terms of weight or height capacity, pricing, value for money, comfort, or portability.

If you’re looking around to find the best portable massage chair for you, this list here has got you covered. These chairs have been analyzed professionally on all these points, and you will find the best one for your needs.


1. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

The Master Massage Pro is the best massage chair in terms of value for money. It is an all-rounder, being affordable, light, and functional. If you’re more of a general practitioner, strapped for cash, or are just starting your career, this is the best choice.

The Master Massage portable massage chair is very comfortable, strong, and fully adjustable. You will also love the carry case that lets you move around with the chair easily.


Thick, Large Memory Foam Cushions

Master Massage has a particular focus on comfort and has made the seat cushion extra wide. It allows the chair to be suitable for clients of various shapes and sizes.

All cushions are made of small-cell memory foam, which is the most comfortable available.

Light and Strong Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Frame

A portable massage chair needs to be light, but it also has to be very strong. For this reason, the Master Massage is made of aluminum alloy, the same used in fighter jets. It is rated for a static weight of a whopping 1000 lbs, and a working weight of 650 lbs.

Besides, the frame is finished with an eco-friendly powder paint that also makes it rust and dust resistant.

In simple terms, you can use this chair with any client without fear of it breaking down, and you can be sure that it will serve you for many years to come.

Fully Adjustable

The chair is also fully adjustable, and you can change the positions of the face cradle, sternum (chest) support, footrests, and armrests.

The weakest parts of any machine are the joints and small components. For maximum strength, this chair is put together by precision welding. Its components are either metallic or industrial-strength PVC.

Session Pouch

A small session pouch is available under the armrests where you can hide away any precious jewelry, glasses, phone, or anything else while you’re working.

Carry-All Bag

Unlike some other models that come in hard to carry solid cases, this one has a convenient carry-all bag that looks just like a luggage bag. You can easily move around with it, even in public transport.

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair Pros

  • It is affordable and gives the best value for money.
  • Very light but super strong frame. It only weighs 15.2 lbs (6.8 kgs).
  • High weight capacity, with a limit of 650 lbs working weight.
  • You can break it down entirely and carry it around easily in the carry-all bag.
  • Very comfortable, with the largest and thickest cushions.
  • Eco-friendly, from its design to its manufacturing process.


  • It is not very comfortable for very tall (over 6’) or very short (less than 5’2”) clients.
  • Cushions are hard and uncomfortable at first until they’re broken in.
  • It takes time to learn to dismantle and reassemble it efficiently. However, there is a YouTube video for that.

This chair is a perfect middle range option for those that want quality without having to pay too much for it.

Master Massager Portable Massage Chair


2. Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair

The Stronglite Ergo Pro II is one of the best portable massage chairs on the market. The brand has been around for the longest time,  and it is the most versatile of all.

Just like its name suggests, the chair is strong and sturdy. The Stronglite Ergo Pro is the best massage chair for tall and heavy people, with a weight limit of 600 lbs and a height cap of 6’6″.

It is also the most stylish and comes in a choice of six colors. Its price, however, might put some people off.

The Stronglite Ergo Pro II is a superb portable massage chair for everyone, from students to professional sports therapists. That is due to its top-quality build and versatility. You may have to pay a few dollars more, but you will never have to think about buying another one again.


High Quality and Stylish Construction

The Stronglite Ergo Pro II is made of superstrong aluminum alloy, grade T6. It is the same material used in ships and gangways, not to mention aircraft. It is put together by precision welding, and Stronglite went ahead to use patented double-tube technology.

That makes the chair strong enough to support a working weight of over 600 lbs, as well as durable enough to last for many years. It is finished with a superior powder paint, which gives it water, oil, and rust resistance.

Versatile and Highly Adjustable

The Ergo Pro II is the most versatile and adjustable chair on the market. You can adjust the positions of every component, from the face cradle, seat and chest cushions, armrest, and footrests.

This adjustability means that anyone within the height limit of 4’4” and 6’6” can use it easily and comfortably.

Convenient, Easy to Carry

The chair is foldable, and you can break it down in a few minutes for convenience. It comes with a unique, rugged tactical carry-all bag. It makes it easy to move around with.

It also comes with a storage pouch for small items you might need in your sessions.

Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Pros

  • This is the most versatile chair there is, and it fits a wide variety of users.
  • It is very strong and sturdy, owing to its industrial-strength construction.
  • It comes in a choice of 6 colors so that you can choose the one you prefer.
  • Its carry-all bag is very convenient and rugged.
  • It also has wheels for easy movement.


  • Quite heavy, at 26 lbs (11.6 kg).
  • Some of the parts are squeaky.

Apart from a few minor issues, this chair is one of the best rated in its category. Most users are quite satisfied with it even after a long time. The high weight capacity is especially useful and convenient carrying case.

Stronglite Portable Massage Chair


3. The Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair

The Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair is the best-rated massage chair on Amazon. It is also the best for traveling due to its light frame and convenient luggage bag.

The chair is easy to assemble, and its versatility allows it to fit clients of any body shape and size. On top of it all, it is very comfortable with extra-thick cushions. It is a mid-range model and is worth every cent.

The Earthlite Vortex is the best portable massage chair to travel with. That is due in part to its ultra-light frame. It is also very adjustable and can fit various clients.

Another great thing about this chair is its superior comfort and strong frame. More than 90% of users love it, even during extended sitting sessions.


Innovative Oval Aluminium Alloy Frame

Earthlite used an innovative design made of oval tubes, instead of the typical circular ones. The new design is stronger and uses less material, which also contributes to its 15 lbs (6.8 kg) frame. It is the lightest portable massage chair currently.

The material used is an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which is both very light and very strong. It is also weldable, which means that its joints are solid. Overall, you have a sturdy chair that can support up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

Super Comfortable

The Earthlite Vortex is very comfortable and is made of the best cushioning and upholstery material. The cushioning is high quality, super thick, dual-density Pro-Lite cushioning. It is the same used in horse saddles, which is proof of its quality.

The upholstery or cover material is ‘butter-soft’ Natursoft vinyl. It has been described as having the texture of the finest Italian leather, and is just as durable.

Environmentally Friendly

Every piece of material used in manufacturing this chair is eco-friendly. Earthlite is a company known for its pro-environment standpoint, hence its name.


Every part of this chair is adjustable. That includes the seat, face cushion, chest pads, armrest, and footrests. You can vary the position of each to fit the body of any client. It is ideal for short clients to those about 6′ in height.

Convenient to Carry Around

The chair comes with its rugged luggage bag. It folds down completely to fit into the bag, and can then be moved around easily.

The Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Pros

  • Lightweight. It is the lightest at 15 lbs, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Ultra-comfortable. The thick cushioning and soft upholstery and second to none.
  • Strong. It is one of the stronger chairs, with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • Convenient. It folds down easily and has an easy carry-all bag.
  • Professional quality construction – This chair is one of the best designed and built. It has no squeaks or scratches and even has a lifetime warranty on the frame.


  • The hole in the face pad is too narrow for comfort.
  • Very tall and very heavy people will not feel comfortable with it.

For a masseuse or therapist who moves around a lot, the Earthlite Vortex is the perfect solution. Even if you want to keep it in your home or office, it is sturdy, versatile, and dependable.

Earthlite Portable Massage Chair


4. Comfort 4 Portable Massage Chair

The Comfort 4 portable massage chair is the best when you are on a budget. It is the cheapest listed here, and it still functions very well.

However, some things might trouble you about it. For one, it is very heavy for a portable massage chair, at 38 pounds (17.2 kg). If you’re planning to lug it everywhere on visits, you better have some strong arms.

Another issue has to do with how close the seat is to the face pad. It is very uncomfortable for some users. However, for the money you pay, you can live with some of its weak points.

When you’re buying budget products, you should not really expect very much of them. That is true for this portable massage chair. However, it still has its strong and weak points as the best budget massage chair.


Steel Frame

To keep costs down, this chair is made of high-strength steel tubes. That means it is incredibly strong, but it is quite heavy. The weight also serves to reassure you of its stability.

Unlike the description on Amazon, the chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs (113.3 kg ) according to its user manual. It is covered by a durable powder paint finish, which is water, oil and, rust-resistant.


Like every other portable massage chair, the Comfort 4 is very versatile and can have its various parts adjusted. These include the face pad, chest cushion, armrest, footrests, and seat cushions. You can change the positions of each to fit users of various sizes.

Although you can alter the orientation of the seat cushion, its distance from the face cradle is fixed.

Compact and Easy Folding

The chair has a simple design that allows not only for easy and fast assembly but folding also. It comes already assembled in the box, with only the seat pad to fix. Folding it down is very quick, and it fits into its rugged luggage bag.

Comfort 4 Portable Massage Chair Review Pros

  • Very affordable.
  • Very strong and sturdy.
  • Adjustable and versatile.
  • Firm cushions.
  • Simple assembly, convenient folding design.


  • Very heavy, almost thrice the weight of some.
  • Despite the steel frame, it still feels wobbly due to weak bolts and screws.  It is the most likely cause of the low weight capacity.

The Comfort 4 is built for bare functionality and nothing else. If you’re a student who’s still learning or are just starting your career, you probably don’t have much need of the more expensive chairs. You might also be needing it for one-time use or recovery from surgery.

Comfort 4 Portable Massage Chair


5. Giantex Portable Light-Weight Massage Chair

The Giantex portable massage chair is another budget model. However, it is much better designed and built. It has some excellent reviews on Amazon, and most of its users are very satisfied with it.

Despite being a budget chair, it is made with some of the best materials. These include a frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and PU leather upholstery. This chair gives incredible value for money, all things considered.

The Giantex is one of the larger massage chairs, and it sits a bit taller than the others. It is also very sturdy but light, which makes for great portability. However, one of its best selling points is great pricing. It also has the features of more expensive chairs.


Compact and Foldable Design

The Giantex portable massage chair is designed to fold down into a small space-saving bundle. In this state, it fits easily into its luggage bag for easy transportation.

Even when fully set up, this chair occupies very little space due to its non-intrusive stance.

Airplane Strength Aluminium Alloy

Surprisingly, the chair makes use of this advanced material for its frame. High strength aluminum alloy preferred for its high strength-to-weight ratio. That means that a tube of it is much lighter than steel but just as strong, if not more.

For this reason, the chair’s total weight is a mere 20 lbs (9 kgs). It is easy to transport and move around.

It is also coated with durable powder paint, which gives it a smooth finish and makes it easy to clean. It is resistant to water, rust, oil, etc.

Thick Cushions With PU Leather Upholstery

The chair has thick cushions for customer comfort. These are made of thick, high-density small-cell foam padding, which is the same as memory foam. It feels hard at first but slowly adjusts to the shape of your body. It is also better known as memory foam.

The outer covering is top quality PU leather for durability and style. It also makes the chair water and oil resistant. Due to its sturdy construction, the chair has a weight capacity of 350 pounds (158.7 kg).

Adjustable for Versatility

The chair is also fully adjustable. Every component can be adjusted in terms of positioning. The headrest hinges on two points while the sternum pad slides along its strut, and the seat positioning and orientation can adjust slightly. This way, the chair fits a wide variety of users with different body sizes and proportions. All adjustments need to be done manually.

Adding to its versatility, the chair can be adapted for use in various ways. These include functions such as a therapy, surgery recovery (such as retinal surgery), or tattooing. It is comfortable enough to sit on for hours at a time.

Giantex Portable Light-Weight Massage Chair Pros

  • Very affordable.
  • Strong and sturdy enough to support a working weight of up to 350 lbs.
  • It is light despite the large size, thanks to the alloyed aluminum material.
  • Very versatile and can be adjusted to suit various body sizes and different uses.
  • Durable frame


  • The carry-all bag is very flimsy.
  • The face cradle and chest pad do not adjust independently, and you need to adjust the latter before the face cradle can be moved.

Like any other product, the Giantex portable massage chair has its hits and misses. However, they’re all things you can live with.

Giantex Portable Massage Chair


6. Pisces Pro Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair

The Dolphin II is an American – made brand from Pisces Pro, and is the most innovative you can find. It takes a detour from the usual design and instead has a U-shaped tubular frame from which both the seat and chest/head supports rise. Thus, you can adjust both the height and positioning of the client.

The immediate advantage of this goes to you as the therapist. Since you can have the clients lie in an almost horizontal position, you can use more of your body weight while working and save your shoulders.

The idea is fascinating. However, the execution is what matters. Given the price at which you get the chair, you would expect to get top quality.

The Dolphin II from Pisces Pro is the most expensive portable massage chair in this list, though not necessarily the best. The price is prohibitive for some people. However, if you like to buy good old American, then this is the only option you have.


Innovative U-Frame Made of alloyed aluminum. It is light but strong and has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. This limit is a bit low for such a premium chair, and it could be due to the plastic security straps, which are quite flimsy.

The frame is also coated with smooth powder paint to make it resistant to dirt and rust, and make it easy to clean.

Comfortable, Top Quality Upholstery

The Dolphin II gives you various choices when it comes to upholstery. You can choose to have either vinyl or leather, each with its range of available colors.

The vinyl, or more commonly known as PU leather or bonded leather, can be of varying qualities. Top quality PU is as tough and durability as real leather, but much softer and less expensive. The Dolphin II has good quality PU if you opt for it.

For an extra $75, you can get the fine leather option. Frankly, you should go for this one. Its durability and comfort are unmatched.

The chair also comes with an extra memory foam face cushion, which is more comfortable. Perhaps there should be an option to have memory foam for the whole chair. There is also a shoulder strap for added comfort.

Carrying Bag

The chair folds down easily to take on a more compact and portable form. However, the carrying case is not part of the package and can only be ordered separately for an extra $80.

Pisces Pro Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair Pros

  • Innovative U-shaped design allows for optimum positioning of the client as you like.
  • Durable aircraft aluminum frame.
  • Comfortable.
  • Stylish, with different options for upholstery and color.
  • American made.


  • The plastic security strap mentioned earlier is a major weakness for the chair, which, if not properly adjusted or happens to snap, can be dangerous for a client.
  • Expensive.
  • The carrier bag has to be ordered separately.

This chair has what it takes to change the way you work. If you have the money, it is well worth it to give it a chance. However, there should be a better and improved Dolphin III to deal with the major flaws.

Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair


7. Oakworks Massage Chair – Portal Pro 3

The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 portable massage chair is another favorite among therapists and masseuses who have been around the block for a while. It is a premium quality chair with a matching price tag, but its construction quality is also excellent.

One of its major selling points is the adjustability. Anyone within the height range of 4’11” to 6’4” can fit comfortably. Besides, its weight limit is 350 pounds or 158.7 kg, meaning that it can safely accommodate most of the population.

Another unique feature is that every material used to make this chair is eco-friendly. No harm is caused to the environment during its manufacture or use, which is a major point in these days of environmental crisis.

Accomplished masseuses and therapists acknowledge the unique value of the Oakworks Portal Pro 3 chair. Despite the slightly higher price, it has superb construction and many attractive features.


Strong but Light Frame

The Oakworks Portal Pro III is made of a light and robust aluminum frame. It is, in reality, an aluminum alloy with hardening elements like silicon that give it extra strength. Thus, it is strong enough to bear 350 lbs working weight safely.

Aluminum alloys are preferred because they are much lighter than steel. Thus, a chair of the same dimensions can be as strong as one made of steel, but much lighter.

Highly Versatile

This chair is very versatile and adjustable, allowing you to change the orientation of every major component. You can adjust the head cradle, chest pad, knee rests, and armrest. Adjustments are made manually, but they are very easy to do with the simple flick of a lever.

That flexibility allows the chair to suit various body profiles. Everyone who is between 4’11” and 6’4” can use it comfortably without undue stretching or constriction.

It also has another advantage that its armrests are very comfortable, so that even after long sessions, you can just stand up and walk away. Some other models have been known to give user numb arms.

Stylish Design

The chair has a stylish and compact design that can easily fit any space. Unlike the unsightly square bars found in some budget models, it has round ones with gentle curves.

It also has the widest range of available, and the frame comes in a matching powder paint finish for durability and easy maintenance.


The Portal Pro 3 massage chair features soft, PVC free Terra Touch fabric upholstery. It is both strong and soft to touch and makes the chair comfortable to sit in, even for extended sessions.

Oakworks Massage Chair – Portal Pro 3 Pros

  • Stylish and modern design, with a wide choice of colors available.
  • Made from eco-friendly material.
  • Very strong and durable, able to support up to 350 lbs.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • It folds easily into its carrying case. Once you are used to it, you can pack it in seconds.


  • There seems to be a slight issue with a tension wire that just snaps, especially if heavy clients are using it. However, Oakworks claim to have resolved the issue.

If you’re looking around for affordable quality, this is just the chair for you. It is a premium model in every way, and yet the price tag is quite reasonable. It has a few nice features that users will surely love.

Oakworks Portable Massage Chair



Whether you’re looking for a portable massage chair for work, practice, or even health reasons, you probably already know what you need your chair to have. It may seem that you can get any chair to do the job, but you cannot be further from the truth. There are cheap chairs, and there are top-notch models that cost a lot of money.

Simple as they might seem, there’s a lot of ingenuity put into them in a bid for maximum convenience and cost-cutting. You cannot leave anything to chance, because something as small as a plastic clasp might make all the difference.

These here, though, are the best portable massage chairs in different categories. Hopefully, you have already got the perfect match for your needs.