HP Pavilion 27xw Review 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor: Updated 2018

HP Pavilion 27xw Review 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor: Updated 2018

Bigger display was one of my desires while gaming and I always wished for getting a much broader display while watching movies and music videos.

HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor - hp pavilion 27 full hdips monitor 1920 x 1080

After a wide span of research, I found few LED monitors that came closer to my wish list but couldn’t make their places in my shopping cart.

But, one such monitor that impressed me with its features was made by none other than HP.

HP brings out the biggest screen monitor in there Pavilion series called the HP Pavilion 27xw LED monitor.

The first look grabs the attention with its sleek and subtle design. The color available is white which makes your desk look more professional and ravishing.

Today I would be reviewing HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor. So, let’s get into the details and explore its functionality.

HP Pavilion 27xw Review 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor: Updated 2018


As soon as it was delivered to my home, my first reaction was grabbing it and tearing the cardboard box. But, I felt reluctant after noticing how carefully and neetly the packing was done.

Hence I decided to stay cool and play this Unboxing game calmly. With lots of double layered, accident-free packing you get documentation and support phone numbers to serve you with the further proceedings.

XW comes with 1 year warranty so my advice would be to keep the box and foam safely as you may use it while shipping or selling it someone someday.

HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor inpost featured image

You get a power cable used in a standard desktop computer. The standard power cable plugs in a power brick which further connects to the monitor.

Hence be careful of not losing either of them. You also get an HDMI cable to connect the computer.

The monitor comes with a base which is smooth enough to move the entire screen. The base tilts by a small angle giving you different viewing angles.

Since there is no bezel; you get an edge to edge screen which helps you in setting adjacent screens for a humongous gaming experience.



The monitor measures 27 inches diagonally with a length of 24.51 inches and a breadth of 17.9 inches.

You get a full HD Resolution of 1920x1080 and a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1.

It possesses a modern, sleek design as compared to its competitors. The display is not matte and not even glossy but, somewhere between them and I would call it hazy.

HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor - hp pavilion 27xw 27-in ips led backlit monitor

Since there are thin borders on the sides; it can be called as a frameless monitor.

Talking of display adjustments, you don’t need to make changes to it but, it’s a matter of choice for every user as few may find the need for calibrating it.

But, the default option is something most people will prefer to go for. The IPS Monitor rightly said as In-Plane Switching monitor produces better color quality, contrast, and saturation.

You have a couple of 27 inches monitor in the market at around $150- $170, but they use Twisted Nematic Technology which is an older technology. In TNT, display starts distorting as soon as you move away from the center viewpoint.

A simple button at the base provides a convenient screen, display settings, and power control. The tilting angle is from 2 degrees to 30 degrees.

hp 27xw monitor revie - HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

I won’t recommend it for gaming purpose since you get a response time of 8ms. There are other monitors with a better response rate, especially for first person view.

The display competes very well with the other monitors and makes your desk look beautiful.

Overall, you get a brilliant color display, and I personally enjoyed watching HD videos on it. You won’t find any disturbance in the resolution producing a clear, flawless display.



At the back, you get 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port.

The HDMI port doesn’t support MHL compatibility since many people don’t use it. Beneath that you get a power plug which has to be attached with power brick to start it.

HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor - hp pavilion 27xw refresh rate

You can place your hub over the base and save a certain amount of desk area keeping everything closer to the monitor. It doesn’t have a built-in speaker, but a monitor which gives out so many features easily makes up for it.

The cables can be easily connected and don't fall loose and break the connection.

I connected the monitor with my PS2, and the connections were accurate. It gave out jaw dropping picture quality making me fall in love with those crisp colors.

HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor - hp pavilion 27xw specs

Further, the monitor is certified by Energy Star as saves larger amount of energy compared to others. Hence I can play continuously without giving a second thought of energy consumption.


Final Verdict of hp pavilion 27xw Review

The monitor stand is excellent, and the display quality is amazing. The two HDMI and a single VGI port make the connections, a piece of cake.

The monitor is sleek and light weighing 12.3 pounds and can be easily carried to your weekend trips, long vacations to enhance your gaming experience.

Overall, the monitor looks great on your desk giving different viewing angles that surely delivers when it counts.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

Frequently Asked Question for HP Pavilion 27xw-FAQs

Frequently Asked Question for HP Pavilion 27xw-FAQs
  • What are the connectivity options for me? Can I plug the USB drive in the Monitor?

Unlike the other monitors, the HP Pavilion 27XW monitor doesn’t come with the USB port. But, the monitor comes with the 2 HDMI ports and single VGA port as connectivity options. Also, the Power Plug is also present to provide the power to this monitor.

  • I have neck problems. How much can I tilt this monitor for comfortable viewing?

The HP Pavillion 27XW is one of the best monitors to choose if you have neck problems. The highly adjustable angles are helpful for the users who have neck problems or having issues with comfortably adjusting the monitor according to their posture. The supported tilting angle for comfortable viewing is 2 Degrees to 30 Degrees which is very good.

  • I am a hardcore gamer. Can I use this monitor for my Gaming PC?

Yes. The wide monitor with IPS display is perfect for light gaming. The saturated colors make your gaming experience vivid and enjoyable at the same time. But the response time of 8MS and the 60HZ refresh rate is not so good for hardcore gaming. The monitor is only good for some light gaming sessions to relax, but not for professional level gaming.

  • Is this monitor compatible with Macbooks?

Yes! This is one of the best options for the Apple Macbooks. Many Apple Macbook lovers are using the same monitor as their preferred productivity setup. With the Vivid colors, no motion blur, good response time and the big IPS screen makes it the best choice for using it with you Mac Laptops. Also, the design of this monitor resembles with the iMac display that’s why it’s a preferred option of many Mac Lovers. The only downside is you won’t get Retina screen in this monitor.

  • I have a terrible experience with After sales service from the companies. What are the Warranty options on this Monitor?

As of now, there is only one Warranty option for the users. The buyers will get a 1-year full-fledged warranty on this monitor for Manufacturing defects and the immediate problems faced within the warranty period. The best thing is that there is a good number of Servicing locations available all around the world for HP pavilion products so that the after-sales services won’t be an issue for many of the users.

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