HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

Users tend to buy monitors that give a huge display, several ports, and detailed image quality. With so many demands, comes a price tag that makes it difficult to buy for some of the users.

HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

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But, what if a monitor offers detailed image quality, crisp display along with multi-viewing angles and connectivity ports-all in the same monitor? Seems like a rumor.

But, today I am going to review one such monitor brought by one of the most trusted brands-HP introducing HP 22cwa LED Monitor.

HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

First Impression of HP 22cwa LED Monitor

At the first sight, the monitor looks very sleek and stylish coming in black colour. The display was flawlessly producing bright and vibrant colours. You get an open wedge stand to hold this slim monitor.

Featuring thin bezels, this monitor saves a lot of desk space giving you the features of a bigger monitor at a smaller price tag and size. The IPS Technology gives several viewing angles.


Features of HP 22cwa LED Monitor

You get a full HD Display with a resolution of 1920×1080. The designers have opted for In-plane switching (IPS) over Twisted Nematic to produce better viewing angles. Experience a substantial increment in the image quality since the screen brightness is 250 nits.

HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

The IPS interface measures 60 Hz along with the Aspect ratio of 16:9 which balances image dimensions. The refresh rate of 60 Hz improves the details of the image when the fast-paced images are being displayed. This is backed by the response rate of 7ms enhancing the gaming experience during the fast-paced games.

You get a perfect image on the screen with the right balance between its length and breadth. The 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio gives you a detailed image making it visible from a larger distance as well. The white image looks whiter whereas black looks blacker, all thanks to the contrast ratio.

Connectivity and Packaging

You get two different ports at the back- HDMI port and VGA port. You get a VGI cable along with the Monitor to connect with the VGI port. The users need to own an HDMI cable to get the experience of HDMI port.

Since Apple owners found it difficult to connect with the ports, I would suggest buying a Thunderbolt adapter which is compatible with HP 22cwa Monitor ports. Gamers may require a little calibration on the graphics front to experience the gaming atmosphere at its best.

HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

The total weight of the monitor is 6.6 pounds and comes with an instruction manual, a wedge stand, and a VGI cable.

Available in black colour, you get a professional looking monitor suitable for both teenagers as well as adults.

Conclusion for HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

An excellent value for money backed with IPS display, the HP 22cwa is an advantage over all those TN-based monitors giving you a bright, crisp and detailed image quality compared to other monitors available at the same price.

The thin bezels are an added advantage as they save your desk space while functioning similarly to the monitor of bigger dimensions. HP 22cwa is not meant for every user but for those judgemental gamers who love o experience the real gaming display experience for longer hours with every minute detail helping them hone their gaming skills.

HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review

Falling under the price tag below $100, having this monitor on your desk won’t be an expensive buy saving your money as well as desk space. Further, the brand name HP adds a positive impact to the product impressing its users with a promising performance.

Frequently Asked Question for -HP 22cwa LED Monitor Review


  • How sturdy the stand of this monitor is? Is it safe to put this monitor on a desk?

Yes, you can place your monitor on your desk without any worry. Since the stand of this monitor is sturdy enough to handle its weight and as compare to other LED monitors it weighs only 6 pounds.

The stand of the monitor is made of solid metal so you can expect good base support from it for your monitor when you place it on your desk.

  • Can I expect some good high-end graphics quality from this monitor if I’m buying it for gaming purposes only?

When the first time I read about this monitor’s review the only question which I asked myself was whether this monitor is good enough for gaming purposes? And believe me, to date I have experienced great the gaming picture quality and faced none problem.

When we are short of budget what we expect is a high-quality product at a meager price, and HP brought this monitor for everyone who wants to buy their first LED monitor. You can also refer to the positive reviews given by those satisfying customers who found this product to be the best at this price.

  • How’s the picture quality shows on this monitor?

It’s fantastic actually. I’ve been using this monitor for the last few months and being a movie lover and gamer I haven’t faced any kind of problem with this monitor. The picture quality is crystal clear, and you can expect some high-end graphics on this HP LED monitor.

  • Why does this monitor not have a camera embedded in it?

It’s because the company chose not to embed it in. When we’re buying a budgeted monitor that gives solid graphic clarity sometimes we have to adjust with its flaws too. You cannot get every quality in a product especially at such a lower price and HP made this monitor specifically for those people who are serious gamers and movie lovers.

  • Is using this monitor in a guest room a good idea?

Yes, you can quickly place this monitor in your guest room and let it be there for your guests. Since this monitor is not that big in size, it won’t even take that much space of your living room, and due to its lightweight, you can quickly move it from one place to another.