Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Posture?

As an avid gamer, you probably don’t pay much attention to your sitting posture. All you can think about in the heat of the moment is winning … until your back starts hurting, fingers go numb, and vision gets blurry.

If you have ever experienced such symptoms from a long session of intensive gaming, you know that you need to make some changes. Gaming chairs have received a lot of hype recently, being said to help you maintain good posture and even improve your gaming.

You might be wondering, are they really that good?

To answer this question, we’ll first look at what doctors have to say about your gaming posture. Then, we’ll look at how gaming chairs help you maintain a good posture in line with medical regulations, as well as what you should look for in a gaming chair to get the best value.


Why Proper Posture Is Good For Your Health

A good posture is one that distributes your weight evenly over all parts of your body without straining any single one. This means that you maintain as natural a position as possible. Your body will be using minimum energy to maintain that posture and you can keep it for a longer time.

The benefits of a good posture include the following:

·        It keeps your spine in a healthy condition – the importance of this cannot be overemphasized. A good posture will keep your spine curved naturally, prevent back pain, and help you stay stronger as you age.

·        It prevents strain on your bones and joints – Keeping a normal posture means that stress – or the force that is put on your joints – is kept at a minimum. It keeps them from wearing out fast and thus prevents conditions like arthritis.

·        It helps you play better – A good posture helps you maintain enough blood flow to all parts of your body, including your brain. This helps you focus and maintain a sharp mind all along. In addition, it means that you will not have to change your posture so often and will help you stop interrupting your session.

·        Helps with digestion – A good posture means that your internal organs will all be aligned properly. This helps food pass naturally through your gut and will keep indigestion, gas, heartburn and other issues at bay.

·        Prevents painful joints – Prolonged poor posture can cause the joints to get misaligned. This eventually leads to sprain and eventually, conditions like arthritis. A good posture keeps the joints healthy and helps keep such problems at bay.

·        Keeps you in shape –  That’s right, a good posture will help you look good. It keeps all the right muscles working and rests those that shouldn’t. Besides, it maintains muscle balance on both sides of the spine, keeping you symmetrical and firm.

·        Helps you age better – Any elderly military person will verify this. A good posture will keep your back straighter as you age, keep your muscles stronger and your skin tighter. This is in addition to keeping your health in the best condition.


Benefits Of A Good Gaming Chair

A good gaming chair will give you a wide range of invaluable benefits, your health being the most important. Some of the benefits include the following:

·        Comfort – Gaming chairs are designed for maximum comfort, with the idea in mind that they will be used for extended periods. Forget that lounge chair or recliner, a good gaming chair will keep you comfortable for much longer at the best gaming position.

·        Perfect, healthy posture – Gaming chairs are designed to keep you in as natural a posture as possible. This means full back and lumbar support, adjustable height to keep your feet on the floor, among others. A good posture, in turn, translates to good health, and a good chair will help you play for longer with minimum issues.

·        Improved gaming performance – A good gaming chair will bring you better performance in a number of ways. First, due to good posture, you will be able to stay sharp and maintain concentration for much longer. Secondly, you will be using minimal energy and so you will prevent fatigue. That means that even after hours of continuous playing you will still have your edge.

·        Looks good – A premium gaming chair is definitely a great improvement to your space. Gaming chair manufacturers have put in a lot of work to create designs that will appeal to the eye.

·        Extras – A lot of the high-end gaming chairs now come with premium stereos and controllers built into them.


What To Look For In A Gaming Chair

When looking for a gaming chair to buy, these are the things you need to look for to ensure that you get the best gaming seat.

·        Comfort – Comfort is key when it comes to a gaming chair. Make sure that you can adjust the height, backrest, and armrest to suit your body contours. Also, make sure that it is well stuffed on the cushions for those long sitting hours.

·        Durability – A gaming chair is an investment, and you will want it to stay in great condition as long as possible. Check for the material used to make the chair. Usually leather lasts longer, but it is hard and less comfortable. The base also needs to be made of the best material, usually stainless steel or weighted aluminum.

·        Value – The type of gaming chair you choose to buy needs to meet all your needs without being excessively expensive. Some chairs are pimped to the extent of having inbuilt, top-of-range sound systems. This also affects the pricing, and ultimately you need to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

·        Compatibility – Most seats with inbuilt gaming technology like rumble features, sound systems or wireless inputs are designed to be compatible with most gaming systems. However, this is something you will want to confirm with the manufacturer.



Even as you game, you need to make your comfort and welfare a priority. Good posture is key in maintaining proper health, as any doctor can tell you. In addition, comfort is a chief consideration due to the amount of time you will be spending while seated.

Gaming chairs are designed to meet these demands and more. A good gaming chair will keep you ultra-comfortable while helping you maintain good posture. This goes a long way towards avoiding common problems like back and joint pain, muscle atrophy, and poor eyesight.

A good gaming chair is a valuable investment, not only for your health but is also a great addition to your gaming room. Some come with nice extras like surround sound in the headrests, rumble effects or even wireless consoles.

Do not shy off from treating yourself to a good gaming chair. It might prove to be the best decision of your life.