8 Best DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews [2020]

Where has the search for an ergonomic office chair that doubles up as a gaming chair taken you? Are the pop-ups working in your favor? Are they providing the relevant information you require before you purchase a gaming chair? Are you experiencing obstacles and confusion because the internet offers a whole lot of options for an incredible gaming chair? Do you have an idea of what you would want in a gaming chair? Allow us to introduce the DXRacer gaming chair that is perfect for office use but also gaming purposes. Let’s get into it.


DXRacer Gaming Chair Features

Tall and Straight back: To begin with DXRacer Gaming Chairs. Are characterized by high and straight back cushioned to enhance your comfort. Most of the office chairs lack long backs to support the neck, thereby causing neck pains in the long run. Additionally, the DXRacer chairs are designed in a straightforward way that ensures there is a right angle between the waist and the butt. The medical industry approves this right-angled sitting position.

Adjustable Armrests: the DXRacer chair’s armrests are unique, and you can adjust them to your preferred height. They usually can be modified so that the armrest and elbow joint form a right angle to support users for usage over long periods. According to the medical circle, this angling prevents shoulder slanting and kyphosis as a result of longtime fatigue on the shoulders and wrists. Different DXRacers have armrest designed differently. The most popular designs in most of these seats are Adjustable, 3D adjustable, and 4D adjustable. It has an adjustable height, available on F and D series, It has a soft surface.

3D adjustable armrest: Adjustable height,adjustable angle of up to 15°, the top part is flexible to move in two directions (front and back),available on R,I,F,D,C and B.

4D adjustable armrest: Adjustable height,adjustable angle up to 20°,the top part is flexible up to 4 directions, soft top surface, available on R, T I, K, R, and B series.       

Adjustable height: The DXRacers chairs are flexible to accommodate varying heights of computer desks and offices.

Angle adjustment: The DXRacers chairs are crafted in a way to give room for angle adjustment up to 130° down to meet your preference.

The versatility of products: the DXRacers chairs are not made to fit for all. Thus the makers have created an extensive portfolio of chair models that you can choose. For example, the type of body will determine our choice of chair. Additionally. The style, the color, decorations, personal preference, and nature of use. Therefore you get the chance to cut the coat according to your size.

Ergonomic structure: a lot of work goes into the manufacturing process to bring out the best out of the chairs. To begin with, the steel framework makes the DXRacer chair stable and sturdy. Additionally, the seats are made of high-density sponge that ensures the seating area is in shape, bounces back, and can last long. Apart from that, it features a supportive base that holds a variety of weight. In line with the structure, it features star-shaped iron casters that support the wheels — allowing the chair’s mobility safely and stably.


Best DXRacer Gaming Chair Review


1. DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/N Office Gaming Chair

Uniquely, the DXRacer formula series OH/FD01/N Office Gaming Chair is designed with a high backrest. Suitable for users to rest their necks with ease. Additionally, it boasts of a high-density foam-filled sitting area, which ensures that you are comfortable regardless of the sitting hours.

It is not only a gaming chair but can also double up as an office chair here is why: it features adjustable arms that are specifically meant to protect your wrists and shoulders from hurt. Additionally, the ergonomic design ensures that it not only moves smoothly but efficiently. In line with that is excellent lumbar cushions on the seat for comfort. 

DXRacer Formula ReviewPros 

  • Easy to assemble, thus reducing the time taking to set it up.
  • It has an adjustable height, making it suitable for varying heights.
  • It supports the back through to the neck through an adjustable back feature.
  • Easy to clean as it is made from breathable fabric.
  • Its sturdy material and finish guarantees long term usage.


  • Plastic base predisposes the chair to breakage overtime after usage.
  • The padding doesn’t sink in, making the seat uncomfortable to sit on for long hours.

DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair

2. DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD101/NB

Have you wanted to elevate your gaming experience? This is the seat designed for you. It boasts of comfort and health as its adjustable height and backrest support your head neck all through to the pelvic area. Secondly, the unique, edgy five-star base ensures that the gaming remains sturdy despite any vigorous gaming movements. In line with that is the colored footrests that make the seat conspicuous and fast. Apart from that, the beautiful finish of nylon and durable mesh with no light reflections accords this gaming chair a phantom-y feeling. In regards to durability, this gaming seat stands on a heavy-duty nylon base. Nylon bases are sturdy and flexible.

DXRacer ReviewPros

  • Removable cushions, whose sizes are adjustable to fit the size of the users.
  • You will love the full tilting back up to 135° that supports your back and neck evenly.
  • Great for both work and play as one can sit on the cold cure foam in the cushion for up to 8 hours.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • The adjustable lumbar support cushion ensures that your neck is well supported to enhance your gaming experience.


  • The 1D armrest makes it a hassle to clean.

DXRacer Gaming Chair

3. DXRacer Classic Series OH/CE120/NC Office Gaming Chair

It is the definition of ultimate comfort and luxury for your gaming or working experience. To start us off, is 3D armrest design, that not only support the shoulders and wrists but ensure they remain protected. How cool? Uniquely, this gaming seat has an extraordinary, full seating area, unlike the others in this series. Making it suitable for bigger people. In line with that, the chair is made from leather style vinyl that is not only breathable but also easy to clean.in regards to durability, the heavy-duty aluminum base, in the latest design, ensures that your seat lasts longer than the rest. Apart from that, the aluminum base supports the multi-functionality mechanism of the chair.

DXRacer Classic ReviewPros 

  • Reclines backward like a car seat, thus suitable for grabbing a power nap
  • Almost every part of the chair is adjustable, making it fit for both children and adults.
  • The full size frame-supports the body evenly.
  • It is fitted with a lock system that allows you to lock the seat once you achieve your desirable tilt degree.
  • The seat is straightforward to put together.
  • Unique high backrest to support the entire spinal column.


  • The cushion is too hard to sink in, making it unsuitable for use in longer hours.
  • Materials used to make the seat make it to heavy, thus affecting its portability.

DXRacer Classic Gaming Chair

4. DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NB Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Are you 6 feet tall? Weighing around 250llbs, then this king series is the perfect gaming seat for you. Here’s why: it is an excellent construction suitable for users who are tall and big. Additionally, the supportive heavy-duty caster not only supports the weight from the seat but also provides seamless movement of the seat even on maximum load. This 360°swivel base, features 3″ double caster wheels for smoother motions. It is designed with a 4D resilient armrest whose high-quality surface(well-padded) is soft and cozy to use and touch. The aluminum star base guarantees all-round support of the seat’s features. In line with that is the latest footrest designs that not only supports the feet but also designed to last long.

DXRacer King ReviewPros

  • It has raised sides that keep your legs intact, especially in an office setup.
  • The seat is beautiful and comfortable.
  • It is designed with a strong and sturdy frame to support the maximum weight of 400lbs.
  • It has a large angle adjuster, allowing one to adjust the seat to whatever angle of your choice.
  • The multi-functional mechanism that allows you to use it as a seat in the office or game seat at home.


  • The raised sides are metallic and not cushioned; therefore, you need to be careful to avoid getting hurt.
  • Slight wobbles on the armrest might be uncomfortable for some.
  • The cushion material is plastic and gets sticky after a while.

DXRacer King Gaming Chair

5. DXRacer Racing Series OH/RE0/NE Gaming Office Chair

Do you want to be better at gaming? This gaming seat will make you a pro-gamer. Here’s how. It features a taller, more extensive backrest that offers support to the back and neck during play or work, therefore, no back and neck pains. Additionally, the backrest is adjustable to the most comfortable working position. Apart from that, it boasts of a conventional tilt mechanism, for your most comfortable angle. Integrated headrest to ensure you get the most out of the seat.it also comes with a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to enhance the support of your body on the seat.

DXRacer Racing ReviewPros

  • Suitable for people who work sitting more than 8 hours a day.
  • It is constructed very strong and sturdy.
  • It is straightforward to assemble.
  • It has a beautiful and smooth reclining option.
  • It is fitted with a comfortable padded seat, easy to clean after use.


  • The armrests can’t be locked; thus, keep sliding forward or back out of position.
  • The plastic accents attached at the base break off quite easily.

DXRacer Racing Gaming Chair

6. DXRacer Racing Series OH/RE0/NO Gaming Office Chair

Let’s begin by saying that the striking design and smooth look, is a definition of what the DXRacer Racing seat is all about. First of all, it provides exceptional functionality in comparison to other seats in this series. Secondly, it guarantees comfort, as the cushion is breathable and bounces back to its original shape after usage. It is a suitable property for people who might use the seat for extended periods. In line with that, the cushion is moisture and mold-free padded, thus ensuring it doesn’t lose its vitality after use. Thirdly the aluminum base comes in handy as it is stable, sturdy, and prevents possible from falling off as part of modern design.

DXRacer Racing Series ReviewPros

  • The multi-directional ergonomic design supports the spine.
  • Rotate the armrests or adjust its height to suit your needs, which is unseen in most of the seats in the market today.
  • The slim built seat makes it easy to pull and push seamlessly.
  • A taller backrest that is customizable to fit your preference.
  • Quick to set up


  • The armrest is too short.

DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair

7. DXRacer Gaming Chair Racing Series OH/RW106/N

Designed with high Back Chair Back Style, this DXRacer Gaming chair racing series OH/RW106/N is a stet of the art gaming chair. Whose fundamentals play a part in ensuring you make the most out of a seat. First, the 3D directional armrest paves the way for customization in your different roles. Secondly, the starbase complements the slim body by supporting a weight of up to 220pounds. Thirdly, the headrest, lumbar and seat cushions are filled with dense foam that helps in maintaining the right sitting posture while sitting. It Has a control unit that helps in locking the seat, thus preventing incoherent upwards and downward movements of the seat. Last but not least is the 2″ caster made from plastic, that allows smooth rolling over flat surfaces.

DXRacer ReviewsPros

  • It provides for more adjustments to suit you.
  • It provides long term comfort
  • Painless neck strains with this seat.
  • You can move the seat from one point to another as the wheels roll over smoothly
  • Sit, tilt, and lock the seat effortlessly.


  • The seat is hard and doesn’t bounce back after usage.
  • Non- cushioned back that keeps poking on your back every time you use the seat.

DXRacer Gaming Chair

8. DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Racing Series OH/RV118/NBW

Lean in with this incredible DXRacer office gaming chair racing series, and cross your legs as it provides plenty of room beneath your desk. Apart from that, the 4D armrests and height are adjustable to suit your needs. Not forgetting the reclining factor that allows you to sleepover on the seat when the going gets tough in the office. Pass something to your office deskmate seamlessly, without standing as the 3″ PU Casters support the wheels to roll over swiftly. Additionally, it is built for the bigger user as its backrest is taller and wide to suit their needs.

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • Attractive and understated.
  • Sturdy base to support the seat.
  • Bounce backs after reclining guarantees comfort for the user.


  • The seat is not made from a breathable material, thus uncomfortable.
  • Armrests aren’t as high as other gaming seats in the market.

DXRacer Office/Gaming Chair

Why Buy DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

Why would you invest in a DXRacer Gaming Chair at $400 rather than grab a typical office chair at $100? You may ask yourself. What’s the catch? Let’s get into it.

First, a gaming chair is a long term investment to be used daily and should last for long without developing any issues. One of the most outstanding issues that are notable in most office chairs is the sinking of the seats. This is not the case in this gaming seats that are made using foam that bounces back after usage.

Most of these gaming seats are sold online, and you might not get a chance to test it before purchase. Therefore why would you trust online reviews and purchase this gaming seat without trying it out?

First of all, let us understand the DXRacer Gaming Chairs.

  • Adjustable backseat (up to 135°)
  • Adjustable armrests between 2D-4D
  • Memory foam
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest cushions 
  • Crafted to hold both heavyweights and lightweights.
  • It provides plenty of models with varied colors, designs, and specs.
  • Multi-functionality mechanism

Those mentioned above are the main features you will expect in most DXRacer chairs, if not all, who are not available in most office chairs available in the market. Is it worth it to buy a gaming chair? Do you need to ask yourself a couple of questions? Do you sit for long hours? Do you want to ace what you are doing? What kind of comfort are you looking out? If this one looks like things you would want in a gaming chair, then the DXRacer chairs are what you exactly need. Despite the high cost, it will last longer as warranties cover most of the chairs for up to 2 years. Apart from that, it provides a variety of options for different users.

After this, DXRacer chairs might be a worthy long-term investment and the most comfortable option. So the DXRacer chair is worth it!



In conclusion, the list of DXRacer gaming chair aforementioned confirms that a gaming chair contributes towards an incredible gaming experience. Apart from that, it prevents back and neck pains emanating from poorly structured /framed in low-quality gaming chairs.

With this, gaming chairs, you do not have to keep standing to stretch because of discomfort as the seat is comfortable, soft armrest, and adjustable heights to provide a smooth, uninterrupted session for as long as you can sit.

Depending on your taste and preference, grab any of these DXRacer gaming chairs, and take your gaming experience to the next level!