7 Best Racing Simulator Seats and Cockpit in 2020

When it comes to racing, the type of controller you are using will often dictate the experience you get from your gaming session. Whether you’re an advanced racing enthusiast, or a novice fan looking forward to gaming, it is best to get something great and more realistic.

Pro gamers prefer models linked with expert gaming controllers simply because they make the game more fun while making the whole unit easier to maneuver. Thus if you’re a gamer that often enjoys racing games, then the best racing simulator cockpit and seat should bring you a realistic and more enjoyable racing experience with extra perks of physical comfort.

So instead of using only thumbs, these models will keep you more involved in the process by also allowing you to employ your feet. Nonetheless, since the market has been flooded with most of these products, check out to make sure you get the one that has all the much-needed features for a remarkable game.

To give some assistance, here is a rundown of the top seven best racing simulator seats and cockpits in 2020. Go through the links to find your favorite option. Also, it would be wise to consider other buyers’ feedback and relevant comments to grasp an idea regarding these models. We have included a comprehensive buying guide outlining various key aspects to ascertain amid the purchase. Be sure to read through the post.


Top 7 Best Racing Simulator Seats and Cockpit in 2020


1. Playseat Challenge

The Playseat Challenge might not be as sturdy as other models from Playseat line up, but it’s a more reliable racing solution worth considering. Best for the budget crowd, this racing simulator chair is a fairly compact version as it can be folded up where the need occurs.

The steel frame is powder coated and is designed to be easily collapsible. This makes it perfect for those gaming fanatics living in a smaller apartment. It is a collapsible racing seat that presents steel construction with high-end Alcantara Suede seating for excellent ergonomics.

The Playseat Challenge brings you a realistic racing experience with a great level of functionality along with style, all at a sparing price tag. This is a racing simulator seat that’s compatible with other brands’ wheels and pedals from all platforms raging from Xbox, Logitech, Playstation, MadCatz, along with others.

The best racing simulator cockpit includes support plate arm swings to help users move in and out without issues. You can always latch the plates down to get more stability and support where necessary.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with most of the other racing wheels to bring up your favorite platform ranging from PC and PS4 to Nintendo Switch. This model is perfect starters and advanced gamers alike.

The installation process is extremely straightforward to make launching into your much-loved games a breeze. There are detailed instructions incorporated in this cockpit. The Playseat Challenge is more of a plug- and play racing unit.

However, the best racing simulator is associated with several drawbacks. One is that you’ll have to lift the wheel in order to enter and exit the simulator. Some people had problems when trying to get in and out of the cockpit.

Racing Simulator SeatPros

  • Foldable seat
  • Fantastic design
  • Doesn’t squeak
  • Covered in suede
  • The cockpit is compatible with all pedals and wheels


  • Hard to enter and exit for some users

Best Racing Simulator Seat


2. GTR Racing Simulator GTAF

This is an exceptional racing simulator seat made to make even the novice learners feel heroic while behind the wheel. This is undoubtedly one of the best simulator cockpit currently available for purchase that offers great value for money. Contrary to some other models out there, the GTR Racing Simulator might take slightly more time for the setup, but you’ll eventually understand why. It boasts precision-made support for both the wheels and the pedals.

Other accessories include a steering wheel, pedals, and a shifter. The seating position can be adjusted in a total of 14 different ways to offer exceptional comfort. Compatibility is another great aspect of this racing simulator set. It is compatible with other gaming consoles, which makes it unique from its direct competitors that are typically pricey for this feature.

As for the frame, it’s well coated with powder to avoid rust, which consequently assures longevity. Speaking of assembly, you can also seek help from the support team who are always ready to help.

It has a triple monitor mount that provides some distinct perspective and contributes to the reality of the game. The unit is also lightweight hence easy to move around, and as a high-quality racing simulator, this product is very stable, durable, and flexible for the best racing experience.

GTR Racing Simulator GTAF Pros

  • Triple monitor setup
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable design
  • Compatible with other gaming consoles
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Stable and heavy-duty construction
  • Comfortable


  • A limited number of wheels

GTR Racing Simulator


3. Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit

The Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit is a basic, yet dependable racing seat that comes with a shifter included. It is a unique and robust racing simulator ideal for long-term use. The simulator chair offers a great range for adjustability, which is pretty much important to any racing enthusiast.

The Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit has been built with high-quality steel frames that make it even stronger and sturdier to accommodate different weights. The unit is also largely adaptable since it can be paired with many gaming consoles, including PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Logitech, and Thrustmaster, among others- even though the best platform for this particular seat are PS4 and Xbox. The model is easy to move in different positions, thanks to the comfy racing seat; it suits your comfort needs.

It is one of the most comfortable racing simulator seats, and the price is very reasonable, meaning it’s not that expensive. Moreover, you can move the whole mount back and front along the medial bar, through the seat slide mechanism.

The wheel mount is highly adjustable, and you can easily find a perfect setup with this racing cockpit. What’s more, the steering wheel mount can also be adjusted for both distance and height. You can also change the pedal angle between ten and twenty degrees. We also like the fact that this model is easy on knees, which is an essential factor to have in a racing seat.

This model is very stable and won’t wobble during the performance as it features solid foot pedals. The wheel mount is very adjustable, making it suitable for all users. Besides, you can easily slide the unit forward and backward to achieve an ideal position.

Hardware like the wheel and foot pedals has to be bought separately. However, the best thing is that this cockpit is compatible with most racing equipment brands like Thrustmaster and Logitech, and it’s available in blue and red colors, so you can quickly get a favorite pick that best suits your preferences.

Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Seat Pros

  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t include PC option

Conquer Racing Simulator


4. APIGA AP2 Foldable Racing Simulator with Gearshift Mount

Introducing the only racing simulator that brings the most realistic racing experience. The Apiga AP2 Foldable Simulator comes with a unique design to avoid any trouble with any type of turns.

Designed to be more versatile than others out there, this driving cockpit is known to be the world’s first-class dual pole simulator. Thanks to the unique design, it comes with fully open pedals and is ideal for use along with almost any racing pedals or wheels.

The model is compatible with just about any pedal and wheel on the market. The unit also features an adjustable height function, which enables the user to lower and alter the seat to match their comfort needs.

The APIGA AP2 racing simulator is stable, sturdy, and foldable, which makes it one of the most preferred racing cockpits in the market. Setting up this particular simulator will not require any advanced tools or much time to complete. Talking about the unit stability, the APIGA AP2 is built with robust iron metal, which is also non-slip. It’s designed to remain stable on different surfaces, from carpet and tiles to wooden floors and other surfaces you’d like to play on.

The foldable design makes it easy to store without occupying much space, while still offering the experience of an actual car seat together with the available controls. You can pair it with other major platforms, including Xbox, PS4, and PC, and more. That means you can enjoy your favorite games without allocating a whole lot of money on the seat.

APIGA AP2 Foldable Racing Simulator with Gearshift MountPros

  • Cheap
  • Adjustable racing simulator
  • Compatible with most consoles


  • Can feel clunky
  • Not the most durable

APIGA AP2 Foldable Racing Simulator


5. Vevor Driving Simulator

The Vevor Driving Simulator is a fantastic option from a renowned brand. It is a top-quality seat built to support a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds. You can count on this amazing cockpit as a racing simulator or use it as a flight cockpit.

Speaking of build quality, the unit is made up of pure carbon steel, synthetic PVC fibers plus premium foam passing that ensures excellent stability, durability, and safety during use. The back of the seat can be adjusted through 120 degrees for more convenience.

There are no wheel pedals in this model, but it appears to be extremely comfortable with all adjustable positions. The whole thing weighs about 46 kg, so moving it around is rather easy. It’s compatible with other adjustments in various parts. The pedal, for instance, can be adjusted up to three angles and incorporates an adjustable wheel mount that makes it suitable for both kids and adults.

Coming down to set up, you just need to attach your wheel and gears (and up to three monitors) and ignite your engines, and you will certainly enjoy the reclining seat, spacious interior, and adjustable frame. The best simulation gaming cockpit offers remarkable immersion and comfort throughout.

Overall, this is a reliable, durable racing simulator seat, so rest assured it will last long short of glitches. The synthetic leather upholstery adds to the comfort while you play. Not to mention it’s also compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, or PC. There are no mistakes when you opt for this racing model.

Vevor Driving SimulatorPros

  • Quality steel construction
  • Synthetic leather
  • Compatible
  • Supports users up to 330 pounds


  • Not the easiest to find

VEVOR Racing Simulator Cockpit


6. Playseat Revolution

Playseat Revolution is yet another reliable choice as far as best racing simulator cockpits are considered. It is highly recommended for both rookies professional races. It’s more substantial, sturdy, well made, and good looking in comparison to other models out there.

Playseat is a synonymous brand in this industry, and for a good reason, they are probably the best racing simulators brand on the market. What’s better, this model comes at a very good price. It is among the most affordable racing seats on this list, which includes the most important features required for a great racing set up. This consists of a durable frame, seat itself, and ability to mount the wheel as well as pedals.

It’s a very versatile racing chair that’s compatible with pretty much any console, including PCs and PS4 or Xbox. It also supports other equipment such as wheels and pedals from brands like Mad Catz and Logitech.

The only downside to this racing simulator seat is that it lacks a shifter mount (racing wheel), but that’s to be expected considering the thrifty price. It also requires a screen mount, but you can easily integrate it with a Playseat TV Stand Pro to access your screen even more conveniently.

Playseat Revolution Racing Video Game ChairPros

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • Adjustable seat and wheel
  • Detailed instruction


  • The manual shifter mount is seat separately
  • No seat recline

Playseat Revolution Racing Game Chair


7. GTR Simulator GTA-F

The GTR Simulator GTA-F is a fantastic cockpit that comes with a beautiful field of vision that emulates the real racing automobile. The unit features a reclining seat that provides four different adjustable positions. There is also a steering wheel plate, a robust frame, with customizable length and a shifter mount. The seat also includes support for wheel mounting. The wheel support is, however, not adjustable, contrary to other racing simulators on this list.

Another best aspect of the GTR Simulator GTA-F stems from its compatibility with the PCs and any other gaming console you may want. It comes with a triple monitor TV stand, something barely included by other racing simulators out there. This triple TV stand implies that you can attach three separate monitors simultaneously to have a curved screen. This provides a true field of vision, similar to that of a real racing track.

One downside is that the model is not foldable, unlike other entries. It is very sturdy and stable and won’t move around while you make those steering moves, regardless of how enthusiastic you become.

Other fantastic features include the adjustable seat. The price might be a bit elevated, but the quality you get is well worth the price. It’s good to note that this model is not really for beginners. It is best suited for those who take racing really seriously.

GTR Simulator GTA-FPros

  • Well-made design
  • Sturdy cockpit
  • Reasonably priced


  • Assembly
  • Occupies a lot of space

GTA-F Model Racing Simulator   


Best Racing Simulator Seat Cockpit: Buying Guide

To get the best racing simulator seats and cockpit in 2020, you need to consider the following essential things before making the purchase.


Before you buy any of these products, it is important to make sure that you choose a model that offers a certain extent of versatility. Go for something that can be used with most of the common racing wheels while being able to support different gaming monitors. Such models will turn out to be economical in the long-run, thereby eliminating those instances that may give rise to extra costs.

A functional racing simulator cockpit should be very compatible with just about any gaming console. Therefore, you need to choose a racing simulator seat that can serve with different game consoles, including the most common ones like G35, G29, G27, G25, PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac, Wii among others. Having such a racing simulator will help you enjoy all of your favorite games.


When it comes to racing, simulators, durability, and performance can be attributed to the built quality. On that note, better performance is well associated with solid simulators that are made from enduring steel and iron frames. Consider the type of materials used in making the model in question, especially on crucial parts like the frame.

The best racing cockpit should have a lightweight yet durable construction to support most users. Metallic simulator cockpits are generally very stable and durable for long-term use. This is an investment, and so you need to choose something that can last and serve without issues.

Check out whether the construction presented by the chosen model is robust enough to stand the test of time. The model should also be coated with a stain/rust resistant coat to keep it free from rust or corrosion. That’s how you get the value for your money.


The console of your racing simulator cockpit is also another essential factor to consider during the selection process. Male sure the screens you’re about to buy are developed by a reliable manufacturer.

You can even try to fit the most substantial screens into the available space you have, and see whether you can achieve maximum immersion. There are other modern technologies like virtual reality, which you can look into as well.

The Seat

Stability and comfort go hand in hand when gaming. Always choose a racing simulator seat that has a reclining feature.

Most of these models come with comfy seats, which brings you several options to choose from. Ideally, consider something with a specified weight capacity of at least 300 pounds. The seat should also provide various reclining positions to enhance adjustability.


Racing simulators are generally known to be complex in design, and for that very reason, most buyers call for support from the manufacturers even after making the purchase. As such, it’s imperative to make sure the brand from which you are buying your racing simulator cockpit has excellent customer support, which should be easy to reach.

In case you necessitate a replacement, probably due to manufacturing defects or such, the company should assist without issues. In other words, you should be able to access any kind of support from the brand.

 Other important aspects to consider when choosing a racing simulator are the pedals, steering, design, warranty, and product cost.



Buying the best racing simulator seat has never been easy, but only with proper guidance. Whatever budget you have, there’s a reliable racing simulator seat you can enjoy. Most players who tend to be rather more serious when it comes to racing games should basically have a race seat for themselves.

Racing cockpits maximize the fun you get while gaming, making the experience much more realistic compared to PS4 or Xbox controllers. And the ultimate performance will elevate in time.

After going through the reviews and feedback left behind by users of these products, we developed this list of the best racing simulator seats and cockpit in 2020. We focused on the leading racing cockpits designed to bring you the much-needed fun.