5 Best Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review [2020]

Have you wanted so bad to experience what real gaming feels like? Yet you can’t find the right gaming chair that meets your needs in the market? Or are you working for longer hours; and your butt, neck and head complain every single day from the pressure they get from the use of an ordinary gaming chair. It is for that reason that we delve further into reviewing Anda seat gaming chair, and see whether we can find you an incredible match that suits your needs. Without further ado, let us get straight into it.

Every new year, there has been an upsurge of improvement that goes into improving the Anda seats gaming chairs. As it stands, Today, these seats boast of the best warranties in this industry apart from that the lifetime warranty covers the whole frame and all the other parts of the chair.

Standard Anda Seat features

As much as the brand offers various options for the seats available, Anda seat gaming chairs have standard features that cut across most of the chairs. They include:

Deep recline system: Most of the models can recline up to 160°. Once you get the manual, you can read it through, and that should help you position the right angle for you. The normal range for a working position is 100-110° one that ensures that your neck through to the pelvic area receives support. The deeper position is suitable for sleeping or relaxing.

Double layered padding: Seating area is made of two layers of padding, namely 2.5″ high-density foam and 1.5″ of memory foam.

Lumbar and neck pillows: Anda seat gaming chairs support cushions are uniquely designed to help the body shape while it retains the shape. The pillow is made from viscoelastic foam that ensures the pillow bounce back to its original form after use. The support pillows ensure that your spine is in perfect alignment as soon as you sit on the seat.

Ergonomic support: To begin with, the chairs have a 22 diameter steel frame. A heavy-duty 5-point aluminum base follows it. Underneath the bottom are the rolling casters. 65mm for the heavyweight chairs and 60mm for the smaller chairs. Last but not least is the class 4 gas-powered lift that can hold the weight of up to 500 pounds.

Elegant PVC leather upholstery: In comparison to PU leather, PVC is preferable as it is more flexible, durable, and soft. Additionally, it is easy to clean. It lasts longer, and no chemical smell emanates from the seat.


Anda Seat Gaming Chair Reviews


1. Anda Seat Dark Knight

Anda seat dark knight, is a luxury chair, with distinctive looks suitable for the office and gaming. First of all, it is made with PVC, a premium material that includes carbon fiber for the seat, high-density foam, and the leather-like Pvc gives the chair and incredible finish. In regards to durability: Anda seat dark knight boasts of an ergonomic body frame that supports the whole body evenly. It also features 4D adjustable armrests installed for ease of use on different surfaces. Apart from that, the seating area is quite large sufficient for larger sized users. The high-density foam pad and 1.5 inch thickness of memory foam guarantee you 100% comfort.

Anda Seat Dark Knight ReviewPros

  • Detachable pillows for head and neck support.
  • It has a Comfortable backrest, attached with a supportive pillow.
  • Enjoy seamless adjustments for recline, armrest, and back options.
  • The supportive aluminum base prevents the topples.
  • It is of excellent quality, robust yet light in weight.


  • The cushion is too crafty, causing sitting discomfort.
  • Unsuitable for short people as one has to add some cushions to get above the arches.

Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

2. Anda Seat Viper Series

Enjoy double comfort with the Anda seat viper series, as the ergonomic size holds your butt in the right place with the spine in the correct position preventing an occurrence of possible back pains. This series has unique, adjustable armrests that are thicker and wider to hold you comfortably. Apart from that, the high-quality cushion seat is dense enough to sustain your butt for long hours over gaming, working, or even studying. Recline the chair back up to 160° and lie on it as a bed or lock the adjustment as soon as you attain the right angle. Its multi-functionality ensures the parts of the chair work together coherently to maximize your seating experience.

Uniquely, it is the only seat with explosion-proof capabilities among chairs in this category. It is made possible by the integrated metal frame . to add on the security details, are the large-sized super stable castors, that not only stabilize the chair but ease movement from one point to another.

Anda Seat Viper Series ReviewPros

  • Thicker sponge on the seating area for extra comfort.
  • The seats cover Fade-resistant, Pvc leather material used.
  • Super easy to set it up.
  • Material is waterproof and can be wiped after use.
  • Excellent quality for an incredible gaming experience.


  • The fabric used is soft thus susceptible to tears and crumbles.
  • The armrest does not lock, thus keep moving up and down.

Anda Seat Viper Series Gaming Chair

3. Anda Seat Assassin Series

Rest your arms, on the 2D adjustable armrest on this Anda seat assassin series, and extend your working or gaming hours. Additionally, the armrest’s surface is covered by PU, to prevent muscle strain and wrist pressure that may accumulate over time.

The high density foam-gives you that extra comfort you require to beat your opponent or write up that report without getting tired. Additionally, the high back gaming seat features a breathable mesh that not only keeps you fresh throughout the day but also ensures the seat is adjustable. Its technical design allows you to stay up for more extended periods as it offers 180° recline, lumbar support, and the exceptional rocking mode for the day you want to lazy around.

Anda Seat Assassin Series ReviewPros

  • The 5-star aluminum base guarantees excellent stability for the chair.
  • Easy to assemble
  • The firm seat padding that breaks in to give you a comfortable placement.
  • Wheels move when they need to, and hold their place just fine when need be.
  • The lumbar pillow is soft and cozy, offering the necessary support.
  • Incredible stitching and finishing, give the seat a beautiful finish.


  • The 2D adjustment armrest limits the movement of the armrest to only two directions.
  • Lack of a hook, keeps the head pillow falling off.

Anda Seat Assassin Series Gaming Chair

4. Anda Seat Axe Series

Does the Anda Seat Ace Series rock? This 360° swivel rocker tilts in whatever direction, and you can lock it so that it can’t tip when you don’t want to. Gamers refer to it as the perfect e-sport gaming chair, as it boasts of a car racing design chair that gets you into the mood. It is also made to make sure that your posture is in check as the velour head pillow and lumbar cushion keeps your head, neck, and spine in check. The steel framework beneath: supports all the features of the gaming chair to offer longevity, comfort, safety, and maximum comfort. It also stands out as a budget-friendly gaming chair with the modern features of a gaming chair. Give it a shot!

Anda Seat Axe Series ReviewPros

  • The recline option is perfect for both play and work.
  • Quite easy to put up together
  • Stylish finish, with a variety of colors available
  • It is sturdy and comfortable for users.
  • Well built.


  • The armrests are quite low and very uncomfortable for gaming.
  • Neck pillow can’t tighten as its held by an elastic band, thus not reducing neck pressure. 

Anda Seat Axe Series

5. Anda Seat Spirit King

Rated ⅘, this Anda seat spirit king, is the grand king in gaming chairs, as its charm and style not only play a role in it’s over role outlook but also make sure the chair is huge and fits most butt sizes. Every part is adjustable to suit the height and type of your body; precisely, you can tilt the backrest, adjust the 3D armrest, increase or decrease the height whose mechanisms are easy to adjust, control, and readjust. In terms of comfort, the backrest, headrest is padded to support the neck, spine, and head. The shape of the gaming chair is curved to fit your body as exact, giving you unbelievable comfort. It also features excellent security features: smooth castor wheels, sturdy metallic frame, and explosion-proof properties of international standards.

Anda Seat Spirit King ReviewPros

  • Suitable for taller people.
  • The High density foam provides you more support.
  • A solid foundation with impressive wheels
  • Seamless adjustability -note the tilt is superb


  • Firm foam that needs time to soften.
  • The large-sized lumbar cushion is uncomfortable.

Anda Seat Spirit King


Final thoughts if you are on the lookout for an excellent gaming chair to take the place of your one, look no further! As the Anda Seat gaming chairs stand out as an excellent choice as a replacement because they not only provide the required comfort required but will also enhance your gaming experience. Apart from that, this series boasts of the modern-day style of gaming chairs. Additionally, the chairs are customized to fit most body sizes, if not all. Therefore if you are on the hunt for quality, looks, comfort, durability, then these chairs might be exactly what you are looking for. Happy shopping!