5 Best Elecwish Gaming Chair Reviews [2021]

In this article, we have reviewed 5 best elecwish gaming chair review. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot or you can scroll down for detailed reviews.

Gaming chairs are one of those products you get and wonder, how did I ever survive without this?’ In this modern age of gaming, freelance work, and video streaming, you find yourself spending more and more of your work and leisure time sitting at your desk. Gone are the times of hard wooden desk chairs.

Elecwish is a major manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, with a furniture department that specializes in outdoor furniture, bathroom utilities, household goods, and now, gaming chairs. Their specialty seems to be budget gaming chairs, given that almost their whole range seems to be priced at below $300.

To get a feel of what Elecwish is offering on their gaming chair range, we got a few for some first-hand experience. We also asked around for some honest reviews from some who have bought Elecwish gaming chairs. The aggregate of information collected in both ways has directed this review of the Elecwish gaming chair.

Elecwish Gaming Chairs Pros and Cons

Gaming chairs were originally built to mimic the bucket chairs found in racing cars, and that is why they are also called racing chairs. Elecwish too has followed this pattern, with bucket seats, high throne back with winged sides and a range of adjustments for customization. Other than these common features, they also stand out on a few points:


Ergonomic design for maximum comfort. High back with full support up to the head.
It comes with included lumbar support and neck cushions.
It comes with a retractable footrest that can fold back into the chair.
Tilt lock function up to 170° (except for the cheapest model that reclines to 150°)
Premium looking PU leather material on all models.


The build is a bit flimsy.
PU leather material wears quickly under intense use.

Elecwish has a wide range of chairs available, that vary by the features available and price. Take a look below to know what Elecwish gaming chairs have to offer.

Top 5 Elecwish Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Elecwish Racing Video Gaming/Executive Office Chair

ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair...

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First Impressions

This particular model is one of the intermediate range of Elecwish gaming chairs. Just by the initial feel, you can tell that this is a great gaming chair. It is superbly comfortable, has a premium look due to the faux leather material, and is of a sturdy build.

This Elecwish gaming chair comes in the standard racing design. However, in this model, it is toned down so that the chair can also be used for office work or even for formal video conferencing.

Another thing you notice at once is the footrest, which is a pleasant addition for when you need to catch a quick rest.

Elecwish Racing Video Gaming/Executive Office Chair


  • Ergonomic racing chair design with a high back reaching up to the head.
  • Wide seat with only partly raised sides to accommodate a wider range of users, from slim people to large people.
  • Tilt lock mechanism for reclining up to 170°.
  • Wide foldable 5 point base, made of plastic and fitted with silent rolling caster wheels for any floor type.
  • Fixed armrests that can retract with the back.
Elecwish Racing Video Gaming/Executive Office Chair


  • Comes with removable and adjustable lumbar and neck support  cushions for full back support.
  • Extendable/retractable footrest for resting your feet while reclining.
  • 3.2″ height adjustment capabilities.
  • Extra-thick padded seat for comfort even on extended sessions. Seat thickness is 4.29″ at unboxing, which exceeds most other seats.
  • SGS gas piston for height adjustment, able to support up to 330 pounds of weight.
  • Padded armrests for extra comfort to the arms.
  • Range of 10 color schemes available to suit your taste.


  • Seat dimensions: 21.7″L x 21.7″w
  • Seat weight: 51.5 pounds (23.4kg)
  • Maximum supported weight: 330 pounds (149.6kg)
  • Backrest dimensions: 21.7″ W x 32.3″H
  • Material: Faux leather upholstery and PP plastic for components.
  • Adjustments: 360° swivel, 90°-170° tilt angles.

ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair...
  • ★LARGE SIZE ergonomic video game computer racing chair with retractable footrest, weight capacity is 330lbs, suitable for women and men, slim and fat
  • ★COMFORTABLE soft PU Leather and thicken widen seat/ Relax your hand by the streamline ergonomic paralleled adjustable armrest/Rest yourself by tilting the back, 0--170 degrees, enjoy a snap sleep
  • ★SUPPORTIVE and removable headrest, lumbar support pillow, for extra comfort and protecting your neck and spinal for long time seating/SUITABLE for professional video games/3-year limited warranty
  • ★HIGH quality PU Leather with high-density thicker sponge inside, more comfortable and elastic /SGS air-lift, easy to achieve 3.2 inch seat height adjustment
  • ★1 Year Limited Warranty!Any quality or transportation problem, can promise you will be get a ysatisfy answer from us.We wiil reply you within 24 hours.

2. Elecwish Video Gaming/Racing/Office Chair

Video Gaming Chair Racing Office -...

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First Impressions

Like the whole range of Elecwish gaming chairs, this particular model exudes the feeling that it is a premium chair. With its polished faux leather finish, colored base and castors coupled with the classic racing design, it is quite a sight.

The faux leather material on this Elecwish video gaming chair is soft and comfortable, with just the right amount to give to avoid being too squishy. The cushion is extra comfortable, and here Elecwish has excelled by giving it a 4″ cushion instead of the standard 3″. With the retractable footrest and uniquely designed armrests, this chair is promising great value for the price you will pay for it.

Elecwish Video Gaming/Racing/Office Chair

Here is some more information you may want regarding this Elecwish gaming chair model.


  • Racing seat design with a unique cut for the backrest wings.
  • Wide seat averaging 21.7″ by 21.7″ with the sides only slightly raised, to cater for a wide range of people.
  • Unique design for the armrests made to be firm and durable while offering some degree of adjustment.
  • In the upgrade version, metallic 5-pointed star base for added support and durability.
  • Wide rubber castor wheels for smooth movement over any kind of surface, especially hard floors.
  • Tilt locking mechanism for the backrest leaning up to 150°.
Elecwish Video Gaming/Racing/Office Chair


  • Fully adjustable lumbar and neck support cushions for the back.
  • Padded armrests for added comfort.
  • Wide retractable footrest for the feet when in an inclined position.
  • SGS-3 gas spring mechanism for height adjustment supporting up to 330 pounds (149.6 kg).
  • Ergonomic design with a high backrest, head and neck support for users up to 6 tall.
  • Adjustable backrest with a tilt angle of 90° to 150°.


  • Seat dimensions: 21.7″L x 21.7″W x 4.29″D
  • Height: Adjustable, 18″ to 21.3″
  • Item weight: 52.9 pounds (24kg)
  • Chair dimensions: 36″ by 22.5″ by 15″
  • Color scheme: Orange and black.

Video Gaming Chair Racing Office -...
  • ★High Quality Superior Comfort:Large size widen thicken seat, wider chair back with footrest,comfortable and suitable for women and man, slim and fat. It is an ideal seat of choice for working, studying and gaming
  • ★Ergonomic thicker foam padding, high-quality PU leather covering for easily cleaned and fade resistant.
  • ★SGS-3 air-lift, easy to achieve 3.2 inch seat height adjustment/ whole swivel racing chair can bearing 330lbs, BIFMA tested;
  • ★Rest yourself by tilting the back using the adjustable control handle, we suggest you different recline angle for different usage, 90 degrees recline for working, 100 degrees for gaming, 120 degrees for reading, 150 degrees for resting
  • ★ Heavy duty chair base with Silent Rubber casters for greater stability, 1-Year Warranty

3. ELECWISH Video Game Chair High-Back Large Size Ergonomic Chair

First Impressions

ELECWISH Office Racing Video Gaming...

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This video game chair from Elecwish is another one from their intermediate range of gaming chairs. It follows the same classic racing chair design that is incorporated in all their chairs. However, with this model, the look is a bit dull due to grey color, which makes it perfect for formal use in a work environment e.g video conferencing.

However, the chair does feel quite comfortable, as it seems Elecwish has given it the same extra thick cushions available in all their chairs. The armrests are padded and offer some degree of adjustability. The only thing you may experience is that the chair can get a bit wobbly especially if you don’t tighten it well enough.

All in all, this seems to be a great chair for you if you want something comfortable with a few exciting features, without having to pay a lot for it. You can see its design, features, and specifications below to get more information on this model.

ELECWISH Video Game Chair High-Back Large Size Ergonomic Chair


  • Classic racing chair design with the high winged back and a wide backseat with slightly raised sides.
  • Extra-wide chair design to support a larger percentage of people, from slim ones to large ones.
  • Patent foldable base made of high strength PP plastic, made in a 5-pointed star design for stability.
  • Patent design armrests with a firm stylish look, adjustable to some degree when the backrest is pushed back.
  • The chair is covered with comfortable, premium looking faux leather for comfort and durability.
ELECWISH Video Game Chair High-Back Large Size Ergonomic Chair


  • Adjustable armrests with extra padding for comfort.
  • Retractable footrest to rest your feet on when reclining.
  • Class III SGS gas spring height adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the height up to 3.2″ and supports up to 330 pounds of weight (149.7kg).
  • Backrest adjustment through a tilt lock mechanism, allows the back to recline from 90° to a maximum of 170°. At 90° you can work easily, 110° is good for gaming, 130° for reading while 150° to 170° is perfect to catch a quick rest in.
  • 360° swivel function. Coupled with rubber silent moving castor wheels, the chair offers you a high level of mobility and protects your floor.
  • Adjustable and removable lumbar and neck support cushions for full back support. This helps prevent back pain.
  • Extra thick cushion at 4.29″ offers a high degree of comfort even during extended sitting sessions.


  • Item dimensions: 25.7″L by 23.4″ W by 46.5″-49.6″H
  • Seat dimensions: 21.7″ by 21.7″ by 4.29″
  • Item weight: 53 pounds (24kg)
  • Material: Steel frame, PU cover, Nylon base.
  • Color: Grey.
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds.

ELECWISH Office Racing Video Gaming...
  • ERGONOMIC RECLINER DESIGN - Wide High Back and Seat with Lumbar Pillow Brings You Fully Body Support, Extra Large Angle Recliner Function(Can be Locked from 90-160°)
  • MATERIAL INCLUDE - Metal Frame, Easy to Clean Artificial Leather, Breathable Net Back, Removable Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Cushion Make It an Ideal Seat of Choice for Gaming and Working
  • CHAIR DIMENSIONS - 25.6"(L) x 21.1"(W) x 50"-53.3"(H); Back Dimensions: 13''(L) x 30.3''(W); Maximum Weight Capacity: -330 Pounds.
  • HIGH SECURITY - SGS, Class 3 Gas Lift Combine with Heavy Duty Nylon Base Wheels & 1.5mm Steel Frame Guarantee,
  • FAST DELIVERY & QUICK REPLY - We Own Two Warehouses on CA & NJ for 3-7 Days Fast Delivery After Shipping; We Also Provide a Quick Customer Service to Guarantee Your Shopping Experience

4. ELECWISH Massage Computer Gaming Chair

ELECWISH Ergonomic Swivel Video...

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First Impressions

This is one of the richer Elecwish gaming chairs. By its look, you can tell that Elecwish departed from their usual design in more than a few ways. The armrests have a fresh design, which although they are more fixed feel firm and sturdy. Another thing you notice is the waterfall’ edge of the seat, which is usually found in office chairs. This design allows you much more freedom to change your sitting posture and offers less resistance on the thighs when in a reclining position.

This chair also comes with a surprising feature: an electronically vibrating lumbar massage pillow. This is a feature usually only found in more expensive chairs.

In general, this is a great chair with extra comfort, a premium look and feel and a few surprising features that are like the icing on the cake. More design features and specifications are available below to give you more information.

ELECWISH Massage Computer Gaming Chair


  • High backed racing chair design with wings on the backrest for a closer fit and added comfort.
  • Newly designed, sturdy fixed armrests.
  • 5-pointed star base made of strong engineered PP plastic for stability.
  • Backrest reclining capability courtesy of a tilt lock mechanism.
  • Electronic vibrating massager built into the lumbar support for added comfort.
  • Premium scratch proof faux leather material gives this chair durability and a premium look.
ELECWISH Massage Computer Gaming Chair


  • Ergonomic design with a high back for full-back, neck and head support.
  • Removable lumbar and pillow support cushions to maintain the natural spine contours and prevent back pain.
  • High-end massage function in the lumbar support cushion to relax your back during long intensive gaming sessions.
  • Padded armrests for extra comfort.
  • Double rubber castor wheels for easy and quiet movement over any kind of floor.
  • Class III SGS gas spring lift for height adjustment.
  • Wide and thickly padded footrest to rest your feet when reclining.
  • Extra-wide bucket seat with raised lips to the sides and a waterfall’ designed on the front to accommodate larger people comfortably.


  • Chair size: 25.4″L by 23.4″W by 46.5″-49.6″ H
  • Chair weight: 50 pounds (22.6kg)
  • Seat dimensions: 21.7″ L by 21.7″W by 4.29″ thickness.
  • Material: Steel, high-quality faux leather, shaping foam, PP plastic.
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds (136 kg).
  • Color theme: Black and White.

ELECWISH Ergonomic Swivel Video...
  • 【DOUBLE COMFORT】: Ergonomic design with free USB electric massager, headrest pillow wider and thicker armrests with ergonomic shape, larger-size seat cushion, adjustable footrest.
  • 【HIGH-SECURITY】:Sturdy durable frame provide you a safety feeling prevent pain for a long time sitting.Explosion-proof gas spring of international standards, heavy duty chair base with castors make a superb stable structure.(Maximum capacity : 300LB)
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】:Chair Height and Rocking Function Adjustable ,360 degree Swivel.Lockable tilt positions easy to install.
  • 【GOOD QUALITY MATERIAL】:High-Quality PU leather and thicker spong on front and back, high resilience and permeability padding feels great,easy to clean.
  • 【WARRANTY】30 days of free returns & money back guarantee. 12 months free replacement warranty.

5. Elecwish Video Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair

Video Gaming Office Chair Computer...

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First Impressions

This gaming chair is a breath of fresh air from all the other gaming seats we have trying to mimic DXRacer’s original racing chair model. The design is completely new, very appealing to the eyes especially in this sky blue color there.

However, one thing with this chair is that it is a bit shorter, which means that it is probably meant for smaller users. The backrest is wide with wings, an opening towards the middle and top, and the seat is extra wide.

Something else you’ll also notice is that this chair has extra thick cushions that are super comfortable even for extended gaming sessions. Some more information about this amazing Elecwish gaming chair:

Elecwish Video Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair


  • Fresh design from the back to the armrests. Backrest has an opening for free air movement to make sure your back stays cool and fresh.
  • High quality breathable faux leather material that feels super comfortable, is water-resistant and durable.
  • Metallic five-point base for superb stability and durability.
  • Pivoted armrests that can be adjusted by reclining the back.
  • Tilt lock mechanism reclining from 90° to 150°.
Elecwish Video Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair


  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort. High back with support up to the head and neck.
  • Removable lumbar and neck support cushions for added spine support.
  • Padded armrest cushions for comfort.
  • Retractable footrest for leg support when reclining.
  • Extra thick cushions made of shaping foam for comfort and resilience
  • Backrest recline with an added rocking function for relaxation.
  • Class III SGS gas spring for height adjustments, supporting up to 300 pounds (136kg).


  • Chair weight: 46.5 pounds (21.5kg)
  • Chair size: 21.3″ by 20.5″ by 4.34″ (thickness).
  • Weight limit: Pounds.
  • Color: Sky blue.
  • Material: Steel, faux leather, nylon, plastic.

Video Gaming Office Chair Computer...
  • 【EXTRA COMFORT】 - We present this brand new high back gaming Chair with a unique appearance and thickly cushioned for maximum comfort. Gaming chair office chair desk chair computer chair.
  • 【EASY TO PUT TOGETHER】 - Our gaming chair comes with all hardware & necessary tools. Office chair have commercial-grade components, maximum supports up to 300lbs. Follow the instruction, you'll found easy to set up, and desk chair estimated assembly time in about 10-20mins. Gaming office desk computer chair.
  • 【MULTI PURPOSE FUNCTION TO OFFICE CHAIR】 - Ergonomic racing chair covered by breathable premium PU leather with freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow protecting your spinal and neck. And most important, locking in any position when you recline, have the safe angle 90-150 degree. Office chair gaming chair computer chair desk chair.
  • 【CONVERENCE TO MOVE】 - Office chair are designed with human-oriented ergonomic construction that lasts long, and gaming chair have heavy-duty metal base which pass the BIFMA with 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters, rolling 100000, have great stability and mobility. Computer chair gaming chair office chair desk chair.
  • 【Good Material For Money】 - We guarantee you will love this gaming office chair, but if you’re not satisfied with this executive chair, please get in touch with us. BestOffice chair best service for you. Desk chair computer chair gaming chair office chair.


Elecwish has an impressive range of really good and affordable gaming chairs. Unlike some of the other manufacturers, you can tell that they are putting in some effort into coming up with something customers will love. Most others just make generic seats hoping people will buy them.

You’ll find footrests in every chair, as well as some extra thick cushions for maximum comfort. Some models even come with massage functions. Judging by the reviews on Amazon, were not the only ones that think Elecwish is definitely a great brand for anyone who wants some extras for a friendly price.

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