Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair

Whenever you buy something online, it is often impossible to know how good it will be until you get to use it. It lies to you to do your due diligence and make sure that what you pay for is what you get. Having said that, it is also true that as gamers, we don’t really have an idea of what best gaming chairs are all about.

Many people tend to classify gaming chairs – and other things as well – in two categories. They think that the cheaper ones are ‘bad’ and expensive ones are ‘good’. While there is some truth to this, it is more complicated when it comes to gaming chairs.

We got some of the cheapest as well as the most high-end gaming chairs for a test drive. This gave us a chance to compare and contrast the most salient features that distinguish them. We are happy to share the information gained below to help you get past this dilemma.


From the perspective of quality vs quantity, here are the advantages of premium gaming chairs compared to cheap ones.

·         More durable.

·        More comfortable.

·        Come with more adjustability for the various parts.

·        They look better in terms of flashy colors and better design.



  • The high price is the obvious disadvantage.
  • Some manufacturers make cheap knockoffs and pass them off at the price of premium ones.

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chairs

Let us focus on each of these in turn for a better look.


Cheap gaming chairs look and feel great at first, but they deteriorate very quickly. Within a few months, the cushions start to wear away and the cover material starts to come apart at the seams. You may also experience parts breaking away for no apparent reason, an issue that normally affects the armrests.

The gas spring is also very sensitive together with the backrest tilt mechanism. If they are of low quality, the piston will start working sporadically and the tilt lock mechanisms start to slip.

These problems rarely affect the more expensive chairs, because more attention has been paid to minor build details. The parts used are of the highest quality and will last you through many years before you get such issues.



The design of expensive gaming chairs also differs from that of the cheap ones. This is easily seen in the more ergonomic design of the higher quality ones. While both types are made to be comfortable, you will find differences like adjustable armrests, lumbar and head support for the higher-end models.

Cheap chair manufacturers, looking to cut costs, may overlook certain things like the armrests and include fixed ones. The same thing applies to the headrests.

Besides, premium gaming chairs usually include an allowance to fix peripherals like foot pedals and steering wheels for racing games, and may also come with additional inbuilt features. Cheap ones will not have these as they constitute an added cost.


Steel Framework

This is a major feature in any gaming chair worth the name. Steel is strong and sturdy and will last a long time without breaking, rusting away or giving way to continuous use. All high-end gaming chairs will have a steel framework covered with either plastic or fabric for aesthetics.

By contrast, cheap gaming chairs will often come with lower quality materials like iron and plastic. While most have a steel core where strength is most needed, manufacturers substitute steel inferior material to make the backrest, armrests, and adjustment levers.

With continued use, you will start getting broken parts rendering the entire chair almost useless to you. Expensive chairs will have steel in every part that handles any stress, including the fixings.



The base is one of the most important parts of the gaming chair, as it ensures the stability of the entire seat. Two things determine the quality of the base, that is, the design and the material used.

A good base will be made of strong noncorrosive metal, usually, steel or aluminum weighted with some heavy material. A steel base is best as it is strong, sturdy and does not corrode easily. Aluminum bases are also excellent as they will not corrode, do not get dirty easily and are also strong.

Cheap chairs will have a base made of hard plastic. Plastic wears out very easily with time, and it is not unusual to find a leg breaking away.

Gaming chairs are designed for stability, and for this, the five-pointed star is the best option. It also needs to be as wide as possible. Some manufacturers of cheap chairs will try to compromise this to save on material.



Wheels are another important consideration for a good quality gaming chair. Most premium chairs will come with caster wheels made of hard PU leather material that ensures smooth movement with minimum noise, with steel components for strength.

On the other hand, most cheap gaming chairs come with hard plastic wheels with plastic components. These break off very easily and can ruin your flooring. In addition, the expensive gaming chairs will come with wheels for carpeted or hard floors so that you can take your pick. Cheap ones do not give you that option.


Arm Rests

Armrests can come in various configurations. Good quality armrests can be 3D or 4D, referring to the number of ways adjustments can be made. They will also be made of soft but durable material, usually hard plastic or better still, metal. This is then covered either with PU leather or fabric for comfort.

Cheap gaming chairs only have plain plastic armrests with a very limited range of adjustments available.


Cover Material Used

This is perhaps the second most important aspect of a good gaming chair. They usually come in either leather for the expensive chairs (Or high-quality faux leather) or premium fabric material.

Cheap gaming chairs come in PU leather, poorly made and stitched together half-heartedly. Cheap gaming chairs will have layers coming off within a few months of hard usage, but good quality material can hold its own and remain comfortable for a long time.



Expensive and cheap gaming chairs differ in many ways. Expensive ones are made with better materials and crafted with more attention to give the best in comfort and durability.

Cheap gaming chairs are made with poor materials and their craftsmanship can be questionable at their worst.

Despite this, there are some really good budget gaming chairs out there, and you only need to use the information here to judge a good chair not by its price, but by its qualities and features.

The bottom line is, when looking for a good buying chair, make sure you get the best ones to avoid regret even if it means coughing up a few extra dollars. It will be worth it.

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