5 Best Recliner Beds in 2020

Gone are the days when adjustable beds were confined almost exclusively in places such as hospitals. Nowadays, the majority of millennial households across the world are counting on these products to have a better sleep.

Recliner beds can change your entire sleeping reality and can make your already comfortable mattress much better. Similar to mattresses, recliner beds are available in a wide range, and so finding the right piece for you can be a bit tricky.

In this post, we’re going to look at the Top 5 recliner beds. We’ll also highlight the major things to consider when comparing adjustable beds during your search. After going through the post, you’ll get to know what aspects to focus on to help narrow down your choices and make the best decision possible.


Best Recliner Beds- Buying Guide

Before you make the purchase, there are several factors to take into account if you are to find the best adjustable recliner bed. A comfortable bed can be a great investment for better sleep, only that they are associated with hefty price tags. It is best to spare some time and carry out some research about the models that are available to you and then narrow down the choices from there.

Sleep needs

The most important factor to consider is your specific needs. Why are you interested in adjustable recliner beds? If you are looking to watch TV or late-night reading, you may want to go further for the bells and whistles. Still, if you want something that will help improve your sleeping patterns, then you’ll have to focus carefully on the sleeping-enhancing features when buying.


The next aspect is the budget. Adjustable beds come in a range of prices from a couple of dollars up to thousands of dollars. On that note, you can ideally narrow down your choices by doing away with all models outside your budget.

When stuck on a product that is well outside your range, there’s a high probability of getting just about a similar option for less- you just need a little more research. Proper research is vital if you’re to get the best adjustable recliner in 2020 possible with your set budget.

Your Mattress

Hack back to your mattress. Not all mattresses are compatible with any adjustable base. If you have no intention of replacing your mattress, be sure to check if the bed base you’re about to purchase fits your mattress.

When searching for the best mattress for adjustable recliner beds, go for a mattress that’s between ten and 14 inches height, and the one that’s all made with foam or other flexible, comfortable material.

Warranty Agreement and Return Policy

Last but not least, avoid making payment for an adjustable bed base without ascertaining the warranty agreement and return policy. In most cases, adjustable recliner beds are final commodities, but some will offer sleep trials.

This is where you’re given the time to try the product out for a certain period and decide if you’d like to have it. However, if the brand does not offer such a trial, make sure you are absolutely confident in your decision.

In terms of warranties, most manufacturers usually offer a limited warranty along with their base. It’s essential to understand the terms of the warranty to know what defects are covered and for what timeframes.

5 Best Recliner Beds in 2020


1. Lucid L300 Adjustable Recliner Bed with Memory Foam

When looking for the best recliner beds, you can’t go wrong with products from Lucid. They boast a series of excellent quality products on the market with an intense focus on comfortability.

The L300 Adjustable Bed Base is definitely the best adjustable bed that can match your daily sleeping patterns. The model is compact, well-made with durable construction and comes in beautiful paintwork designed carefully to fit most homes and space layout. It’s truly among the best to love in this line-up.

Talking about adjustable capacity, the mechanism used to adjust the angles of this bed is very reliable and can fit all slants and sizes. It has a head flexibility scale of 0-60 degrees and a foot incline of 0-45 degrees.

If you want a higher head pillow for watching, reading, or dining at the bed, the L300 got everything ready. Lucid emphasizes resiliency and comfort to match customer’s preferences on taking a nap at the bed—no compromise when it comes to angle adjustments.

The best adjustable bed allows convenience and easy use to the users with a wide variety of options and sizes where you can choose from. You can always control the incline and customize the features of this bed without having to get off the bed to adjust it to positions. The bed is operated by a wireless remote that consists of batteries and flashlight as bonus freebies.

Aside from being beautiful, the bed is built to last featuring a high-quality, superior composite of steel and polyester. The whole thing is carefully made to enhance safety and durability. Steel is one of the most reliable materials used in the construction of a sturdy bed frame that can withstand rigorous use over the years.

Lucid L300 Adjustable Recliner Bed with Memory FoamPros

  • Long-lasting bed frame with a whole variety of settings and sizes
  • Easy to incline using the wireless remote control
  • Includes USB charging ports
  • 750 pounds weight capacity
  • Ideal for users with all shapes and sizes


  • Nothing to hate

The Lucid L300 is a very soft yet durable adjustable recliner bed, and the comfort and support it offers is exceptional. The fact that this reclining bed comes with a memory foam mattress is another huge positive- which is the reason why the model is often regarded as one of the most comfortable recliner bed.

Lucid L300 recliner bed


2. Classic Brands Adjustable Recliner Bed

From Classic Brands, this adjustable recliner bed features a massaging function, remote control, and USB functionalities that make it a very impressive product. It is an economical adjustable bed, perfect for anyone on a budget constraint.

The bed is comfortable, innovative, and stylish and has been designed to last. Whether you want to use your personal computer, take a power nap, or just watch TV, this adjustable recliner bed can be set to any position quickly and easily.

The model is offered in three different sizes: Full, Twin XL, and Queen. The DC motor employed on this recliner bed can hold a total of 650 pounds. This motor is battery powered and works efficiently without creating much noise when in use.

Another striking feature of the Adjustable recliner bed is the intuitive control system. It boasts a wireless control system and is equipped with a convenient wireless remote control. Contrary to other models, this remote control includes a display screen that presents the current position of the bed—thus making it easier to get the controls fitted on the remote controller.

For aesthetics, the Adjustable Comfort features an inventive design and sturdy steel construction. All mechanical joints are carefully masked with an outer polyester while the motor is fixed inside the bed.

Coming down to the base, the adjustable recliner bed has six legs instead of the classical four legs featured by other adjustable beds. What’s more, the height of these legs is adjustable too. So you can have the base adjusted to as low as four inches and as high as ten inches. There is a foot bar to keep the mattress from moving/sliding off the base.

Classic Brands Adjustable Recliner BedPros

  • Easy assembly and set up
  • Value for money
  • The wireless remote control is carefully designed
  • Six adjustable legs for maximum support


  • The mattress is sold separately
  • No memory foam cannot be programmed using the remote controller

The feel and look of this product are very modern. And technologically speaking, the wired remote controller, six adjustable base legs plus noiseless motor makes this Adjustable Comfort a fantastic option. The massaging function is by far better than what you get on a massaging chair. The comfort level is excellent, and with a reasonable price tag, the bed is a great buy overall.

Classic brands recliners


3. Leggett & Platt and DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Bed

This is one of the more premium adjustable beds that offers a wide range of features for the perfect sleeping experience. Leggett & Platt and DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Bed come with an intuitive design, wireless remote control, and incredibly comfortable memory foam mattress.

It’s also packed with features like dual massage function and programmable positions, which makes it one of the most comfortable recliner beds in the market.

The Leggett & Platt and DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Bed comes with a reliable DC motor mounted inside the bed. This motor makes the bed more convenient to use and control since no power source is needed.

However, it’s good to understand that DC motors are usually less durable compared to AC motors, and you might need to replace the batteries after they run out.

Leggett & Platt and DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable BedPros

  • High-density memory foam mattress
  • Wireless remote control
  • Offered in all standard sizes
  • Impressive features


  • The DC motor is less durable in comparison to AC motors

 The model is available in a range of different sizes, making it even more convenient for everyone to make a choice. These sizes are: Twin XL size, Twin size, Full XL size, Split Queen size, Split California King Size, and Split King Size.

Leggett & Platt Recliner bed


4. Ideal Bed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

The 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base is yet another splendid beauty to check out. It comes with just about any feature compatible with an adjustable recliner bed. Some of these features include a wireless control system, massage function, dual USB charging ports, Nightlight, Zero Gravity, Memory Presets, Anti Snore, etc. The beautiful construction can be attributed to the iDeal Beds great emphasis on the precision and quality of their products.

The adjustable capacity is much enough to help get rid of sores muscles and aching backs commonly associated with an awkward sleep position. The bed allows you to nature your comfy time with family and friends because it’s flexible, adjustable and comes with full articulation and inclination capacities. As a result, you can easily adjust the bed section to as much as 70 degrees and incline the foot position up to 42 degrees.

When it comes to size, the adjustable bed frame is ideal for all users without any limitations, irrespective of weight, height, or age differences. You can get this recliner bed in different sizes: Twin X-Large, Queen, King, Split Queen, Split California King, Split King, and California King. That means you can perform your hobbies and take a nap with ease with this incredible piece from iDealBed.

The ergonomic wireless backlit remote comes with 18 buttons that help to keep the bed in certain angles and degrees. The remote panel features three preset positions that present the anti-snore, Zero-gravity, and a flat button that facilitates convenience and ease of use.

Another impressive thing about this model is the selection of materials. This state-of-the-art premium work makes use of steel for the base and to ensure better stability, capacity, and power to withstand the weight of any user. The non-skid material featured on the base keeps the mattress safe in place. So it won’t slip away from the bed frame.

Ideal Bed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed BasePros

  • Full body massage function
  • Complete empowered ergonomic wireless and backlight remote
  • The overall design is simply outstanding
  • 850 pounds weight capacity


  • Just addictive to sleep on

The Custom Adjustable bed is quite great with little to no flaws. Overall, the adjustable bed is great, not only for the so many remarkable things but also because it is an extremely comfortable recliner bed to use.

iDealBed Recliner Beds


5. Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Remote Control

The best relaxation and sleeping experience can only be achieved with a perfect bed purposely designed for the same. LUCID is one of the most prominent brands in the field of comfort that specializes in presenting the much-needed top-notch quality materials to achieve that dream.

Yet again, it strikes with another pride for any comfort seeker to love; the L100 Adjustable Bed Base. With such a reliable brand that delivers excellent bed and sleeping essentials, you are bound to be impressed by the performance and functionality offered by these products.

The adjustable bed comes in two different sizes; Queen and Twin X-large. These are some of the best sizes, most in-demand, craved by almost everyone when it comes to comfortable bed needs. This spectacular find from LUCID comes with a top of the line motor technology which is extremely effective, quiet, responsive, and reliable overuse.

No slow response, lagging inclination, or defective adjusting issues with this adjustable recliner bed. And it’s accompanied by a five-year limited warranty, so buyers are protected against errors and defects in craftsmanship.

In terms of material and construction, this premium bed features the best quality, durable steel that can offer sustainability to users across all weights and heights. The net style of the main body provides more security and stability when you place the mattress on top of it.

Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Remote ControlPros

  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly remote control technology
  • Adjustable head and foot section


  • Fewer size options and selections
  • The metal bars are relatively thinner

 As we’ve stated, products from Lucid need to be mentioned simply because their level of comfort and value for money cannot be recommended enough. There are many adjustable recliner beds out there, but only a few can contend with the comfortability and innovation offered by Lucid.

The L100 model, in particular, is not as extravagant as their high-end L-300 version. But it’s an excellent piece, and considering that it’s a budget-friendly model, it’s certainly one of the best adjustable recliner beds in 2020.

Lucid Recliner Beds



In this review, we examined the best recliner beds in 2020 that have excellent customer support on Amazon. We can conclude that the list contains the most comfortable adjustable beds, which have been set aside from the bunch. We based our verdict on some crucial factors and criteria, as we’ve summarized above.