7 Best Office Chairs For Tall People [Updated for 2020]

Is the height adjustment feature in your chair not working? Don’t worry and click here to check out some of the best seat cushions which will not only raise your height by few inches but, also provide the butt support at the same time.

This situation is solved for people measuring somewhere between 5’2 feet to 6 feet. What about the guys taller than that? Have you ever thought about the problems they face while using the normal chair? The solution is not using the same chair but, buying the new chair that will support the high back. Every human has a different body structure and a chair with 25 inch high back is not going to comfort a 6 feet tall person.

Too small a chair for tall people can be a literal pain in the back
Too small a chair for tall people can be a literal pain in the back

So, rather than comprising on a petite chair, I have brought a list of best office chairs for tall people that will give them the ultimate freedom to recline, sit straight, adjust the height, receive the lumbar support and all the things a normal user can enjoy on a regular ergonomic chair. So, let’s start.


Reviews of the Best Office Chairs for Tall People

#1 Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair...


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Our top contender in the list is brought by Ergohuman giving a mesh covered high back office chair.

The chair stands a whopping 51 inches long proclaiming itself as the best throne for the tall guys out there. The mesh upholstery keeps you sweat free and the dual back layers provide individual support to the back. This mesh design is available in 6 different colours such as Black, Blue, Burgandy, Copper Green Grey.

Care is taken that your lumbar area remains secure during long hours. The seat pan is dense for long sitting hours. The contoured seat edges provided buttock support while the durable nylon made armrest make sure that you don’t hang your arms while typing. You get a headrest at the top to support your head and neck area. This helps in removing the eye strains and neck pain occurring due to long hours in front of the monitor. Move around and use the workplace around you while sitting as you get swivelling feature to rotate 360 degrees and nylon dual caster wheels to cover short distances. Weighing 64 pounds, this workforce is BIFMA certified assuring a quality product.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair...

The height adjustment feature works on the pneumatic feature to raise and lower down accordingly. There is a lever to adjust the seat forward and backwards such that you can align yourself with the chair back and maintain the posture of the spine. Here is a tilt lock lever which locks the back at 3 different angles. You may also use the tension control the intensity of reclining. Reclining feature helps you in moving your y while sitting and the headrest supports the head entirely.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair...

You may also take a power nap during mid-breaks where you lock the reclining angle, adjust the headrest and acquire the grip from the armrest to regain your lost energy. The armrests are height adjustable as well where a simple push of the button raises them accordingly. Made from 97% recyclable material and certified by Greenguard, this chair is surely one of the best office chairs for tall people.

#2 AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather...


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The best seller on the list is AmazonBasics High back executive chair which covers your entire back supporting up to 45 inches from the ground.

The dense seat pan gives back and buttock support for the entire day while bearing user weight up to 250 pounds. No more worries for a 6 feet guy weighing more than 200 pounds as the chair completely fit you into it while providing features like the armrest, height adjustments, swivelling, dual caster wheels and reclining. The leather upholstery looks professional coming in elegant black color.

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather...

The waterfall seat keeps distance between the chair and your knees eliminating the numbness in legs. This also promotes uniform blood circulation throughout your lower body. There is a slight curve at the back which supports your lower back by filling the gap. Foam covered armrests support your wrist while sitting idle or reclining. The back is butterfly wing-shaped and every muscle gets an equal support as per its position.

The five hooded base is moulded from high-quality plastic and is strong enough to keep you stable. Dual-caster wheels provide smooth movements over carpets; wooden floors and tiles. You get a single lever at the right side of the chair to perform all the adjustments. The chair rises from 41 inches to 45 inches making it comfortable to both tall and short people. The handle gives you a reclining feature for power naps. The tilt tension knob makes it easier or harder to rock back and forth done by turning the knob.

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather...

The chair features a swivelling feature that promotes efficient use of workplace around you. There are dual caster wheels at the base that helps you cover short distances to pass the files to your colleague. The chair weighs 35 pounds after getting assembled and the queries are solved by the user guide that comes with the chair when delivered.

#3 Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive Chair

Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive...


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The next chair in the list is the powerful brand giving some of the best foam filled chairs that promise uniform comfort along with stability.

Carrying 75 years of Legacy, Serta has been a reliable producer and industry leader in making Office products. Carrying forward the brand name, I bring you Serta 43675 big and tall executive chair offering utmost comfort by its dual-layered foam filled seat and back. Made of faux leather, the upholstery is premium quality giving a shimmering executive look to the chair.

Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive...

The multiple layers on the back take care of your shoulder, upper back as well as lower back muscles. The contoured seat pan doesn’t get deflated even after many years and gives the preferred butt support. At the sides, you get armrests which are fixed to the chair featuring foam filled padding that doesn’t hurt your elbows while typing.

The 45.8-inch high chair can be raised using the height adjustment lever that uses pneumatic adjustment. Pulling the same lever unlocks recline mechanism letting you lean back to get more comfortable. The soft padding is so relieving that you can enjoy power nap on the chair during the wee hours. The armrests give the added grip making it easier for you to recline. Coming in executive black colour, the chair suits in every office set up.

Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive...

Backed by 360 degree swivelling and dual caster wheels attached to the 5 hooded bases, the chair gives an opportunity to move over short distance making your work rate more efficient. With all the foam padding applied on right places, the weighs 51 pounds capable of handling users up to 300 pounds. Built for larger people, the chair boasts it experience in the chair industry, gaining 4 out of 5 stars to proclaim itself as one of the best chairs for tall people.

#4 Merax High Back Computer Chair

Merax Gaming High Back Computer...


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Merax brings a huge high back chair used by the gamers and the computer users. The chair looks huge, offering leather upholstery on seat pan, high back and armrests.

The stitching looks solid and multilayered padding supports shoulders, back, neck and buttocks. You get five different colours i.e. blue, green, orange, red, black and yellow with black as the base colour. Gazing at the seat pan, you will notice it is dense and wide with uplifted corners to support to your buttocks. The chair features a pair of armrests that are partially rounded with rubber padding over them. A lumbar support cushion at the back promises lower back comfort all day long.

Merax Gaming High Back Computer...

The adjustment strap helps you in adjusting the position of the cushion. Moreover, the top gifts you a headrest attached with the same strap at the back. The five hoods at the base are coloured making them look elegant and interesting. The other brands produce dual caster wheels that are plain black in colour but, Merax chair has dual caster wheel that has the same colour as that of the chair.

The 32.7 inch high back rises by around 3 inches with the help of pneumatic height adjustment feature. To raise your height, the lever at the bottom right needs to be pushed down while removing your weight. After a hectic gaming session, you can take a power nap on this chair as you get a reclining angle of around 160 degrees Keep your arms stable on the armrests and adjust it according to the height adjustment button.

Merax Gaming High Back Computer...

Talking about the strength, the chair displays weight capacity up to 250 lbs giving you stability during reclining and intense celebrations. Make sure to maintain a 2-inch gap between the seat edge and the back of the knee with your feet parallel to the ground. Overall, the chair is impressive in its looks, size and strength capable of accommodating big users as well.

#5 Alera SR41LS10B Strada Series Chair

Alera - Strada Series High-Back...


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Alera has been one of the top contenders in the office chair industry. Producing top class reliable chairs Alera is known for comfort and functionality, I bring you another marvel by Alera called SR41 Series.

The upholstery is made up of top-grain leather tailored over seat and back. You get two colour options of Black and Brown where the upholstery adds a perfect office element to your workplace. High back measuring 46.6 inches, you get complete spine support with round layers comforting back muscles. The waterfall seat maintains uniform blood circulation and the foam bonded armrests make sure your arms don’t feel the pain while typing. The seat is supported by the metal rod which provides swivelling for better work rate. The comfy seat gets the rigid support from this metal rod which can bear weight up to 250 pounds.

Alera - Strada Series High-Back...

Measuring 46.6 inches, the height adjustment lever raises you few inches above the normal range making it easier to adjust. Tall people decrease the height to reach the desk level. This is done by sitting on the chair while simultaneously pulling the lever up. Below the chair, you can see a revolving knob which helps you to maintain the intensity of the reclining.

Alera - Strada Series High-Back...

Tightening the knob makes the reclining stiffer whereas smoother reclining can be achieved by loosening the knob. The dual-caster wheels are not suitable for all surfaces limiting it to certain office surfaces. The waterfall armrests with padded foam remove the numbness from your wrists by supporting your entire hand. It is not adjustable but, placed at a certain height which is comfortable for every tall user. Weighing 45 pounds, the chair takes few minutes for assembly coming with guaranteed and durable parts.

#6 LANGRIA High-Back Executive Office Chair

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Another workforce brought exclusively for tall people is from Langaria giving out an executive office chair.

Made from premium PU leather upholstery, you get comfortable padding over the back, seat and armrest. The waterfall seat edge keeps the distance between seat edge and the legs while the foam-filled, non-saddling seat pan gives buttock comfort. The back rest measures 3 inches with multiple layers of padding releasing the muscle tension. Your spine remains aligned while the lumbar support takes care of your lower back.

You get two options of black color- matte and shiny edition. The armrests are fixed at a comfortable height such that tall users won’t struggle during typing. The swivel gives the added advantage by giving 360 degree working motion while sitting. Moreover, the dual caster heels give the mobility over shorter distances. The 35.2 inch high back helps in covering almost the entire back muscles aligning the spine properly. Seat can be raised by lifting the lever while simultaneously removing your weight. To lower it, remain seated and pull the lever to reach the required desk height.

The knee tilt mechanism locks you in the 90-degree position helping you stay upright and focused. The double-layered seat doesn’t get saddled down and proves its worth during long working hours. The curve edge ensures your knee height remains parallel to the ground while maintaining the uniform blood circulation. You get a tilt mechanism keeping you in motion while sitting. Just swing back and forth to keep your body active. The tilt tension controls the tension of the reclining motion. Once you like a certain angle just use the knob to lock that position and continue working.

Weighing 35 pounds, the chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The chair is the perfect addition to your office giving the needed comfort to the tall users. Meeting the BIFMA standards, the explosion-proof base plate helps in proving the quality as well the safety of the chair making it one of the best chairs for tall people.

#7 United UOC-8045-BK High Back Chair

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Standing 50.4 inches tall, united chair -80454 has a fabric upholstered seat to handle weight up to 280 lbs. With a high back measuring 31.5 inches, the chair is appropriate for people higher than 6 feet.

Now even taller people can take the privilege of getting entire back support right from lower back till the shoulders. The mesh back ensures that you remain sweat free for the entire working session. The S-shaped high back your vertebral column keeping it flexible and strong. You get a headrest at the top of the supporting your neck and head. This helps in reducing neck pain and eye strain as your head is in constant support of the headrest. The black colour gives it the required professional look needed in a boss’s cabin.

You get a pair of the armrest on both sides covered with durable nylon cover. Take the support from the armrest to swivel around by 360-degree angle. And take the advantage of the workplace around you while sitting.

The height adjustment lever at the right side uses pneumatic mechanism t lift you from inches to 22.8 inches. This feature won’t be required frequently since; the chair is exclusively made for tall people. There might be instances where you need to lower the height, in such cases the lever is going to help you to adjust. The same lever helps you to recline by an angle between 90-110 degrees. Lock the desired angle using the tilt lock mechanism such that you get the opportunity to flex your muscles while sitting. When you are reclining, enhance the comfort with the headrest that comes to your rescue. Give your eyes some rest and neck some extra support with this foam filled headrest. Your hands won’t be hanging as the sturdy, foam covered armrest will constantly support your hands while typing, reclining and while swivelling.

The base is made of shimmering five hoods supporting the user throughout the sitting time. The end is decorated with the dual caster wheels made of nylon giving the motion over short distances moving smoothly over areas like wooden floorings, tiles etc. Overall, the chair weighs 27.5 pounds furnished with high-quality fabric upholstery. The chair provided ultimate comfort with lumbar support and S curve back giving support to the spine. The chair is appropriate for tall people offering the ideal sitting posture to the user for long sitting hours.

Conclusion for Best Office Chair Reviews for Tall Person 

Summing up my article, I would like to suggest you choose wisely as per the dimensions of the back as well the weight capacity of every chair. A chair built for a larger user will comfort him while providing him safety. Keeping the budget in mind, I have involved all types of chair ranging from $100 to $600. The specifications are mentioned after a detailed research and I hope the article helped you selecting the right workforce for the tall people. Have a great day ahead!

FAQs : Office Chairs for Tall People

  • Which amongst this list of chairs is best regarding least weight and best headrest quality?

That’s the best way to choose a chair, but for tall guys, one shall also check whether that chair provides some great comfort to their back of the body or not. We would recommend you to buy only that chair which would fit your body even if that chair is relatively heavy in weight because sometimes you have to tolerate some things if you want to get rid of your back pain. Still, if I have to suggest, then you can go with Ergohuman high back chair since it has some great headrest and it weighs very less also.

  • I liked Merax high back computer chair but does it come with red color or not?

That’s an excellent choice and assuming your a tall person this chair will fit you perfectly. Yes, this chair does come in five different color options and which makes customers sometimes confusing but if you want it in red color then you shall go on Amazon’s official website and make sure whether it’s available or not. Because we have seen much demands of this chair especially in red and black color so good luck in that. 🙂

  • Why do these chairs not come with additional lumbar support?

When you’re buying an ergonomic chair one thing you shall look into it is to whether that chair has best lumbar support or not. The above-written chairs are excellent in providing excellent lumbar support to the lower part of your back of the body, but still, you can buy additional help if you really want to because none of these companies give extra cushions with the chair as an accessory.

  • Is sitting posture really matters for tall guys if they’re buying such a great ergonomic chair?

Yes, sitting position matters mostly to tall guys because the height adjustment problems are faced by the tall guys only. When you’re sitting in a wrong place which is affecting the back of your body, then it doesn’t matter how much high-quality chair you buy it won’t be able to get rid of those pains if you don’t change your sitting posture. So when you’re buying a chair to protect your back of the body make sure that you’re sitting correctly on a chair.

  • Most of the chairs which you have mentioned seem to be excellent in quality, but their designs are so dull and straightforward.

Things which looks elegant and straightforward are hard to find, and the chairs which we have listed above are significant not only in quality but also in design. If you want a chair which will have a fancy design, then you might not get other things like excellent seat pan or high back cover, etc. and all of these chairs have great features which every tall guy craves to find in an ergonomic chair. So don’t judge a chair just by its looks but also look for other things which will help you to reduce your neck/ back pain.

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