Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 dollars Reviews : 2018

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 dollars Reviews : (Updated 2018)

Spending money on a high-end monitor gives you a crisp clear high-quality display.

But, don’t you think it is important to spend on a keyboard as well. The keyboard is one of the most time spent part of your gaming routine requires a modernization as well.

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 dollars Reviews

A gaming character looks unresponsive or slow despite a top quality monitor. In such cases, a mechanical gaming keyboard plays a vital role giving you some quick responsive movements.

Even if you are an amateur gamer, sitting on your comfortable chair; a mechanical keyboard can lift you up in the list of silent killers. Lately, gaming Keyboard brands have evolved to a larger horizon bringing out some of the sophisticated gaming keyboards.

So, after throwing light on the importance of Gaming Keyboards lets, have a look at some of my picks.

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 dollars Reviews : 2018

#3.G.SKILL RIPJAWS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Built from Anodized military grade aluminium plate, you are guaranteed with durability and style at the same time.

G. Skill Ripjaws is equipped with the jumpy MX Brown key switch giving 2mm actuation distance and a keystroke durability of 50 million.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews Amazon

The long lasting gaming response provides fast double tapping feature during intense play. It offers tactile feel while typing for longer hours. Every key is programmable having its own function and backlighting.

You can easily adjust the lighting patterns as the backlighting is completely customisable enhancing the gaming atmosphere. The keyboard is equipped with storage of three sets- macro, key and lighting configurations such that the gaming experience stays with the keyboard, no matter wherever you go.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Use these configurations to stay one step ahead of your opponents. No more worries of ghosting as this marvel possesses anti-ghosting feature giving you accelerated finger movements.

The keys are all configured to avoid rollover and provide simultaneous key presses. You get around 6 additional macro keys, easy mode selection, on the fly macro recording functions such that you have every actions at the tip of your fingers.

You get a windows key, brightness key and a timer key to perform further adjustments. Keeping your wrist in mind, you get a detachable soft touch wrist rest such that you comfortably position your fingers to reach each row of keys.

The contoured keycaps give you the immense comfort of typing and gaming without requiring many efforts.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Now, don’t get distracted by the mouse cables as there is a foldable mouse cable holder to keep it away from your playing arena. This is followed by a convenient USB 2.0 pass through port so that you can connect your mouse and other devices. Moreover, there is an audio line out port along with mic-in jacks for extending your audio to next level.

Rule over this keyboard that offers you control over macros, backlight settings, lighting patterns, key programming and lot many features making you the sole owner of this peripheral.


# 2.Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard

Performance is justified when it undergoes constant enhancement and Corsair Gaming K55 is the first step towards achieving a gaming success. Corsair makes it to the list displaying its Dynamic RGB Backlighting.

Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard Best Mechanical Keyboard Review

You get more than 10 RGB lighting modes producing some multicoloured immersive lighting experience. Set your multi-key combos and make it a win-win situation by assigning your moves to any of these 6 macro keys without the requirement of any software.

Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard Reviews

Excess volume won’t distract you as you get a direct access to the volume and media playback with the buttons present at the top right corner. The collapsible feet at the bottom sets the keyboard flat while giving you get a uniform surface for roaming on the keys.

Intense gaming sessions create key tapping sounds which either distract you or become the reason for your defeat. Get rid of those noisy keys as Corsair features silent keys which don’t degrade your performance. The Anti-ghosting feature helps you complete your intentions more quickly than your opponents. Intense gaming involves accelerated wrist motions.

Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard Best Mechanical Keyboard Review Amazon

To provide wrist comfort, Corsair offers a detachable wrist rest making your accelerated hand motions smoother. The window key lock disables all the window keys when gaming.

Corsair Gaming K55 bears features like anti-ghosting, RGB Backlighting, smooth responsive keys, 6 dedicated macro keys, a wrist rest for added comfort and much more. So, feel free to spend some extra bucks as this Keyboard is an appropriate tool for marathon gaming sessions.


# 1.Razer Ornata Chroma –Gaming Keyboard

The Leader of keyboard and mouse brand brings another Flag bearer for initiating its brand success in the form of Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard.

Razer Ornata Chroma –Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews under $100 dollars Amazon

The mecha-membrane combines with the switches giving some of the best typing and gaming experience to its users. Since the rubber dome-shaped keyboards fail to deliver tactility, Razer gives out a soft and crisp click allowing your fingers to move instantly.

The interactive game-in effect offers more immersive gameplay as the keyboard reacts according to the game. You get the opportunity to rest your wrist with the presence of wrist rest.

Razer Ornata Chroma –Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 dollars

The ergonomic feature of this wrist rest ensures your muscle remain flexible with continuous blood circulation during long gaming hours. The movement your hands become smoother giving you the comfort in intense situations as well.

Razor Ornata will not fall short to give a top gaming display on the keyboard with its customisable lighting effects. Grab the opportunity to mix up colours on this keyboard using the Inter-device synchronisation.

Razer Ornata Chroma – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews under $100 dollars

Create a psychedelic spectacle or a colour bender creating your own colour palette with spectacular visual effects. The synchronisation helps you to pass the colour pattern amongst the keyboards, mouse, headset and mouse. Now, ten commands in a row will never stop your keyboard as the anti-ghosting technology initiates your performance letting you execute every move of your earlier than others.

Razer has created this product to control your gameplay, command your teammates properly, make you stay one step ahead of your opponents along with smoothly contoured keys that never disappoint you.

To bring some lights in the celebration, the synchronised backlight does its job giving an awesome gaming environment. Razor Ornata Chroma has all the features that make it the top keyboards present in the market.


Conclusion for Best  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 Dollars

After a detailed research, I came up with this Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that will play a huge part in your gaming success. Depending on a conventional keyboard lags you from those using a Gaming Keyboard. With so many features to display, your success is solely dependent on the choice of your keyboard.

Hope my review was helpful in choosing the best gaming keyboard from a huge pool. Have a great day ahead.

Frequently asked question for Best  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 Dollars -FAQs

Frequently asked question for Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $100 Dollars -FAQs

  • Are all of type mechanical keyboards give the best typing feeling?

When I the time I bought the mechanical keyboard the only thing which I did was I typed continuously for fifteen minutes without any break and while writing it felt like I was using an old typewriter machine because the keys which company uses to make this type of keyboards are more than precious. If you’re a writer or gamer then having a mechanical keyboard is a must for you because it will surely add some great values to your work.

  • Why most of the companies charge so much money for a mechanical keyboard compared to the normal one?

When you’re buying a regular keyboard, you don't get features like anti keyboard ghosting, etc. but when you want this type of features, then you have to spend some little bit more amount of monies to get those. Yes, I agree that mechanical keyboards are expensive than other ones but the experience of typing and gaming if one wants to enjoy then they must buy a mechanical keyboard because without it won't be that much fun.

  • I really liked the lighting features of these mechanical keyboards but can we customize it?

Yes, one of the most attracting thing after the keys about mechanical keyboards is the lighting features which attracts many of the buyers who want to have a techie feel while typing or playing a game. Yes, the lights which you’re seeing on the keyboard can be customized, and you can learn how to do that from the manual guide provided by the company along with this product.

  • Is gifting these types of a keyboard to my son will be a good idea?

I still remember when on my birthday my father gifted me a bicycle and that’s always great about the presents which you receive from your beloved ones. If your son spends most of his time playing games on a computer, then he would definitely like these mechanical keyboards as a gift because techie enthusiast like these type things as present. 🙂

  • I’ve never used the mechanical keyboard so how many days will it take me to have full control over a mechanical keyboard?

Well, if you’re talking about getting mastery in using keyboards then it takes months, and for some, it might take years but if you’re a person who has already used regular keyboards then it will far easy for you to use this type mechanical keyboards. One of the essential things to get better at mechanical keyboards is to practice typing on it on a daily basis.

  • Does the company provide a manual guide with these keyboards or not?

Yes, it does. Many people who are buying a mechanical keyboard for the first time might not know hot to use it so don’t worry about it because you will find a manual guide with this fantastic-looking mechanical keyboard.

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