7 Best Cheap Recliners In 2020

Finding the best cheap recliners in 2020 might be easier than you think. While reclining chairs are usually more expensive than ordinary ones, the variety of more affordable options is still increasing. This is due to the constantly growing demand for chairs of this kind.

As such, you can possibly find a whole range of recliner chairs with price tags well below $1000. It’s commonly believed that cheap products mean low quality, poor performance, and less durability. Although it’s not entirely wrong, that doesn’t imply that you can’t find a quality reclining chair at a budget price.

Inexpensive recliner chairs might not incorporate all the bells and whistles and will feature a fabric upholstery (synthetic leather) instead of genuine leather. Their performance might be limited to some extent compared to their high-end peers, but without a doubt, the best cheap recliner can last for years and still be reliable.

These products have been around for more than a century, and one fascinating thing about them is that they are still among us. It is a staple piece whenever you want to kick back and relax in style.

In fact, they have transformed into something else with recent design trends, and furniture designers have provided new power options, armrests, cup holders, and special features to offer the best chairs for comfort seekers.

This post will give you a better thought of the best recliners in 2020, together with the different features offered by each recliner. We’ll also get closer to various factors to consider when choosing your new favourite piece.

We’ve examined most recliners on the market to present you with the following list of the best budget recliners. Pick one of these and relax in comfort for many years to come.


What to look for in Cheap Recliners Before Buying?

Make sure you are purchasing the right quality product. You can find a great recliner at a budget price, but as the budget constraint increases, it will correspondingly increase the odds of choosing a lousy unit.

Recliners are some of those things in your home which don’t want to mess up with. The most favourable item to buy is the one with additional features. For example, some models will include a USB port where you can charge your phone or even a cup holder in case you wish to have your favourite drink while sitting in the recliner. Others will not. Some of the extras found with good reclining chairs include the automated adjustments.

The extra features offered by these models are generally designed to add more comfort, but they are usually associated with additional costs. Thus, you’ll have to spend a few more bucks on customized models as compared to ordinary ones.

Conversably, it’s important to think through the features of the recliner you are about to purchase. To increase your winning odds, consider choosing from the greatest recliners you can possibly get.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky and discover a great product at an incredibly low price. This comes down to ensuring that you choose a brand and model that supports all the features you are searching for. Some of the most critical features include:


Buying a reclining model is typically a onetime venture for most people. As such, you must place a recliner that can serve for a considerable period of time without breakages. Recliners are dear furniture and any mischance when purchasing can set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

It might be cheap, but you certainly don’t want it to break into parts within months. It is generally accepted that cheap products tend to last shorter compared to their pricier counterparts. That brings about the need for paying close attention to model durability when buying cheaper recliners.

The nature of the material used in making the recliner of your interest will largely dictate the durability of that particular chair. For example, recliners with frames are constructed with genuine hard, reinforced steel that is resistant to bending or breaking.

Additionally, the quality of the fabric or leather used in the recliner will also influence the durability of the item. The conditions, maintenance, and how you use the recliner- all these are crucial factors when it comes to sustainability.

Though trivial, natural effects like direct sunlight, moisture effects, or such can as well affect the sturdiness of your unit. It is important to adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines and provisions on using and maintaining your recliner.

If yours is a manual recliner, be sure to apply minimal force when adjusting the levels to prevent it from loosening or breaking. For a powered recliner, always make sure you connect to the recommended power source or simply the right voltage.

Weight Capacity

The next important thing to consider before making the purchase is the weight limit. The specified weight capacity is a good indicator of how long the chair can last. As you know, larger persons will definitely need a higher weight capacity. If you don’t consider your weight, the chair might break down rather quickly. Probably, it could be better to check out the recliners for tall people if you have a large body.


Among the most disappointing things is a recliner that breaks down or just fails to work when you need it the most. On that note, reliability is a crucial feature to think through when making your choice.

A reliable chair should serve you for years without the reclining function becoming faulty anytime soon. Again, reliability can be attributed to model design, quality, and construction of the chair. So hack back to how the chair is built to ascertain its reliability and sturdiness.

Lower back support

The best cheap recliners will provide excellent support to your lower back as well as the lower body, which helps to relax muscles while making sure your upper body does not put unnecessary pressure on the lower back while sitting in the recliner. They also come with soft padding that provides a soothingly comfy experience to your body, thereby eliminating tiredness.

Frame Construction

People have different body structures, and therefore it’s important to choose a recliner with universal frame construction for the ease of use. The most striking aspect of a reclining chair with a universal frame construction is that it conforms to the shape of the seater.

That means everyone in the house can use the recliner really comfortably without compromising comfort or relaxation. Furthermore, such chairs can be handed over to future generations.


Colour does not play any significant role in performance or reliability, but it is an excellent way of enhancing the appearance of the unit. Choose a colour that’s suitable for your existing theme and décor in your living room.

The uniformity plays a great role in imparting the existing décor of the room. If you have young children, it’s recommended not to choose excessive bright colours to avoid scarring and staining. Also, dull colours are not recommended to invest in since their appearance tends to wear off with time.


A recliner that provides room for personalization and customization will enable you to have a great attachment and connection to your recliner. Such chairs can be programmed to recline up to a certain extent based on your body shape and other preferences like orthodox needs. For users with mobility issues, customizable chairs can aid in managing various disabilities, particularly for spine injuries.

7 Best Cheap Recliners In 2020


1. Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair

Most recliner chairs will include massage capabilities, but the Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair hits the summit. The chair is among those recliners that present the best value for money.

From design and durability to features and usability, the whole thing is of high quality. It is designed to let you utilize a variety of varied intensities all through your body, thereby eradicating any pain and tension from your hard day. The model’s massage function is a great way to improve circulation and such conditions you might be dealing with.

The Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair might not be the most luxurious premium chair, but indeed it feels and looks like one. It is one special recliner that comes with a whole range of features while remaining a budget reclining chair. Not easy to find such a deal under $400 that includes a heated system as well as massaging capabilities.

All classic design enthusiasts are bound to be impressed by the elegant and compact look with overstuffed padding, particularly the dense pillows on the armrests and headrests. The upholstery is an exceptional synthetic leather, gentle and lithe, yet durable, breathable and fluid-resistant.

This is a manual control recliner that boasts a pull level veiled between the seat and armrest. The control itself is an excellent safety touch. The chair also incorporates a swivel and gliding mechanism where you can rock it and rotate smoothly for the much-needed convenience. Another incredible feature of this model is the eight-point vibration massage.

The reclining feature is electric powered, and you can adjust it using the easy-to-use remote. You’ll get a heating system with this chair, and by utilizing it, you can comfortably alleviate pain in your muscles. You can count on this heat for relaxation, and in case your issues with your sleeping patterns, the chair will get you comfortable enough to do so.

Other accessible features that are great when it comes down to comfort include the cup holders plus storage pouches embedded on the side of the recliner. This makes the unit to be remarkably possible even for long hours of relaxation.

You can load it up with just about anything you’ll need to rest at ease. It’s also designed to swivel, meaning you can easily access anything you might have forgotten to take hold of before seating.

Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair Features

  •   Specified weight capacity: 300 pounds
  •   Back dimensions: 28.7â€H x 22.1â€W
  •   Seat dimensions: 18.9â€W x 22.1â€L
  •   Overall Dimensions: 43.2â€H x 33.1â€W x 35.8D
  •   Product weight: 92.61 pounds


  •   Very comfortable
  •   Swivels
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Heat and massaging features
  •   Storage pouches and cup holders


  •   Difficult to put the footrest down
  •   Doesn’t stay in one position when reclined

Buyers should, however, note that while this chair incorporates a multitude of great features, it’s not the easiest to recline. You will need to exert some effort to recline. It might not stick in any position without regular adjustments. Putting the footrest down is also pretty tough, so it might not be the best option for people who have issues with mobility. Aside from that, this is a great option that can serve for years without glitches.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair


2. Davis Fabric Recliner

If you want a small-sized recliner, then the Davis Fabric Recliner could be the best pick for you. The whole thing is small, compact, and highly fashionable, making it suitable for use in an apartment.

Other things that make this chair an excellent choice for smaller rooms is that it isn’t designed to recline up to that much, with a maximum reclining angle of about 35 degrees- contrary to other larger recliners.

You can put it right up against a wall to save a chunk of space in your room since it doesn’t recline all that far back. The upholstery of this recliner is easy to clean. So in case you spill something on it by mistake, it shouldn’t be a big deal to scrub it out.

However, despite being so good and budget-friendly, this is not the best option for taller users. When fully reclined, it doesn’t provide a ton of neck support, especially for people over six feet tall.

Davis Fabric Recliner Features

  •   User weight capacity: 250 pounds
  •   Back dimensions: 22†x 20â€
  •   Back seat dimensions: 20†x 22.5â€
  •   Overall Dimensions: 38.8†H x 27.2†W x 33.5†D
  •   Unit weight: 65 pounds


  •   Compact size
  •   Elegant design
  •   Easy to clean
  •   Lightweight and easy to move


  •   Difficult to assemble
  •   No neck support when fully reclined

This chair doesn’t really look like an ordinary recliner. It’s easy to match with almost any modern-style décor. Also, as one might expect with a compact chair, the Davis Fabric Recliner is a relatively lightweight model. That means you can move it around your home for convenience.

Davis Fabric Recliner Chair


3. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner

This is one of the most versatile cheap recliners in 2020, as it rocks, reclines and massages. If ultimate comfort and great pleasure is all you need, the Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is the best budget recliner to buy. It features a vibrating massage function which you can set to high or low.

The massage function is located in the back and the seat, and you can utilize both at the same time or separately. It has a lever to release the footrest to get into a reclining position. The upholstered chair pad ensures maximum support for your knees and legs. The microfiber upholstery microfiber is easy to keep clean. And having included a dual massage feature, the whole thing weighs just 77 pounds.

The chair is slightly oversized for exceptional comfort measuring at 42†x 36†x 40â€. In case you’re not in the mood to recline, you can always rock it back and forth. What’s more, the recliner is offered, in tan and chocolate, meaning it’s a good fit for anyone looking for a model to match a casual room with neutral undertones.Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage ReclinerFeatures

  •   Weight Capacity: 255 lbs
  •   Electric Powered
  •   Seat Dimensions: 41†x 36†x 40â€


  •   Reclines, rocks, and massages
  •   Available in two colours
  •   Two settings for the massage function
  •   Upholstered chair pad provides support for legs and knees


  •   Vibrating massage function can be loud
  •   Assembly required
  •   May take effort closing the recliner

Most reviewers have it that the padded chair is good for sore muscles and is rather comfortable that you’re most likely to end up taking a nap half the time. The chair might not be the most stylish and feature-rich option, but it’s by far the most comfortable recliner you can buy without spending huge.

Dorel Massage Recliner


4. Flash Furniture WA-8700-119-GG Budget Recliner

This is another simple, no-fuss recliner. It has no fancy add-ons and is designed for most users. Besides being slightly basic, this chair can offer a whole amount of comfort for those people not willing to spend a fortune but need a comfy reclining chair for their own.

Similar to other recliners, this one does the job really well. The extra-thick padding is beautiful at a glance, making the chair look and feel more comfortable. The backrest is well padded and wide enough to provide maximum support for your head, shoulders, neck, back and the lumbar area.

Flash Furniture WA-8700-119-GG Budget Recliner provides a soft, calming rocking motion. However, the chair will not rock when fully reclined, but for the recline, it does it as far back as to give you very comfortable naps.

Flash Furniture WA-8700-119-GG Budget Recliner Features

  •   Weight limit: 250 lbs
  •   Manual recliner
  •   Plush microfiber cover


  •   Easy to operate manual control lever
  •   Superbly soft plush microfiber cover
  •   High-density foam padding
  •   Overstuffed cushions
  •   Sturdy gliding mechanism for a gentle smooth rocking


  •   Doesn’t rock when fully reclined

The WA-8700-119-GG Budget Recliner is also a very decent model to look for. It has a wide and roomy design that makes it a perfect choice for those searching for a bigger and inexpensive recliner. Moreover, you will have a great sitting experience as enhanced by the overstuffed padded seat and back.

Flash Furniture Recliner


5. BONZY Chair Contemporary Leather Recliner

Maybe the biggest benefit of having a recliner is that they offer better comfort than a regular sofa or chair at relieving back pains. On that note, not all of these models present a much extra lumbar support as this BONZY chair.

It offers tons of support just where it’s needed the most to help alleviate any back pain that you might be bumping into after a long day of work. As you probably know about heavy reclining chairs, this one has a higher weight limit, which makes it an exceptional choice for almost any size user, weight-wise.

Unfortunately, the BONZY Chair Contemporary Leather Recliner does not have an extensive high back, making it slightly less comfortable for persons over 6.5 feet tall. This high weight capacity similarly makes the unit a more durable and reliable choice. So if you select this model, rest assured that it will serve without breaking down any time sooner.

The chair features a limited reclining angle that makes it possible to fit this chair into compact spaces. Besides, it doesn’t require a massive room to serve correctly. On the other hand, while this model isn’t designed to recline all the way, users might find it slightly uncomfortable sleeping in it.

Aside from that, this might be a perfect match for you if you’re looking for a cheap recliner with comfort well written over it. It’s a somewhat basic reclining chair short of high-grade bells and whistles but still boasts an incredibly top-notch aesthetics.

The chair was clearly meant for the budget crowd comfort seekers. Its thick, overstaffed cushions are there to grant you an enveloped experience in comfort and relaxation. Its manual control system helps to move the backrest down, where you can recline up to 150 degrees by merely pushing the backrest with your back.

BONZY Chair Contemporary Leather Recliner Features

  •   Weight limit: 300 Pounds
  •   Back Dimensions: 22H x 20 W inches
  •   Seat Dimensions: 20W x 22D inches
  •   Overall Dimensions: 41H x 34W x 35D Inches
  •   Product weight: 75 pounds


  •   Very soft
  •   Durable
  •   Excellent lumbar support for back pain
  •   Fits well in smaller spaces
  •   High weight capacity


  •   Not the best for tall people

 Again, the chair looks much reliable and super-sized with a broader seat and backrest, although it’ll feel a bit small for users who are six feet tall and above. The design is not of a traditional recliner- it is more of a modern style. The product comes in more than one colour variations.

Bonzy Recliner


6. Divano Roma Power Electric Recliner

Divano Roma Power is yet another excellent option for enthusiasts of classical design, simplicity, and even-handed prices. This bonded leather recliner chair easily shows that nothing can be as dramatic and striking as boundless classics. Generously padded cushion and luxuriously soothing bonded leather cover contribute to this startling classic and aesthetic of this design.

Apart from that, the chair is as simple and straightforward as a recliner can be. It doesn’t have all the extra features that would merely impact the price. Instead, what buyers get is a maximized comfort, very sturdy construction, and a heavy-duty frame with a robust, thick steel mechanism.

The electric recliner does the most work. The chair is upholstered with a bonded leather, which makes it easy to clean, and you can count on the overstuffed cushions for binge-TV sessions. The chair comes in both black and brown so that the darker colours will go well in your den, basement, or casual living space.

Divano Roma Power Electric Recliner Features

  •       Dimensions: 40H x 41D x 38W inches
  •       Extra-wide design
  •       Bonded leather fabric upholstery


  •   Two colours available
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Overstuffed cushions for maximum comfort
  •   Electric recliner, so you don’t have to recline it yourself


  •   Assembly required
  •   Associated with a high shipping fee

This recliner is built for the test of time, which is certainly a great thing to know when buying cheap products. With this recliner, you get relaxation with just a press of a button. You just press the button to bring up the footrest and reach the back of the chair reclining.

Divano Roma Recliner


7. Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Chair

This is another cheap recliner with great aesthetics that will blend without a glitch into any space. As the name suggests, the Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Chair was meant for new mothers. Still, considering the performance it offers, the model is just ideal, even for older women. Allow your loved seniors to sit, relax, and enjoy this exquisitely.

As one of the most comfortable cheap recliners, this chair boasts a versatile design meant to be a great addition to any living room. The sturdy construction consists of a heavily padded seat and back cushions to offer the ultimate comfort for an ageing spine. It has a high-grade upholstery, which is smooth to touch.

The fabric is easy to clean, making the maintenance such a hassle-free. The chair has a charming design, and buyers can use it in beige colours or intricate grey that breathes life into your existing home décor. It features a track arm design with a square silhouette that provides excellent support for arms.

The hidden footrests will give support to your seniors’ tired feet with just a single pull of a lever. The reclining position is also adjustable, and it provides control over the reclined pose. This grants you the freedom to switch through various positions without help. Moreover, the reclining lever is closely placed to enhance easy access and control.

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Chair Features

  •   Weight capacity: 255 lbs
  •   Overall Dimensions: 39â€H x 38.5†x32â€L
  •   One year limited warranty


  •   Easy to move
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Little maintenance required
  •   Durable construction
  •   Padded seat as well as back cushions


  •   The base may get squeaky after a while
  •   Not overstaffed for napping.

Featuring an easy-to-assemble compact design, the Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Glider Chair can be moved around without issues. To this end, make the most of your loved granny’s late-night relax and early morning snuggles by securing this astounding recliner. And have it placed in the most suitable part of the house.

Baby Relax Recliner Chair 

Are Cheap Recliners Really Worth It?

Cheap reclining chairs can be risky, but they are certainly worth it for the right deal. You don’t want to be in the market searching for a cheap reclining chair for your elderly. By choosing from the above-mentioned products, you can rest assured that you are trading for a high-quality model. Apart from our recommendations, you can ideally consider others as well.

It’s always important to be as more informed about recliners as you can probably manage. Most buying blunders are outright avoidable as you only need to spend a few minutes reading through relevant reviews. Once you’ve actually made your mind to have a recliner at your house, consider adding protection by getting a cover.

Even the most budget recliners should as well be kept under the best condition, which can be achieved by attending to your piece and always paying close attention to them. Otherwise, everyone might have a different perspective on the cheap.

What others may refer to as inexpensive, others might contrary consider it to be extremely expensive. Therefore, how can one define a budget recliner? The best way around is to find what most people relate to as affordable.

After going through dozens of opinions and messages on Facebook and luxury forums, we found that a cheap recliner is under $400. Nonetheless, most of our reclining chairs on our squad are even under $300.

As you probably do, we much understand the real value of affordability, and so we tried to make our selection present the most competitive price tags. Of course, you’ll find other recliners out there with a higher-quality, but we couldn’t include them on this list mainly because they are not competitive price-wise.



The choice of the best budget recliner can be attributed to personal taste and preferences. Remember to consider all the features and aspects, depending on how you plan to be using the recliner. If you want to choose the best cheap recliner in 2020, cheap to maintain, and less likely to break/damage, you can ideally go for a manual recliner. On the other hand, for people with mobility problems, a power recliner could be the best option for them, considering the convenience and ease of use. Whichever chair you choose, it should bring you the much-needed level of comfort. The best budget recliner should present a great appearance, agree with the theme of the house, well-padded, and defined for comfort and relaxation.