Arozzi Gaming Chairs Reviews [2020]

E-sporting is on the rise and growing competitive by the day. 3 out of 5 people admit to sit and play games every day which makes 60% of America’s population. Amazing right! This information, therefore, translates to an overhaul need for gaming chairs by the population. Just like an athlete, who needs an excellent pair of kicks, so does a gamer to an excellent gaming chair. However, finding a great chair that is suitable could be a problem given the array of gaming chairs available in the market today. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered, this article seeks to take you through the review of Arozzi gaming chairs, having tested and researched about them. Here are the best gaming chairs in the Arozzi gaming chairs series.

Arozzi Budget Gaming Chairs Reviews

1. Arozzi Enzo

Are you thinking of a budget-friendly gaming chair whose price will not break the bank? Yet of high quality? Arozzi Enzo is the gaming seat you need to check out on. First, the appearance will capture your eyes. The backrest edge is curved, giving the chair a cute finished look. Additionally, the armrests are uniquely padded to ease the pressure of your wrists over time.

Apart from that, it offers great comfort thanks to the high-density foam padding, in line with that is the tiny lumbar support that will provide you with the needed back support if you sit for long hours. Something that might notice is the hollowed section on the seat, it is breathable and helps in cooling off if the chair gets hot. Even though it’s not the fanciest of all, it is an okay gaming chair as it is comfortable, light in weight and castor wheels make it easier to move the chair case the game intensifies, the chair gives you room to rotate up to 360°.

Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • Thick padding on the seats, increases the comfort you need.
  • The chair is easy to put together
  • the seat is firm yet soft, thus encouraging longer sitting hours.
  • The back is high, nice and supportive.


  • The fixed armrest limits the user to one direction of usage.
  • The up and down lift feature is weak and breaks after a while.

Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair

2. Arozzi Milano

Do you want to read, play, work or just relax, this Arozzi Milano ergonomic design is the perfect gaming chair for you. It is a perfect choice, as it incorporates all the essentials you require in a gaming chair. First of all, is the supportive lumbar pillow that not only anchors your back in the right space but also prevents the occurrence of back pains. Apart from that, it’s racing style design reduces the back strains even after long hours.

Secondly, the armrests are well padded, providing a soft surface to support your elbows and forearms. the armrest is covered with soft pleather material that is non-slip and easy to clean. Enjoy some motion to break the monotony with a 360° front and back swivel rocking feature that can be locked and unlocked. Enjoy the rocking sensation. You might also note the height adjustment, a feature that allows you to alter the height where need be.

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • Light in weight, therefore making it easy to move around.
  • It is a perfect fit for regular size.
  • Inbuilt headrest, is a plus as it offers neck support
  • The padding, adds more comfort to the gaming chair.
  • Quite easy to use.
  • The cover is made of pleather material, that is not only easy to clean but is also durable.


  • It lacks a recline feature thus not adjustable.
  • The armrest padding fades off quite fast.

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair

3. Arozzi Monza

Uniquely, Arozzi Monza gaming chair, the seat is designed in a bucket-style design that completely takes off the strain from the back and the thighs. It can support the weight of up to 120kgs, which is okay for a regular person. The armrests are excellent in shape as the padding gives that extra support that your wrist needs over long hours of play or working.apart from the armrest, is the seat and the backrest that also boast of the high foam.

The 360-degree swivel rotation gives you room to rotate in whatever direction without breaking. The synthetic leather, used on the finishing of the chair, is easy to clean, lasts longer and gives the chair an impressive regards to support, the internal frame, has been put together to create an ergonomic design that allows: adjustment of height, castor wheels to ensure stability and light in weight to allow seamless mobility.

Arozzi Monza Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • The gaming chair is sturdy and unmovable once it is in position.
  • The seat cushion is soft and comfortable but firm enough to support the back.
  • The race car design is very beautiful and attractive.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Stationary armrest limits the useful functions of the armrest on the user.
  • The lower back, support sticks out too much making it uncomfortable to sit on.
  • Leaning back destabilizes the seating area.

Arozzi Monza Gaming Chair

Arozzi Premium Gaming Chairs Reviews

1. Arozzi Vernazza

Ditch that old gaming chair and grab this Arozzi Vernazza an actual gaming chair that elevates your entire gaming experience. The makers have put into ensuring you make the most out of it. For instance, the backrest is slim, whose edges are contoured to hold your back in place. Additionally, it is high enough for taller users without confining their comfort. The sports bucket seat design holds your butt perfectly. Soft leather overall upholstery, completes the overall outlook of the gaming chair, making it suitable for boardrooms.

The metal frame underneath supports the functionality of the chair. For example, it holds the high-density foam used on the seat, offering you a luxurious seating experience. It provides for further customization on the seat, to improve your experience. The 4D adjustable armrest allows movements to or from, right or left to ensure arms and wrists are in the right postures. Lockable tilt and recline guarantee long term comfort.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • It as a zip at the back, that allows more or less padding if you want too.
  • Assembling the chair is quite an easy task.
  • Glossy finish, give the seat a beautiful look.
  • The stability of the chair is guaranteed by the 5-star castor wheel system.
  • Simple height adjustment system for the seat.


  • The center axis too low, thereby scratching the floor.
  • The head cushion is not adjustable, thus uncomfortable for some users.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair

2. Arozzi Verona Pro V2

Designed with Arozzi’s signature ergonomic structure of the high back, to protect your posture the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair will be your game changer. Here is why: it is fitted with two adjustable pillows to support your neck, head, and back. Secondly is the adjustable 1D armrest that allows up and downward movements with the push of a button. The elbow and wrists are protected by the soft covering on the top of the armrest, guaranteeing hands comfort. The third is the versatility of the chair, as you can recline its backrest up to 180 degrees, or until you achieve the correct right angle to suit your body posture by locking it down. Rock yourself to sleep after a long day, in the right position without moving an inch.

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Gaming Chair ReviewPros

  • The castor wheels can be used to set any desired resistance in the rocking functions of the chair.
  • Pleather fabric used, is easy to clean, durable and gives the seat a complete look.
  • Head and neck pillow nicely padded for extra support.
  • The chair is big and comfortable.
  • Cool design, with a beautiful finish.


  • Unlockable wheels, keeps the chair moving.
  • When it gets hot, the seating area gets hotter and uncomfortable too.

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Gaming Chair

Why Buy Arozzi Gaming Chairs?

Arozzi is a brand house in manufacturing gaming chairs, over time they keep improving their products, to suit the diverse needs of their target markets. Would you invest in an Arozzi gaming chair you ask? Definitely as even though, it has a wide array of gaming chairs, it offers distinct features in all its gaming chairs. 


Quality of material: the quality of material used for these seats, is distinct. From the above reviews, it is clear that most of Arozzi’s chairs are made with pleather. Although it is of lower quality than pure leather, you are guaranteed breathability, quality finish, and durability. However, some seats are made using high-quality textile materials in place of pleather. Additionally, notable is the use of high -density foam on the padding of the backrest, seat area and some in armrests. There are a variety of foams available in the market. Different manufacturers, use different qualities of foams.

The foam quality is defined by the ability of the foam to withstand pressure in the assigned area. How long can it stand a particular weight over time? In this case, higher weights require extra firm foam. Therefore, foam density differs from chair to chair, it is for that reason that the variety of gaming chairs in this series have varying foam density. Normally, softer foam is allocated on the backrest and firmer foam on the seating area which cuts across most of the chairs in Arozzi. As a gamer, look out for a seat that can support more weight, as it guarantees longevity over time.

Distinctive features: although the Arozzi gaming chairs are not as fancy as the bigwigs in the market, it comes out with distinctive features that guarantee durability, comfort, and usability. Even though we have different brands, most are not able to give clients a specific identity. But with most Arozzi gaming chairs, you will notice that they are designed with the gamer in mind. For instance, most of them are spacious making them usable by all users. Apart from that, you will notice the recline and rocking function is available in most of these gaming chairs.

The rocking feature suits the gaming chair because it pumps up the activity and energy levels required in gaming. It may not be functional if the chair is still. On the other hand, the recline feature is equally important in gaming as it can offer a physical pause if the gaming pressure is too much. Lean back, take a breather then resume the game on these gaming chairs. It does not stop there, you can take advantage of the lock ability of the recline feature. Which allows you to relax on the specific position . these options are available on both premium chairs and budget-friendly gaming chairs.

Support: uniquely, the Arozzi gaming chairs, are known for their support. these gaming chairs, come with a lumbar pillow in all premium chairs whose role is to offer the right body posture support. Apart from the lumbar pillows, the chairs come with a supplementary head support to offer the required head support for relaxation and strain prevention. Notably, in some of the chairs, you will notice a zip at the back that allows removal or addition of padding to increase the right support you require.

Weight capacity: they are created with a range of users in mind. Arozzi gaming chairs are meant for both the overweight gamer and the average player. It is not only suitable for ranges of weight but also guarantees the player comfort and durability.



 As a parting  shot, the above gaming chairs are designed and created for amateur, novice, and experienced gamers. Each of them has a unique capability that heightens the experience level of a player that the manufacturer has put in place. These gaming chairs are made from top-notch materials with the end-user in mind. Uniquely, Arozzi gaming chair looks into a proper posture that most gaming chairs do not look into.

The incorporation of head and lumbar pillows into the chair champions for proper position of the user’s head and neck thereby promoting healthy gaming for the gamers. They are most suitable for gamers as they offer the best gaming chairs options regardless of the price brackets. It is the reason why most of these gaming chairs are gaining popularity by the day. We hope the review helps you in making the right decision in picking any of the Arozzi gaming chairs!