Alera Elusion Office Chair Series Review [2021]

Ever wished for an Ergonomic chair will be cheap and functional at the same time?

I know it’s always hard to maintain the balance between the cost and the features of the chair you use.

But, from today you don’t need to worry anymore as I bring you a chair falling under $200 category that will not only give you comfort but also all the features that will offer you the comfort similar to a high priced chair.

Alera ElusionSeries - alera elusion series reviews

Being, one of the emerging chair brands, Alera is entering its steps in the office chair industry bringing some of the reliable products.

One such product is Alera Elusion Series.

Let’s have a look at this ergonomic masterpiece and let you decide whether it is worthy of falling under $200 category or not.


Overview and Design

The chair is made of durable nylon material with mesh upholstery at the back. So stay sweat free during working hours as you get continuous air circulation through the chair.

The back is curvy your entire back while maintaining the shape of your spine. Hence maintaining a vertical back posture with a dry back will be added to your routine.

Alera Elusion Series

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You get molded armrests with height adjustment buttons on the sides. They bend downwards such that your arm is completely under support and stable while typing.

The seat cushion is contoured from premium quality fabric giving density to the seat pan. The waterfall edge gives enough thigh space and keeps your leg muscles away from tiredness.

Available in black color, the hard-durable plastic combines to give a workforce that weighs pounds. The color makes it suitable for an office setup.

Alera Elusion Series

Talking about the user stature, the total weight capacity is 220 pounds which makes it available for big guys as well.

Can see 5 hooded hoods made of plastic with caster wheels below it. These caster wheels are dual producing dual strength for handling users greater than pounds.

Moreover, the weight is not going to affect its mobility as they can rotate easily with a smooth moment over tiles, wooden surfaces, and thick carpets.

Use maximum workspace while sitting; as the chair swivels smoothly giving a complete 360-degree rotation.


The designers made sure that the users don’t flaunt by its looks and design. Hence an equal effort was added in ergonomic functionalities.

They focused on building a mechanism which specifically served features in the form of individual levers.

Alera Elusion Series

Starting from the back, you get a lever to adjust the reclining motion of the back. It gives an ideal angle for reclining such that you can move to and from when bored.

Work as per your comfort by maintaining the angle of the back. Use the armrest to shift back and take the pleasure of a quick power nap.

With a difference in human body structure, some users might not adjust the seat and high back. There is no need to compromise as the next mechanism is the seat pan slider.

There is a spring-loaded knob that helps in moving the seat pan such that you maintain a comfortable posture is sticking your lower back to the chair back. The knob helps you in inching closer to the desk such that hunching is avoided.

There is a tilt lock lever that gives you an option keeping the back flexible or stiff.

Alera Elusion Series

Is your boss demanding a quick presentation?

It’s time to bring back your lost focus by keeping the back stiff and stay in a vertical direction and finish your work on time.

The lumber support successfully cancels out the long-term lower back pain. Once you are done, lift up the lever, recline a bit and relax your back muscles.

Height adjustment is the primary adjustment of an ergonomic chair. The height adjustments lever rises to five inches whenever you pull the lever. It gives you the much-needed height for proper typing posture.

Alera Elusion Series

The chair is recommended for people in the height range of 5 feet and above as the adjustments adapt completely to the user’s stature.

There is the tilt knob at the right-hand side to lock the reclining position. To understand the working of adjustment levers check out the following video.

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Alera Elusion...
  • Multifunction mechanism allows Back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt
  • Cool, breathable mesh Back
  • Contoured Seat Cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs
  • Model Number : ALEEL42ME10B

Why Should You Buy It?

Keeping the budget in mind, this is one such chair that can do wonders for the short people at an affordable price tag.

The chair is Green Guard Certified and comes with a 5-year warranty. However, the Alera Elusion is an excellent buy if you need an office chair for your employees or secondary staff.

Scoring an impressive 4 stars out of 5 stars, Alera Elusion receives a place in my review giving a user-friendly all comfort chair.

So, this is the end of article throwing some light on the features of this beautiful chair coming under $200. Have a great day ahead!