About us

Choosing the best chair is most important for ultimate comfort. We’ve had some bad choices for our office chair, and no one in our staff was comfortable sitting on the chairs we recently bought. That was the first lesson we learned and decided not to repeat this mistake. We made a new purchase of chairs after doing a thorough inspection and got some comfortable chair at the low price.

We don’t want anyone to face the same situation as us. Before buying a chair or chairs for your personal or office use, you should get the expert to advise. After getting a lot of experience in choosing the right chair, we decided to start the ChairThrone.com. The ChairThrone.com is our child, where we provide the best options for your chair choosing confusion.

What do we Do?

We are the one who wants to help the others. After making the mistake of choosing the chair for office use without checking the reviews and comparing the features, we decided to guide others in selecting the chairs. The people who want the advice and ideas on which chair to choose for their personal or office use, we are providing the best solutions for their confusion on this site.

We surf the internet, find some unanswered questions about the chairs, tables and other furniture that helps you sit comfortably and then find and share the answers on our site. Most of the times, we do buy the chairs and then post an honest review on the site, which will help you decide to buy that chair or not.

Our Mission

Our agenda lies in the name of this site. The ChairThrone was created with the sole purpose of helping others in choosing the right chair. Most of the people pay too much money for buying a simple chair which won’t provide proper comfort. Some people spend less and get some third-grade chair which ruins their sitting posture and invites some back pain.

Well, that is what we wanted to avoid by suggesting the people what to buy and what not to buy. We want nothing but the satisfaction on the face of our visitors. If you are willing to buy a brand new chair for office or personal use, then you’ll find reviews about the known and unknown brands on this site.