4 Best Panasonic Massage Chair Reviews [2021]

Regular massage brings about endless benefits. It’s therapeutic and serves to reduce stress and tension while improving blood circulation. It is a super-effective maneuver to secure and manage healthy better-looking anatomy.

Yet, attending to masseuse sessions every day is time-consuming, and can strike your budget, supplementing stress instead. That said, what you do is advance in a reliable massage chair from a reputable massage chair dealer.

Being one of the most prominent brands, Panasonic dominates the massage chairs industry with some of the best quality models on the market today. Anyone who has handled Panasonic products can attest to the top-notch quality, durability, and high performance rooted in their manufactured goods.

When purchasing massage chairs, you’ll see a broad spectrum of varying prices available for each model. Panasonic massage chairs are typically pricey, but you also get the best score for the back, investing in any of their grand models.

For quick and more prosperous selection, we have reviewed the top 4 best Panasonic massage chairs promptly available on the market. These models present the most salutary features any massage enthusiast can expect from a massage chair.

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Top 4 Panasonic Massage Chair Reviews in 2021

1. Panasonic EP MA-73KU

Panasonic EP MA-73KU

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The Panasonic EP MA-73KU is one of the most prestigious luxury chairs in the Panasonic line-up. The chair consists of multiple stretching options fixed within, which grants the users a thoroughly relaxing experience.


Although it falls under a comparatively hefty price range, the Panasonic EP MA-73KU is a great efficacy massage unit, capable of delivering instant therapeutic alleviation, improving blood flow and enhancing calm thinking as a psychological benefit.

The chair comes with advanced massage rollers that incorporate a heating system for transmitting warmth according to the user’s standard-setting, thus facilitating the achievement of your desired massage results.

The full-body anatomy system helps to ensure that every massage motion contour your body-shape for a more thorough massage. The model comes in black or brown color, but the fabric is charming enough to satisfy environmentalists too.

As a flagship to the Panasonic series of massage chairs, the EP MA-73KU features a genuine Pro-Ultra Prestige 3D properties and is upholstered with prime quality synthetic leather.

Panasonic EP MA-73KU

Six preset automatic massage programs allow the user to enjoy hitting specific massage objectives. Additionally, you can manually generate and customize up to 110 separate massage programs using massage motions such as kneading, tapping, and rolling.

The chairs also feature a versatile massage technology for utmost relaxation, better than the typical vertically targeted massage movements. Meaning pain, stress, and tension alleviation will be faster and much effective.

It has 33 air-cells that pairs with the 3D technology to expedite the massage motions. The 3D technology is accurately updated to mimic and offer an extensive massage experience similar to that provided by a therapist.

It offers a full-body revitalizing remedy to condition your hands, back, calves, and feet. The rollers serve collaboratively in different directions, soothing and stretching your muscles to eradicate strain until totally relaxed.

However, the model is too bulky and heavy to move around or relocate with ease. That brings about the sanity of it not being so friendly when used as a regular chair.

Panasonic EP MA-73KU

There’s a variety of ten kneading programs that simulate the Junetsu massage techniques, which offer thumb-like orbital kneading movements to the anatomic areas that need the most attention.

It allows users to select from the following variety: Shoulder, neck, 3D neck, Upper-back high intensity, Upper-back vertical, Middle-back Lower-back vertical, Full Back, and Waist.

Each set consists of circular strokes necessary for identifying and targeting the acupoints, which helps to boost energy in your body.


  • Luxury massage chair with great comfort
  • Numerous manual massage programs
  • Six auto massage programs
  • Ten kneading techniques
  • Versatile thermal massage rollers
  • 33 air cells and a 3D massage system


  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavy and bulky to move around
  • Parts replacement can be tough and difficult
Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra...
  • Stretch, soothe and restore tense, tired muscles with the premium, high-comfort luxury massage chair designed to simulate the warmed, restorative hands of a professional masseuse
  • Multi-directional thermal massage rollers create soothing warmth to help loosen tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. A Shiatsu thermal foot massage gently soothes feet and a palm & arm massage feature helps alleviate tension in hand and forearm
  • Ten soothing Ultra Knead Junetsu massage techniques help relax tight muscles while a thumb-like massage roller kneads vertically and horizontally to invigorate tired muscles from the neck to lower back and waist
  • The 3D massage system, designed to replicate the most intricate Shiatsu techniques and target acupoints, combines with a 33 air cell system to recreate powerful, therapeutic stretching techniques to relax muscles
  • Target specific body areas with 6 automatic massage programs, or customize your massage with up to 110 manual combinations of knead, ultra knead, Shiatsu, Swedish and rolling/tapping

2. Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

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The Panasonic brings you a whole variety of fantastic features to help you experience the best massage for a more extended session. It brings you a lot of therapeutic benefits to boost your cardio while eradicating soreness and various conditional cramps.


The Panasonic MAJ7 tops with durable and robust construction to withstand vigorous massage sessions for a considerable period without any glitches. It comes with an aggregate of 37 air cells with heated rollers. Nonetheless, the best feature in this model stems from the Shiatsu sole massage technique.

With the SL-track design, the model offers one of the most comprehensive massages with a complete faction of all-round features and a wide array of programs. The massage modules employed by this chair imitates human touch to present extra relaxation.

It’s a quiet unit with 3D self-governing massage heads that feels pretty natural, meaning you can apply some effective massage to your lower core in various forms: horizontally, vertically, and in front.

Admittedly, the MAJ7 is among the most expensive models in the Panasonic massage chairs series. Still, in return, it arrives with a variety of potent properties, including manual and automated massage modes.

The model is well-equipped, ensuring that massage is appropriately tuned to your anatomic size, shape, and strains trapped within your muscles. The chair utilizes a unique pressure scanning mechanism that scans tensions restrained in your muscles so that it can offer a more intense massage based on your preferences.

Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

When it comes to the neck, upper shoulder, trapezius muscles, lower back down to the feet, the MAJ7 is perfect and tremendous. It helps to relax and decompress your upper arms, hips, thighs as well as calves.

Focusing on shoulder areas and trapezius muscle, the MAJ7 massage chair is renowned for this particular part. The roller system protrudes exclusively to provide a deep tissue massage hitting the neck and adjacent trapezius muscles.

The modernized combo of rollers and 37air bags provides an in-and-out tissue massage for your glutes and bone muscles. It utilizes the 3D massage where the air cells mobilize your body while rollers remain to massage.

The chairs incorporate both pelvis and core stretch capabilities. Both employ an upgraded maneuver of rollers and airbags to stimulate your body, stretching your lower back muscles, pelvis muscles, and even the core muscles.

The heat therapy presents a dual benefit massage. It can spot out problematic areas and apply the required pressure too. This helps to facilitate blood circulation and relax tightened muscles, as well.

Programs featured in this model are customizable, meaning everyone will find the settings user-friendly and irresistible. For instance, the Swedish massage mode is gentler, but there’s also a deep style that works with more moderate intensity.

Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

Additionally, the chair comes with three unique preset massage programs. This also serves to activate various massage modes to match up with the discomfort level you’ve got in different parts of your body. Plus, it has a classic minimalist design that coincides with other furniture in your room.


  • The most modernized massage chair- 2019
  • The sheer number of 37 air cells
  • Comes with six preset massage programs
  • 3D independent drive
  • Comfortable body massage


  • Heavily price
Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra...
  • Panasonic's most advanced premium full body massage chair with manual and preset therapy programs to restore healthful flexibility and well-being in the neck, spine, chest, pelvis, lower core and middle/lower back
  • 37 air cells, whisper-quiet motors and heated rollers apply masseuse-quality compression to extend and soothe sore, tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and calves; enjoy a Shiatsu sole massage feature to soothe weary feet
  • A 3D Independent Drive and robotic engineering enable internal massage heads to provide a total range of massaging motion to replicate the dexterities of the human hand for a more natural, relaxing and effective massage experience
  • Massage the lower core with focused air cells inside the chair's seat that gently lift the body while heated massage chair roller heads move vertically, horizontally and front to back to alleviate tightness in the glutes, upper hamstrings and hips
  • Focus your massage on specific body areas with 6 pre-set massage therapy programs, or personalize your massage to suit your mood with up to 158 manual combinations of Junkets ultra kneading, Shiatsu, Swedish, kneading and rolling/tapping

3. Panasonic EP MA-73T

Panasonic EP MA-73T

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The Panasonic Real Pro MA-73T comes with most properties similar to those retained by the EP MA-73KU. Both products feature the same price, and you’ll need to pay close attention to break the ties. The EP MA-73T is a well-designed therapeutic massage chair, great for people with rheumatoid arthritis.


Weighing 218 pounds, the chair hits with the best voice command control features. It is upholstered with a synthetic fabric leather. The attractive design, combined with the purposely chosen fabric structure, facilitate an easier cleaning process compared with genuine leather- while it adapts regular heat and motion.

The unit offers superior, consistent massage, closely emulating the human touch. The internal mechanism renders a high-grade multifunctional technology. The model utilizes the vertical and horizontal rollers to deliver a sustainable massage experience, regardless of the massage type you choose.

Panasonic EP MA-73T

The LED console and the seven remote control are easy to operate, especially if you select a massage program from the six preset programs. If you want a more personalized massage, you can always count on an aimed manual choice to eradicate the pain, strains, and stress you are having.

This Panasonic massage model features a realistic multi-frontal 3D massage, together with an internal sensor, that helps to identify problematic areas in the anatomy. Upon identification of such areas, heat and the roller system works to restore optimal circulation, alleviate pain, oxygenating blood, while calming your mental senses into a euphoric realm.

If you had selected a more moderate massage stroke, for instance, the Shiatsu deep-muscle kneading, it could take a while to reach a euphoric realm, but the waiting will still be worthwhile as you’ll be enjoying a good massage session.

Panasonic EP MA-73T


  • Voice command feature included
  • 33 air cell system
  • Minimalist design
  • Contains five different massage session
  • Mechanical massage rollers
  • Ideal for people having rheumatoid arthritis


  • Limited color options
  • Extremely expensive
Panasonic EP Real Pro Luxury Heated...
  • Stretch, soothe and restore tense, tired muscles with the premium, high-comfort luxury massage chair designed to simulate the warmed, restorative hands of a professional masseuse
  • Multi-directional thermal massage rollers create soothing warmth to help loosen tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. A Shiatsu thermal foot massage gently soothes feet and a palm & arm massage feature helps alleviate tension in hand and forearm
  • Ten soothing Ultra Knead Junetsu massage techniques help relax tight muscles while a thumb-like massage roller kneads vertically and horizontally to invigorate tired muscles from the neck to lower back and waist
  • The 3D massage system, designed to replicate intricate Shiatsu techniques and target acupoints, combines with a 33 air cell system to recreate powerful, therapeutic stretching techniques to relax the muscles
  • Target specific body areas with 6 automatic massage programs, or customize your massage with up to 110 manual combinations of knead, ultra knead, Shiatsu, Swedish and rolling/tapping

4. Panasonic EP MA-10 Massage Chair

Panasonic EP MA-10 Massage Chair

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The EP Ma-10 is an exceptional therapeutic chair in this particular line-up. One prominent thing about this chair is the well-contained footprint that makes it a great unit in the market. It is comfortable and compact, and won’t occupy much of your space. Plus, it’s easy to use.


Details about the EP MA-10 starts with the S-track frame that allows the rollers system to obey the anatomic curvature. The resulting combination serves to deliver a superior, consistent, and quality massage.

The chair has a 3D body scan that locates the tension points. It adjusts accordingly to ensure it reaches the most massage-demanding parts. There’s also a manual control through which you can adjust the position of the roller system in case the technology blows the mark.

The model provides various massage styles, including kneading, tapping, and rolling. Nonetheless, the chair incorporates four preset massage programs, which involve Deep, Lower Back, Neck/Shoulder, and Swedish.

It has three adjustable intensity levels that allow you to enjoy the massage techniques at your most suitable pace by customizing them to match up with your needs. It offers a more advanced massage and features a separate neck function.

The Panasonic EP MA-10 boasts a deep massage function. Although the chair does not support full-back Shiatsu, it provides two distinguished massage styles to help you specifically target the neck area. It is a favorite aspect for folks with chronic neck issues.

The model also comes with an aggregate of 36 massage combos that gives room for an unexceptional basic massage, such as neck and shoulder massage.

The model holds a limited air massage mode with 14 second-generation airbags located in the ports of leg massage. The full-anatomy air massage might not be so compelling, but coming down to leg massage, the model is exceptional. That implies that the EP MA-10 is strictly focused on users experiencing specific problems.

For calf and foot massage, the EP MA-10 possesses a unique trajectory. Contrary to most massage chairs that provide calf massage through airbags, and foot massage executed by rollers, this model offers the whole lower body massage via the airbags- including calf and foot massage.

The MA-10’s stretch function is restricted to hips, lower back, and legs. The airbags grip your legs firmly, and even though it’s not much powerful compared to full-body stretch, it’s enough to grant you various therapeutic benefits.


  • Fairly priced
  • Multiple massage styles
  • Solid internal construction
  • Offers essential massage and easy to use
  • The chair can be adjusted to fit the user’s weight
  • Light and compact compared to other massage design


  • Extra cost on delivery and set-up
  • No memory feature
  • The leg massage might be too intensive
Panasonic EP-MA10KU Luxury Full...
  • Rejuvenate neck, shoulders, back, spine and legs with a luxurious, full-body massage chair designed to replicate the time-honored techniques of Chinese and other traditional massage therapies
  • Personalized, automatic height adjustment enhances ancient Chinese spinal massage techniques to provide neck, upper spine and muscle stimulation to help loosen muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body
  • A choice of 4 soothing pre-set automated programs use precision massage heads to provide restful relief and relaxation of deep, Swedish, lower back and neck/shoulder techniques
  • Select from 5 manual programs to match your day and mood with the restorative power and revival of neck shiatsu, kneading, neck knead, roll and tapping
  • An air ottoman deploys a 14-airbag circulation system for contoured lower-body massage for the legs, calves and feet. Built in-rear wheels make it easy to position the chair in any room or area

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Why buy Panasonic Massage Chairs?

Conversably, modern life is more stressed than ever, yet most people have overlooked the importance of receiving massages. The sanity for regular massage has pulled for long, back to most celebrated ancient bodies. And surprisingly, even the classical era understood the advantages of having a good massage.

While this amusement seems to be reserved only for nobles and celebrities who have personal masseuses, modern technology can help alter the trend for massage lovers.

Buying a Panasonic massage chair, either for home or office, could grant an unlimited amount of massage- without the struggle of rushing for an appointment with a therapist, to pay a couple of hundred dollars hourly for a session not even sure you are going to enjoy.

Massage benefits can be profound for persons suffering from various ailments and injuries. It can assist in reducing anxiety, improving digestive disorders, eradicating headache, and alleviate sore cramping muscles, help to attain a restful sleeping pattern along with much more.

Massage helps to stimulate the spinal curvature while lessening pressure on your nerves. It’s an effective way to get a good posture by initiating tight muscles and relieving strains and tension trapped within the body tissues.

This stimulates the movement of endorphins that serves to reduce pain and lessen the extent of how stress affects you.

Endorsed by ACA

The Panasonic massage chairs, it was the first brand to be approved by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association). That said, there’s no doubt that their model poses an optimal combination for the perfect massage.

For full-body massages, Panasonic chairs utilize a range of massage techniques; some of them are precisely programmed to target specific regions in the body. Contrary to other brands’ models, these chairs are designed to offer a whole-body massage, targeting between four and eight anatomic areas each.

Latest features

Contemporary, Panasonic massage chairs incorporate the latest features, whether it is design and compatibility, massage mechanism/techniques, or unit durability; these models have them all.

The chairs have the most modernized 3D massage and an incredible Air Ottoman System. They also come with a Float mechanism, and for the premium models, you will surely dock exceptional heating features.

Most massage chairs in the Panasonic line-up brings you a minimum of 7 massage techniques, and none of the aforementioned models comes with less than six techniques. Every chair incorporates a controlled number of airbags that help to deliver a more comprehensive body massage.


Adjustability is another stunning perk retained by this brand. The massage chairs are entirely flexible and can be modified to match the user’s preferences. This includes shoulder height, chair width, Ottoman length, and footrest recline. Similarly, it easy to recline the chairs at various angles.

The chairs present well-defined adjustments steps for speed and massage intensities. You can always count on the LCD user-friendly remote control to adjust various massage regions: the remote control, both standardized and preset programs.

There’s a huge spectrum of manual combinations- a great feature that’s not present in most massage chairs.

Body Scan

Even though this is a brand new, highly demanded feature in the massage industry, most Panasonic massage units still manage to chip in body scan technology. Nonetheless, there’s a downside since not all models incorporate the feature.

The chairs can accommodate users with weight ranging from 120kg to 246kgs comfortably and irresistibly. They hit with a stylish, trendy layout, specifically designed to match up with your existing décor. More so, most of them, if not all, features a beautiful black leather that helps to blend with other furniture in your room.


These chairs are compact and irresistible. You only place it 40cm/16inches off the wall. That means the chair won’t take much of your space and can fit into corners and sophisticated spaces.

However, the chairs are bulkier in comparison to other models in the market. There Are attached wheels, but still, users tend to find it challenging to move or relocate. The assembly process isn’t an obvious task either.


Undoubtedly, Panasonic Massage Chairs incorporates an array of attractive, reliable features but are relatively expensive. But even if they’re not so budget-friendly, they’re certainly worth the price.

Generally, the Panasonic massage chairs offer more than others, only for a price. They’re stacked with features, and renders deep, stimulating massages. Plus, the fact that Panasonic was the first brand to be approved by the American Chiropractic Association, this makes their chairs even more likable.


There is no doubt that the Panasonic massage chairs are the finest selection. Although expensive, a bit bulkier with some assembly puzzles, these chairs present top-notch features. Packed with standardized programs, preset programs, and a range of massage combinations, users will certainly rejoice.

Besides, there must be rationality for the endorsement by ACA, and following logic, these models provide the best deep tissue massages, extremely therapeutic and curative. Stylish, trendy, and elegant, are treats for the eyes while quality is for the anatomy.