VARIDESK Pro-Plus 48 Review

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 corner desk

Some people might love a job where you sit all day long in front of a computer sending emails, writing blogs, making presentations, etc.

But my exact concern is not about the job...’s about a long hour sitting which is as harmful as carrying 10 kg goods on a sunny day.

The comparison may sound funny but sitting for longer hours harms various body parts like back, thighs, feet, arms and neck.

Varidesk Pro Plus Review

I have a habit of fidgeting when sitting on a chair, working; hence I prefer standing up occasionally stretch along, roam around for a coffee and keep my body in motion as much as possible.

While standing, I don’t get enough elevation for my desktop, and I don’t like to adjust my laptop either.

While struggling to compromise between my habits and laptop adjustments, my problem was solved by an Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Desk by VARIDESK.

Hence contented with the use of this Desk, today, I am going to review this desk and tell you it’s functionality in details.

Let’s start:

First look & Initial Impression

With its first glance creating excitement among the viewers, few of the reasons for this is its design, two tier decks and white and black color options.

The colors will easily adapt to your office area making it a part of your room. The upper tier is suitable for holding your laptops and desktops.

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 table top

Giving a large surface of 48 inches, the VARIDESK can be used efficiently to keep two laptops or two desktops at a single time so that you can efficiently perform multitasking.

Coming with a two-tier platform, the lower one holds your mouse and keyboard giving you ample of space for keeping other stuff as well.

Designed especially for taller users standing and typing won’t be an issue as the VARIDESK reaches a massive height of 18 inches.

It houses an ergonomic height adjustment where you achieve a minimum height of 4.5 inches above the desk with the maximum height reaching up to 18 inches above the desk.

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - best desk arrangement office

You need to ensure that you stand straight, with your arms at 90-degree angle with a high screen visibility that keeps your body muscles in motion eradicating pain like the knee, sore muscles, back, shoulders, neck, and pain in the eyes.


Ergonomics & Performance

VARIDESK easily lifts up to 45 pounds hence you don’t need to worry about the imbalance caused on the desk as the design maintains the balance.

The stability is maintained even if the desk is extended completely. You get 11 different positions to lock your focus while working.

The lower deck has a curve in the front reducing the space between the screen and the user.

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - best standing desk ever

Not just made to hold the computer and laptops but, the upper deck has enough space to hold your coffee mug, snacks, notepad, spare paper, etc. without grabbing the space provided for the screen.

Looking at the lower tier, you can keep your keyboard and mouse where movement of the mouse is like a piece of cake for the user.

For smoother mouse movement, check out our Top 10 Best Mousepad under $50.​

All you need to do is get off your seat, pull the lever, and the desk will automatically raise towards you.

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 desk review

Thanks to the spring-loaded lifting mechanism that performs this in just 3 seconds. The height range is between 4.5 inches to 18 inches, such that you get various occasions to build up different height ranges.

Both short, as well as tall people, can take this opportunity to make themselves comfortable while standing in front of the desks.

Assembly - Getting Started

Looking at its assembly, VARIDESK comes in a box where you just need a guy to lift it out of the box.

The desk is already assembled and all you need to do is carefully place it on the floor.

Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 - Varidesk Pro-Plus 48 standing desk

Weighing 45 pounds, the desk is a powerful workforce keeping your things sturdy and stable.

The base is completely made of metal, and the two-tier platform is made of durable plastic. Hence spilling of coffee won’t cause panic as the desk is water resistant and can be easily cleaned by a simple cloth wipe.


Bottom Line

With an effortless 3-second spring loading mechanism, you can control the desk height with a single click of the lever.

You are never locked in one position while working as VARIDESK allows you to move throughout the day.

You can try out different height adjustment settings keeping your body moving.

I recommend you to work for around 40 minutes while sitting and spend the rest 20 minutes to complete the work while standing. This will promote a healthy routine among those who avoid roaming in their workplaces.

I also recommend using an Under Desk Pedal​ Exerciser to keep your working even while you're sitting and have little to no time, going to the gym.

A large space on the desk means a large space to keep your accessories along so that you don’t need to leave your place searching for it somewhere else.

A 20-minute standing session will only benefit your neck, spine, shoulder, legs and arm muscles allowing a uniform blood circulation from top to bottom.

So, with lots of space and features offered by VARIDESK Pro-Plus 48, I will surely recommend the users to buy this and a right chair if you are in need of ample space and healthy lifestyle at the same time.

So start switching between standing and sitting in front of your desks and work effortlessly.

Thank You!!! Have a Great Day Ahead...

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