Steelcase Think Chair Review

Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think leather chair review

With several chairs available in the market!

You get false promises of a:

  • High Back
  • Dense Seat Pan
  • Long Lasting Dual Caster Wheels
  • Fully Adjustable Armrests

But, these features fail to prove its worth and the workforce becomes a completely non-functional chair after few years.

Glen Oliver Loew, Working with the Tech University of Denmark came up with a design that was simple and highly functional at the same time.

Inspired by the sitting posture of a human, Low put all his thought process and came out with a chair called Steelcase Think Chair.

Steelcase Think Chair Review

The name itself is interesting making you think what is that key factor which makes it unique?

Hence, today I am going to review this workforce after doing detailed research right from its design to the functionality.

Let’s get started.

Initial Look and Design

The chair features a high back, which has a mesh covering to provide sweat-free back.

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Mesh surface is light weight; made of the 3D knit surface providing breath-ability and a cushioned surface which is very soft and comfortable.

You get a dense seat pan that doesn’t deflate after long hour and gives a comfortable support to your buttocks such that you are deprived of sciatica and coccyx pain.

The armrest looks amazing and gives different motion to the user.

Moreover, you get 8 color options to suit your home decor like: Blue jay, Coconut, Concord, Graphite, Licorice, Nickel, Tangerine, and Wasabi.

I am sure that the colors must have increased your excitement for both female and male viewers.

Steelcase features 5 hooded bases give rigidity to the user keeping him stable. The weight of the chair is 66 pounds and can be easily carried and shifted in places like office, home, etc.

There are 5 dual caster wheels that are durable and made up of nylon material. They easily glide over surfaces like wooden floorings, tiles and other floorings.

Wheels also rotate smoothly giving you mobility, and the swiveling motion gives 360-degree motion maximizing your work efficiency.

Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think office chair review

Coming back to the back support, Think Chair offers lumbar support at the back making it equally comfortable for your lower back.

Hence the chair looks solid, durable and stylish with its first look very impressive.

The highlights of its initial looks were its wide back, waterfall edge seat pan, armrests with several abilities and 8 different color pallets.


Adjustments and Functionality

After the initial usage of this chair, I found the mesh back working very efficiently.

An hour of sitting didn’t change the color of my shirt keeping the air flow continuous.

The high back has a plain surface and doesn't have any protruding edges assuring that long hour sitting will be a comfortable deal.

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Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think chair lumbar support

The curve of the back ensures that the spine remains flexible. You get flexors at the back which gives excellent support and stability.

The lower back has the S curve; filling the gap between the chair back and user back.

Featuring Live Back Support, you get the immense support needed for a long hour working.

The lever at the right gives you reclining feature as well as tilt lock option. You can recline till your desirable angle and lock the position with the same lever.

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Helping you further, the seat pan is equipped with forward and backward motion. While reclining, you can move the seat backward making your lower portion compatible with the upper one.

Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think chair with headrest

Hunching has become an addiction among the computer users. Spending several hours in front of the computer, viewing slides, browsing and typing make it inevitable to avoid staring at the screen. This makes the user hunch towards the screen.

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Steelcase has introduced seat pan lever making it easier to move the seat pan forward. Now you can get closer to the screen while keeping your back aligned with the chair back.

Moving on, you get a height adjustment lever that raises you 2-3 inches with a simple push of the lever.

Further, the lumbar support adjusts according to the user where you can easily pull or move it down to retain the curve of the back.

Speaking about the armrests, you get all kinds of movement required by the user while working.

Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think chair assembly instructions

The height adjustment button enables it to move up and down making it available for users of all heights. Depending upon the width, it moves forward and backward.

Gamers can take the advantage as you can tilt it inside decreasing the angle of the arms and hold the controller for longer hours.

With so much of motion to offer, the chair surely wins brownie points in armrest adjustment section.


Packing and Recognition

Steelcase Think when delivered comes fully assembled and is backed by Steelcase warranty.

The chair disassembles in 5 minutes making it easier to carry over long distances.

Steelcase Think Chair Review - steelcase think chair adjustments

Looking at the design and functionality Steelcase Think chair has received following certification:

Moreover, Steelcase Think chair is the winner of Red Dot Award (2014), Good Design Award (2014) and Best Product Design Award (2014).


End Note

Keeping Elegance in mind, the designers aimed for using the best ergonomics while making it more sustainable.

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Platinum frame base ensures that the chair is strong enough even after several years of use.

More emphasis was put on the shape of the chair supporting you in your office environment.

Think Chair is sleeker, smarter and sophisticated than its predecessor.

Made up of many thoughts put together, Think is a combination of innovation and intelligence put together making it one of the best workforce launched by Steelcase.

This is the chair which can be used anywhere and requires very less thinking while using the adjustment settings.

So, summing it up, strong design, highly adjustable armrests, water fall seat edge, live lumbar support, several color pallets and a mesh high back combines to form Steelcase Think Chair winning awards in several categories.

I hope my review will help you think less before buying this master class designed by Steelcase.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

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