Steelcase Gesture Review – Most Versatile Office Chair?

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The Human Body is not made to stay in a single posture for the entire day and thrives on constant body movements to stay active.

This dynamic behavior is reflected while sitting, whereas a chair with a limited seat pan and high back cannot constrict the user in a certain posture.

The habit of fluctuation has introduced various body pain in the body. The study states there are 9 new postures that always brought pain to the consumers.

Then, a company that aimed at bringing a new breed of office chairs created a global team, deconstructed the chair and went back to the age old sitting patterns to score some inspiration from human body sitting postures.

The result was extraordinary and unboxed in two phases: a Leap chair and a Gesture chair.

Yes, we are talking about the century, old furniture producing successful Brand: Steelcase.

The global team of Steelcase has put all their blood and sweat to bring out a unique looking ergonomic chair - Steelcase Gesture.

Inspired from different human body postures, the spinal cord has been the major area in focus.

Being the winner of Neocon Award, this chair is an epitome of Ergonomics and justifies new science of sitting in the office world.

You get several opportunities to stabilize and change postures from time to time.

Steelcase Gesture Review

Overview and Design

The extremely dense seat is backed by air pockets that support your butts for the entire sitting period.

The high back imitates the shape of the spine giving immediate comfort to the user in every sitting angle.

steelcase gesture chair

It offers hard plastic flat armrests that support you while typing, completing power naps and occasional recline routine.

Steelcase Gesture gives you 8 different variants that are suitable for your office and home decor. You get colors like: Blue, Concord, Coconut, Graphite, Licorice, Light, Tangerine, and Wasabi.

Moving further, the swiveling feature comes in handy for using the maximum working area around you.

Weighing 74 pounds, the entire weight of the chair is supported by the 5 hooded bases that hold dual caster wheels as well.

Move over short distances in the office while sitting on this chair as the nylon wheels can travel efficiently over carpet, tiles and wooden floorings.

steelcase gesture with headrest

You will be delighted to rest during hectic hours as the cradling back gives you a peaceful power nap.

Inspired by the movement of the human body, Gesture is equipped with two levers that offer adjustments like seat pan, height, and reclining angles.

steelcase gesture vs herman miller embody

The comfort of a power nap is expanded by lumbar support and a comfy headrest at the top.

Functionality and Comfort

There are two knobs that give an immediate adjustment as a feedback. All controls are on the right side of the chair.

All controls related to the back are done by the back knob and all controls related to the seat are done by the front knob.

Steelcase Gesture lumbar support

The curvy back stays in contact with your spine filling the gap between your lumbar and the chair back.

To make the reclining movement smoother, turn the knob backward and recline with ease to achieve a relaxed position. Turn it forward for increasing the resistance.

This will help you focus more on work like typing, reading and during video calls. There are different resistance settings that serve 4 different reclining angles for your personal comfort.

Now, no need to hunch towards your screen as you can easily adjust your seat. Turn the front knob forward to move the seat pan forward and turning it back brings the seat pan backward.

steelcase gesture vs leap v2

Stay tuned for more features as the chair gets taller by 5 inches right from 16 to 21 inches giving every individual agreeable height in front of the desk.

It is recommended to adjust the height such that your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

At the top, stands a headrest ready to support your neck while reclining and sitting. Grasp the headrest to move it up and down to adjust the height.

The headrest pad rotates forward and backward giving you minute adjustments. The gesture is the first Interface between the user and technology promoting an efficient working attitude among the users.

Steelcase Gesture - best ergonomic office chair

The armrest shows several moving angles supplying different arm positions while working. The designers have improved it by replicating certain hand movements.

The movement includes: upwards, downwards, inwards as well as outwards. Lift the lever under the arm rests and achieve the arm comfort you desire. Increase the seat width by pushing the arm outward.

You also get two handles at the sides to adjust the vertical motion of lumbar cushion which is done by sliding motion.

The core equalizer setup focuses on the seat and back producing variable lumbar support angles.

Steelcase Gesture reddit

A deep reclining posture will give less lumbar support while a vertical posture will increase your comfort level by offering more lumbar support.

Thanks to the spring connection between the seat and high back that initiates the lumbar function.

But, the only thing that halts me is the lumbar support. A taller guy won’t get a complete advantage of using the lumbar support because of the limited vertical motion.

Plus, the curvy back won’t be suitable for every guy as it keeps hitting you at different positions of your back.

Final Verdict

So, a modern masterpiece by Steelcase meets all the requirements of a workplace, gaining the likes of the users by its ergonomic design and effortless adjustment settings.

The armrest being the main highlight of the chair expands the horizon for your girth.

Adapting the features of human postures, the chair efficiently delivers the sitting results thus, proving its worth.

So, if comfort is more important than money, then without any second thought, I would recommend you to buy this beautifully designed chair that takes care of your entire body making you feel the worth of every single penny you spent.

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