IKEA Linnmon Desk Review

IKEA Linnmon Desk Review - ikea linnmon table top

As a Blogger, a stable desk has always been a priority for me along with an ergonomic chair.

A desk with an average height; providing a smooth working surface, along with rigid non-moving base impresses me more than anything.

Browsing for a desk that fulfills all the above parameters, I came up with IKEA Linnmon Desk that completed my office place and gave me the perfect desk I needed.

Hence today I am going to throw some light on IKEA Linnmon Desk that proved to be a dream workstation for me.

First Impression

We spend most of our time sitting in front of the computer, where we are ready to invest on the latest desktops and mouse but forget to buy a desk of a comfortable height.

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In the realm of spending time on the internet, we forget to sit in a comfortable position in front of the desktop and compromise our body posture for it.

In such cases, IKEA comes to our rescue producing Linnmon Desk for the daily computer users.

The dimensions of the desk are 59x30x29 inches and are available in shiny black color.

The length is long enough to hold two monitors together, and there is enough room for keyboard and mouse movement.

IKEA Linnmon Desk Review - ikea linnmon corner desk

I have observed that most people use the front half of the desk keeping the back half either vacant or store their important stuff.

Stuff like books, CD’s, files needs to be kept in rows which make it difficult to pick something which is in the middle of all this.


IKEA desk gives me length twice of its breadth making it easier to keep all the stuff in column form. I just travel from end to end to get my stuff while sitting making my back half of the desk equally useful.

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The table top is made of Fibreboard and has printed and embossed acrylic paint over it.

IKEA Linnmon Desk Review - best desk arrangement office

The entire frame is made up of ABS plastic filling material giving the much-needed strength to the table. You get a black top and legs that stay rigid bearing two monitors at the same time.

Measuring 29 inches from the ground, the table is comfortable for people of all sizes. Weighing 24 pounds, the desk is easy to ship with an easy assembly.

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IKEA Linnmon Desk Review - ikea linnmon desk review

Since the length is its USP, you get a larger area under the desk as well. Grab the opportunity to make the under the desk as your storage area giving you a length of 59 inches.


The desk is very sleek; grabbing not much space in your home regarding breadth.

You can use it in your office area and home as well.

So, if you are low on budget and want an efficient desktop, I would recommend you to go for IKEA Linnmon desk; proving to be one of the sleekest and efficient work platforms for all the users.

I hope my review helped you in understanding the minute details of the desk making it easier for you to select the sleek looking IKEA Linnmon Desk.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

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