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Office chairs are built to give a feeling of comfort and professionalism among the users.

Along with the comfort, it is important that the chair should be stylish; if the user is holding a prominent position in the company.

One such chair loved by the Gaffer is brought by none other than Herman Miller.

Yes! You guessed it right.

Today we are going to review about Herman Miller SAYL chair that has won the hearts of many customers in the office Industry.

If you are not one of them, today I will tell you why is SAYL chair so successful in the market.

This is a quick review where I will talk about the features in detail that will surely impress you at the end of it.

So, let’s start:

First Impression

Created by one of the most known chair brands, Herman Miller SAYL took three years of detailed research in the making.

The chair is designed by San Francisco designer Yves Behar making it look state of the art.

The company has used fewer materials than an average chair without sacrificing the comfort.

Padding was removed from the back to make it thinner and elegant but, the comfort remained constant.

The chair is lighter than other chairs but provides the same sitting comfort as other chairs.

When I saw it for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the thin back. Following the motto “Use Less and Do More” the designer kept the back lightweight and supportive.

This engineering system is used for building massive suspension bridges; hence the designers have made the back elastic that stretches according to the size of the user’s back.

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The Y suspension at the back gives spine support to the user. The back gets narrow at the top giving your shoulders free space to turn.

Looking at the curve at the lower end, Yves Behr made sure that your lower back is not left behind.

Care is taken that the gap between the chair back and user’s back is filled giving lumbar support for longer hours.

Review-Herman Miller Sayl - best task chair for lower back pain

The chair features a light seat pan with a width greater than some of the high priced chairs.

A wide seat pan ensures users of every size can seat comfortably in the chair with no protruding ends. The tempered seat front ensures blood circulation through your thigh muscles ending numb feet.

With 23 color ranges, you get a color palette to select the chair of your choice suiting your office as well as home decor. Some of the colors are Black, White, Peacock, Mulberry, Cherry Red.

It features floating armrests with flexible edges ensuring a smooth surface to rest your arms on.

Adjustments & Functions

Now let’s look at the adjustment features of this chair:

You get a height adjustment lever at the right-hand side that lifts you up and down to reach a desirable height.

Then we have a seat pan at the left that moves the seat pan further. There is a back resistance knob at the right.

Review-Herman Miller Sayl - best task chair with arms

If you turn it forward, your resistance of reclining motion is increased. Turning it backward will make it smoother.

Sometimes, you might feel like locking the reclining angle you are in. SAYL chair has a lever for that as well at the left-hand side where lifting the lever locks that angle and lets you stay comfortable in that position.

Hunching has become a common habit for the employees, and the chair provides a forward reclining angle to make this habit a bit healthier.

Now you can hunch forward, and you get a constant support to your back and shoulders as well. To perform all these actions, you need the support of your arms as well.

Review-Herman Miller Sayl - herman miller sayl office chair

SAYL features a height adjusting armrests which have smooth and flexible ends. All you need to do is just push and pull the armrest till the desired height to adjust it accordingly.

The armrests can move inwards and outwards taking care of the big people as well. You can push them forward and backward making adjustability easier.

Talking about the curved back, you get a lumbar support which can be adjusted using two handles at the back.



Since very fewer materials are used in the making; packaging is done in small cartons during delivery.

Features like dual caster wheels and swiveling make it gives smoother mobility, adding some fun in your hectic work routine.

Review-Herman Miller Sayl - herman miller sayl chair review

The chair stands on the five hooded plastic stokes weighing 44 pounds while getting delivered.

You don’t need a single tool to assemble it. Built with safety lock mechanism, you just need to fix the base with the seat followed by fixing the armrests.

The process takes few minutes, and you are ready to use your new workforce.


Final Verdict

Built for movement while sitting, the chair keeps your body in motion keeping the activeness intact.

Keeping the price point as low as possible, very few materials have been used in the making of the chair beautiful and impeccably designed.

The SAYL keeps your back healthy and supports without cutting the blood circulation.

It provides more freedom of movement than any other chair in the market.

A wrap around plastic mesh giving better airflow, 4 way adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, movable seat pan, forward-backward tilting back and 23 different colors compile to give out one of the perfect ergonomic chairs available in the market.

From comfort to stylish design, this chair has it all and deserves to be your new best friend in the office.

Thank You! Have a Great Day Ahead...

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