7 Best Office Chair under $300


Finding the best office chair under $300 is no simple affair, isn't it?

We all agree that office chairs aren’t all built the same.

Some of the features include a foam filled seat pan, high back, pneumatic adjustments, ergonomic design, and armrests.

It becomes an advantage to your comfort if the chair is backed by a neck rest.

Below is the list of 7 Best Office Chair under $300.

It includes various types of chairs like mesh back, gaming chair, leather chair and a high back chair.

7 Best Office Chair under $300​

Now, let me show you my handpicked list of Best Ergonomic Office Chair under $300:

#7: Viva Office High Back Mesh Chair

Starting with our list of Best Traditional Office Chair under $300, we have a high back office chair from Viva office. Nothing beats this office chair for an initial office setting.

Its luxurious design adapts with every venue it’s placed in. The premium fabric upholstery and the black mesh at the back eliminates the sweat.


The stylish foamed seat pan can withstand weight up to 250 lbs boasting its strength along with elegance. The neck rest gains some brownie points supporting your head and eliminating neck and eye strains.

The chair holds your arms on the armrest and gives swiveling motion. Available in black color, the chair weighs 41 pounds when delivered and requires assembly which takes not more than 15 minutes.

The pneumatic control lets you raise your height according to the desk size. This is performed by the hydraulic lever, which works by a pull action. It promotes tilt back motion where you need to pull the lever to the right until you get the required tilting angle.


It houses nylon made dual caster wheels, smooth enough to make you move over short distances saving your relevant time. To reduce the tilting angle, push yourself forward and retain the back to its original position while pushing the lever.

The armrest increases your ease with the buttons on the side by changing their height. The built-in lumbar support gives relief to your lower back which can be lifted up and down accordingly.

An adjustable curved headrest is a significant addition to height adjustment feature helping every other person. The chair is easy to assemble and provides a free component exchange up to 2 years.

The chair is a perfect combination of high-quality material, performance and superior ergonomic design.

#6: Flash Furniture BL-X-5M Chair

The ergonomic design of Flash Furniture BL-X-5M makes it perfect for office use. The thickly padded black color mesh at the back helps you to maintain right posture from mid to upper back region.


The mesh material is breathable and flexible enough to bend your back at certain angles. The 2.5-inch padded nylon base made of polyurethane can handle weight up to 200 pounds.

The waterfall seat pan is made up of fire retardant foam giving long lasting comfort for more than 9 hours. The chair gives a 360-degree swivel motion to get complete access to the workspace around you.

The armrest is mesh padded providing an option for your hands to relax when sitting idle. This 12 pounds chair comes with several adjustments including height adjustment that can be extended up to 42.25 inches.


The chair can be customized according to your comfort level. It possesses passive lumbar support freeing your lower back from extra load of the upper body.

The tilt lock mechanism comes with a tension knob to control the tilting angle. The base has 5 hoods with dual casters wheels making this chair a perfect workstation and the design keeps the chair rigid.

Available in Black color, the chair is one of the Best Mesh Office Chair under $300 available at a reasonable price tag.

#5: DX Racer Formula Series DOH/FH11

DX Racer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standard providing luxury to the users. The Formula Series Chair has a higher backrest that supports right from pelvis to the head.

Specially used as a gaming chair, the seat pan is filled with high-density foam that enables you to sit for longer hours. The high back shapes your spine and shoulders with the side fitting giving plenty of support.


Now, no more comfort lag as the lumbar support eliminates lower back aches and the armrests extend your work time longer than 8 hours.

This strong workforce weighs 91 pounds capable of lifting users more than 200 pounds. Coming to color options like Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue and some more colors; the chair makes its place at whatever venue you choose for it.

The swiveling motion adds the ease of movement among its users. Heighten your sitting experience from 45 to 47 inches by pulling the hydraulic lever as it increases the height accordingly. The button at the right changes the height of the armrests by 3.5 inches.

There is a mechanism under the seat regarding the tilt function where you can lock or unlock the tilt function. The back can be tilted to almost 180 degrees allowing you to take power naps during extra working hours with an integrated headrest.


The five hooded base with dual caster wheels made of hard plastic gives 360 degrees swiveling and makes your tasks easier. The chair includes lumbar cushion and headrest pillow when delivered, and the company offers 24 months warranty on their parts.

Summarizing all the features, the chair stands out of the pool serving people of all age groups, height, and sizes.

#4: Office Star Mesh Back Chair

Moving on to the list of Best Office Chair under $300, our next choice is a Mesh Chair by Office Star. It features a breathable mesh seat and back that is made up 100% fabric helps you to be seated without moisture build-up.

The mesh seat pan and the waterfall design provide the required comfort to your thighs. You can move your legs freely on this wider seat pan.


The armrests are padded that hold your hands when typing. Comes in two color options: gray and black, it has 5 black color hood bases with white stripes.

These are backed by dual caster wheels that initiate easy motion. It gives 360-degree swiveling motion allowing you to use entire workspace around you.

While being shipped, the weight of this office chair is 41 pounds which reduce to 36 pounds after assembly. The Padded flip up arms makes it an armless chair giving wider seating area when required.


The range of seat height is from 17 to 21 inches manipulated by the height adjustment lever. You can recline and lean a bit with the lumbar support backing your lower back. The weight capacity of the chair is around 250 lbs.

Overall, the machine quality of the metal parts is good, and the whole chair assembly is firm and well built.

#3: DX Racer Formula Series DOH/FD01

Although DX aims at introducing gaming chairs, they have cemented their position in the category of office chairs as well. Formula DOH/FD01 is not just for gamers but earns its place as an office chair also.

With a high-density cold cure foam filling, your working hours are extended as the seat never deflates. The Patent Race Car Mesh Seat is breathable, making you forget sweat patches.


With a taller, wider backrest and seat pan, it approves a bigger-built user. The chair weighs 49 pounds capable of holding people more than 200 pounds and features a smooth 360-degree swiveling motion.

The Formula DOH/FD01 offers superb stability with its steel frame and five-star metal bases. It can be lowered to different heights with the help of lever at the bottom giving you the right comfort.

The sturdy armrest relieves your arm muscles and can be adjusted according to your computer desks. You just have to press the button below and pull the armrest to raise its height.


The tilt mechanism favors back tilting done by the handy lever at the right. The outstanding back height that runs up from your pelvic to the neck area keeps your spine in a vertical shape while having a power nap.

The Black Aluminium star base with dual caster wheels acts as a source of motion over shorter distances.

It gives a tough structure with some bold look and never ending comfort, making it one of the most Comfortable Computer Chairs.

#2: Comfort Products 60-5800T Chair

Comfort products have been a specialist in producing one of the Best Traditional Office Chairs since 1919. The 60-5800T chair has leather upholstery, thick enough to support a mass of 350 lbs.

It features an attractive contemporary cushion with waterfall style seating giving space to your legs.


The padded chrome armrests and the comfy cushioned back holds your vertical posture giving sitting comfort for long working hours.

The lumbar support backs you when you face lower back pains thus, supporting you throughout the day.

Moreover, the seat cushion, armrests, and back are covered in comfortable black leather, matching your living room and office as well.

The chair with its ergonomic design comes with several pneumatic adjustments. The armrest attached to the seat pan allows you to keep your hands on during a power nap.

The lever attached to the base of the seat pan adjusts the settings such as tilt, tilt tension, swivel lock and height lift. The height can be increased accordingly, and the provision of headrest increases its user count for those taller than 6 feet.


You can lean back comfortably while keeping your elbows on the curvy chrome armrests padded with thick leather. The 5 hooded bases made up of chrome metal gives rigidity to the chair and are attached with dual caster wheels to give easy movement.

The swiveling adds fun to your routine giving 360-degree rotation. The chair, when delivered, weighs about 62 pounds but, reduces to 54 pounds when fully assembled.

As the brand name says, the chair doesn’t disappoint in providing comfort once you lock it in your working area.

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So, here is the end of our list of Best Office Chair under $300 giving you the top 7 chairs capable of giving the maximum comfort in your office routine.

The most important part after buying a chair is assembling. Assembling these chairs in the list is easier as they come with assembly guide when delivered.

I have covered plenty of details about these reasonably priced chairs. Hence, buying any of these chairs will surely add comfort and style to your office space.

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