10 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home and Office Use


Many ergonomic chairs available in the market today, isn't it?

It is pretty difficult to look out for individual chair and match its feature with our needs.

When buying the best ergonomic desk chair...

...the important thing to remember is that you should get one that fits your body, adjusts where you need it, and will last for a long time.

Before buying, a very common question that arises: 

Why is it important to buy an ergonomic chair?

Let me throw some light over the complications of not buying an ergonomic chair.

1. Coccyx Pain

You often notice that your tailbone has started hurting after hours of seating on a chair with thin seat pan.

Coccyx Pain is known as the tailbone. It occurs due to lack of lumbar support and seat pans with small width hence it is necessary that a chair should always have a thick seat pan area along with lumbar support.

The lumbar support is the mandatory feature every chair must have. If you find a chair with all right features but, doesn’t have a lumbar support then, I would suggest clicking here.

2. Numbness in Legs

There are various reasons for numbness in thighs. A chair with a smaller seat pan area restricts the motion of legs over the seat pan.

It leads to a halt in the blood circulation through the thighs until the feet. Care should be taken that the seat edge should be waterfall shape initiating blood circulation.

If you can easily slide your fingers under thigh while seating then, the chair is appropriate. If it is too tight, then you need to add an adjustable footrest at the base.

Tall people need to raise the height of the desk to avoid constant numbness in the thighs.

Height adjustment plays an important role as it is mandatory to have contact with the ground while seating on the chair to facilitate continuous blood circulation.

3. Wrist Pain

The absence of armrest is one of the major reasons for wrist pain among the employees. A user needs armrests to support your entire hands while typing.

The wrist, if kept hanging while working leads to Kienbock’s Disease. Kienbock’s Disease is a condition where lack of blood supply to the wrist bone is restricted.

This leads to constant pain in the wrist often leading to arthritis hence a chair should always have arm rests that should be height adjustable.

Now let’s move on our list of top 10 Desk Chairs:

#10: AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Amazon Basics has created ergonomic chairs that are sophisticated to be placed in your office. The mid back chair looks fabulous in black color with a mesh back providing back support and preventing body heat and moisture build-up.


The gently curved section at the back increases your working hours by keeping your spinal cord swaying all the time. The swiveling motion will occur smoothly even with maximum weight put on the chair.

Eliminate the chances of coccyx pain as the lumbar support reduces the gap between the chair and your lower back. The chair measures 25 inches deep, 24 inches wide and rises 4 inches in height.

This 40-inch high chair is suitable for tall people. With armrest at the sides, you can stick to your daily posture by resting your arms when seating idle.

Its total weight is 23 pounds that can sustain body weight up to 225 pounds.


The hydraulic seat adjustment lets you rise high and low depending on your height. This is performed by lever beneath the seat which comes handy when seated.

You can pull out the control handle allowing your chair to tilt back and front. Tilt tension knob can adjust even the rocking motion of the chair. A tilt tension knob underneath the seat helps to modify the rocking motion.

The fully plastic dual wheel casters and swiveling make the movement from one workplace to other easier. Now, you don’t need to get up to change destinations.

Looking at its features, this chair deserves a place in this list promising a better working experience.

#9: Flash Furniture

With more than 800 people giving a satisfactory response for this chair, the ergonomic design makes it suitable for office use.

The thickly padded black color mesh at the back helps to maintain right posture from mid to upper back region. The mesh material is breathable and flexible enough to bend your back at certain angles.


The curve helps to adjust your back and fit into the chair for longer hours. It possesses passive lumbar supporting your lower back and depleting chances of coccyx pain.

It is available in 11 different colors. The 2.5-inch padded nylon base made of polyurethane can handle weight up to 200 pounds without getting squeezed even after several hours of seating.

Padded armrest comes into play supporting your hands when seating idle. The CA 117 foam is fire retardant and won’t cause any damage if cigarette ash falls on the seat accidently.


This 20-pound chair comes with several adjustments including height, tilt back that can be extended up to 42.25 inches high using hydraulic seat adjustment.

It can be customized according to your comfort level thus, increasing your efficiency. The chrome plating at the base adds up to its style. [For More Information]

The 5 point base casters wheels make this chair a workstation. The swiveling motion brings ease to your movement giving a 360-degree rotation.

On a funny note! Now you can turn around and pass files to your colleagues without taking the struggle to stand.

#8: Space Seating Airgrid

The ergonomic design is proof that Space Seating chair won’t disappoint regarding comfort. Looking at its back, it displays a mesh back that serves as air circulator between your formal wear and the back.


Available in black color, the seat pan made up of vinyl offers the required comfort along with mesh back. The curve of the seat accepts butts of various sizes.

The armrests at the sides are made up of durable hard plastic assisting your arms to rest. Total weight of the chair is 39 pounds capable of handling users weighing 225 pounds.

The chair has pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment lever at the lower right side to change the height, tilt tension. The 18 inches high back can be raised up to 23 inches designed, keeping tall people in mind.


The button at the outer side of the armrest initiates 3 inches in height suitable to enter under the desk of various heights. The chair reclines back to a small angle letting you take the power nap with the neck rest adding to your rest time.

The five hooded stokes give you the much-needed stability to help you focus for extended hours. The dual-caster wheels are oversized enough to roll over carpets and wooden floors.

Space Seating offers smooth swiveling along with relief from back and eye strains.

Airgrid takes 15 minutes for complete assembly, and the result is a basic simple looking office chair with an adjustable lumbar support taking away the lower back pains.

#7: Flash Furniture High Back Chair

Flash Furniture has become the top contender in the office chairs industry in recent years. The chair features a mesh back, and the lumbar support helps you get rid of frequent lower back pains.


With a total weight of 34 pounds, this high back easily swivels 360-degree bringing mobility while seating. It includes the neck rest and an adjustable high back design.

The armrest at the sides is padded with 3D cushions making sure you are relieved when sitting, and typing is your regular activity.

Height can be manipulated using the lever giving every person an option to increase the comfort. Available in Black color, the chair stands out in the office with its contemporary design. [More Information]


The armrests can be flipped when not needed canceling the hassle of detaching them. The high back design mitigates the spinal cord pains where height can be manipulated using the lever giving every person an option to increase the chair dimension from 17 to 20 inches.

The tilts lock mechanism offers a comfortable rocking/reclining motion, and the headrest can be raised by pulling the center knob granting you a peaceful position to rest.

The waterfall front seat edge removes pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation.

The five hooded chrome base makes the chair rigid, and the dual caster wheels made of nylon allow easy movement over the carpet, tiles, and wooden floorings as well.

Designed with comfort in mind, this chair has an extra thick seat cushion that is moulded for a great fit and the black color model makes it a luxurious part of furniture inside the office.

#6: DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08

DX Racer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standard providing luxury as well.

The chair has a higher backrest that supports from pelvis to the head and the seat pan filled with high-density foam increases your seating time.


The high back fits your spine and shoulders with the side fitting giving plenty of support. Now, no more comfort lag as the lumbar support eliminates lower back aches and the armrests extend your work time longer than 8 hours.

This strong workforce weighs 91 pounds and the swiveling ads up to its features giving easy movements. Coming on color options like Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue and eight more colors are available.

Heighten your sitting experience from 45 to 47 inches by pulling the hydraulic lever that increases height as per the desktop dimensions.

The back can be tilted to almost 180 degrees allowing you to take the power naps during extra working hours with the integrated headrest.


The button at the right changes the height of the armrests by 3.5 inches. There is a mechanism under the seat that with tilt function where you can lock or unlock the tilt function. [More Information]

The five hooded base with dual caster wheels made of hard plastic gives 360 degrees swiveling and makes your tasks easier. The chair includes lumbar cushion and headrest pillow when delivered, and the company offers 24 months warranty on their parts.

Summarizing all the features, the chair stands out of the pool serving people of all age groups, height, and size. 

​#5: Comfort Products 60-5800T

With an emphasis on seating and office furniture, Comfort products have a long history since 1919. The company has been a specialist in office chair production.

The chair has black bonded leather upholstery, thick enough to support the mass of 350 lbs. The chair features attractive contemporary cushion with waterfall style seating giving lots of space for your legs.


The padded chrome armrests and the comfy cushioned back hold your vertical posture providing sitting comfort for long working hours.

Moreover, the seat cushion, armrests, and back are covered in comfortable black leather matching your living room and office as well.

The lumbar support backs you when you face lower back pains thus, supporting you throughout your working from your lower back to the head.

The chair along its ergonomic design comes with several pneumatic adjustments. The arm below the cushion attached to the nylon base allows you to adjust the settings for the Executive Chair's tilt, tension, lock, swivel, and height lift.


The height can be lifted accordingly, and the provision of headrest increases its user count for those taller than 6 feet. You can lean back comfortable while keeping your elbows on the curvy chrome armrests padded with thick leather.

The 5 hooded bases made up of chrome metal cancels out all the weaknesses of the chair attached with dual caster wheels giving easy movement overall floorings. [Full Review]

The swiveling adds fun to your routine giving 360-degree rotation. The chair, when delivered, weighs about 62 pounds but, reduces to 54 pounds when fully assembled.

As the brand name says, the chair doesn’t disappoint in providing comfort once you lock it in your working area.

​#4: DXRacer Racing Series DOH/REO/NB

Racer DOH/REO/NB is the larger version of Formula Series Chair. The chair is not just for gamers but earns its place as an office chair also.

It has a high-density cold cure foam filling extending its service for duration of more than 8 hours. With a taller, wider backrest and seat pan, the chair approves a bigger-built user.


The racing series is bigger and wider occupying bigger people while featuring swiveling motion. The chair houses 3-D armrests, headrest and a lumbar support cushion available in orange and green colors which adapt well in your game zones and office as well.

The chair weighs 91 pounds capable of holding people up to 200 pounds.

The Racer offers superb stability with its steel frame and five-star metal bases. It can be lowered to various angles with the help of lever at the bottom.

The 3D straight armrests come with soft padded cover relieving your arm muscles adjustable using the buttons underneath.

Now, you can set the height of your armrests according to the computer desks. The addition of angular adjustments helps to change the angles of the armrests and tilt mechanism favors back tilting using the handy lever at the right.


The comfort is expanded with the provision of headrest pillow. Lumbar cushion just deleted lower back pains from your pain list. The neck pillow teams with the outstanding back height that runs up from your pelvic to the neck area keeping your spine in a vertical shape.

The Black Aluminium star base with dual caster wheels acts as a mode of transportation over shorter distances. Keeping Black as a primary color, the chair comes in combinations of red, orange, blue, green and white. [Full Information]

Overall, the chair gives a positive vibe of a tough structure with some bold look and never ending comfort, making it a desirable chair in this list.

​#3: AmazonBasics High Back

The next chair in our list is Amazon Basics High Back Chair. The padded high back is made up of leather keeping you vertical all day long.


The shiny black leather gives an executive look to the room maintaining the professionalism among the user. Care is taken regarding the wrist pains with the addition of foam covered thick armrests.

The arm rests should be bolted to the sides and cannot be height adjusted. It has a smooth swiveling motion with a long steel pipe standing as the base for the seat pan capable of holding weight up to 250 pounds.

The chair when assembled, weighs 35 pounds using 15 minutes of your much worthy time. The assembly is made simpler with a user guide given at the time of delivery.


The hydraulic height adjustment rises from 41 inches to 45 inches giving extra height to the short ones reaching 20 inches above the ground comfortable for taller ones as well.

A tilt tension knob beneath the seat makes it easier or harder to rock back in your chair, depending on which way you turn the knob.

The vinyl upholstery and the height are suitable for neck support as well. Supported by the strong five hooded base moulded from high-quality plastic, the chair ensures smooth travel.

Blessed with dual caster nylon wheels, moving over thick carpets and wooden floors is not a big deal.

The lumbar support is not just the support but a pain reliever for every individual fed up of lower back pains.

​#2: Ergohuman High Back Chair

If quality matters more than the budget, then Ergohuman chair completely stands a chance to land straight into your shopping cart.

With a customer review of more than 180 people, the chair is certified by Greenguard. The back made of upholstery mesh frees you from sweat patches at the back.


The soft seat pan doesn’t make it tiring to seat for longer hours. It is available in colors like Blue, Black, Burgundy, Copper Green and Grey. Further comfort is delivered by the cushioned head rest coming into use when leaning back.

Total weight of the chair is 64 pounds offering a swiveling motion along with carrying weight up to 200 pounds. The curvy design gives separate support to your back subtracting lower back pains.

The adjustments include tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle, back height, synchronic tilt, seat height, seat depth, and arm height.

You just have to pull the lever at the right to adjust your height. The height of the back can be adjusted by pressing the button on the back that lifts the back support, and you can position it according to your height.


The dual curve adjusts the lumbar support simultaneously with the back. The headrest adjusts the various angles while seating as well leaning by pulls and push motion where you have to position your neck while sitting and leaning.

The chair has adjustable armrests which can change angles and the height adjustment button elevates establishing arm comfort.

Depending on the body length, every individual can change the height by occasionally decreasing it to touch the feet to the ground. This enhances proper blood circulation and helps you get rid of occasional cramps and numbness.

Now, swivel along your workplace to increase body movement as the chair offers a complete 360-degree swiveling motion.

The chrome/polypropylene star base holds the entire weight along with the nylon dual caster wheels making you movable without getting off your seat. [Check Review]

The innovative back design resembles butterfly wings supported by a solid metal at the back helps you sit happily all day long. 

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Parting words...

Coming to the end of this countdown, we have seen chairs of all sizes and price tags that bring comfort to your daily routine.

If you are a computer user, then you need to invest in the ergonomic chairs specified in the list.

Now, you have all best chairs under a single umbrella; you can select them according to your personal preference and needs.

I hope my review helped you selecting the best chair from the slot making your life healthier and happier.

Thank you! Have a great day ahead.

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