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A gamer’s life is surrounded by various gaming equipments; which are hard to find when needed.

A pile of things in the room makes it more difficult when you are keen to play a session on the first day of vacation.

I always wished I had something that can manage all my CD’s, consoles and headphones keeping them at a place that I can remember.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review​

And, then comes my shabby gamer friend telling he is shabby no more. He told me a name of a gaming desk which I didn’t find so cool after hearing but when I personally saw it, words felts short describing it, and the name stuck up in my mind - Atlantic Gaming Desk.

With a lot more talking to do, today I am going to review Atlantic Gaming Desk.


First Impression

The first look of the desk gives a nice impression of a desk with so many slots, capable of handling much more things than expected.

You see a 48.5 inches long and 23.5 inches broad table that has enough room to fit two monitors or laptops in the front half of the desk surface.

You get ample of space to keep the keyboard and mouse of both desktops with some more space for a bowl of popcorn and coke.

The desk is made of metal and looks capable of holding a lot more stuff than other gaming desks out there. The table has grooves over it making it a non-slip surface.



Speaker tray

Starting from the top, you get two speakers trays at both ends.

The stand is attached at the edge of the desk saving a lot more space on the desk.

A speaker of considerable size can be kept with the wires hanging at the back.


Mobile Holder

You get a mobile holder at the left-hand side where you can keep mobiles, iPods, and earphones safely rather than finding them below the mattresses or somewhere below the desk.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review - best desk arrangement office

There are two slots for passing charging wire such that the mobile stays on the stand while charging.



TV Stand

The center area of the desk has a platform for keeping a TV.

Fit your 27-inch monitor comfortably as the TV stand is specially made to handle weight up to 40 pounds.

Since the stand is few inches high; it gives an elevation to the TV screen such that it remains elevated amongst the two monitors or laptops giving you a perfect gaming view.

The stand is removable giving you more space to use it for other activities sketching, sewing, etc.


CD Case Holder

Now comes the best part of the gaming desk. Finding CD’s has been the most irritating task when your adrenaline is high on a quick session, and you are out of all the original version hiding somewhere in your room.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review - comfortable gaming desk

Atlantic creators have provided a solution by providing a slot that holds 5 gaming CDs. So, keep your top 5 games ready on the desk; switching them safely while they lie in the CD slot.



Controller holder

After allotting slots for CDs and screen, you get gaming controller holder at the right-hand side. You can easily keep three controllers at the same time.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review 3 - Atlantic Gaming corner Desk

Now, you won’t see gaming controllers and their wires lying on the desk. Grab your controller and start moving!


Headset holder

A gaming experience is incomplete without the sound effects which are amplified by the headphones.

For those who depend more on headphones rather than speakers can keep the headphones nearby in the headset holder.

Now no more tangling wires in the room and with the headset nearby, you can get to enjoy the immersive gaming experience in the night as well.


Cup Holder

A long hour gaming session is followed by hunger and thirst. Being a gamer, I am a typical bean bag while playing who is ignorant to leave the online mode for hours.

But, when it comes to hunger, I am forced to leave my seat to grab some snack and resume the game.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review - Atlantic Gaming Desk table top

Atlantic gaming desk made my gaming experience better by giving a desk with large surface area to keep a huge chunk of snacks over the desk.

If banging your desk in excitement often spills your coke, then you get a cup holder that can be clanged at any height on the four metal legs of the desk.



Storage Drawer

A teenager has lots of stuff related to computer hence the desk houses a drawer at the bottom that will hold your remaining gaming CD’s, extra earphones, cords like USB, HDMI, internet cables, chargers and what not.


Cable Management System

Designers have emphasized on giving you a desk that organizes everything for you keeping all the wires and stuff at the place.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review - Atlantic Gaming desk setup

They made sure to give a slot to the power system as well. So you get a drawer under the T.V Stand that ensures some of the longest wires stay out of your way and stay organized.

There is ample of space to keep the power brick of TV, Laptop chargers or your gaming consoles. The drawer ensures that you have more organized set up.



Final Verdict

The desk stands on four leveling feet made of steel which has a silver metallic finish.

The desk top has a carbon fiber finish makes it look superior. You don’t need to be a gamer to use it efficiently as the desk keeps things of everyday use safely.

The fiber top give a smooth surface while the steel material gives rigidity to the desk keeping it stable.

The total weight of the desk is 43 pounds and is capable of holding a TV up to 40 pounds.

Overall the table is much cheaper than the features it offers to the users. Hence a solid, stable, multifunctional workforce makes your life much easier serving TV, laptop, computer, gaming console, mobile and food on the same desk.

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