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A few days ago, I was having back pain that lasted for around 3 days.

Being the proud owner of an expensive ergonomic chair, I couldn’t tackle the problem of a backache.

I always talk about maintaining the right postures, keeping your feet in contact with the ground:

Occasional walk at your workplace, keeping your knees parallel to the ground, etc. but all this requires a suitable chair.

An ergonomic chair couldn’t give me back comfort because I am 6 feet 4 inch and the high back of the chair supports people less than 6 feet.

This difference kept my upper back exposed from where the pain started and continued down till the lumbar area.


AmazonBasics High Chair Executive Chair Review

The reason behind this entire introduction was to point that every chair is different and every individual needs a different chair that provides him the utmost comfort while working and sitting.

A chair is not just a seat pan placed on dual caster wheels backed by high back and armrests.

A chair is a workforce that supports your entire body for a span of 9 hours for 5 continuous days giving the same support every day.

Focusing on back pain, today I give you AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair Review that is surely a back reliever.


Initial Glance and Overview

White collar workers being prone to back pain, the AmazonBasics High Back Chair gives the user entire back support up to 30 inches.

This ensures that a guy more than 6 feet tall can easily use this chair as his main sitting furniture in the office.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - leather office chairs amazon

The chair is capable of bearing 250 pounds as the dense seat pan gives back and buttock support for the entire day.

The waterfall seat eliminates the numbness in legs ensuring uniform blood circulation throughout you lower body.

The slight curve at the back works as a lumbar support which gives a promising support to your lower back. It not just supports your lower back but acts as a pain reliever for every individual fed up with lower back pain.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - amazonbasics high back executive office chair

The addition of foam covered armrests takes care of your wrist pain; since you are more dependent on the armrest while sitting idle or reclining.

With a butterfly wing-shaped back, your back muscles get some special privilege as every muscle gets an equal support as per its orientation and shape.

Upholstered in bonded leather and PVC, the chair is available in black color which completes the professional look of your office.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - high-back executive chair

It is supported by the strong five hooded base moulded from high-quality plastic, that ensures smooth swiveling over carpets, wooden floors and tiles.

You get a High Back that keeps your back posture erect eradicating back problems.



Performance and Comfort

The only shortcoming I found was that the armrest needs to be bolted to the side and can’t be height adjusted.

Thus, you may face a hard time getting this chair underneath the desk. But, the designers have tackled this problem by keeping the current armrest height just below the average height of a desk.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - high back executive desk chair

If you are taller, I would suggest using the height adjustment feature to lower your height and move the chair under the desk.

Talking about the height adjustment feature, the chair can rise from 41 inches to 45 inches giving enough options to both taller and shorter people.

To raise the seat, remove your weight from the chair, then pull up on the pneumatic control handle. To lower the seat, stay seated while pulling up the handle until you reach your desired height.

You get a single handle at the right side of the chair to perform all these adjustments.

The handle controls the reclining feature giving you a particular angle for optional power naps.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - amazonbasics high-back executive chair review

Further, the tilt tension knob makes it easier or harder to rock back and forth done by turning the knob.

The chair features a swiveling feature that promotes efficient use of workplace around you.

You get dual caster wheels at the base that helps you travel over short distances to pass the files to your colleague.

Keeping all this in mind don’t forget to walk for 3 minutes after every hour of sitting as this ensures that your body muscles don’t get numb and blood is circulated through your entire body.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair - executive high back leather chair

The chair weighs 35 pounds after getting assembled, and the queries while assembling are dodged by the user guide that comes with the chair it is delivered.



Final Verdict

Overall the chair displays great features, and the only disadvantage is very well adjusted by other features.

It is one of the best workforces especially for those suffering from long-term back pain while sitting.

The chair comes with 1-year warranty after purchase, so it’s not a big problem looking at the replacements of the non-functioning parts.

So, if you're responding to emails, typing or brainstorming with colleagues, this AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair provides not only professional style but also genuine support for all-day comfort.

The chair is blessed with features that complement well with each other making it one of the most comfortable office chairs you can have right now.

Thank You! Have a Great Day...

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